INTERVIEW | Jose Mourinho and Lucas Moura on West Ham defeat

Jose Mourinho and Lucas Moura give their reaction after Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 defeat away to West Ham United in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Francisco Lima
Francisco Lima:
Like i said before Spurs defence is trash, every match they make a mistake just terrible, Spurs always always ends every match fighting so the spirit is there they need a bit of luck
Mark Shaz
Mark Shaz:
Bale the only highlight of the game, the defence won't change if he keeps playing the players he likes.
Vaughan Francis
Vaughan Francis:
The mistake United made with Jose was not buying him defenders after being second to a record breaking city with the team he had, Spurs don’t make the same mistake
Tottenham play really well but the defence is poor
Mark Fletcher
Mark Fletcher:
Bale was the best player today and should of started and he knows it.
Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee:
I could tell son was exhausted.
Bale also did "good" !
Jose looks miserable. Never saw him like this since he came to spurs
Some ting Long
Some ting Long:
We have toby why not use our best defender? It dont matter when jan is gone toby still will do his job better than dier so sanchez
London Dazza
London Dazza:
Well look what happens when Bale finally gets game time He was Class
우주최강탕강가 스칼렛
우주최강탕강가 스칼렛:
Bale's a world class.
I’m literally praying Levy stays faithful to Mourinho, this is our 1 chance to do something big in the next few years. Buy world class defenders in the summer and we’ll be some force... Please ignore the MourinhoOUT trolls, i beg you Daniel. When we’ve been good ... I can clearly see what Jose is trying to do, we just need better CB’s.
Keep bale, empty out our defence...league is dead 😔
Rata Castro
Rata Castro:
Someone give him a hug and a new defense
Buy new defence
cebo ntuli
cebo ntuli:
We all can clearly see that our problem are the center backs. We can criticize Jose all we want but our problems won't disappear.
A. Z.
A. Z.:
Glorified and great coach! I believe you will be able to keep a residence for Tottenham in the Premier League.
Mursal Mir
Mursal Mir:
Things wrong with this team
Sanchez and dier are horrible play Toby alderwerield and buy a new defender
Sashah Soheili
Sashah Soheili:
Gareth Bale was born to play for Spurs
Eduardio Reedzki Jr.
Eduardio Reedzki Jr.:
Game after game, individual mistakes from Dier cost us the game.
Randy Arga 27
Randy Arga 27:
Defense and Goalkeeper need to improve #COYS
Jamie Hodges
Jamie Hodges:
It’s already 1-0 Man City lol
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker:
Bring two world class centrebacks, and you will win every title in existence. Remove the garbage CBs currently at the club. You can win trophies this season ONLY if you start with the double pivot Sissoko and Hojberg, and play Dier + Toby at the back.
Jamie Hodges
Jamie Hodges:
Just hope Arsenal get sparked by Man City then my Sunday is restored lol
Jamie Hodges
Jamie Hodges:
Why is it when watch other teams play I’m so jealous of there defenders ?
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Lots of people seem not to realize Lloris is costing the team by letting in silly goals. FA cup strikers scored 4 goals but Lloris let in 3 silly goals. Today that 2dt goal by West Ham, which was crucial, could've easily been saved by Lloris.
Young Man XX
Young Man XX:
Jose looked like he wanted to cry
Lloris couldn't catch corona in a non-socially distant German boudoir party
think this, we are ninths !!! by the work and grace of the holy spirit! (we already should be below), in what position do we need to be to that most of the fans of this team be to understand the seriousness of the matter?,... fifteenths??
hiker Frantz
hiker Frantz:
Pochettino has already asked Tottenham to rebuild the team in 2018. He said the team should be rebuilt because the current squad will soon be limited. However, Tottenham ignored Pochettino's demand for two years, and their relationship worsened. Then, as Pochettino predicted, when the team's poor performance began, Tottenham fired Pochettino instead of admitting their fault. Then brought Mourinho, who is confident that he can win with the current squad. And the result is what it is now. If Tottenham had started rebuilding the team in 2018 as Pochettino's demand, Tottenham would be challenging to win the league or win the Champions League by now.
This is ridiculous spurs play like they have no desire to win 1 trophy.
Hwanoh Chung
Hwanoh Chung:
Lamela and Tangy tend to possess the ball for themselves for too long and always look hesitant to pass the ball even though their role is to distribute the ball in fast pace. This tendency slows down our attack a lot. When Bale was on instead of Lamela, the pace of our attack went up and produced many more chances. We need more of this.
