Inside Susan Boyle's humble Scotland home - OK! Magazine house tour

X Factor legend Susan Boyle gave OK! magazine an exclusive look around her home in Scotland. The singer showed us around the property, which is the same house she grew up in, in January 2020.

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100+ comentarios:

Donna Benson
Donna Benson:
I love how real she is, money hasn't changed her and she loves her family home and it's full of memories... What a beautiful soul she truly is.... Oh and the picture of her with the Pope in the kitchen, just fab xx
I love how authentic this house is. compare with other celiberies' homes, this is the one I feel warm and welcoming and I want to be invited in to have dinner.
Heather LM
Heather LM:
Loved this! If everyone was so humble and appreciative, this world would be a much better place.
Gabriel Polonio
Gabriel Polonio:
I'm so so happy for her! She deserves everything she got.
Nightwarmed Soul
Nightwarmed Soul:
She looks like she just loves her family home, I love how she has renovated it and stayed so humble.
Marie Slabbert
Marie Slabbert:
I am so glad she kept her home where she grew up and feel at ease in. To have it redecorated is the best of both worlds.
She’s so humble and real! How did it take so long for us to see her?
Kathy H.
Kathy H.:
She is the real deal. I love how it is so sweet and cozy for her. She deserves to be comfortable after so many years of not being noticed. Good on you Susan. Good on you.
George Styer
George Styer:
Such a happy woman with a humble, real approach to life. I just love the simplicity of her view unadulterated by stardom and money. A really fine example of a life loving human person...Love her XXX
Kenneth Wollesen
Kenneth Wollesen:
She remains an absolute delight in her genuineness and open honesty. I wish her every success, but then it looks like that she had it all well before we all knew her.
Johanna Kitchen Boss
Johanna Kitchen Boss:
She’s so sweet. It’s not been easy for her, fame came as a shock, she really didn’t know just how good she was. Well done Susan x
Mama Zannie
Mama Zannie:
She is so humble. A true gem with a voice like an angel.
Jane Friel
Jane Friel:
So down to earth. I was raised in a similar home. My parents lived there until they passed away. I still have the house. Too many good memories to part with it.I was made the person i am today in my little childhood home.☘
Melanie J.
Melanie J.:
I love that she stayed in the home that she knows and clearly loves in an area where people have known her for years: smart lady. Would love to have seen the garden though. Maybe next time!
Linda Phillips
Linda Phillips:
Love that you stayed living in your family home after all the accolades and wealth. It's a lovely home for sure. Just got one of your cd's and my 6 year old grandson loves it! Blessings to you from Canada Susan.
Mayanna Burmeister
Mayanna Burmeister:
This short vid put my mind at rest - always wondered how she was doing . She is still the humble authentic person we first met on the tv . The only thing I might wish for her would be that her kitchen had a kitchen table she could sit at while she cooked - she mentioned that she missed that . It’s nice to sit and watch the stove cook while enjoying a cuppa . Merry Christmas to all .
Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen:
She’s an absolute delight. I love her. Great paintings in her home too.
Oshadi Devi
Oshadi Devi:
Beautiful, self-confident, traditionalist, magical. Your home, your smile, your talent will always be a blessing.
Marebear 1107
Marebear 1107:
Love her so much! A true Cinderella story! She deserves the world and has a heart of gold ✨
Andrew Mica
Andrew Mica:
Most amazing person ... How she still lives her faith and in a beautiful home.
The only entertainer that made me cry all those years ago .. Britain has talent...
National living treasure.
Chocolate Chip Kookie
Chocolate Chip Kookie:
Her home is full of happy family memories. She could have sold up and gone to live in a mansion but her home is where her heart is.
Joli Garcon
Joli Garcon:
I was so happy for her when she blew Simon away with her beautiful voice. She's the kind of woman you love to be friends with. Her home is beautiful and filled with memories. I'd love to join her for a cup of tea.
