Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's PDA-Filled Dinner Date (Source)

A source tells ET that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck packed on the PDA during a night out on Monday, becoming one of the pair’s most public appearances together and seemingly confirms their dating status. As they dined at Wolfgang Puck's Merois on the rooftop of the Pendry West Hollywood, the source says, ‘Ben had his arm around JLo for most of the night.’ The source added, ‘They arrived together and left together.’

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We don't need to go "inside" someone's dinner date. Leave them the hell alone.
David Pacheco
David Pacheco:
I always wondered who is " the insider" that is telling all their business. Hmmm...
Terence Culbreath-Goodrum
Terence Culbreath-Goodrum:
So who is she really going back together with? Ever since she broke up with A- Rod she’s been going back to her exes. What the hell is going on?
The one person on earth who can’t stay single 😄
Tommie Smith
Tommie Smith:
Boy, that's great news!
Now all of us in the homeless shelter can finally relax and sleep easy.
Thanks for this hard breaking news story.
Queen E-star7
Queen E-star7:
She’s the real runaway bride
V33 Kirikino
V33 Kirikino:
I don’t know how I got to this but I’m from New Zealand and I don’t understand why people are fascinated in others love lives. Why do people need to know who, what, when and where, It’s sad that they can’t have time together without it being on the news or magazines.
Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez:
They're not really together together they're just playing it with the news
Linda Willams DaGama
Linda Willams DaGama:
They need to have fun because this wont last long. Jennifer always jump from one relationship to the other like she cant be single for a while.
Millie Rivera
Millie Rivera:
God Bless their relationship 🙏🏼❤️
Aries Animals
Aries Animals:
I'm a dork and hope they get married and live happily ever after! :)
Mlle Narr
Mlle Narr:
Sorry but jlo has a tendency to get lovey dovey, engaged, married and then get divorced. Ben is not an exception.
Ms Precious
Ms Precious:
Sort of funny when people go back to their ex’s , l like my ex but can’t imagine hooking back up w him lol
She is one confused, co-dependent, pathetic mess when it comes to relationships. She truly jumps from relationship to relationship and if I had to guess, I'd say that's why they always end the same way. If she were a regular person she would be called some choice words and the fact she is a mother, makes it worse.
Christopher Spearline
Christopher Spearline:
So what does this say about Ben? He was just waiting around for AlLo to end
Shannon Georgia Peach
Shannon Georgia Peach:
Okay, do we really need a play by play of these two? Every clip I scroll through thats has to do with Ben & Jlo is getting ridiculous!! I'm surprised yall are not reporting how & when they take a 💩
GI Jane
GI Jane:
He’s such eye candy!
She needs to learn how to be alone for a while instead of bouncing from one relationship to another.
Marie At Bernard
Marie At Bernard:
They really need to stay private if this is actually real??
Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika:
"A bad heartbreak that was a tough one for me"

And now she's ready to do it all again yayyy!!!