Meme Filem
Meme Filem:
I Love Jose, he needs a defence player.,
Aliyu Sabo
Aliyu Sabo:
I believe in Jose 💯 He just needs more time to find the perfect players he will sure deliver trophies very soon 👌
sw Kim
sw Kim:
Out of this string of losses, none of them ever hurt like that one. I'm so sick of the defensive incompetence costing this side. Dier is just a waste of space.
The Crabstix
The Crabstix:
"somehow after a couple of minutes, it was 2-0"! No credit there then Jose'.
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony:
Copy and paste, for the next league match 😎
Ian Harding
Ian Harding:
Hi Daniel Levy, can you please explain to us fans what you saw in Sanchez and Dier that made you think they deserve a professional football contract? Your paying the pair of them to insult my clubs badge week in week out.
Mohammed Hossam
Mohammed Hossam:
The defense is so bad
We need 2 CB
Amari Woods
Amari Woods:
Week in and week out, just disappointment
Air Cooler
Air Cooler:
We’ve dominated so many games now but our defensive mistakes costs EVERY SINGLE GAME, it’s getting really annoying. I want us to play deep (park the bus) again and counter on teams. Our defenders can’t handle opposition counter attacks.
Naren Rajakulasingham
Naren Rajakulasingham:
Any team would suffer from weak defence, look at Liverpool 4 games lost at home and they won the league and UCL in the last couple of years and possibly one of the best front 3 players right now. When Van Dyke got injured against Everton their defence was pretty much over. Jose M should be given one more season to get his defence right and then should be judged, not sure whether we will be able to keep hold of Kane though if we finish empty handed and out of CL
Stephen Cheng
Stephen Cheng:
We don’t have winning mentality...mentally not good enough
Luke Devine
Luke Devine:
The person interviewing Jose actually said Ben Davies has been amazing I’m done😂😂😂😂😂😂
II Bailey II
II Bailey II:
Rodon and Toby needs to be the CB pairing going forward.
Cvt !
Cvt !:
This is very simple if you don't spend money you ll not get results......
'They came only to defend second half' he says. After scoring a second goal in that half West Ham didn't need to keep pushing. You of all people know about that tactic Jose.
Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur.
woo jin
woo jin:
Thank goodness I didn’t wake up to watch this game would of ruined my whole day coys on to the next defeat haha
nico cacci
nico cacci:
How many times do we have to listen to the crap ?
Kelso Hunt
Kelso Hunt:
The defence is the same player's that let down the previous manager. In the summer the club needs three central defenders and a right back. A few players need to be moved on. It's going to be a long end to the season.
Hacker Net
Hacker Net:
Bale should be staring am I right 🙁🙁
1 sub before 2050
1 sub before 2050:
How did we not get a result from this drives me mad
Tottenham had a lot of chances in the second half, they could have more goals.
Bob Royal
Bob Royal:
jose you need to leave tottenham
Brian Weller
Brian Weller:
Can someone tell me when Ben Davies has been brilliant,i must have been watching a different player with the same name, I've been watching Spurs for over 50 yrs and can't think of a worse left back.He never goes forward and always passes backwards
Sora Moriyama
Sora Moriyama:
So glad that Reggi us back!
Gift Cardoso
Gift Cardoso:
The fact that we conceded from the first cross is stunning
Dark Formz
Dark Formz:
Good performance from bale, back to his best. Defense needs work. #COYS
Rufus Roughcut
Rufus Roughcut:
Sort the back line out or this will be just one loss of many.
Mooreorless Golf
Mooreorless Golf:
Play Bale. That is all.
Mourinhofans TV
Mourinhofans TV:
How many times did Guardiola change his entire defense? Do you know how much City spent on defense alone? How many times did Klopp change his defense? Do you know how much Liverpool spent on defense alone? If you get these answers, you know what to do. Jose is the best.
Adore Magara
Adore Magara:
jose has a problem in that he used to be good, now the guy is struggling with better squads than he had before,,the guy is a defensive coach and that gameplay is outdated..
Păpuşoi Dan
Păpuşoi Dan:
Bale was brilliant!!🤘🤘🤘🤘
Dee Callow
Dee Callow:
First off, your defense.....DAMN!! I can name 7 players that need to move the hell on. Get your sh*t together!
