INTERVIEW | Hugo Lloris on Everton Win

Hugo Lloris gives his reaction to our 1-0 win against Everton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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emmavoyrro couho
emmavoyrro couho:
Son should leave from this hell
Son please leave tottenham!!!
Unbelievable.....son is a key player and still blaming him for being poor defender....thats not fair....
js95 sj95
js95 sj95:
I used to want sonny to move to a big club that can lift the trophy, but not anymore.
I like any team except Tottenham.
Tottenham fans are dual. They only cheer for Sonny when he just scored,
They don't even criticize Mourinho for turning Son into a defender.
They criticizes Sonny for not considering his situation at all like Hugo...
Son Heung-min is not a defender.
On the other hand, they're always generous to Kane.
Son played until he collapsed on the ground for Tottenham and fans
But that Fans seem to have already forgotten the game in which Sonny scored goals in more than 50 minutes with a broken arm.
Sonny needs to move to a team that can maximize his strengths. He will be 29 years old next year. It's a very important time.
He shouldn't waste his time playing defense on a team like this.
And he need to go to a team with fans who appreciate his worth.
Think of last year. Without Son , Tottenham wouldn't have been close to the final.
But what did Kane do for the team they praise?
I used to love Tottenham,
but now I'm disillusioned with this team.
This fucking team and the fans don't deserve Sonny.
Daman Noh
Daman Noh:
Hugo couldn't say anything to Kane who was jogging around the pitch for the last couple of matches but, zero tolerance on Sonny who is often sprinting between each baselines and often observed in his own penalty box since Jose got the job. IMHO, Sonny was the only player who is functioning since the lockdown.
As a captain, do you have to discourage your best player in front of everyone like that ?
Anyways, even in yesterday's scene, Sonny was already sprinting towards the opponent's side right before Everton's counter-attack caused by careless pass from his teammate. Do you really want your best sprinting teammate to be exhausted in the situation like that where there's 9-10 players are still at the back? Does he has to pretend to chase the ball back only to make you happy?
Hey Hugo, how about your teammates who missed the pass at that situation and defenders who were naive at marking players? Did you really had to make that harsh action only to Sonny in front of fans? To the guy who can stay on the pitch with fractured arm and scoring the winning goal in the final minute? Let's just say it was Sonny's clear mistake(even thought it isn't)... what if you get criticised in front of public with a minor mistake after all of your great saves you have made? Even after your epic mistake versus Croatia during World Cup 2018, did anyone of your teammates do something like that to you on the pitch? If you get treated like Sonny, what would you do? What would be your next move ?
jason garcia
jason garcia:
If I was Son, I would have punched him right there. You can't do that to your striker!
전방 침투 스프린트 하려는 찰나에
패스 미스로 급작스럽게 턴오버 되고 역습 당하는 상황이라 역동작 걸렸는데 수비가담을 어케함
음주운전 새끼야
grow features
grow features:
Hugo think Asian is easy.
You're the captain. It's not a good thing to point a finger at a teammate in a situation that everyone is watching. It ruins team atmosphere
steven o
steven o:
Hugo! Sony is not a defender!😅
Poly Amon
Poly Amon:
Lloris, why don't you push and pick a fight with defenders for their more shitty and crazy mistakes? I mean they do it ALL THE TIME?! So strange..I've never seen you showing aggression toward any of them.
Anna Yang
Anna Yang:
Let me be clear... Moura passed wrong first and Son couldn't track back to them (You can check that if you watch again). And by the way, isn't Son a attacker? I don't understand why Lloris yelling at Son while saying nothing to our poor defender. 😅
Bin Zeon
Bin Zeon:
Sonny's leaving
I'm glad that Lloris did an odd behaviour to Son.
Thanks for pushing and motivating Son to leave from Spurs.
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
Who plays harder and covers more ground than sonny? Really it's time for sonny to move on and seriously look at his options after this season.
Justin Orlikowski
Justin Orlikowski:
You could have been more mature by talking to sonny inside or something. You can't just push your teammate in front of the national tv and still expect to be respected as a captain. You should know better.
Dua Lipaa
Dua Lipaa:
Son : Lloris, please make some excuses for leaving Tottenham.
Lloris : Deal ! I'll make an argument during the game.
2 sang
2 sang:
Hugo : Son why didn't you defend Everton as wingback!!
It wasn't even Son's fault. I really don't get it what's the point and why did Lloris complain that situation to Son.
The only thing i noticed is that Mou meant this happening and it's part of his plan.
Lloris thinks Sonny is a defender, like Mourinho.
Alex Han
Alex Han:
Totally not respect his teammate. You openly blamed your teammate. you are not qualified as a captain. thanks for giving a motivation to Sonny to transfer.
emmavoyrro couho
emmavoyrro couho:
What a leader! you make SON lazy man!! that's the man who score the goal with broken arm for team
lol son has been defending for the whole season but sonny is the one who gets the blame from him xD
nari jeong
nari jeong:
Why are you pointing out Sonny?
There are more passes missed by other players every time.
