INTENSE Nadal & Medvedev Practice Points In Monte-Carlo

Go behind the scenes as Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev turn up the heat during their practice session at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters.




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Kalle Koski
Kalle Koski:
4:40 When you see those side steps from Rafa setting up for his inside-out forehand you just know you lost the point
Arild Wiig-Fisketjøn
Arild Wiig-Fisketjøn:
ATP Tour: "Intense points"
First point: Return error
5:03 Rafa literally flicked his wrist and hit the ball 90+ mph that’s just unfair
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
How is it possible for a players strokes(Medvedev) to be so beautiful yet so ugly at the same time
DjokerNole Cristi
DjokerNole Cristi:
Coaches are like "you can't get a better training than this"
Medvedev- " Its funny that I am seeded higher than Rafa on Monte carlo".
yuan hu
yuan hu:
Med: "I am world #2!"
Nadal type "Who's your dady on clay", lol
Left Behind: Abandoned Not Forgotten
Left Behind: Abandoned Not Forgotten:
I just found out Medvedev tested positive for the Corona. I wish him well, and I hope it doesn't affect Nadal.
10:15 Medvedev: "out?"
someone (coach? maybe): "yes"
Medvedev: "fuck"
5:03 almost unhuman-like how rafa managed to generate that power from that position. absolute sick wrist control
Carlos Alejandro Nava Vargas
Carlos Alejandro Nava Vargas:
Who's here after Daniil Medvedev tested positive for COVID-19? Hope Rafa is safe
Alexander Kings
Alexander Kings:
This isn't intense at all for Rafa.
Karl Katrak
Karl Katrak:
I think practicing with Nadal is the most intense practice you can get and then you add the clay ,Medvedev is one lucky man .
Monte Carlo is like a backyard but has everything, tennis tournaments, formula 1, etc
Juan Jose Cordova
Juan Jose Cordova:
Its amazing to be able to watch them at this angle
Tong Zhou
Tong Zhou:
This camera angle really shows how flat Daniil is hitting the ball.
Nadal thinking man I want my #2 spot back
You know Daniil the whole time is like..."fuck this surface"
Medvedev positive to Covid-19... let's see how this goes for Rafa 😬
Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston:
Medvedev really wants that first Roland Garros win doesn't he 😂
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
Daniils clay season could easily go 2 ways this year 😂
Wilbur Strongman
Wilbur Strongman:
If you look at it from this perspective, you can really see how good the top seeds are
Wow great camera quality !
Daniil is a genius he is very different style he looks like a young boy
Tweener Head
Tweener Head:
we need more of this type of content... stream it next time!
Ho Young Won
Ho Young Won:
It never ceases to amaze me that Rafa is fucking jacked
S H:
Watching Rafa on clay is beautiful and brutal in the same time. 😃😳
Gregory Kulga
Gregory Kulga:
Do you understand that Rafa is training with the player with higher rank than his own!!!
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Lovely to watch them so closely in such a great setting. 🥳 bonus footage thanks!
Gt Lunga
Gt Lunga:
And now Medvedev has a positive covid 19 test😱 Is Rafa clear?
Renato Fauzi
Renato Fauzi:
The clay court King himself trains Daniil.
Tennis Clips
Tennis Clips:
Camera quality is 🔥
Dylan Blanchard
Dylan Blanchard:
good content, thank you ATP
The very first point played was the most intense of them all
Zimbabwian Jesus
Zimbabwian Jesus:
Damn, imagine having one of those houses with a view over the courts.
James Pilkington
James Pilkington:
Medvedev tested positive for COVID! Nooooooooo
susmit paradkar
susmit paradkar:
Rafa's return to his smash was lit
Friends And Family
Friends And Family:
Rain incoming to suspend all matches you can feel the clouds
5:01 rally was amazing
That view tho
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
Rafa on clay is a natural. Go, Rafa! Win another for us all! Nadal Is My Champion!
Ah yes!!! ATP has finally come to the court level party! Keep it coming guys ;)
Amazing footage in 4K, so proud of you ATP tour!
well done, thanks for providing this!
Robinson Cruise
Robinson Cruise:
It doesnt get better than this! Thanks atp tour
Asier Gonz Buruchaga
Asier Gonz Buruchaga:
Welcome back, Rafa!
Christopher King
Christopher King:
5:00 holy shit did you see how Rafa flicked the goddamn rocket back over like that? Whoa.
Teodoro Quindara
Teodoro Quindara:
All of these top players have had practices with each other; hence, they knew the capabilities of each other once they face each other came game time. Their practice is better than the real ones because there is no nerves and pressure. Who ever got the better skill and stamina is likely to win but the one with the best spirit will eventually be the champion.
Ben Parsons
Ben Parsons:
Medvedev trying as hard as possible to avoid that Rafa forehand
Come on Daniil, You can win a match to Roland Garros 🤣
Harding Brumby
Harding Brumby:
Would not have guessed Rafa and DMed would be practice partners!
Odisseia Etc
Odisseia Etc:
Thanks for sharing this training session. I hope they are safe and out of covid soon if got it. Stay all safe. W... to our house as well to see tennis and more.
John lee
John lee:
1080, 60 FPS, Nice!
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu:
Meddy uses his length to generate power, but rafa is pure muscle. Is it good to start lifting?
George H.W. Bush
George H.W. Bush:
Incredible practice between two incredible players !!
ㄹ ㅏ ㅍ ㅏ 🤗
Intense and nice location!
Aniketa R
Aniketa R:
And they now have Covid. Great.
Hopefully Rafa didn’t get the virus from this training session. Fingers crossed.
Polyxeni Rokonida
Polyxeni Rokonida:
Vamos Rafa 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸❤️❤️
Melinda Parker
Melinda Parker:
I have never realized that Nadal picks his wedgie every serve! Lol hey whatever works🤷🏻‍♀️
Medvedev tested positive, wishing him good luck for a quick recovery and hopefully Rafa isn't infected too
Dalmatian 2020
Dalmatian 2020:
View to a play, very nice 👍
amazing footage
Expat Properties Mumbai (Expat Properties Mumbai)
Expat Properties Mumbai (Expat Properties Mumbai):
"Legend has it post this intense practice with Rafa, Machine Meds eventually decided to skip the clay court season"