MaryLee McDaniel
MaryLee McDaniel:
I love the way the house has been done up! It has so much character and warmth ... Like Ms. Boyle! <3
Pamela Thompson
Pamela Thompson:
She’s such a lovely woman. I love how she kept her family home and updated it - beautiful! Big fan ❤️❤️!
She is genuine, warm, and down to earth and has one of the most beautiful, amazing voices in the world. Love her.
Gillian Eddleston
Gillian Eddleston:
What a lovely cosy home, full of personality. And filled with love and memories. Really enjoyed that tour, Susan. Thank you.
Grace Castro
Grace Castro:
She is fantastic I love her, love her voice, love her humbleness, her courage to face with dignity those who doubted her ability, I watched B. Got Talent dozens of times, she made me feel proud to be a woman. Bravo Susan, you're my hero 👏👏👏👏❤️
Jokervyne HaHaHa
Jokervyne HaHaHa:
I love how she's doing exactly what the experts scream people to do when fortune smiles. I trust she'll have all she truly cares to have till the end of her days.
John Wood
John Wood:
I’m so happy for her. She reminded me of my Mom. When Susan first was on BGT they took her by her looks, which was of a typical Mom like mine. THEN she showed them she could sing , just like my Mom did. GOOD FOR HER
I have so much admiration for you Susan. You stayed true to yourself and have a lovely warm comfortable home. I wish you many many many more years of happiness there.
Absolutely love her I think she’s so natural herself down-to-earth she really knows who she is and she’s content with who she is and I’ll tell you nothing would change her because she’s real to the core
Ivanna Alessandra
Ivanna Alessandra:
Good to see she's doing well! I love her home and her style.
Christina M
Christina M:
Beautiful home! It's wonderful that you have your family home, the one you grew up in! You must have so many memories there. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Watching this brought a huge smile to me face. She's a treasure 🥰
Suzanne Anastacio
Suzanne Anastacio:
Susan is so genuine and humble. I love her to pieces. she has come such a long way. May she be blessed always and continue singing her heart out
Steve Jeffery
Steve Jeffery:
Bless her. She followed her dreams and now she’s living them. But best of all, she has kept her feet firmly on the ground. Susan Boyle is still my favourite success story’s ever. She hushed a nation with the first line of a song, and we are still quietly listening all these years later. And even now, if I watch that audition it brings a lump to my throat. Love and best wishes Susan, you really are 1 in 66 million. Thank you x
Lucky Starship
Lucky Starship:
Enjoy your beautiful, stylish home, Susan. You've worked so hard for it, you deserve it.
Виктория Зубарева
Виктория Зубарева:
Просто, без пафоса и излишеств. Главное человек состоялся, исполнилась мечта в жизни. Здоровья и счастья, Сьюзен!
The Gypsy Hermit Tarot
The Gypsy Hermit Tarot:
I'm so proud of you Susan! I was so happy for you when you auditioned because Les Miserables is one of my favorite musicals and you did an amazing job! Congratulations to you for your wonderful journey since. You're a great example to us all, universally. peace and love ...gypsy 😊
Mary Darby
Mary Darby:
She’s such a precious person! I love her home!💜 She seems so happy!
Alyssa Jones 💙
Alyssa Jones 💙:
Ms. Boyle is one of the very "few" entertainers who never allowed the fame, wealth, and success get to the head. So glad for her. Love how she chose to remain living in her family home.
Larry MacMillan
Larry MacMillan:
Good for her, she deserves everything she has.
Thankfully she didn't let all this fame run her life,,, good to see she is still grounded.❤️
I am very happy for Susan, ever since I saw her 1st audition. She has everything she has earned and deserved, it is good to see someone from nothing achieve their ambition, and not think of themselves as special, she is without daubt a model that others in the buisness to aspire to. So humble and non assuming.
I so love how Susan has stayed so down to earth. Love her voice. God Bless you Susan, may you share your amazing voice with us for many years.