Moura didn't do it this time either.
BonoBoss 7
BonoBoss 7:
Let's escape from Tottenham Sonny!!!!
big Shin
big Shin:
왜 개같이 플레이하는 다른선수들 냅두고 손흥민에게만 화풀이하냐 동양인이라 만만해??
Mercy Rule
Mercy Rule:
Honestly, it was over the line because Son works so hard on defense even though he is a forward striker. Oh he is a wingback nevermind. Sonny time to leave.
m 2
m 2:
Dele and Lamela failed to track back a million times when they were on the pitch.. Why get on to Son?? He was all the way back past the half line and Kane and Son were the only players at that position. I dont see why he got on go Sonny
B S:
Does that make sense? I don't think Son Heung-min did anything wrong.No matter what he did, he's not the opposing team player, he's the same team player...Does it make sense for a captain to push a player from the same team out of excitement without controlling his emotions? If you have any complaints, you should go in, calm down, and talk.What on earth do you think of Son Heung-min without common sense? Really today's cooking behavior is really disappointing. The captain is acting to ruin the team atmosphere;
Vater Jacob
Vater Jacob:
world championship goal keeper wants to show his leadship in front of the best Spur player in the season.actually he never dares to challenge Kane,who played much worse than Son.
Shame on Hugo, he is not good as a captain. Son is one of best players in the season, and he deserves more respect and should go to some better FC such as LFC,MUN or MANC
Lloris will tell you what to say to the defender, Orie. Don't get mad at the striker Son Heung-min.
running into a team mate as a captain where the whole world can see lol disappointed
Hugo, the damn frog, showing not much like a captain of the team!
He confused son as wingback
Hugo! How many matches has Sonny reversed so far?
I don't understand you
emmavoyrro couho
emmavoyrro couho:
SON IS ATTACKER.!!!!!! thanks to u, many people say son is lazy. R u satisfied with that??
다시봐도 열받네 ㅜㅜ 웃고다니니깐 만만하게 보냐 달려나가서 공격할 포지션에게 그렇게 수비부담주면 공격이 잘도 되겠다 나름 최선을 다해서 하고있는데 ㅈㄹ이지 차리리 오리에 다이어한테 더 집중하라고 해야지
니가 골키퍼 역할을 잘하든지 수비가 병신이어서 공격선수(손흥민)가 수비까지 다 하는데 실수 할 수도 있지 공격에 집중해도 모자랄건데 하씨 그냥 딴팀 가라!!..요리스 팬이긴 한데,하ㅋㅋㅋ..
Look at Moura's inaccurate pass and the fact that Son was speeding forward. Why shout at Son for not defending? Shout at incompetent midfield and defense!
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34
Obi_Wan Shinobi.34:
Okay admit it. This incident was more interesting to watch than most of the game.
Branch IT
Branch IT:
son! It's time to leave ! come on united wait for u !! tot can't go to the champions league
J K:
Absolutely unprofessional and unnecessary behavior from Lloris. I’ve never seen him attack any other defenders when they’ve made mistakes time and time again. Furious that he attacked a player of his own team on the pitch. That just felt like pure disrespect to Sonny. He needs to check himself. There’s a difference between having passion for the game and not having control of your frustrations.
Tae gyeong
Tae gyeong:
Son might be happy with the fact that Llois gave him an excuse to leave the team without any guilt. Thank you Golie for your consideration.
I want to leave the spurs
Thomas Lefranc
Thomas Lefranc:
Lloris : we communicated well tonight
Im not sure about that Hugo. You literally had a fight with son
shine cherry
shine cherry:
Let's leave Tottenham Sonny
granada park
granada park:
3 everton attacker vs 6 tottenham defender
Hugo. you have to yell to your defenders not son
son is not a superman or robot something
he was in the attacking position
Son is striker and winger
Never deffence player!
I don't understand hugo
I want to leave the spurs sonny!
I kill the bit
I kill the bit:
COYS,я думал Казах и Лариса начнут пизделку прямо на поле,но Корея помирилась с Францией
ftoon ftoon
ftoon ftoon:
Son striker not a defender why you blamed him it is not his roll to defend i think it is the time for him to leave to a better club 😒
roman himsef
roman himsef:
Lloris must have a problem with anger management. It should be..
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
Reporter: Chaos at your Club
Mourinho: Beautiful
Son has to play defense and offense a lot. He's become more than a classic wingback and a flank striker
ringfinger Cho
ringfinger Cho:
Druken Hugo do not mess with military guy
j.j Park
j.j Park:
This team is broken. Great players must leave for their careers
roman himsef
roman himsef:
How did you endure the 3:0 match against Sheffield? You weren't angry at that time? or you weren't drinking?
AN Ko:
😆 you can't yelling to kane or other england player. Sonny always keep smile and it is the reason hugo yelling to him.
You don't know how hard it is to play offense and defense. Goalkeeper will know only if we run together once...
???:Cap? is this how we can escape??
