I'm taking you inside the world of Kylie Cosmetics to celebrate the relaunch of my brand. In Part One of my three-part series we're taking it back to where it all started... from Lip Kits to Kylie Cosmetics!

Part 2 coming soon...

The new Kylie Cosmetics launches July 15 at 9am PST on

Michael D. Ratner

OBB Pictures

Kylie Jenner
Kris Jenner

Scott Ratner
Kfir Goldberg
Raquel Dominguez

Arlen Konopaki
Andy Mininger


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100+ comentarios:

It’s actually genius to turn your insecurity into a billion dollar empire
nobody :
Kylie : Get out of hereeeee !!!
Kylie at her 17: launched her own cosmetic company
Me at 17 : slapping mosquitos
Aleksandra Djuric
Aleksandra Djuric:
I see a lot of comments on this video saying things like “when I was 17 I was asking my parents for money” blah blah etc… but everyone is failing to realize that her family was rich and famous before she even started this company. It was a lot easier for her to achieve what she did because of her circumstances. Don’t feel bad about not being successful at such a young age people, not a lot of us have the opportunity or the means. You’re capable, you just gotta work a little harder!
Hola Julen
Hola Julen:
In Spain we have Krash Kosmetics and its becoming so so so huge! Maybe you should collab! They can help grow your brand :)
I love when she introduces herself she says her favorite color is pink😂
Valdete Murtezi
Valdete Murtezi:
Congratulations loveeee amazing
aswer huio
aswer huio:
I’m so proud of her - I don’t know why people really hate seeing other people succeed
Alex Willingham
Alex Willingham:
Kris needs to be teaching a business class somewhere. I would love to just pick her brain and absorb every word she said.
🌙𝐕𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧🌙
🌙𝐕𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧🌙:
I really applaud Kris for encouraging Kylie to use Her OWN savings to start Her business! Even though they are famous and rich, She didn't spoil Kylie. Kris encouraged Her to work for it on her own! Now Kylie is reaping the fruit of her labor, this is a great message for the younger generation!
Racheal Katwire
Racheal Katwire:
Stormi is literally the cutest, I swear she’s so lucky to have Kylie as a mother <33
The way they raise their kids is AMAZING
Stormy is so well spoken and interactive for that age...
Most kids just watch videos and don't want to talk to people...
Some of them even refuse to speak
Everyone needs a Kris in their life
sweet Zianny
sweet Zianny:
I’m so proud of her - I don’t know why people really hate seeing other people succeed
You can like her or not, but she is actually a really good an loving mother.
Jasmine Tavarez
Jasmine Tavarez:
The fact that Kris told her she needed to use her own money because that’s what gives you the drive and motivation is GENIUS 🤯 that’s what more parents should be like instead of handing everything to the child
I loved kylie! She’s gorgeous! People who hated her are insecure with themselves
Hola Julen
Hola Julen:
Okay this documentary is good!!!!
Emeka Okonkwo
Emeka Okonkwo:
Kylie. For the love of God; these series need to be longer. I am literally begging!!!
Yamshee Ajaz
Yamshee Ajaz:
It's really inspiring to see her take such a big and challenging decision at the Young age of 17! Kudos to this woman!🙌
The Main Family
The Main Family:
*we need part 2* ❤️❤️❤️
David Low
David Low:
She gets to tell her side of the stories; not everyone has a platform or born rich could do what she does
Tommy Sadu
Tommy Sadu:
What shes doing is the biggest motivation for every little girl, and this is really cool, not every girl or just a person can create a brand that would be loved by every consumer. She is a really hardworking and intelligent girl. Even if she was born into a wealthy family, this does not mean that she achieved all this success with their help. I love what she’s doing
It's genius that Kylie turned her insecurity into a successful global business. Kris is such a supportive mother ❤
