Inside Naya Rivera's Shocking Disappearance and the Tragic History of 'Glee'

The former 'Glee' star and single mother went missing on Wednesday after going out for a boat ride with her 4-year-old son.

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I’m officially convinced the show is cursed.
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff:
In the glee series Puck said after high school he would either be “dead, in prison, or both”. His actor Mark ended up committing suicide before being sent to prison for child pornography. In Glee, Finn Hudson’s father died of a drug overdose, later on Corey (Finns actor) died of a drug overdose as well. Naya sang in the show “ If I die young bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses Sink me in the river at dawn”. It’s getting a little TOO coincidental, call me crazy but I genuinely think Glee is cursed. Theories aside, may they all Rest In Peace.
Aim Assist Alpha
Aim Assist Alpha:
Everyone: omg she died
ET: lets play a clip of her singing about her dying
This story doesn’t add up. People don’t just disappear...they are made to disappear. I think she was going to speak up about something or someone (or several somethings and someones) and was bumped off. No way she committed suicide and then just left her child on the boat alone. The amount of deaths and scandals around the actors of Glee isn’t just coincidence.

Edit: Check out the rest of the security footage the mainstream media is refusing to show. This was no accidental drowning or suicide attempt:
It's mee
It's mee:
This is so weird... Why are these *Glee* people all dying so mysteriously? It just doesn't make sense. Like if it was planned or something but that couldn't happen. Im just so confused....
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker:
This is really really sad. Especially the little boy sitting in the boat then sleeping waiting for her to come back.
Alexandra Quintana
Alexandra Quintana:
They forgot Melissa Benoist being domestically abused by Blake Jenner.
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith:
I really hate that they keep playing her singing "if I die young" distasteful if you ask me. 💔💔
Ivan Hrvacanin
Ivan Hrvacanin:
Why bring up some petty drama when reporting on someone’s death ? Really nasty
Reagan U.
Reagan U.:
They just found her body. According to the Sherriff, she died helping her son get back on the boat. They say suicide and foul play were not suspected. Rest in peace, Naya, you were truly an inspiration.
janyla's world
janyla's world:
Man this can’t be happening.😭 she deserves to be found..idc
Rush BC
Rush BC:
I believe that God sent his angels to protect that little boy and put him to sleep. But this whole thing doesn’t make any sense, why would you leave your son on a boat by himself and jump in the water without a life jacket? I don’t know. I really feel sorry for that little boy this is so traumatising for him. I pray for his beautiful mother to be found safe and pray for him to be strong and faithful. May God put his hands on this family to give them strength. God bless
god damnit bobby
god damnit bobby:
Thank god her son didn’t jump out in the water trying to find her. Oh my god, such a tragedy
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
If I was a Glee actor I’d be scared for my life right now.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray:
Why am I getting the feeling it’s no accident and that she might of taken her own life due to depression cus it just doesn’t add up she went for a swim without a life vest?
Selena Vasquez
Selena Vasquez:
Lord help her hang on wherever she is. Speaking it into existence that she’ll be found ok
Mudenge Mukundwa
Mudenge Mukundwa:
I believe she was about to flee with her son and they caught her and made it seem like she drawned.
Goya O’Boya
Goya O’Boya:
She was probably a Hollywood victim and got silenced before she spoke
This case is like a puzzle but loads of pieces are missing.
Queen P.
Queen P.:
Damn that's sad.... Poor little boy... I don't think she committed suicide... Not with the boy on the boat 🛶
The lyrics she sang sadly became reality. Chilling. Rest in Peace.
Dream Team
Dream Team:
With great fame comes a great price. Sometimes its your life.
frankii bruh
frankii bruh:
i feel like shes gonna be the next natalie wood like her death is gonna be mysterious. and confusing
Alys Baah-danso
Alys Baah-danso:
She’s been found - she has been found dead.
Rodia Shema
Rodia Shema:
Yall did not just play that song If I die young like wtf
Stephany Q
Stephany Q:
This show should be renamed as “Gloom” not Glee...everyone from that show has been through something depressive. I really hope everyone is okay though .
So weird. A ton of her scenes have randomly been in my suggestions this month and I never even watched Glee and she goes missing. When did this happen? I hope she’s okay for her son.
roger johnson
roger johnson:
Another celebrity dying without Jesus. What is it to gain the whole world and to lose your soul?
Blaine Anderson
Blaine Anderson:
Her last post said ”JUST THE TWO OF US” is the name of an eminem song where a mother gets KILLED at the lake with her kid