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel:
the first goal was horrible, we have to sign more defenders
A T:
Alright I’m officially mad
Ulaş Gazioğlu
Ulaş Gazioğlu:
Mourinho you should go away for you for us
You have Dier who's so big, good body, who could use his attributes to lead the Defence as JT used to for Chelsea, but he's always as a calamity waiting to happen. Slow, sluggish, scared, confused at times, and lost not knowing to whom to give the ball, but mostly back to Hugo who himself a calamity, no confidence, dreadful with his feet/dribling skills. Hojberg is now as drunk man, unable to pass the ball accurately, panting every yard run. Davies and Doherty, just no good. Sometimes it's good to see Lamela on the pitch, he runs, motivates others, tries his best
.. Lucas is doing what he can. Dombele is a 60-65minute player, very good possession and passing ability, but tires quickly. HKane needs 5-10 opportunities to score, moderate abilities to hold the ball, can't dribble. Son, clinical, but looks tired, poor tackling. You need a massive overhaul during summer. But don't you worry, Liverpool is doing badly too, yet they invested massively and are tittle holders.....14 games left.
Is it just me or does the outro song sound so slow and gloomy..?
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor:
Let's be honest west ham have been doing quite well this season, I knew from before the game we would lose. But it's time to focus on our next match which is wolf Berger. We will beat them 2-0. COYS. We trust jose.
Jason Tj
Jason Tj:
Please sign a new CB, I beg you
Wolen Wooze
Wolen Wooze:
Put me in charge. I beg of you
Play Kite
Play Kite:
back passing, back passing and back passing😑
Isaac Chenkual
Isaac Chenkual:
Poor defence. Very poor indeed. Sanchez, Davies and Doherty were shit
Anshuman Misri
Anshuman Misri:
Jose is the best person we should keep him till next season
Luïs Cook
Luïs Cook:
Bale is back
G Thangal
G Thangal:
Tired of listening to Jose post match analysis, nothing has changed, every single game strategy was the same, yet he never accept defeat stupid ! He thinks we did well by losing the game and that's enough.
Harvey White
Harvey White:
Bale played great. He deserves more game time.
Septian Siregar
Septian Siregar:
Win or Lose I always support you Jose and Spurs....
Come on you Spurs...
kay illa
kay illa:
im done....
k nwaoke
k nwaoke:
Bale played with 10 attackers. Playing him in four up front and we will know what has got now.
Gabriel henrique machado
Gabriel henrique machado:
come on Tottenham, well next time you could go after Anthony from Ajax, he's a right winger
Neil Davies
Neil Davies:
Ben Davies been brilliant????? What??? I’m seeing different things then.
Nasung Hwang
Nasung Hwang:
Magic Lingard😂😂😂😂😂
You ve got nothing to lose now so just attack
Jadn Brwn
Jadn Brwn:
Please sign someone better in our defense please
Replying Is futile
Replying Is futile:
I can’t back jose while he plays Sanchez, sorry but he’s dogshit
Don Lee
Don Lee:
Just play Joe Rodon - he can’t be worst then S(hit) and D(disastrous) CB pairing!
Ashmit Batra
Ashmit Batra:
We are having great players to win such matches.... We are just missing the urgency.... After the first goal we conceded we should have showed urgency to equalise in first half.... Still not a bad second half... Plenty good to take.... Hope this bad form goes away. COYS.
Norman Cox
Norman Cox:
... "we created chances..." famous last words.
I said it before abd I'll say it again.... He us a Bum manager. He's just waiting to get the sack and money will roll down for him. Just like his previous clubs when he got sack. Any other manager in the bottom 10 of the PL would have taken Spurs to the top 4....and that's a fact.
Johan Martinez
Johan Martinez:
Mou chelsea. ❌
Mou United ❌
Mou totenham ❌
Eric Dier fucki IDIOT out of spurs. Total 0 footbaler
Martik Abramian
Martik Abramian:
Spurs much like a middle class club ,hard to watch for fans.
youwatch me
youwatch me:
winning mentality is not there yet! Mourinho has a lot of work still to change that mentality. He needs winners not players who are in the habit of middle of the table is good enough.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
He looks tired and defeated. ☹️
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns:
jose looks very disappointed

Stephen Lim
Stephen Lim:
Lame... old same kids’ story again... excuse again.. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Păpuşoi Dan
Păpuşoi Dan:
Come on Spurs! Come on Jose!!!!!!!
CEve 09
CEve 09:
Bale had gotten worse since he has joined spurs
Hwan Hee Lee
Hwan Hee Lee:
We need to know the build-up is important