Asia Rhorer
Asia Rhorer:
Yassss! I love this. It feels so personal. Her daughter is absolutely adorable too. 🥰🥰
Roxy Reyes
Roxy Reyes:
Kylie being the true definition of a leo boss. She looks amazing.
kylie doesn't deserve all the hate she got she's so sweet I really love her and I'll support her forever
ʚ kanak ɞ
ʚ kanak ɞ:
I'm really sorry she had to go thru a lot
She didn't chose being rich ,
The fact that she talked about her insecurities is something i could never
I'm so happy seeing her happy
kylie is literally the kindest and most friendly kardashian
Every time I watch this video I get so memorized by it. I Love her ideas and creations.
Rokhaya Dioug
Rokhaya Dioug:
Kylie started her make-up empire at age 17. I’m 19, and I’m already started writing my first book. Hopefully, I will become a published author. Thank you for inspiring me Kylie.
Egypt G
Egypt G:
Besides it being a huge trend at the time to get the Kylie lip kit, I really really loved the lip kit it was my favorite and I loved how long lasting it was and it didn’t feel cakey or heavy when I had it on. I still have some because it’s literally so good. I’m really happy that vegan products are coming out now. Have my full support❤️
It's so nice to see Kylie being so confident and humble on and off screen I mean she is who she is because of all her efforts and hard work in the makeup industry otherwise there are very less people who can survive in the makeup industry specially because there so many big brands in competition
Beauty Trends
Beauty Trends:
It’s amazing to see young women having business empires, shows you everything is possible.
Nataliah Castro
Nataliah Castro:
She is an inspiration. Love you Kylie and team ♥️
I like how she acknowledged needing her mom to help her dreams come true. She is being unfairly judged. She is such a good business woman and mom.
Bellindah Gama
Bellindah Gama:
We can all learn something from this. Congratulations on your successes Kylie!
Ludovica Tafuri
Ludovica Tafuri:
very interesting, entertaining and inspiring too, proud of you kylie!!
Elle Lora
Elle Lora:
I love her ! She’s my favorite along with Kim. Both very driven to build their business empire.
yulia reza
yulia reza:
Kris having such a GOOD parenting!!! She really know how to raise kids. I love her
Sasha B
Sasha B:
This was a very smart move, Kylie Cosmetics was losing its appeal and now theyre working on getting it back, the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder
Sheryland Acosta
Sheryland Acosta:
Why is everyone so impressed lol, she just invested great money on professionals that helped her get trough it all + the fans she already got from the show and the mom’s knowledge, no reason to hate but is also easy to build a Business this way xD
First name Last name
First name Last name:
It’s easier to build on wealth than to create it. Props to all the women out there who work themselves up from nothing ❤️
Beautiful 💗
Marina Taylor
Marina Taylor:
Spirited Away
Spirited Away:
Imagine being Kylie Jenner. The whole world is talking about you and so many people are trying to look like you.
She is the mother of the beauty standards today it‘s so crazy. (No negative meaning)
Sarah Hatcher
Sarah Hatcher:
I would love to see her natural beauty with her amazing makeup up and lip kits. That would hit me on a different level that makes me feel like beauty IS available on a normal minimum income level
LC Cee
LC Cee:
I simply adore EVERYTHING about you! What comes from you inside & out! 💜
It’s actually sad that nobody is talking about how the Make-up is done! Who’s doing it? How hard is it to get the materials for it? Do the workers get paid enough ?
Fini Ikfini Maulaya
Fini Ikfini Maulaya:
You are so great kylie, I wish I could be like you. May you always be blessed, I love you Kylie ❤️
I’m not a person that really follows the Kardashians, but this was interesting to watch. She may have gotten the money from the families TV Show, but to know how to market to your audience and get them behind your brand takes work.