???:just trust me sonny, let’s pretend we’re fighting
My football highlights
My football highlights:
Not a bad game just thankful Hugo and Sonny made up 😁
1019 style
1019 style:
집가서 경기다시보세요 요리스^^
John Brennan
John Brennan:
His frustration is expected. Always bailing us out in key situations and has been at the club for years without securing a trophy.
I’m disappointed with lloris
Son want go another team
Kyle Kim
Kyle Kim:
Hugo...very disappointed !
Money-Maker Kang
Money-Maker Kang:
I think It's a kind of racism as well.
Hugo just doesn't like to play with an Asian. Otherwise, his insane action on Sonny cannot be explained.
I think it's time for Sonny to leave the team.
Minecraft Iron pickaxe
Minecraft Iron pickaxe:
Hugo and Son seem like the least likely players to fight but if you think about it you’ve got the drink driver and the military trained soldier
이제 골키퍼도 공격가담 안하면 까면됨?.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ferguson said in an interview with Daily Star on the 9th that “Roy Keen was a player with great influence over Manchester United, so his release was a very difficult decision.” he made the point clear.

Still, he said, "It's definitely wrong to blame a teammate directly."
S. Hoon Oh
S. Hoon Oh:
No one asked him why did you attach son in the half time break starting? Doesn’t Son defense good enough?
New Beginning
New Beginning:
HUGO, as a captain, you don't take out on one man. If you got something to say to the team, say it like a captain show your leadership passionately not physically. It was poor behaviour from HUGO, he can do better than this. This team needs a good captain now more than ever and the today's problem of Spurs was not Son obviously, please do have a real chat or meeting with the whole team what really need to be change or discuss.
heesu kim
heesu kim:
What did Heungmin do wrong?
insanity ツ
insanity ツ:
if son wanted to he couldve just railed hugo because military training
Shaun Minklepeenman
Shaun Minklepeenman:
“We have a game on Wednesday” uh oh
heesu kim
heesu kim:
It was lucas who made a pass mistake. It's not Heungmin.
Bring back Poch !!
Hugo!!? Why angry at Son? It was Harry Kane who didn’t cover the space.
요리사면 요리나 해라 ㅡㅡ
in live
in live:
I can't understand his action
Danish Mapper
Danish Mapper:
*When it says 1 minute ago*

Everyone: 👁👄👁
More of a boxing fight than a football match 😂
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
Mourinho Effect 😂
Jae-Chan Nah
Jae-Chan Nah:
다이어나 좀 혼내라..
What happend with Son ??
iPhone vs GALAXY
iPhone vs GALAXY:
Sonny has so much to do....he is good attacker..... Why he shold do well on both defense and attack?? tottenham need GOAL...
요리스 다시봤다 골키퍼만 하니깐 뛰어다니는게 아무것도 아닌것같음?? 그상황에 패스미스한 사람을 차라리 뭐라하던가 ㅋ 거기서 어떻게 따라가라고~~ 그러니 역습이 되겠냐 내려오다가 지치겠다
heesu kim
heesu kim:
Lioris? Can you do that to Harry Kane?
Aa Aaaa
Aa Aaaa:
Why do you always ask son for everything?
Hugo the frog, picks on the nicest player on the team! Damn the frog!
0:17, Another round between Lloris vs. Son w/ Kane being the spectator! #COYS #THFC
👋 hi i’m korean spurs! Today i saw a match and Lloris&son. First, i can’t understand why Lloris upset to son. Because son is Lw. Sometimes he have to run for defance but, anyway he is Lw. That is, he have to go up up up and try to have a goal just like kane.(l know son has a mission about defanceson but I think son well done.) I think jose’s football style is not good at our club. If using son like this is helpful for club, we can say jose has a good travail but i think using son more offensif is more helpful for our club...
ABC cctv
ABC cctv:
Hugo, I dont have any bad emotion about you but today what you show us is really disappointed. Son is the best player in spurs now. I think that was too bad behavior
La rouge
La rouge:
Well,,, shame on you. I was really disappointed with your sudden action today, team's captain Lloris.
Donald Rong
Donald Rong:
It is enough to support Kane . We have Son , lamela , dele , moura , berwign . We should sign new full back with fast feet and full strenght to stablize the back line. Aurier is horrible, slow and stupid when he gets the ball. Aurier’s trying to go forward with no brain throughout the full game is the problem and this is Jose’s problem either. His tactics is very weird, having many problems in it seriously. And why is Son covering the defense area, he should go out and put on his full effort and strenght on attacking with Kane. Jose’s tactics is really outdated , he should try to refine his tactics. The club have to buy stable defenders so that the attackers can put their efforts on attacking. Jose is keep ordering his attackers to defense hard. If this keeps going , players will easily become exhausted. So boring game..
Lets be honest, we haven't improved much since January..I think the way Kane play is too selfish..
s t
s t:
shame on you.
coming Be
coming Be:
Loris! You have not kept your dignity as captain. to be disappointed
한국인 있으면 해석좀..
Jeremiah Mootoo
Jeremiah Mootoo:
Question is how is son after that fight