Itsmeharper Jacksons
Itsmeharper Jacksons:
I hope that she can be found, I can't imagine how her son feels right now.
Star Light
Star Light:
Seems like before a tragedy every thing you said or did is somehow philosophical and linked to things going on in your life or your head!
Edith Cervantes
Edith Cervantes:
The should ask the people who rented a boat the same day someone had to see something interrogated the people who was there as well make a deeper investigation..
t k o
t k o:
"Every path, and uh, every mistake, up and down, and in between, in my entire life I feel like it's already been you know, planned out for me. " Keyword: PLANNED
Mel 21
Mel 21:
I still find it odd more so dangerous to be out there alone with your child. idk i think an adult or 2 should at least go with you when doing these type of activities, in case something happens. As a mother of a four year old myself i would definitely would want someone to come with me. Even if i know how to swim, it's better to be safe then sorry.... imo.
Art With Treasure
Art With Treasure:
No she is not gone yet I am not giving up
probably not but the post "tommorow is not promised" maybe suicide? idk just a possiblety
I am confused. If she could swim well and it was one of her favorite things to do, then how did she drown? Why was her life jacket in the boat?? Plus, a police officer in another video said the boy had been in the water but had somehow made it back into the boat. How is that possible?
Pupi Cups
Pupi Cups:
This was contemplated...
Kellye de la Rosa
Kellye de la Rosa:
She Saved her Son She's a HERO
Anez Etram
Anez Etram:
She grew up 20 miles from this lake. She knew it like the back of her hand. Something is really amiss here.
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
Jeffrey Keith Horne II:
Even if she is found alive in the woods hiding, I would be happy because she is still here. We don't need to hear about anymore deaths in 2020. God Bless.
Edelmira Perez
Edelmira Perez:
misolou fout
misolou fout:
If I was a Glee actor I’d be scared for my life right now.
Janet Debarge
Janet Debarge:
Praying for the family and especially the son. So sad he has to go through this.🙏🙏🙏
Wynter Tyree
Wynter Tyree:
Why is no one talking about how strange this looks...
Dizzy Ness
Dizzy Ness:
She has gone through so much. I just wanted her to live a happy life. Beautiful loving smart woman. So sad for Josie. Poor baby. Condolences to her mother and father. Condolences to her family, cast and friends
Mohamed A.
Mohamed A.:
Here we go: Another sacrifice to the devil by the elites/Illuminati!!! You are wrong if you think you can still deceive us! We are WOKE!!!!
Liza Madrigal
Liza Madrigal:
She posted like "gravity keeps pulling me under".... It's creepy...
Patricia Mitchell
Patricia Mitchell:
I believe God was with that little boy and calmed him to sleep.
Darlene Lane
Darlene Lane:
Oh soo sad too hear---God bless her son n family now n forever---AMEN
Bless that son, hope he lives a great life and gets all the support he needs 🙏
Tay Berry
Tay Berry:
If I was a Glee cast member in any way that means an extra , guess star , camera man , writer etc I’d be burning sage 25/8 right about now.
Teddy Bisnar
Teddy Bisnar:
Iam devastated I can’t hold back my tears, I love glee I can’t believed that 3 cast of the show passed away alreadty
i really hope she’s okay & i hope her son is safe & okay as well 🥺❤️
Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martinez:
As a mom, when I leave to use the bathroom and my child realizes after they’ve been distracted by the TV, they start panicking trying to look for me and yell “Mom!” So it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me that the little boy is sleeping and alone and wasn’t found crying. And the fact she didn’t have a life jacket really adds to this mystery. But I do see her not putting it on if she knew how to swim. Ugh, so tragic 💔💔
Resk Smith
Resk Smith:
Sounds like suicide 🤦‍♂️
Shelly Akhtar
Shelly Akhtar:
This must be so traumatizing for her son. I hope she is found❤
Cristian Bonilla-Cisneros
Cristian Bonilla-Cisneros:
I Think She Probably Drowned, But It Is So Mysterious That She Left Her Child On The Boat. Pieces Are Missing To The Puzzle. It Doesn’t Make Sense. Was She Near The Deck Or Far From The Deck? That Is The First Question That Needs To Be Answered. Did Someone Give Her Access To Use The Boat? If Yes They Should Know What Is Going On During The Day Of Use. Was She Experienced In Using A Boat On Her Own With Her Child? Sorry To Say This But There Must Be Supervision In These Places.
Poor choice of Glee clip to open up that interview.
All they gotta do is ask the little boy, he mite know a little something, when my son was 6 months he remembered everything, & I'm shocked, but I remember things to when I was 2 or 3,& hve the pictures to prove it
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.:
Being an empath Naya came to me Sunday saying I'm dead omg I'm dead. She was trying to find her way back to her son. I was one of the first youtubers to do a video on her.

