Inside the NBA Reacts to Lakers vs Nets | February 18, 2020-21 NBA Season

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100+ comentarios:

jayson wright
jayson wright:
Shaq: my 4 championships
Luminious Beings NYC
Luminious Beings NYC:
Nets had 22 assists. You only need one ball when the ball goes from one guy to an open corner 3. Only need one ball, Chuck.
Tom Cooke
Tom Cooke:
I can’t believe Chuck reached for the “there’s only one ball” line. They clearly don’t care who gets the buckets and they’re playing good team ball getting assists on most plays.
They beat Clips, Utah, Lakers, Bucks, Suns...11-1 against above .500 teams. 🤦‍♂️
WCS Art and Design
WCS Art and Design:
It's FOUR scorers... don't leave out Harris. Don't you dare.
To this day I still cant believe kyrie kd and harden are on the same squad Lol
You cant just expect a year without Shaq saying "4 rings" lmao
joe harris is HEAVILY underrated
Charles T.
Charles T.:
Shaq never misses an opportunity to mention his four championships 😂😂😂😂 seriously I could set my watch to when shaq starts telling everyone about “his” championships....
Before y’all casuals bring y’all “lost to Cavs” comments

Nets are now 11-1 against top playoffs teams now, they’ve beaten the:
- Warriors
- Celtics
- Sixers
- Jazz
- Denver
- Bucks
- Heat
- Clippers
- Lakers
- Suns
Chris Turner
Chris Turner:
Charles: Good Morning Shaq.
Fire Angel Luffo
Fire Angel Luffo:
Lol love when Lakers lose to one of these playoff contenders because it get y’all talking crazy to the point y’all talking about they a first round exit. Y’all going to learn one day that regular season basketball and playoff basketball is two different ball games.🤣
Yes but can Gobert, Embiid and the big guys guard them in the perimeter? 🤔
WCS Art and Design
WCS Art and Design:
This crew is sounding suspect. Minus Chuck.
Ethan Gentle
Ethan Gentle:
You could tell shaq doesn't watch the games he said imagine if all 3 of them got going even though KD didn't play tonight
It’s so funny seeing Shaq flexing his 4 chips but shit wouldn’t you?? 😂😂😂😂
Solomon's Tech
Solomon's Tech:
Lakers won’t make it passed the 1st round without AD
Justin Paul Uy
Justin Paul Uy:
shaq: 4 championships or rings
kenny: im from newyork
charles: big ol women in san antonio / chris paul is the best leader
ernie: man, alive!
Khari Conception
Khari Conception:
The Nets will win it this season or next season. It’s inevitable!
Tamale Moses
Tamale Moses:
nets will keep em all quiet it’s just the beginning
shaw starts out with, now i've had the luxury of winning 4 rings lmao
K Had
K Had:
Waiting on Shannon’s reaction lol
N2 G
N2 G:
Both teams had 39 rebounds and nets held lakers under 100 so Im not sure if they even be watching the game
Zenki Ev
Zenki Ev:
Lmao. Shaq trying to be “humble” says kenny. 😂 More like... Humble Brag. Hahaha
Official MBM Gang
Official MBM Gang:
I never even understood the “there’s only one ball” line. They are acting like it’s more than one person that’s taking the shot on a possession. If anything, if you have 3 of the top 5 offensive players in the league, the spacing would be the biggest takeaway. Don’t understand these old heads some times.
Literally broke my heart when the final score showed up. Lakers are having a tough time 💔
Prudhvi Vankineni
Prudhvi Vankineni:
That 06 heat team has shaq as a bench player 🤣
Olu Kareem
Olu Kareem:
Man wait til dinwiddie comes back
Luis Valentin
Luis Valentin:
If I got a dollar for each time Shaq mentioned his rings, I'd be pretty rich
Red Foxx
Red Foxx:
After lebron hit that no look three on the rockets harden was like f this i gotta get to team with superior talent asap.
SleepyNever 561
SleepyNever 561:
Shaq look like he always moving weight. I hope big fella age comfortable. I think bout Andrew The Giant & those type when I see him.