elizabeth appiah
elizabeth appiah:
Can she ever going to take break for herself. Dear Lord help her
Alexandria Lewis
Alexandria Lewis:
how amazing to get a second chance. I bet he always had regrets and she was heartbroken after they broke up. Now they get to find out if they were made to be together
K It
K It:
I feel so sorry for her kids. She left Alex who was wanting her in a lurch, ran off for a week with Ben & is acting like an immature selfish teenager. What a loser.
Mary Rivera
Mary Rivera:
Go get him JLo!
Lola Schanklies
Lola Schanklies:
Some women always have to be in a relationship. I don’t understand how one day you’re engaged to one guy and the following week they’re dating someone else.
Learn Languages
Learn Languages:
Those people need therapy...honeslty
Kerima Perez
Kerima Perez:
Quizás la Diva del Bronx pensara así: ES Mejor viejo conocido que nuevo x conocer? 😂
Auralia Frances Delacroix
Auralia Frances Delacroix:
Gosh if i were famous, Id be tied to every person i would be with…im so touchy feely, in a suitable, nice way; with everyone 🤣
Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell:
ok so this loyal attention ho has had these guys since ben part 1 : Marc anthony, casper, drake, Arod and back to whatever ben will offer. yeah, just the chick I want....all used up
Princess Valenteros
Princess Valenteros:
Love me again 😍😉,but later BREAK 💔 me up! Ex is NOT a good choice.
Kimb Smith
Kimb Smith:
The heart knows👍 wins everytime.🙏
M M:
Just let’s see how long is it gonna last before that and get engaged and they break up he has a drinking problem you know that and I don’t think that’s gonna work really well for them he needs to figure it out how to work with his demons
Em Ramirez
Em Ramirez:
I loooove you Jen, but you move on wayyy too fast! I almost feel bad for Alex.
Vanessa Padua
Vanessa Padua:
Jlo is still boyfriend hopping at 50 ;D
I think she looked the most happy with Ben before and now there’s really something special there hope they can make it work out
Christopher Spearline
Christopher Spearline:
I remember her saying not too long ago how great Alex was
hani bani
hani bani:
I am glad for them, Hope that can work this time around although it will be difficult,especially in their world.
Beauty for ashes ministries
Beauty for ashes ministries:
How do you jump right into a new realtionship that quickly, when you supposedly loved someone.
Mary Louise Barrios
Mary Louise Barrios:
She's so beautiful and he's soooooooo handsome and natural. Let them be!! Have fun Jennifer. It's your time this time.
Millie Rivera
Millie Rivera:
God Bless their relationship 🙏🏼❤️👵
Amy Wolk
Amy Wolk:
Jennifer Lopez is a man and wasn't she on the execution list along with Ben Affleck for hurting children? What am I missing here? They're creating a fake ass relationship, to keep you thinking they're still alive. This is some crazy shit.
Yvette Robles
Yvette Robles:
Awesome I am so happy for them I hope that this is it the end
Caroline Adjei
Caroline Adjei:
These two ate matured now. Am glad.
Lazy Lacy
Lazy Lacy:
Im sorry she had to go through a break up. But JayLo please get back to reality and be the real you. I know all ur songs say ur still u but you aint!! The money n fame did get to you girl. I hope this is a reality check.
Gary S
Gary S:
Love it bro ,🇮🇪🤙
It's a rebound relationship
Stan Mann
Stan Mann:
This seems like a fake relationship. They had both just ended relationships. It's a ploy to make them both look desirable by their publicists. The way they did the cloak and dagger to meet up at first? Please, with the amount of money those idiots have we wouldn't have known about their relationship if they didn't want us to know. Celebrities are scumbags. They are attention seeking freaks. You know people doesn't care if the relationship is real. They will go along with the scam for eyeballs.
Good Morning
Good Morning:
The smelly egg attracts the stingy fly , perfect fit !
Agnieszka Zadrożna
Agnieszka Zadrożna:
She is so fast..... Split with alex... Next day hanging out with ben....
Camille P
Camille P:
Love these guys together - 👏👏👍🏻
LAROSE martin
LAROSE martin:
I have never see another like Jennifer..she just move from bed to bed ii hope her kid's take note
Shena Barnes
Shena Barnes:
They need to change her name from Jlo to Jho.
nay rod
nay rod:
A low self esteem 51 year old woman gets back with a alcoholic drunk! SMH
I dont think they ever got over each other. Its meant to be, Im hoping.
D M:
Again another bad decision Jlo has made. Her track record with men is extremely poor.
Christopher G. Poeschl
Christopher G. Poeschl:
“If love was our final destination, why did we choose a vehicle, we knew would not get us there...” Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing….

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Bella Kanh
Bella Kanh:
She never gives herself time to heal after heartbreaks.
Joanna Logan
Joanna Logan:
Haters on this page. Leave them alone they are happy. 💕💕💕💕 it is a beautiful thing.
Angela amathyist
Angela amathyist:
Happy they are back together ! They say u can't go back . But they prove u can ! I love those 2 ! Love it !!
wanda santiago
wanda santiago:
I'm happy for both of them. Let
Them have some privacy to enjoy
Each other.
Lorena Peña
Lorena Peña:
Can any of these media outlets address that there are children involved on both ends here who are impressionable, no less? Seriously, has anyone thought how it might feel to be them for once?
Feisty Kitten
Feisty Kitten:
That woman can't be without a man for 5 minutes.

