Iran executes 27-year-old wrestling star Navid Afkari

Iran executed popular wrestling star Navid Afkari despite an international campaign to save him, including a plea from President Trump. Afkari was convicted of murder in the death of a government worker while protesting in 2018.

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Tony Harding
Tony Harding:
Americans take their freedom for granted. Be grateful for free speech. RIP.
CoolMan Caravan
CoolMan Caravan:
THIS is what systemic oppression looks like.
If you were born in Iran, sorry.
Live your life cause no harm
Live your life cause no harm:
they will torture a confession out of you! They had to make an example out of him because he was well known.
zski ya
zski ya:
Hey CBS, thank you for a non partisan news story.
toasted chilly
toasted chilly:
This just in!! Iran doing Iran things...Americans shocked!!
Justice L
Justice L:
That's really awful!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Cynthia Castaneda
Cynthia Castaneda:
Liberty Forever
Liberty Forever:
Afkari opposed the Iranian Islamist government. This is a desperate tyrannical government's attempt to quell rising popular dissent.
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G.:
Everyone saying “Iran is so bad!” Remember that Navid loves his country so much that he was willing to speak out against its government.
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez:
So sad...
May this poor young man rest on peace
pain in the knee
pain in the knee:
Man was forced to say he did it. Then killed for it. I love the US!
Dawn Nicolas
Dawn Nicolas:
Absolutely Reprehensible. This truly saddens me. May you RIP.
The "Thank you!" at the end of the tweet made me lol
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers:
Zero Fret
Zero Fret:
People that say "I hate America" -- go try protesting in Iran.
Wow so a protestor that stabbed a govt official was actually charged and executed? Maybe this is what we need in the US. might stop all this crying in the streets.
Bryce McQueen
Bryce McQueen:
Trucker Insight
Trucker Insight:
Saudi Arabia laughing in their way to behead a “few” dissenters while buying American weapons to bomb Yemen😭
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin:
He been executed for killing a security guard in 2018, and yes he been suspected on being against Iranian regime
steven charles
steven charles:
Oh the irony of Trump saying “he was only protesting” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Diane W.
Diane W.:
So very sad. Such a talented young man. Makes you wonder how often this goes on.
When I saw "wrestling star" I thought it was a pro wrestler for a second deadass.
Jaba` Bandy
Jaba` Bandy:
That is so fxd up! Much love my Iranian brother's and sister's. I hope to see a mass protest,for this great injustice.
A Kd
A Kd:
RIP. For his family, sincere condolences.
Nathan Culp
Nathan Culp:
Heartfelt and sad, thank you LAT for telling the honest truth!!!
Justin Crimaldi
Justin Crimaldi:
Goood moove. One might say its a "BIG moove" a "VERY BIG moove"
Tentax X
Tentax X:
When america is teaching world lool😂
Bamir El Amin
Bamir El Amin:
Woah the pot calling the tea kettle blacc i see...
Pierre D
Pierre D:
Lol I love how he @ danawhite in the tweeet
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12:
Not "I would greatly appreciate it"
Chris Baker
Chris Baker:
33 seconds of real reporting. 👏 I almost subscribed but you have a history of spinning alternative facts taught to us by Chuck Todd.
Leo Scott
Leo Scott:
Those tweets are rich coming from him 😂😂😂😂😂💀

