Inside the NBA Reacts to Jazz Game 1 Win vs Clippers | 2021 NBA Playoffs

Los Angele Clippers vs Utah Jazz - Full Game 1 Highlights | June 8, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs


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What is Shaq talking about the Jazz had their worst 1st half ever lmao. Always hating
Sickem Boy
Sickem Boy:
Utah deserve their recognition and Mitchell was SPECTACULAR
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
I鈥檓 tired of hearing 鈥淚 love Donovan鈥檚 game, but鈥︹
Enough! This man is the real deal!
Shaq a big time hater when it comes to the Jazz, lmao!
Petey Vieyra
Petey Vieyra:
did shaq just say the jazz played their best game when they went 0-19 at one point ? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Clippers had all momentum going into half time. But Jazz really stepped up their game 3rd Q
Alex Jones
Alex Jones:
I was writing the jazz off at half time. Never been happier to be proven wrong.
Yancy Nunez
Yancy Nunez:
Did shaq just said 鈥渏azz play there best game ?鈥 Did he watch the first quarter ?
Dats a Paddlin
Dats a Paddlin:
These young dudes see BBQ chicken when they see the Clippers defense. That鈥檚 actually surprising.
Tavin Wells
Tavin Wells:
Shaq acting like this team played there best when they are missing Conley lol
Imo, Jazz is much tougher than clippers. They are hard to beat when they are shooting 3s, and when not, there's Donovan Mitchell working hard!
Japnit Singh Sethi
Japnit Singh Sethi:
And I remember Shaq saying Donovan is not a superstar 馃う
Johnathan Davenport
Johnathan Davenport:
Kenny is the most smartest dumb guy I know lol
Kameron Thorne
Kameron Thorne:
Barkley smarter than Shaq.
Inoa W
Inoa W:
Every time I want to believe Shaq isn't just a hater he says some dumb [email protected] to prove me wrong. He really said the Jazz played a near perfect game when we missed 21 shots in a row and didn't have Mike Conley.... 馃槄
Donovan Mitchell is so underrated why does nobody show him love when he puts the team on his back with guys injured year in year out. All anyone talks about is Booker and Tatum
The Great One
The Great One:
This looks like the best series for this round .
Gamer Unlimited
Gamer Unlimited:
Kawhi is afraid to take the last shot. Because he is afraid of rondo's reaction if he miss it. 馃槀
Dats a Paddlin
Dats a Paddlin:
First analysis...this team can win at home vs the Clippers unlike the Mavs 馃槀
Eulogio Latoja
Eulogio Latoja:
Mitchelle , JC and Bojan combo of 81 pts beat the trio of Kawhi , pg and Kennard of 61 pts combine , so Utah jazz defeated the clippers , as simple as that ,,,,,
First off, I thought these Clippers were supposed to be these defensive studs yet Luka & Donovan consistently scoring 35+ points on'em. Secondly, if neither Kawhi nor PG 30+, they gonna lose.
NateModo Dragon
NateModo Dragon:
It makes me laugh that Joel Emflop keeps trying to push this stupid Ben Simmons is the DPOTY bs when Rudy Gobert literally won the game with defense. 馃槀 the Sixers are clown shoes.
Utah played their best basketball?? Lol they scored 17 in the 1st quarter compared to 47 against the grizzlies in the last game. And they didn鈥檛 have their all star point guard in Conley. Shaq needs someone to coach him before he speaks.
Shaq not on the same level as Kenny and Chuck
Genaro Sanchez
Genaro Sanchez:
Utah has amazing ball movement
abioye yinka
abioye yinka:
I just love this Utah team, what a comeback in the second half. The offense and the defense is spectacular
Westcoast Native
Westcoast Native:
Phoenix vs Utah is going to be a war.
Ralph Italian
Ralph Italian:
Paul George is nowhere to be found.
Clippers can鈥檛 go far just with Kawhai.
Nothing against Reggie Jackson.
Serge Ibaka vs Rudy Gobert would鈥檝e been fun as hell to watch!!! We were robbed
Johnny Jammin
Johnny Jammin:
Could you imagine if the Jazz make at least half of those missed 21 shots . Damn
Eli Calderon
Eli Calderon:
Imagine the Jazz when they actually play good throughout the whole game especially WITH Conley!!!
