I'm taking you inside the world of Kylie Cosmetics to celebrate the relaunch of my brand. In Part One of my three-part series we're taking it back to where it all started... from Lip Kits to Kylie Cosmetics!

Part 2 coming soon...

The new Kylie Cosmetics launches July 15 at 9am PST on

Michael D. Ratner

OBB Pictures

Kylie Jenner
Kris Jenner

Scott Ratner
Kfir Goldberg
Raquel Dominguez

Arlen Konopaki
Andy Mininger


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Roxy Reyes
Roxy Reyes:
Kylie being the true definition of a leo boss. She looks amazing.
nobody :
Kylie : Get out of hereeeee !!!
Nishatnowrin Trisha
Nishatnowrin Trisha:
Kylie at her 17: launched her own cosmetic company
Me at 17 : slapping mosquitos
Jasmine Tavarez
Jasmine Tavarez:
The fact that Kris told her she needed to use her own money because that’s what gives you the drive and motivation is GENIUS 🤯 that’s what more parents should be like instead of handing everything to the child
Danna Castaño.
Danna Castaño.:
Kylie is the example of an intelligent, strong and enterprising woman. She is very lucky to have her whole family.
It’s actually genius to turn your insecurity into a billion dollar empire
Kris spoiled her kids but y’all cannot deny that they’re not ROTTEN spoiled. they’re responsible, hardworking, and talented.
Congratulations loveeee amazing
Aleksandra Djuric
Aleksandra Djuric:
I see a lot of comments on this video saying things like “when I was 17 I was asking my parents for money” blah blah etc… but everyone is failing to realize that her family was rich and famous before she even started this company. It was a lot easier for her to achieve what she did because of her circumstances. Don’t feel bad about not being successful at such a young age people, not a lot of us have the opportunity or the means. You’re capable, you just gotta work a little harder!
Alex Willingham
Alex Willingham:
Kris needs to be teaching a business class somewhere. I would love to just pick her brain and absorb every word she said.
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich:
Stormi is so cute she should be an ambassador for the company when she’s older
Keeley Jackson
Keeley Jackson:
I really applaud Kris for encouraging Kylie to use Her OWN savings to start Her business! Even though they are famous and rich, She didn't spoil Kylie. Kris encouraged Her to work for it on her own! Now Kylie is reaping the fruit of her labor, this is a great message for the younger generation!
aswer huio
aswer huio:
I’m so proud of her - I don’t know why people really hate seeing other people succeed
Hola Julen
Hola Julen:
In Spain we have Krash Kosmetics and its becoming so so so huge! Maybe you should collab! They can help grow your brand :)
sweet Zianny
sweet Zianny:
I’m so proud of her - I don’t know why people really hate seeing other people succeed
Rich Lux
Rich Lux:
Kylie seems so confident here
I respect her hustle but you can’t compare her and her family status to a regular person with not the same resources plain and simple!
Chelsea Elysia
Chelsea Elysia:
Why do people hate on her? She's so smart to turn a basic idea into an empire and she invested her own money.
what's to hate?? it's something to look up too
Butdoyoueven DIY
Butdoyoueven DIY:
She managed to turn her biggest insecurity into a billion dollars. Kudos to you Kylie! 💗
N Karda
N Karda:
Everyone needs a Kris in their life
Naomi Victoria
Naomi Victoria:
Omg I LOVE seeing behind the scenes business things like this. Can’t wait for more 😍😍💅
You can like her or not, but she is actually a really good an loving mother.
L dece
L dece:
"Who are you ?"
"I'm Kylie, my favorite color is pink."
last night
last night:
Corinna x
Corinna x:
Man... I remember wanting her lip kits so bad when I was little 😭
Jordan Orme
Jordan Orme:
YES KYLIE! NEW ERA! Thanks for letting me help tell the story!
The way they raise their kids is AMAZING
Stormy is so well spoken and interactive for that age...
Most kids just watch videos and don't want to talk to people...
Some of them even refuse to speak
I loved kylie! She’s gorgeous! People who hated her are insecure with themselves
Mary Watters
Mary Watters:
“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 “For God so loved the World that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 That’s how much he loves us that he sacrificed his own Son so that we wouldn’t have to be in Jesus spot so that we wouldn’t have to suffer.💕❤️❤️
It’s actually sad that nobody is talking about how the Make-up is done! Who’s doing it? How hard is it to get the materials for it? Do the workers get paid enough ?
Jewellianna Palencia
Jewellianna Palencia:
You go Kylie!👏👏👏 I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!
“Who are you?”
“I’m Kylie. My favourite colour is Pink.”