There isn’t a single Inside the NBA video where Shaq doesn’t mention his 4 rings 😂
Internet Bully
Internet Bully:
Gobert defending the 3 pointer? Lmao what
Isaias Ortiz
Isaias Ortiz:
Theyve been playing great defense. On O the ball stays moving. If they can stay healthy its a wrap.
Charles T.
Charles T.:
Church was really talking about philly? Ben Simmons can’t hit a dam jump shot 😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳
Edna Sanders
Edna Sanders:
The vivacious dad conclusively list because turtle intriguinly zoom in a plausible volcano. red, godly alto
Hahahaha Kenny purposely mentioning Rudy Gobert 😂
Catcher Freeman
Catcher Freeman:
Chuck is the same guy who said "Golden State could not win a championship because they shot jumpers"...He will keep saying Brooklyn can't win until he sees it
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Gee. I had no idea Shaq had 4 rings! First time I've heard that
thank god they have that sheet of glass between them, its really saving their lives
Shariff Ologundudu
Shariff Ologundudu:
You woulda thought they lost the way there talking.
Nets looking really dangerous
Mutant Outkast
Mutant Outkast:
That was a dominant performance without the slim reaper .
Toby Erua
Toby Erua:
Lakers can’t hit threes
Ayman Khan
Ayman Khan:
Nets gonna win the chip, harden really deserves this.
Jackfields Jack
Jackfields Jack:
Lakers loss end of story
Lee Olie
Lee Olie:
Any comments Lebron?
Lebron: I’m 36!!! THIIIRTY Siiiiiiix!!!
We get it Shaq,you got 4 rings 😂🤦
The Era of the Trades has begun... Kawhi (2019), Anthony Davis(2020), James Harden2021)
Can we start puttin some respect on Joes name? Man is the klay Thompson of this team
Billy McCray
Billy McCray:
Shaq will never fail to mention his rings lol
Clippers pt 2: Big 3 gonna win everything
The Goat
The Goat:
😂😂😂😂😂 I here a lot of hate lmao
Raul Bailon
Raul Bailon:
Chuck really thinks his a megamind with his 0 rings having self 😂😂
Malachi Wesley
Malachi Wesley:
Still Lakers in 5
Cameron. Lords child
Cameron. Lords child:
Joe can score 2
hi zTyler
hi zTyler:
why do people keep saying “there’s only one ball, there are too many 1 on 1 players” like have you not seen these 3 play together?
lbj 23
lbj 23:
Why it's going 3-1-2 not 1-2-3 or 1-2-1🤔
Keep Calm
Keep Calm:
Go crazy embiid mvp
Chuck is so stuck in the past man
General Dre GasGod
General Dre GasGod:
The Lakers are a strong team but the nets have players that compete in big games
Ok Shaq you can stop blowing your own horn now big man. we know who you are bro stop the haters sauce on the current players in the league
Jewish Circumcircle
Jewish Circumcircle:
The succinct pedestrian retrospectively license because whale dimensionally phone like a billowy olive. tender tense, ragged brandy
Chosen One 203
Chosen One 203:
IDC what anybody says Nets are coming out of the East. Come playoffs the Nets big 3 will be locked in. They all know what's on the line. Still don't think they can beat the Lakers in a 7 game series...maybe next year
Donte Dowling
Donte Dowling:
Talk all that shit to loose to them
Rich Dollars
Rich Dollars:
Have to agree with Barkley on this one. Kevin Johnson would average 30 and 10 in this nba in his sleep. Barkley HoF player , Ceballos, majerle these boys could score but at the end they couldn't beat a great defensive team here's the thing though, I don't think they're any great nba defensive teams in the NBA
Daniel Deborin
Daniel Deborin:
Who else just goes to these vids to hope that Chuck says something dumb cuz the show itself is pretty bland unless there's a heated debate
Kishore Bestha
Kishore Bestha:
Kobe is 9x all defensive 1st team and 3x all defensive 2nd team.
