Inside Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home Designed by Frank Gehry | Architectural Digest

Patrick Dempsey (aka Dr. Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy") talks with Architectural Digest about his Malibu house designed by Frank Gehry.

The actor and his wife, Jillian, adapt one of Frank Gehry’s earliest houses as a vibrant and light-filled family compound

At their residence in Malibu, California, actor Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian, are joined by their children—daughter Talula and sons Darby and Sullivan—and their French bulldog, Horton, in an outdoor dining area appointed with Teak Nichols Design furniture. Conceived by architect Frank Gehry in the late 1960s, the house has been updated with landscaping by Shrader Design and decor by Estee Stanley Interior Design.

A pivoting glass panel functions as the front door; the wall sculpture of fluorescent tubes is by Robert Irwin.

Entrance Hall - A vintage Jacques Adnet daybed from Blackman Cruz beckons in the entrance hall.

Living Room - Chaise longues by Brenda Antin flank a Jillian Dempsey sculpture in the living room; the antique mirror is from Blackman Cruz, and the club chair is by Richard Shapiro/Studiolo. Custom-made sofas upholstered in a Great Plains fabric stand before the living room fireplace, which is surmounted by a Waldo’s Designs mirror; the painting at left is by Thomas Helbig, the large round table is by Dos Gallos Furniture, and the Alma Allen low stool (used as an end table) is from Heath Ceramics. Jillian Dempsey made the sculpture displayed on the cocktail table.

Dining Area - Fashion photographs by Melvin Sokolsky are displayed in a dining area outfitted with chairs from Lucca Antiques and a custom-made Teak Nichols Design table; in the background hangs a 1960s Raak light fixture from Obsolete.

Outdoor Dining Area - Shrader Design created the outdoor dining space, which is shaded by a metal-framed wicker canopy.

Kitchen - The kitchen features a concrete sink and countertops as well as a Wolf range and a Best hood.

Studio - The sculpture studio’s custom-made Shrader Design sofa is clad in a Great Plains fabric and features decorative pillows by Brenda Antin; the cocktail tables are by Lucca Antiques, the leather daybed/bench is by Caste, the floor lamp is from Obsolete, and the Moroccan carpet is from Lawrence of La Brea. A drafting table and stools are also among the furnishings in the sculpture studio.

Master Bedroom - Ginger, another family dog, rests in the master bedroom, where a Teak Nichols Design bed is accented with Deborah Sharpe Linens pillows and a throw from Monc XIII; the mirror and the hanging chair are 1960s, and the table lamp is by Blackman Cruz.

Master Bath - In the master bath, a Jillian Dempsey sculpture sits atop a rustic table.

Talula’s room is furnished with custom-made burlap curtains, ABC Carpet & Home bed linens, a chair by Brenda Antin, and floor cushions by Nickey Kehoe.

Pool - Darby and Sullivan leap into the swimming pool, which is surrounded by a recycled-wood deck; the seating is cushioned with Perennials fabrics.

Airstream Trailer - An Airstream trailer serves as a romantic hideaway.

Garden - Flowers, herbs, and vegetables flourish in a garden’s raised beds, which are constructed from reclaimed scaffolding; the area is paved with gravel and stabilized decomposed granite.

Fire Pit - A cushioned concrete seating area with a fire pit offers a cozy spot for relaxing outdoors.

The estate also features a chicken coop made of recycled wood, miniature donkeys, outdoor oven, and a tin house.

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Inside Patrick Dempsey's Malibu Home Designed by Frank Gehry | Architectural Digest

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Maddy Oberfoell
Maddy Oberfoell:
sometimes i forget that he’s not actually derek shepherd
McDreamy giving a McTour of his McHome
Lilah Hart
Lilah Hart:
That house probably said “pick me, choose me, love me”
OMG!!! He has a trailer!!!!! Dr.Shepard really loves his trailer.
Emma Staub
Emma Staub:
I wish Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey really did get married they are the cutest together
Stephanie Rodrigues
Stephanie Rodrigues:
I can perfectly imagine myself doing my quarantine from corona virus in that house (with patrick of course)
I just LOVE how he kept Derek’s Trailer. He is McDreamy even at home.
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace:
When I saw the trailer in his backyard I lost it
When he was talking about kids my mind went straight to Zola
Miracle Winchester
Miracle Winchester:
I can't stand it. He's so hot. And those jeans. Christ Jesus forgive my lustful thoughts
It’s older guys like him whos making it difficult for me to be attracted to guys my own age. He’s so hot 💦
Helena Sullivan
Helena Sullivan:
I love his approach to life! Almost everyone they interview for AD walks throughout their home pointing out expensive objects they have collected over the years....basically bragging. Patrick Dempsey points out things that give his children a good experience in life. Best Interview. Cool House.
Janine Trinidad
Janine Trinidad:
he's not just handsome, his voice is as well...
Lucy MacNeela
Lucy MacNeela:
did anyone else notice the grays anatomy book?? my heart❤️
Smell the Glove
Smell the Glove:
The home is beautiful without being a ridiculous mega mansion, it's perfect.
Kayla Gary
Kayla Gary:
Nothing "sexier" than seeing a man committed to his wife and family. Rare sight in Hollywood these days. They are a breath of fresh air!!!
mercedes perry
mercedes perry:
Only thing this house is missing is Meredith