She should take some time for herself and figure out who the hell she wants
When you have wealth & celebrity you are looked 'up to' to by some,
especially young girls in this case.
Sexual promiscuity is sending the message that acting irresponsibly and immorally is OK.
This woman should be ashamed of herself.
taylor smithens
taylor smithens:
why is it always jlo this, jlo that when talking negatively, but ben is just a 3rd party as if he's not in and out of relationships as well?
Sam Esquibel
Sam Esquibel:
JHo 👹
Wanda Greene
Wanda Greene:
It's just sad " in my opinion", how this FULLY GROWN , financially secure woman, seems to be unable to JUST BE STILL??? And why, social media is " in my opinion" being paid to make this BS, a good thing, screams social media manipulation.$$$$
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores:
Me encanta 😊😍
Christopher Spearline
Christopher Spearline:
Ben likes being the rebound guy for his gone again girl
Love Pattz
Love Pattz:
I think everyone has that certain person you never get over. Latinos call it "mi coquito", he is definitely hers. I loved them together then, and hope the best for them now. Go Bennifer 2.0!
Sjp 4u33
Sjp 4u33:
She didn’t waste any time. Jennifer always seems to have one waiting in the wings.
C R:
So happy for J-Lo, best revenge is living an amazing happy life. Ha-ha a-rod.
Diana Aiello
Diana Aiello:
Wandat Morales
Wandat Morales:
I just want them to be happy. Jlo makes Ben look hot. When I see him alone or with someone else it's like no sparkle. When he's with Jlo she literally makes him glow. Blessings.
Back to the track.
Halo Pines
Halo Pines:
I can't even tell what videos are recent or not because JLO never ages.
Rich Sontchi
Rich Sontchi:
I Love Them Together! He's Her Lobster!❤️🦞
Ben Affleck surely loves the name of Jennifer 😂
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Garner
Louiza Κlimni
Louiza Κlimni:
Ερωτευμένο ζευγάρι ταιριαζουνε
Imad Zemirli
Imad Zemirli:
Perfect couple🤷‍♂️❤️❤️
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos:
Nunca pensei adorei esse casal ficar juntos
Veeeery Happy for them!! J L looks great next to him -> BEST couple 👍🏻‼️💞
Rooting for them!
hopefully they won't make the same "mistakes"like in the past by turning their relationship in a real media frenzy
*I'm glad to hear they are dating again. He was the love of her life & they looked SO HAPPY together, happier than they were with anyone else!*
anh hoang
anh hoang:
The creepy supermarket epidemiologically rely because sound universally applaud notwithstanding a broken japan. vigorous, therapeutic capricorn
Nicoleta Nico
Nicoleta Nico:
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos:
Richard gere seria um casal lindo mas o destino não quiz
Virgo Queen
Virgo Queen:
Sam Boriboun
Sam Boriboun:
Hes yummy
Ben is already regretting this romantic relationship. He doesn’t feel happy but is trying. The same appearance that Alex Rodriguez had when he was with Jennifer.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay:
Ben ⌚ well spent back then
⌚ Still is going strong
Sarah Phipps
Sarah Phipps:
If they really are back together, I hope they take it seriously because their children are growing up and will look at them as how to be in their future relationships. They were once together and then broke up and she very quickly got with Marc Anthony..And I don't see how she liked him that much or any guy when she switches that quick..If you really care about someone, you have to be emotionally and mindfully done before you can even feel right when being with someone new. And she does a lot with her daughter but when I saw a live she had, she seemed very distant with her son in comparison...I think she needs to focus on her kids 1st because no matter what man is in her life,her kids are always there and now is the time to connect before they get a life of their own.
North Star
North Star:
Too much time has passed both are different people it’s a “little too late” imo. Should’ve never broken up 2 decades ago if that was the case.
Here for it!
Loli Loli
Loli Loli:
She made sure Ben knew he could always come back, even though he was married, in every interview, she had to talk about her biggest heartbreak, it didn't not work because he chose someone else over her and nothing is going to change that, a few weeks ago he was trying to date some unknown young woman on a dating app, they both seem desperate, all these foolish comments about love, this is the most unhealthy way to start a relationship, if she was really in love, even if a man cheats on you, you cannot just be loving someone else that quickly unless you do no love anyone but yourself. It would be over once her ego gets over the fact that he is the one that didn't want her before (marriage) and he realizes the same reasons he chose someone over her are still there. What a disaster!
Genet Jimma
Genet Jimma:
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes:
I’m very happy for both of them God bless you guys Ben and Jen life is to short happiness is everything.
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos
Maria rusineide rosado costa santos:
Jay Ro
Jay Ro:
Has anyone got suggestions for what I should eat for dinner?