Red And Read
Red And Read:
PG reclaimed his title over porzingis for pandemic p
Steven Andresen
Steven Andresen:
I think Shaq got his teams mixed up. The Jazz had one of their worst first quarters ever and still won. Clippers played one of their better games and still lost.
Petty Nba
Petty Nba:
Mitchell gonna retire better than Dwayne wade, I鈥檓 calling it
Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz:
"Jazz played their best game"??馃し鈥嶁檪锔 You do realize Shack, the Jazz missed 20 consecutive shots in the 1st half..?馃う鈥嶁檪锔
Henri Hopgood
Henri Hopgood:
no one besides jc and don really shot that well imagine when it all comes together and we got mike conley cmon shaq you鈥檙e actin like the rest of america who never seen a jazz game well be dropping 130 if we really have a good game
Are people still expecting good analysis out of Shaq after all these years?
Chu Papi
Chu Papi:
The Jazz have been living rent free for years in Shaqs head lol
Jacob Kroehler
Jacob Kroehler:
"every playoff game is its own island"
Pablo Valenzuela
Pablo Valenzuela:
Shaq should just stick to doing Papa John commercials 馃あ馃あ
Clippers coming from a game 7 with just over 48 hours rest into a well rested Jazz team and hostile crowd, I'd still think they were decent but it was simply Mitchell who destroyed them as Clippers missed critical shots in the 2nd half.
Christian Fehr
Christian Fehr:
And Clips fans were really saying that the Clips can sweep the Jazz lol. "wHo oN thE jAzZ cAn gUaRd kAwHi??" 馃槀馃槀
4:20 charles speaking the truth. kenny is so dumb
E 20
E 20:
Spida tryna prove shaq wrong
Nathan Hardman
Nathan Hardman:
Where was this defensive greatness I've been hearing about the clippers. I haven't watched allot of them but I've been hearing it. Didn't see it. open shots(most missed at first but there) lots of layups 3rd and 4th qts.
Kris Topher
Kris Topher:
When Shaq talks the volume needs to go right up! He needs to talk like he does in his commercials, loud and proud!
Akira S
Akira S:
When they said PG version, I thought Kenny was going to do a trick with his...uh, other middle finger.
rap nation
rap nation:
I like this play Jc 鉂わ笍
Donovan Mitchell is popping wheelies in Shaq's brain right now馃毃
Smoke G
Smoke G:
Shaq you owe Donavon Mitchell A Apology Real Talk
Virgil Roberts Jr
Virgil Roberts Jr:
Kenny the Magician...
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King:
Shaq up there sounding like a old uninformed man, everything's always better in his era, when he wouldn't have been as dominant if he was Donovan's size...!
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes:
I feel like Clippers got this. Lost by 3 points while Kawhi (and the rest) were on cruise mode.
the clippers are still Lucky coz the jazz misses 25 3's imagine half of those make it to the rim
Adolfo Marquez
Adolfo Marquez:
I swear Kenny talks just to talk. There鈥檚 no analysis lol.
Kenny is like my Pizza..
Larry Debrew
Larry Debrew:
I love to hear mr. No ring analyze games. Real expert.
Where did Kenny just go learn that from? smh
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon:
Utah on a path to get that title the bulls took from the back in the 90s!
Mike Chavira
Mike Chavira:
Let's face it the jazz will be slept on, overlooked and counted out until they win a ring
Franz LoCco
Franz LoCco:
"Utah played their best basketball"
What in the World are you talking about?? They played terrible that game because of the absence of Conley and Clippers still lose.

I'm a Jazz fan and I'm not gonna sugarcoat them if they have a terrible game that means they are terrible and needs adjustments.
kai elkins
kai elkins:
shaq just tries to sound dumb when it comes to utah
Why do I have a feeling the Clippers just sweep the Jazz now?
Um, Shaq, the Jazz missing 20 shots in a row isn't them "playing at their best"
Avery Avery
Avery Avery:
If you鈥檝e been watching the Clippers you would know Kawhi was in 1st gear the whole game. This series will look different when he turns it up again. As for PG. Idk man... Idk what to think about that dude.
Shaq must have been napping during the first half. Jazz missed 21 straight shots and your saying it's their best game???