Btw: imagine how cute their kids would be
Ikra Shaikh
Ikra Shaikh:
Both Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have a "Gray's Anatomy" book in their house. it's literally spelt like that in those books.
This is one of my favourite AD videos ever, because of how well informed Patrick was with his home and his surroundings. There was a level of respect to where things came from and how to be economical with designing something without completely disrupting its natural state. Which is so important. I could watch this over and over (and I have) and will never get bored of it! That being said, every time I go scout for apartments or rooms to rent, I always try to put myself in the same headspace. I don't have a degree in architecture or interior design, but I can surely appreciate a well made space.
Julianne Go
Julianne Go:
The way he talks is so soothing to me lol
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt:
"He's got a thick pipe" jeans said it
S M:
He’s always mentioning his kids which just makes him so much hotter
Imagine being married to him my god that man is perfect
Jdor D
Jdor D:
Beautiful home and beautiful family..."Yeshua/Jesus is the way"
Vedha Kodagi
Vedha Kodagi:
dora ramos
dora ramos:
sometimes i forget that he’s not actually derek shepherd
yall i'm just gonna say it. THIS SHOULD'VE BEEN THE DREAM HOUSE.
Mrs Justicewilbeserved
Mrs Justicewilbeserved:
He’s really like wine. Aging better as he ages.
Patrick Dempsey gets better looking with age. Aging gracefully. And the house is very handsome too. Adorable family.
What's The Frequency
What's The Frequency:
I didn't hear one word he said. I was just staring at him ....... still fine af after all these years.
Lily Reyes
Lily Reyes:
I can't stop looking at his face. I just love it.
nive kanistakumar
nive kanistakumar:
I love how he has put in effort to make his house sustainable. Such a humble guy.
Imrose Gogi
Imrose Gogi:
Those kids are lucky to have Mcdreamy as there dad like that is a a HUGE flex
rikki clark
rikki clark:
both him and ellen have copies of gray's anatomy in their houses and that makes me happy
Nour Abbas
Nour Abbas:
Is that his trailer from Grey’s anatomy?
I wish I was the Frenchie, so I could be mcfrenchie and mcdreamy is actually my mcdaddy im
This man’s got the entire package everything is absolutely breathtaking! Jesus Christ he’s the most good looking older man I’ve seen in my life 😭😭
Nina Cutova
Nina Cutova:
“alright everybody, it’s a beautiful night to save lives, lets have some fun:)”
Mary Ros
Mary Ros:
Patrick Dempsey,
I love how you say:
"You are a caretaker of a House, and have to be very careful to nurture it and sustain it....!"
You can see with his family and their values, the kids are well grounded & he is in his environment of peace & tranquility
Yha Lou
Yha Lou:
Geez! I need to stop liking guys like him(out of reach, older and from different country).But he seems like man of substance and charm that guys doesnt have.
Just hearing his voice again hit me more than I want to admit 😭😳
I love that he appreciates the house itself by saying that it looks great with nothing in it, but still the fact that he wants in to be comfortable, warm and homey (unlike some celebs) and making people feel inviting, relax and casual so he added all these plants, sculptures, beautiful carpets, bits and pieces, and it turns out looking very homey and lovely. Such a great home, with every space seems to be utilised like the garden, and even the mini zoo. Great job Patrick!!
Rudi Makole
Rudi Makole:
“You are a caretaker of the house...”. I LOVE everything about this video. His humility even outshines the beauty of that house, and that is a really stunning home.
Ambreen Iram
Ambreen Iram:
Patrick is so handsome. He's got a gorgeous home n a beautiful family.
Emma Östensson
Emma Östensson:
DEREK'S TRAILER IN PATRICK'S BACKYARD, I'm actually dying over here
Why does he age so well omfg
Damn, he’s just too good looking. His lucky wife.
Danisaur Taylor
Danisaur Taylor:
He finally got to live in Meredith’s dream house
Darwin Denny
Darwin Denny:
I actually really needed this cause I’m at the part in greys where he just died
mcdreamy just keeps getting better looking with age omg
Coco Poco
Coco Poco:
Love it! The house, the architect, and the owner...😂
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie:
Ummm I didn’t sign up to be attached like this? THE FREAKING TRAILER 😭😭😭
laney johnson
laney johnson:
that house really said "pick me. choose me. love me."
Izzy Shettles
Izzy Shettles:
2:58 is the best part. The trailer from Grey’s anatomy. Such beautiful and marvelous house. ❤️
Truly beautiful 'home' as so many stars live in showy pretentious cold looking museums but this looks like a family live there. Love it!
Emily April
Emily April:
One of the best I’ve ever seen on AD. Absolutely stunning.
First Time Forge
First Time Forge:
Start of the video: “it’s a beautiful day to save lives.”
Nina York
Nina York:
I have honestly never been more jealous of someones home than in this very moment.
Annalena Maier
Annalena Maier:
He’s still McDreamy for me!❤️
Alex S
Alex S:
I freaking LOVE this house!
Pat ti
Pat ti:
I love how he wasn't name dropping the whole time like some of the others.
This is my favorite episode! I love the natural look of the home and the outdoors with the animals and the veggie garden! Dream come true! And Patrick Dempsey is gorgeous!
Ari Ana
Ari Ana:
McDreamy, he's so beautiful.
chany weinberg
chany weinberg:
I appreciate the house by Frank Ghery, I’m glad Patrick is making the best use out of it with a family and the pets he has
Ashley Becker
Ashley Becker:
That has to be the most impressive Architectural Digest interview/tour ever. I love Patrick Dempsey's style and philosophy of caring for the land, and the home. He is an inspiration. Nice job, A.D. interviewing him. He is a top pick!!!
Piper Tarin
Piper Tarin:
He's still "Dr .McDreamy", after, ALL these year's❤️
Robin Wiley
Robin Wiley:
I like that....”you are a caretaker of the house.” ❤️❤️ Well said.
"You're a caretaker of a house, you have to be very careful to nurture it and sustaint it and hand it on to someone else eventually" - Patrick Dempsey