Yolanda Ponkers
Yolanda Ponkers:
I just love her! She’s such a sweet soul. So glad to see she’s doing well!
I think...
I think...:
I love her she is just like an innocent child. She can buy a house anywhere. But she loves the house she grew up in… and we all love her.
Congrats on your success, Susan. So wonderful your voice is out there for the world to enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Scotland is such a lovely country, and now it has a lovely voice to add to its charm. Keep singing, and keep the Lord close.
Thank you for the tour of your home. Honestly, I love it! Beautiful voice, Ms. Susan Boyle Thank You for the smiles and joy your music has given to all of us.
I love your home, it feels warm and loving. Also it is nice to still live in the home you grew up in.
Amanda D
Amanda D:
How refreshing. Her home is wonderfully done up, and looks great. Love the kitchen!
Melissa Porter
Melissa Porter:
I love your home, Ms. Boyle! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's a REAL home in that any of us could see ourselves living in it. Please keep sharing your gift of singing with the world.
R Kesler
R Kesler:
I love her so much
They way that when she first walked out on stage people were laughing at her and she totally kicked their asses
C Anderson
C Anderson:
Listening to her talk about the house, (love her Scottish accent) I believe this was her family home. Such a warm, lovely place. She is a wonderful talent and she looks so good. I am glad for the update.
itsjustme Flo
itsjustme Flo:
I’ve loved her since BGT!! Her soul is very kind, gentle, and soft. Stay blessed Ms. Boyle! You are a household name! We love you🥰😍😘
Austin Bandy
Austin Bandy:
It's makes me feel so warm inside that she's living the life a sweet soul like hers deserves. Those hidden little gems we all pass by always seem to shine the brightest. Still overly ecstatic in the fact we found her ❤
Suzie Quzie
Suzie Quzie:
She looks so good! I’m so happy for her. She deserves happiness. Love the home. It looks cozy. Money has not changed Susan. All the best to her!
Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller:
She is amazing and shows that home is where the heart is x
Love this house. It is just like her - authentic and warm. I love that she just renovated the house she grew up in instead of getting a new multimillion dollar mansion (not that there is anything wrong with that!)
What a lovely home! I'm so glad she's doing well :D Congratulations!
Pete Shields
Pete Shields:
Such a beautiful home. Thank you for taking the time to show us Susan.
scottish dancer
scottish dancer:
A lovely lady and a lovely welcoming home. Some other talentless so called celebrities and "reality stars" could learn a lot from Susan about real lasting talent, humility, and the appreciation that not every enjoyable thing in life has to be expensive, or tastelessly over the top. Well done Susan, having a tour of your home was a privilege.
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
i love that she didnt go coocoo crazy, and stayed in her HOME.
August Bear
August Bear:
What a genuinely humble, wonderful person!
Ad Reeves
Ad Reeves:
Such an incredible talent and still so humble. She really is an inspiration.
She’s still adorable…. I’m so happy to see she’s thriving, busy and has her own beautiful space.
I love that she has stayed in her home and clearly put some much back into it. I'm sure here family would be so proud of what she has done.
Avril Skeete
Avril Skeete:
She's a really sweet humble soul. She deserves all that she has and then some.
Shawna Marie Bloom
Shawna Marie Bloom:
Love her!! The world needs more Susan Boyles!
Hema Nambiar
Hema Nambiar:
She looks beautiful and I love how she has renovated it and just happily talking about all the sentiments and her past. Good luck with everything Ms.Boyle!
Don Monteiro
Don Monteiro:
what a talent she is, and sooooo humble <3
Antionette Wiese
Antionette Wiese:
What a beautiful warm and inviting house, love this !! 💕
Gem 4Jen
Gem 4Jen:
God bless you Susan 🙏🏻❤️
You always bring a smile to my face and to my heart 😊
Good for her !!! Amazing how one moment gave her a whole new life !!! and I'll never forget how she showed Simon where to put his smirk !!!!