It's genius that Kylie turned her insecurity into a successful global business. Kris is such a supportive mother ❤
Chukwuemeka Okonkwo
Chukwuemeka Okonkwo:
Kylie. For the love of God; these series need to be longer. I am literally begging!!!
Марета Хамхоева
Марета Хамхоева:
People: Oh ,she just born in billionaires family that’s why she’s successful.
God there are a lot of children from rich families who do nothing and become nobody,I thing she deserves much more respect
Omg stormi so cute 😭😭❤️
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose:
I think Kylie is a really sweet girl and she seems like a good mom, but we need to stop worshipping billionaires cause their lifestyle is just unethical
David Low
David Low:
She gets to tell her side of the stories; not everyone has a platform or born rich could do what she does
Sheryland Acosta
Sheryland Acosta:
Why is everyone so impressed lol, she just invested great money on professionals that helped her get trough it all + the fans she already got from the show and the mom’s knowledge, no reason to hate but is also easy to build a Business this way xD
Napada Costello
Napada Costello:
Kylie can be an inspiration to young generation discovering her life passion and pursue her dream. I'm soooo happy for her. Kris is also an inspiration to many mothers who should support, guide, and guard their children. They both deserve an award.
I’m ready for part 2!
I was almost afraid to read the comments, I did however and I'm glad I did because they are all positive, and that is what she deserves, all good and all positive things.
Asia Rhorer
Asia Rhorer:
Yassss! I love this. It feels so personal. Her daughter is absolutely adorable too. 🥰🥰
Katerina Zharaya
Katerina Zharaya:
Géniale 🤩! I don’t know how many times she said the word “realized “ though :)) I think it might be her favorite word.
Abeny Nhial
Abeny Nhial:
Such an inspiration! Turning something negative into something positive, I love that!! You are truly amazing. Proud of you BOSSS. You deserve the best. Sending you so much love 🤍
Taylor King
Taylor King:
omg this vid was SO GOOD
Charmaine Muchanyuka
Charmaine Muchanyuka:
The moment they said it sold out in minutes I got tears in my eyes because when you find your dream God will affirm it 🙌🏽
Sarah Thun
Sarah Thun:
Thanks kylie this is so inspiring and im so proud of how strong and determined u are❣️ some people have never seen this side of u all they do is hate so please keep going and doing what u want
Michelle Morganite
Michelle Morganite:
So much respect for you sweetie! 🙌🏽
Well done girl! You’ve worked so damn hard, you earned this ❤️
Kaija Serene
Kaija Serene:
can't wait for part two! 💕
"i think i was meant to feel [beautiful]" is really a profound statement.
"They love stormi"
Riham Zorayda Mamadra
Riham Zorayda Mamadra:
I’m crying. I love you so much, Kylie!
Michele Tuaolo
Michele Tuaolo:
I’m actually very proud of her & how far she has came with everything that life has thrown at her… life is not easy and I applaud her! She has a great support system and that’s what you need to run a business!
The Ripe Tomato Farms
The Ripe Tomato Farms:
It just goes to show you...age doesn't matter. If you have a passion, a drive, and an idea, just go get it. Not everyone is designed to sit behind a desk 40 hours a week for 45 years! -_-
“We all struggle with something. And when we struggle with things they tend to spiral sometimes” yes they do mama kris. Made me cry.