Congrats Kylie!
Mia Wallace
Mia Wallace:
What she has done in such a short time at her age is nothing short of amazing, I bet she hustled like crazy to get where she is, so inspiring
User Account
User Account:
I'm a fan.. and I'm smiling ear to ear for her success, because I just so happened to come across these videos about her as a mother to Stormi. It warms my heart hearing her talk about how this came about, alongside how she completely prioritises Stormi at every moment.
they made it sound so simple but the amount of time, money and hard work was put into this whole business is insane
Sarah Thun
Sarah Thun:
Thanks kylie this is so inspiring and im so proud of how strong and determined u are❣️ some people have never seen this side of u all they do is hate so please keep going and doing what u want
Brittney Raines
Brittney Raines:
Kylie is the youngest sister but she’s honestly so much more mature than her other sisters tbh to me
Amaiya Bryant
Amaiya Bryant:
honestly so happy for her it doesn’t matter if money was handed to her because of a show. She did something great with her life and is very inspirational🤍
I remember getting CandyK that year and how much I loved the color!! I purchased many more particularly in the velvet formula!
Savvy  Grace
Savvy Grace:
Omg this is so inspiring!! I am just saying Kylie that you are so beautiful no matter what anyone else says. I am such a big Kylie fan now!!!!!( I have some of your lip glosses!) 💞💞💞
Trinity Love
Trinity Love:
I really liked this we need a part 2
So proud of you !
- peanutshead -
- peanutshead -:
this is so helpful and inspiring for ppl
So proud of Kylie for this!
Susy Yasmin
Susy Yasmin:
I love this series its so cute and genuine
Well done girl! You’ve worked so damn hard, you earned this ❤️
Kenny Tella
Kenny Tella:
Kylie really doesn't deserve the hate she gets..she's just going after what she wants...
Teresa Baxter
Teresa Baxter:
Kylie is an inspiration and example of a young person with an idea and a dream, young people think real hard of what it is that you want out of life and work real hard to achieve your dream.
Napada Costello
Napada Costello:
Kylie can be an inspiration to young generation discovering her life passion and pursue her dream. I'm soooo happy for her. Kris is also an inspiration to many mothers who should support, guide, and guard their children. They both deserve an award.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
work for it on her own! Now Kylie is reaping the fruit of her labor, this is a great message for the younger generation!
Laju Lee
Laju Lee:
Kylie Jenner makes me think of cotton candy every time I hear her voice. I’m sure that it’s the most measured sugar anyone can ever possibly digest without dying,so I think we’re safe there, phew.
Nath F
Nath F:
I could and rather watch them talk about bussines than Tristan’s cheating scandals, I mean this women are genius.
WokeQueen TV
WokeQueen TV:
I thoroughly enjoyed watching this💜
anju gurung
anju gurung:
That's crazy at the age of 17 how she decided to listen to her heart and connected with millions of people.
Sophie Rodriguez
Sophie Rodriguez:
Kylie's makeup is so beautiful 😍💄
jasmin canasa
jasmin canasa:
K dan
K dan:
when Kris shared about when Kylie said she knows what she wanted to do with her life it gave me chills bc isn’t that what we’re all searching for? To discover what we’re meant to do with our lives. Her business very well could’ve failed but her passion and faith behind it got her to this point! It’s inspiring ❤️
I was almost afraid to read the comments, I did however and I'm glad I did because they are all positive, and that is what she deserves, all good and all positive things.
J. Diva
J. Diva:
I’m not a hater I’m a congratulator, keep up the fine work! 🥂 from Jersey 😉
Sonia Analui
Sonia Analui:
Kylie we are always there for you ❤️
Congratulations Kylie! Well deserved success!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌👑💗💋
shannon elizabeth
shannon elizabeth:
people give kylie such a hard time because of her money but love her or hate her she’s an amazing business woman 🤍
Jose Thomas
Jose Thomas:
Kylie is an amazing person even though she's rich she really generous and connects with her fans soo nicely
Samanta Rizzi
Samanta Rizzi:
Say what you want about Kylie, but her idea of creating lip kits was brilliant.I’ve always liked her anyway, I don’t know why people like to hate on her.
I did not know she had the idea for all of this! I assumed someone just came to her with the idea after all the buzz about her lip injections.. very impressive that she truly did spearhead this entire project!
Lingdum tare
Lingdum tare:
Idk why people hate her. She's unlike other stupid rich kid who only spend their parents money but doesn't earn. Honestly I'd get some surgeries too I were that rich. She's confident
Clara Hage
Clara Hage:
This woman is a real role model to look up to!! I love her and her confidence ❤🙌
You're really one of my inspiration Kylie to be a businesswoman 💙 will do it too 💙
The Official Family Gurl
The Official Family Gurl:
I admire Kylie n how Kris embraced her n the era that we now live in.
Tatianna Kingdomm
Tatianna Kingdomm:
She is a amazing mom ❤️
Laura Andrea Barragán Martinez
Laura Andrea Barragán Martinez:
I think that kylie was really smart and brave with her insecurity, she became it in a business.
solo gurl4ever
solo gurl4ever:
She's a good mother and she's so confident 💯❤🙂
Justine Lavell
Justine Lavell:
I love how much of a great mum she is,I think it definitely sHow's in how great stormi is
Lov you Kylie, you really inspire people ❤️
Jaya Singh
Jaya Singh:
Kylie mam is a trueee inspiration ❤️🌻
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Garcia:
Great job !!!!!!! Your amazing Kylie ! You deserve the best xoxo
Karlie Kohmetscher
Karlie Kohmetscher:
She took an insecurity and fixed it with money. Then opened a lipstick brand selling that you could look like her too just by “overlining” your lips.
This shows, she is NOTHING without the people who goes crazy for makeup 😇
I feel like everyone gives Kylie a hard time when it comes to having a alot of money but she was a teenager who had an idea and yeah she was famous but she still works hard and is thankful about it. She got inspired and turned something from a personal insecurity to a solution to a problem that was common. It was smart