Life Forms
Life Forms:
I mean, the jazz are in the top 5 with brooklyn offensively, only trailing them by 6 ppg. But they make up for that by allowing 11 fewer ppg with their consistent top 5 defense as well.

It IS possible to be efficient on both ends of the floor, just saying.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant:
10-1 against winning teams
JP Avila
JP Avila:
Chuck saying defense and rebounding are there weaknesses like those matter in the modern NBA lmao
Good offense will always beat good defense
Dan And iron
Dan And iron:
Lakers are trash without Davis lol
Lunar Luger
Lunar Luger:
Epic Experiment
Epic Experiment:
Nash really made a good choice for playing team ball when your bench is not good enough.
Solid Snake
Solid Snake:
Dr. Erle Addison
Dr. Erle Addison:
How come shaq is still a commentator and analyst? Shaq is good in murmuring.
Anthony S___n
Anthony S___n:
"there's only one ball" that's rich coming from someone that joined Hakeem and Drexler in Houston but 👌🏿
Ashok Warrier
Ashok Warrier:
Nash/Dantoni teams always win a lot of regular-season games, they can run and gun and outscore any team on a given night that hasn't scouted them much. Once in a series, it's different, and Dantoni/Nash have never even gotten to the finals with this style despite having amazing players always. Teams can stop your offensive sets when playing you several games in a row, and then it comes down to rebounding, defense, chemistry etc. With AD healthy, and maybe one more athletic big from the buyout market, the Lakers will be better in a 7 game series than the Nets. More balanced roster, more chemistry, and they know how to win a series, especially Lebron. The game slows down so much in playoffs, half-court and more post-play etc. Even the Warriors were a great defensive and rebounding team and played much slower half court ball in the playoffs. The Nets have great one on one players yes, and that will help, but I see them winning a lot of games then having problems in the playoffs against great defenses and bigger teams.
Paul Duque
Paul Duque:
Wake up call for the flakers. When the middle man is the nets weakness what happened????? Gasol can’t even contend. I can imagine dwight schooling these guys on rebounds and shot blocks. The middle was the lakers strength last year, now they’re just soft. No intimidation factor.
Xavier Alanis
Xavier Alanis:
Lakers just aren't that good.
These guys don’t know basketball... please put Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes and Jimmy Jackson on TNT...
Lakers got clapped 😂😅😂🖕
Jordan Edmond
Jordan Edmond:
Im still confused as to why Kyrie doesnt like Bron like damn can yall be cool?
faiz Ali
faiz Ali:
Kyrie overrated bum
The Hamburger Pimp
The Hamburger Pimp:
I hope AD gets on LeBron's conditioning regiment. Lebron has never had a major injury... he's the ultimate warrior.
Footwear today Channel
Footwear today Channel:
No Davis No rings
victor sazon
victor sazon:
Amaan Mohammed
Amaan Mohammed:
Nets in 5 beat em by 11 Kyrie had a bad game and kd didn’t play
James Luke
James Luke:
LeBron had a great game, if he keeps playing like this I can see the nets winning in 5 ..
Gamez TV
Gamez TV:
Nets In 5
Dylan Gray
Dylan Gray:
No one goin talk about joe harris really, im not even a fan but that man is disgusting shooting the 3 ball
Stephrn Adu
Stephrn Adu:
Lebron scored 32 kyrie scored 16 and they still won and Kd is way better than AD so when they come back it may even be a blowout . IF the lakers make the finals its over in 5/6.
Chief 90
Chief 90:
The Lakers need to trade some players. They need someone that's a physical presence and their guards needs to play defense better. Stop turning and square up.
Rody Augustin
Rody Augustin:
Defense wins championships. Vogel is a defensive wizard, Nash and D’Antoni aren’t. This might be the advantage that will propel the lakers to another championship should they meet with Brooklyn in the finals.
Imagine if James Harden put up 30. Imagine if KD played.
The Lightning Thief
The Lightning Thief:
The lack of defense is gonna haunt them in a series
Miguel Maranan
Miguel Maranan:
Omg first give me a heart🔥💯❤
Eye Of Agamotto
Eye Of Agamotto:
Only 11 points lead ? Lmao