Update: Unfortunately had to pull out of Monte Carlo due to a + COVID result, we wish him a speedy recovery!
Miguel Gomez Alenda
Miguel Gomez Alenda:
Grande rafa !🎾
Mart Mart
Mart Mart:
Please upload more of these
Simon Le
Simon Le:
1:41 casual on the rise backhand cross court winner
Talha Tayyab
Talha Tayyab:
even in practice he takes shit load of time to serve, I would never be patient enough for someone doing all that in practice atleast
Hamza Hussain
Hamza Hussain:
The Greatest Clay court player ever and Nadal
5:43 man this backhand is crazy!
Wattanai James
Wattanai James:
Nadal just give Medvedev clay's lessons.
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
World number 2 in the world hitting with the King of Clay 👑
Dhananjay Verma
Dhananjay Verma:
I didn't know conan o'brien played tennis!
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Rafa’s insane defence at 5:00-5:07. 🤯
Abu Abdulaziz
Abu Abdulaziz:
The Goat 🐐💜💪🏻🇪🇸
Matias Flodstrander
Matias Flodstrander:
😂 5:06
What a treat 😃
With Rafa, it’s always intense! Nothing new. Meddy chose a good practice partner 😊.
Blanca Androvic
Blanca Androvic:
Vamos Rafa ! King of Clay !
Medvedev desperately needs to improve his worst form at clay , so he is practicing with GOD OF CLAY.
Even in practice Rafa's slow pace between points annoys Medvedev! ;-)
Hassan Assi
Hassan Assi:
waaaooowwww picturesque monaco
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan:
How much frustrating to see Nadal returns all good serves of Meddy. I feel like Nadal might win this too
Russell Baker
Russell Baker:
Love court-level view. Shame you can't edit out Rafa's OCD serving prep - Jesus, it's only a practice hit!
P. Fateh Khan
P. Fateh Khan:
Waiting for rafa's play......
Ninan Abraham
Ninan Abraham:
Hopefully Rafa didn't get covid!
Timothy Pitt
Timothy Pitt:
Excuse my ignorance, what are the coaches wanting their players to get out of this practice?
It all seems quite flat to me
PlayWin France
PlayWin France:
Le Roi de la terre battue sera encore une fois en finale 🎾🎾
Djhon Evans
Djhon Evans:
Danills clay season is summed up in this video. Either really good or really bad 🤣😭😭
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
I didn't know Nadal and Medvedev were good friends enough to practice together, although it looks more like an exhibition match than a practice session.
Leslie Zhou
Leslie Zhou:
who else thought gavin from the slomo guy was coaching medvedev?
Shashanka Holla
Shashanka Holla:
Will Nadal be allowed to play now considering Medvedev positive.... ?!
Tim T
Tim T:
Medvedev has a hitch in his serve on the take-back.
Everest Cold
Everest Cold:
Medvedev:"Fuck man!"
Manuel M T
Manuel M T:
What a picturisit settings tennis is played.Nadal and medeve the players.Great sight to watch
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Out- did Medvedev just say f you? Lol. Clearly those nerves are still rattling him!
Gabriel Calvo
Gabriel Calvo:
Oh no... Medvedev just tested positive, pleeease tell me Rafa kept his dintance
5:18 Good to see Nadal practicing his keep opposing player waiting skills;)
Timothy Pitt
Timothy Pitt:
2019 Monte-Carlo Masters, I arrived especially early
Only 2 players were out training (separately) at such an early hour:
Nadal & Medvedev
Emperor II The Penguin
Emperor II The Penguin:
Good luck to both the players.