This is such a tragedy.
Brenda Naomi
Brenda Naomi:
As I listen to this story my heart is slowly breaking for her son. I can't imagine sitting alone and possibly scared waiting for my mother and not being able to see her. What is going on with these glee cast members????? What went terribly wrong in her life to make her go in the water and leave her son???
Krystal Bradsher
Krystal Bradsher:
I never followed her career, But she's a human being and a mother, How could my heart not shatter for that 4 year old child who in all likelihood will have to spend his life without his mother, I'm praying for miracle for him.
Kentrell Braxton
Kentrell Braxton:
I loved when Naya sung “If I die young.” It was one of the most POWERFUL episodes of Glee that I watched. You did that Naya‼️💔 gonna miss you being on TV❣️
Ashley S
Ashley S:
Seems like she was dealing with something... reach out to your friend giving similar vibes. Much love!
Maryam Firdaws
Maryam Firdaws:
RIP Queen! you won't be forgotten! Thank you for everything you have done! You were a great Role Model! You are now reunited with both Cory and Mark! REST Well!
S B:
Prayers lifted for this sweet woman, her loved ones and especially her son. There is so much power in our words. Looking at the things said, and even the song clip selected to share on here from Naya is just too much.
Avishaa S.
Avishaa S.:
Why should she leave her child In the boat and go for swim ?! Even if you know swiming you can't leave a child alone in a boat , knowing that she was a good mother I find it very strange!!!
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams:
Damn everybody she knew died now she's dead.
One Nation
One Nation:
You were one of my Favorite cast members to watch on GLee
Animation Lover
Animation Lover:
This entire story doesn't sit right with me. I've seen the footage of her parking her car and renting the boat and it looked very strange. Her car wasn't parked right. As if she was in a hurry
Gracefully Broken
Gracefully Broken:
Just what the heck these people on Glee are into..seems all of them have a very dark talking about dysfunction at it’s best..LORD HV MERCY
Chaz Slater
Chaz Slater:
Im finding these "Glee" deaths or murders highly suspicious,notice many of them have mysteriously died
Tessa Keith
Tessa Keith:
GLEEKS need to speak up😭💔 our 3rd member GONE! Currently CRYING I CANT!
"You know what's funny? I don't even drink"
Dies from heroin and alcohol
Saturn Aline
Saturn Aline:
“ Every path and every mistake and up and down and in between in my entire life, I feel like it was already planned out for me”.
Amp Eazy
Amp Eazy:
You should have said she "allegedly" went out for a boat ride with her son. Could be some hell to pay if a forensic analyst gets ahold of that surveillance video.
The question is not where but when?
Elisabeth Bennet
Elisabeth Bennet:
First there was the Kennedy curse now there’s the Glee curse.
Edelmira Perez
Edelmira Perez:
Neriska 08
Neriska 08:
We still have her in our hearts
Vanneza Rodriguez
Vanneza Rodriguez:
This just goes to show you how haunted mysterious tragic incidents and overall death that this cast from Glee has been plagued with it is very disheartening and very sad so many great actors and actresses and they have all gotten through the worst of the worst for such a great entertaining show that Glee once was it seems like it was also cursed with everything bad under the 🌞. Very tragic for all involved. Best of luck to all. I hope to see you alive and well soon Naya so you'll be the excellent mother you are to your son.❤💚💜💙💛🙏🙏😇😇 Prayers and blessings to all. In God's name Amen.
Lea Michele, you're next!
Newellie Herney
Newellie Herney:
Omfg why do I feel like the cast is killing all these actresses and actors,at this point I would investigate
Something not right🤷🏽‍♀️
I see a lot of the same hysterical "satanic panic" proclamations form back in the '80's-90's. Wait for facts. Stop making guesses in a vacuum.
Meza Meza
Meza Meza:
There part of something big. And are being killed off
Grace Brown
Grace Brown:
I know it’s unlikely, but I really hope she’s alive because she has a son to watch and help grow up and she’s so young
mahal 32
mahal 32:
Still praying for her safe return, recovery 😔 This is really sad..
Zain Khan
Zain Khan:
My heart break down whenever i see her pic with her son ..this is so devastating
Arnaldo Agosto
Arnaldo Agosto:
Too much shady ness in the details she killed herself...
Beau Locon
Beau Locon:
I dunno about cursed, but somebody might be out here pulling strings on these folks.
Marsherria B
Marsherria B:
Those social media posts are very eerie.

Edit: I don’t believe she commented suicide. However, we can all agree that her social media posts seem eerie given the timing of her death.
Lorna M
Lorna M:
Hope and pray they'll find her🙏
Frederica Ehimen
Frederica Ehimen:
Naya, was one of my favorite actresses. I enjoyed on a recent episode of Lip Sync Battle that she won! I pray that her little boy gets all of the love & support he needs in the coming months and years. ❤🙏🏽
Justin Gutierrez
Justin Gutierrez:
this breaks my heart Please i hope she is found - I pray she is alive - and just somehow got lost :(
Tessa Chan
Tessa Chan:
Noo she was such a good actor and I loved how she played her character in glee RIP Naya Rivera. 😪😭
okay but they did her dirty putting the clip of her singing If I Die Young like cmon
Issac Daniel
Issac Daniel:
I feel so sad for the Rivera family, I hope her family find comfort during this time. God keep her son safe and help him while he’s dealing with the death of his mother.
Heidi Tu
Heidi Tu:
the did her so dirty by using the 'if i die young' cover from glee 😭