Bet the subtext was to execute him through police brutality
David Wilson
David Wilson:
They should be ashamed of themselves, utterly revolting!!!!
Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil
Trapped In Time Surrounded by Evil:
If my life was on the line the last person I would want tweeting for me is Donald Trump
Red Bull
Red Bull:
Michael Welch
Michael Welch:
So sad!
Kelly Black
Kelly Black:
The CBS evening puke 🤮
Sol Surfer
Sol Surfer:
iran also harvest his organs for easy money
Ajmalkk Aju
Ajmalkk Aju:
Trump tweeting against government brutality joke of the year, 😂😂😂
Epic scratcher Fl
Epic scratcher Fl:
Live by die by
Larry Calloway
Larry Calloway:
You have to wonder how this got on the front page considering the news ambivalence to most of the goings on of the rest of the world. But then you realize it is just another stick in trumps eye and it all comes together.
Custos Venetus
Custos Venetus:
So I have to get a Twitter to get my message across? 🥴
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones:
Damn that was fast
Samosa Sosa
Samosa Sosa:
And then we sold more weapons to them and help them bomb other countries for profits...
Max Roka
Max Roka:
They are takin a page from the orange 💩
Neall Bellanee
Neall Bellanee:
Lisa Rosenkoetter
Lisa Rosenkoetter:
Andre Geran
Andre Geran:
Are you going to talk about the two cops getting shot while sitting in their car Fake News Network......
ali titan
ali titan:
word,help we pls, from persia(iran)
Christopher A.
Christopher A.:
Now if he were a US protester accused of killing a government worker there’d be no plea for his life.
James Matthews
James Matthews:
Second wrestler they've executed
my tits
my tits:
For what it's worth, I don't think a tweet was gonna save this man from being killed by his corrupt government.
Alan M
Alan M:
d trump
d trump:
I wanna see BLM protest there.
Private Citizen Guy
Private Citizen Guy:
I think he condemned him actually
John La Monte
John La Monte:
Turn iran into glass!
Mike Mouers
Mike Mouers:
Did someone do something.🤷‍♂️
Bme Films
Bme Films:
oh the irony!!
Pierre Laos
Pierre Laos:
So sad Prayers for the family rip
Cyan Blue
Cyan Blue:
i just get this feeling this man's execution had something to do with Russia.
file interrupted !
file interrupted !:
irani people need to stand up together
Evil Must die
Evil Must die:
Omg noooo why?
Calvin Duke
Calvin Duke:
Stephen Lott
Stephen Lott:
I'd forgotten what regular news about a president was like. That was nice. We should do this more often.
Megan M
Megan M:
Why does the the first highlighted sentence seem like that would only make things worse for the fighter so he had to come behind it with the second paragraph.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones:
Once again trying to sabotage the election
Oh well
Mari Rodriguez
Mari Rodriguez:
Under his command, how many people have died by police and military personnel
Sandy K
Sandy K:
BLM, ANTIFA, looters, rioters, which about covers what the new democratic party is ALL about-see how Iran accepts you!😝😜🤪👍‼️
Your Lord Sans The Skeleton
Your Lord Sans The Skeleton:
It was a Peaceful execution
latieraqueen87 Pacheco
latieraqueen87 Pacheco:
Brandon Boyer
Brandon Boyer:
Christian Figuroa
Christian Figuroa:
God bless thanks for standing up
@ufc @dana white @fox news?? 🤔
Awkward Jacuzzi
Awkward Jacuzzi:
Rest in piece
Michael Cruson
Michael Cruson:
"Saving Iran for last"
Mike Britcom
Mike Britcom:
Bath House Barry Soe Tero offered to send them another plane load of cash if they stopped the execution.
앤서니 야
앤서니 야:
From one barbaric regime to another...
Dee WArD
Dee WArD:
Both countries are very close friends actually, beside drama they making
hsingho lee
hsingho lee:
Mind your own business.
Really? Making no sense! Must have run out of what to tweet about? Lol
Matthew M Bober
Matthew M Bober:
We need to stop the civil war 2 in time for world war 3.
SSG Live
SSG Live:
Drew Clise
Drew Clise:
Justice!!! For his death
Willie Fister Inc.
Willie Fister Inc.:
sooo trumps appeal to the Iran government was a tweet??
Where is # life matter now, nobody protesting in iran
Clare. S
Clare. S:
Julius Newman
Julius Newman:
Iran and China are allies now. Trump knew his plea wouldn’t go very far.
2020 is 2020 right ?
Hee Kim
Hee Kim:
Like Iran going to listen to Trump lol. He had one of their top Generals eliminated.
Teresa WastingTime
Teresa WastingTime:
American Patriot
American Patriot:
Wow actual tyranny.
all that hard work training just wasted
OMG! This is so unnecessary &so unfortunate. I hate that he was used as an example & put through that. So sad 😢.