Well put sir
Silver Back
Silver Back:
"it's so loud in here because of the Italian plaster and the kids" - Kenny Florian
enter a name here
enter a name here:
He practiced his lines. Lol
I really like the way he's so thoughtful about this house
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace:
I love how both him and Ellen have a copy of Grays Anatomy in their house
And he has the trailer, my heart ❤️❤️
John Chef
John Chef:
He has the trailer he always loved 😞😄
Priscilla Underwood
Priscilla Underwood:
He's so handsome
Grace Shorthose
Grace Shorthose:
When I saw DEREKS trailer in the back ground I was so sad :(
Jesse Gabrielle
Jesse Gabrielle:
he has the “gray’s anatomy” book 🥺😩
Love that house , and I love it’s all about his family and family time
100 pennys
100 pennys:
Money can’t buy him love.. but it can buy donkeys! 🤣
Lisa Schreiber
Lisa Schreiber:
wow! when you imagine a house in Malibu, this is exactly it. lucky guy.
God, he just gets better with age.
Hafsa ibrahim
Hafsa ibrahim:
He's one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen.
Ariel Aguilar
Ariel Aguilar:
Such a beautiful man... I mean home...🥰
Hannah Gschwind
Hannah Gschwind:
the fact that he has the gray‘s anatomy in his bookshelf just makes me feel good.
Jeanne Françoise Peh
Jeanne Françoise Peh:
This house is amazing! And more importantly, everything in is about the life style the people owning it lead.
Judy Borrero
Judy Borrero:
Love the house love the man ...... jealous
Emma Bowen
Emma Bowen:
Incredible Beauty!
Err Yabut
Err Yabut:
This is how I imagine my retirement house would be and I'm only in my 20s.
Karishma Deen
Karishma Deen:
God he's so dreamy 😍
he’s so mf fine wow
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler:
I’ve literally never loved a human more in my life
God, I love this. This is my dream house. Yall. So dreamy.
Kristin Bishop
Kristin Bishop:
I really love this. I agree that most modern homes aren't comfy, but this is awesome
C Rom
C Rom:
Reason 9,302 to love him: his acknowledgement of the honor to be a caretaker of the home which is piece of art. 9303 choosing a home based in the nature esthetics of it, that it’s family friendly and warm 😊
Gina Caceres
Gina Caceres:
From all the houses I have seen from AD I love his house, just like he said “modern houses you don’t want to stay” but his house looks really nice and warm.
Traders Friend
Traders Friend:
Love it, it is soooo livable!!
Nona Soleil
Nona Soleil:
He is so gorgeous 🙈