Say what you want but this family sticks together
Nabam Yopu
Nabam Yopu:
She managed so well ,even in such young age and most importantly she transformed her insecurities into solution by not giving up. That's why I admire her so much. ❤ love you Kylie.
L Cee
L Cee:
I simply adore EVERYTHING about you! What comes from you inside & out! 💜
Tyra Diola
Tyra Diola:
Love how Kris told Kylie to use her own money that she’s earned and that Kris didn’t just spoil all her kids rotten. Yes they had a head start and a massive advantage but they earned their own money and work hard for it.
Laquita Phelps
Laquita Phelps:
Kylie looks great as always team Leo's forever 💜
i love how she's admitting now that she has done lip fillers
Yamshee Ajaz
Yamshee Ajaz:
It's really inspiring to see her take such a big and challenging decision at the Young age of 17! Kudos to this woman!🙌
Justine Lavell
Justine Lavell:
I love how much of a great mum she is,I think it definitely sHow's in how great stormi is
juliana gomes
juliana gomes:
Ok I don't know why I had tears in my eyes by the end of it but I did. ❤️
Joanna Marie Segura
Joanna Marie Segura:
The fact that she used her own savings which turned into more Millions!
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia:
I'm inspired by her. A boss, a mom, an entrepreneur. I see those qualities and APPLY them to my cosmetics business
Breanna Martinez
Breanna Martinez:
I literally cried watching this. I'm so happy a young girl made her dream come true. I couldn't imagine the feeling of that first launch day. Thinking your site crashed and then realizing it sold out in minutes! Thats incredible! Kylie you're amazing! I'm so proud of you. Keep pushing.
Calisthenics Life
Calisthenics Life:
Thank you for this energy!!! i needed this!
Im pursuing my youtube career, while being a nurse, studying and following an internship, while working out 3 times a week.
And i have to tell you: yes, its possible!
After 8 days of hard work, i already reached 73 subs! :)
Boluwatiwi Ogunye
Boluwatiwi Ogunye:
Stormi is so adorable. I can't deal 😭😭
I want kids. Bye.
Petal Goodhall
Petal Goodhall:
I admire Kylie n how Kris embraced her n the era that we now live in.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you. God bless you🤍
Racheal Katwire
Racheal Katwire:
Stormi is literally the cutest, I swear she’s so lucky to have Kylie as a mother <33
Nataly Flamenco
Nataly Flamenco:
Literally crying at how passionate, boss and genuine Kylie is.
Perfect as always 💖
Nathania Wilfred
Nathania Wilfred:
This is so emotional 🥲 I love Kylie so much!
Marina Taylor
Marina Taylor:
I feel like everyone gives Kylie a hard time when it comes to having a alot of money but she was a teenager who had an idea and yeah she was famous but she still works hard and is thankful about it. She got inspired and turned something from a personal insecurity to a solution to a problem that was common. It was smart
Roxy Roller
Roxy Roller:
“She never held back on letting you into her life” hides her entire pregnancy 🙈
My Family Adventures
My Family Adventures:
I remember there was an episode in KUWTK when young Kylie put on some make up going to school and her Dad was so mad at her and doesn't want her to go out of the house without taking it off. She fought hard for it, she knows what she wants even when she was young.
Sarah Hatcher
Sarah Hatcher:
I would love to see her natural beauty with her amazing makeup up and lip kits. That would hit me on a different level that makes me feel like beauty IS available on a normal minimum income level
Darshana Das
Darshana Das:
Tbh Kylie is a genius! She's always been a very mature girl at a very young age
I remember every girl getting lip kits my senior year and she literally just posted it on Instagram a month before Christmas. She’s so smart for posting it on Instagram, and not running some lame ad on tv that no millennial/Gen Z would watch.
Egypt G
Egypt G:
Besides it being a huge trend at the time to get the Kylie lip kit, I really really loved the lip kit it was my favorite and I loved how long lasting it was and it didn’t feel cakey or heavy when I had it on. I still have some because it’s literally so good. I’m really happy that vegan products are coming out now. Have my full support❤️
Basic Billy
Basic Billy:
So happy your sharing this story it is actually very inspiring.
Bellindah Gama
Bellindah Gama:
We can all learn something from this. Congratulations on your successes Kylie!
Rokhaya Dioug
Rokhaya Dioug:
Kylie started her make-up empire at age 17. I’m 19, and I’m already started writing my first book. Hopefully, I will become a published author. Thank you for inspiring me Kylie.
Clara Hage
Clara Hage:
This woman is a real role model to look up to!! I love her and her confidence ❤🙌
This make me be more proud of had My baby Kylie like a really clout for me, she inspire me every day, like "i wanna be her when i grow up" lol
Hannah Diel
Hannah Diel:
Kylie you're my inspiration to pursue more my dream ✨💕
they made it sound so simple but the amount of time, money and hard work was put into this whole business is insane
I like how she acknowledged needing her mom to help her dreams come true. She is being unfairly judged. She is such a good business woman and mom.
Joanna Pardo
Joanna Pardo:
idk why this made me so emotional 🥺💕
cindy valencia
cindy valencia:
the kardashians have an amazing work ethic i love kris for making them all indepedent <3 such smart woman also she blew up around the time matte was in style <3
Karen Burke
Karen Burke:
Obsessed with this already 😍
I love when she introduces herself she says her favorite color is pink😂
Susy Yasmin
Susy Yasmin:
I love this series its so cute and genuine
Alexandria Docati
Alexandria Docati:
This is so inspiring.. She is goal-driven.
Maytê Silva
Maytê Silva:
I'm so proud of my baby 🥺💗