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd:
Known Mitchell was a superstar for years
Abhi Prasad
Abhi Prasad:
Shaq saying the jazz played their best when they missed like 20 shots in a row at one point and the players besides Mitchell shot 34%? Their best basketball is ahead of them
Jazz missed 21 shots and had Conley missing
Larry Debrew
Larry Debrew:
Win by three or win by thirty nine. What difference does it make? Charles said something that made sense, each game is separate.
I haven鈥檛 even been watching, NFL hurry up, if Zion/LaMelo isn鈥檛 in it, I鈥檓 cool. The young gunz run the league now
I wonder if Shaq takes back what he said about Mitchell.
Joe Fisk
Joe Fisk:
Does House of Highlights own the rights to these clips? How is the NBA or TNT letting you get away with showing them?
Playoff P in full effect 4-17 xD
It was interesting to see so many bad calls in this game. Totally shifted the game
This will be a good series. Ty Lue will make the right adjustments for next game.
Gezza 77
Gezza 77:
I just noticed PG13 pass up a three to go OT and Kawhi do the same. Yes they were covered but aren鈥檛 these stars supposed to 鈥渃reate鈥 their own shot?
Raging Oracle
Raging Oracle:
That man is playing like a real #1 - and Shaq said that man wasnt great.. 1st Candace Parker makes him look like a casual, then d. Mitch makes him look like a Casual.. Who next? so disappointing and odd..
Jonathan Maruji
Jonathan Maruji:
Does shaq watch basketball, like at all? The jazz played far from their best basketball. THEY MISSED 21 STRAIGHT SHOTS and still won by 3!
Ever seen pro basketball players play hot potato in the playoffs?
Exhibit A:
jacqueline walsh
jacqueline walsh:
Maybe the Clippers stars got covered well by the Jazz defense
Crypt Orchid
Crypt Orchid:
Jazz are a second half team and they will be a second half of the series team too. Tough to beat them if they keep home advantage
Raven Crump
Raven Crump:
The fact that the Clippers almost won means this is the best series to watch. I got Clippers winning game 2
I鈥檓 good with this game. Clips played like crap and almost tied the game and just came off of a brutal series with mavs. Utah is number 1 seed for a reason. Utah is like mavs on steroids. They have a complete team. Clips will be back for next game with heat. Anyone gonna talk about Utah鈥檚 jammed packed arena with no mask? Covid anyone?
Anyemil Rodrigez
Anyemil Rodrigez:
The west games are better to watch than east
Linda Linda
Linda Linda:
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1. Absolutely great magic trick by kenny馃槀馃槀
2. Shaq is awfully quite about Mitchell who he was really hating on earlier in the year馃 Edit: but he still found a way to hate on the rest of the team
JD Davenport
JD Davenport:
I love chuck, hate shaq, but do they both need to slur their words, i know they can speak
Austin Casey
Austin Casey:
Utah played their best? That was easily the worst 1st half I have seen them play in months. GTFO Shaq. They will win the title and he will find some way to downplay it.
Slim Fast
Slim Fast:
PG in da clutch be like "No, no! I dont want it! You shoot the ball Kawhi!"
dancing bam
dancing bam:
Why clippers dont give boogie cousins more minutes?
Teesha Laurence
Teesha Laurence:
Clippers will quickly find out that the Jazz ain't the Mavs
Kam Scott
Kam Scott:
Only one game . I still say Clips gonna win this series
Free Music is Good
Free Music is Good:
Who you will take first for your team? Mitchell or Leonard?
Tyler k
Tyler k:
Jazz are the better team and tonight showed. And Conley didn't even play.
I checked out the score at halftime and thought the Clippers have enough of a buffer and will keep the lead. 2 hours later went to youtube to see a video with the title Gobert with a game-saving block on Morris. Then I thought here we go again, Clippers are the worse front runners in NBA history and do not know how to keep a lead.
Just believed in the Klaw.
No more Lebron in the west playoffs.
So therefore it is time for the Klaw to invade the West.
Just like 2019 when Lebron did not enter the Playoffs. And he leaves the east.
That is the time, Kawhi took the east.
Smh I swear y鈥檃ll 鈥渇ans鈥 are nothing but prisoners of the moment. Ok be happy for your team,but I can tell you not use to your team doing good when you get overly excited about 1 game
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
Shaq talking like nonsense as usual. Jazz didn鈥檛 play their best game鈥.