Rebbeca Revel
Rebbeca Revel:
Muy bonita tu casa! Tienes un gran talento y te mereces eso y mucho más! Saludos desde Argentina!!!
I love this! She comes across as grounded and I think it’s very clever that she’s saved her money.
Fractious Gypsy
Fractious Gypsy:
I was truly moved by this woman's first performance. It said a lot for many people. So great that someone real gets success.
Dexter echiverri
Dexter echiverri:
Love seeing all her collections and treasures.
She’s the real deal. ❤️
Chris L.
Chris L.:
I think she’s had her house done up. But what a down to earth person, massive respect! If only half the people were like her, we’d be in a better place today.
Mysterious AnneSong
Mysterious AnneSong:
I'm so happy for her. She got what she dreamed for, to become a singer.
Angela Marie Eberhart
Angela Marie Eberhart:
She’s an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to. I’d love to meet her in person and I would seriously love to sing with her.
She is so lovely! What example of genuine spirit.
Maria Azevedo
Maria Azevedo:
Humble but cosy. I love it. It's a home. It's great that money didn't change you. 🙂💗
Miserere Nobis
Miserere Nobis:
So glad this came up on my recommended. What an absolute treat to see so many Saints in your home! May God bless and watch over you Susan x
Sandra Almendra
Sandra Almendra:
Extraordinaria voz,talento,Don..!!!! Larga y felíz vida...gracias por su Arte..señora!!!!🌟🌟🌟
Maria Aparecida
Maria Aparecida:
Que bom que ela está ótima!🌷❤️
She's the one person you like to see do well, and want her to keep doing well .
SCP-096 - Premium
SCP-096 - Premium:
she's very humble and I remember when I seen her, I hated how rude people were just based on her appearance. She is a dotting classy lovely lady
Herb Houston
Herb Houston:
It's a lovely home she has. I appreciate the way she has hung on to her roots and the memories of the family growing up in that house. You can not put a price tag on that. It's worth more than money. I pray that the new year is kind to her and that she stays the humble soul she has always been. I wish her well.
Valerie L
Valerie L:
Susan is so sweet, genuine, extremely talented and artistic. Very rare qualities in the music industry.
Stephen Coady
Stephen Coady:
Perfect cozy home for a lovely woman with a massive talent.
Terri Leyda
Terri Leyda:
Your home is very lovely! A lady with such an amazing voice deserves an amazing home!
Louise Da Silva
Louise Da Silva:
Thank you for showing us your home. It’s really cozy and perfect for you. I’ve always been so impressed with you from the first time I saw you on tv. and I love your singing. Sweet lady ❤️
Archie's Mum
Archie's Mum:
She's still the same lady she always was, down to earth, honest & mad as a box of frog's.
Rarely do you see someone have such a dramatic change in their lives & yet they manage to cope with it in the way Susan Boyle has.
Good luck to her, she has a genuine talent & a love of having fun, I hope she enjoys many more happy times
maria vassalo
maria vassalo:
Linda casa ...catolica👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷
Wendy Lynn
Wendy Lynn:
I love that you have the home you grew up in. It's lovely, too! Best wishes to you.
Humble, honest and good spirit. She must to have a wonderful memories in this house.
Beautiful ! She deserves everything she has worked for. So nice to see that she chose to stay in her childhood home instead of a mansion with rooms that are rarely used. ✌❤
JT Paar
JT Paar:
I wish there were more people like Susan Boyle in the world. God bless you, sweet woman.
Betty Damn Boop
Betty Damn Boop:
Susan is such a lovely lady and I was not happy the way Simon first reacted to her and then she set the stage on fire. I love you Susan and thank you for gracing us with your beautiful voice.
Diana Tenney
Diana Tenney:
I love how humble she is, and her voice and music is absolutely breath taking, so happy for her sucess.