IRREVERSIBLE - New Trailer (2019)

IRREVERSIBLE STRAIGHT CUT, a new version of the controversial film by Gaspar Noe, will be screened at the Venice International Film Festival. Gaspar Noé, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel will be attending the World Premiere of the film on August 31st at midnight in the Sala Giardino, on the Lido.

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Jao Vitor Bäcker
Jao Vitor Bäcker:
This film is completely a masterpiece! Gaspar Noe is a genius! The way he uses the non-linear narrative, camera movements and the soundtrack to send the message to the viewer that the sexual violence is irreversible in the life of a person is simply genius! Doesn't make difference if you want to take revenge with your own hands or not, what happened to the victim cannot be reversed. Time cannot be reversed. We can't turn back the time, unfortunately. Time often builts, but time also can destruct everything.
Galo Chan
Galo Chan:
What a great film to watch on a first date.
This masterpiece damaged my psyche for the rest of my life. I was 24, now I'm 44 and still can't take any bit of it out of my head. The first 2 weeks I could not sleep. For almost 6 months I lost my appetite.
After watching this movie, no other horror movie clicked me ever. There is nothing even close to it. Raw reality is a real bitch and the director managed to picture that reality exceptionally well. I do not even want to imagine how people manage to exist when something similar happen to them in real life.
Nice job Gaspar Noe for giving us a real taste of what it can be like.
I watched this two years ago when I was 19. I was going through a phase of me wanting to watch the most fucked up stuff I could find (Faces of Death, Cannibal Holocaust, the first two Guinea Pig movies, hell, even A Servian Film, EVENTUALLY), and I found THIS. While it is an absolute masterpiece, it's brutal beyond belief. It took me two attempts to finish this.
Dr D Musicalmasterrecords
Dr D Musicalmasterrecords:
I have no problem with this film or that scene in all its art it’s meant to make you feel what you feel that’s cinema and that’s the reason I like Gapar Noe
Dammit I'm torn between never wanting to see this movie ever again and wanting to see what it's like in chronological order.
Graham Nelly
Graham Nelly:
I love that they approached this trailer with the strobe effect. One of the best modern trailers imo
Shahidah Shady
Shahidah Shady:
Till date, the most brutal movie i had seen that i wished , damn i wish , i can ‘reverse’ to the time i havent seen it yet. But just like the title suggests, its “irreversible” . Worth it, but painful.
Tenebris Media
Tenebris Media:
"Take the underpass, it's safer."

I'd rather die from getting hit by a car instead of going through what Alex went through.
I was a victim of sexual abuse, of course nothing as horrible as this
In my university clases one of our teachers told us to watch this Movie as a homework
I had a panic attack so bad that I had to quit university
Just wanted to share that
Sarah L
Sarah L:
What a haunting scene and movie. I first saw 8 years brutal.
Pedro Valina
Pedro Valina:
I really love this movie the way it was made,it's genius!! But I would like to see this new cut. However,I think this new version,is going to lose some of the impact that the original has,the original grabs us by the neck,and don't let go!
Masterpiece. Everytime i watch it its getting better and better.
Giselle Teresa
Giselle Teresa:
I’m watching it right now this movie is 🔥 soooo incredibly good. It’s def graphic but makes u feel like ur right there w them
It's me the Dog
It's me the Dog:
Those drums fitted perfectly with the beethoven song, i wish it had an separate version.
Allysha Nila
Allysha Nila:
the sound design is fucking incredible. i love it. i love love love love it.
Wow the drum track of the opening credits matches the beethoven piece perfectly
Stefan Knezovic
Stefan Knezovic:
dp to the director: so how much roll do you want in the film exactly?
Director: yes
la pata de cabra
la pata de cabra:
Estaría bueno una segunda parte! Durisima obsena morbosa extremadamente violenta depravada horrible increible espectacular sublime y tantos calificativos para esta película.
Guillermo Polendo
Guillermo Polendo:
Claro que iré a verla, me acuerdo que la vi en casa y terminé con asco por tantas vueltas. Muy buena película y altamente explícita.
Cathy Kitson
Cathy Kitson:
This must be a nightmare for epileptics.
Joseph Ancion
Joseph Ancion:
I feel like if I watch this movie I'll become terrified of pedestrian tunnels.
Edit : I was right, but it was worth it.
Willian Henrique Kzanovski
Willian Henrique Kzanovski:
A masterpiece ❤️
One of the most brutal movie ive seen
Curry Fiasko Experience
Curry Fiasko Experience:
I love the film and have seen it 5 times. Maybe I'm messed up because of that... Well I'm gonna watch it again... Now in chronological order... well... why not...
speckyhotdog84 Anderson
speckyhotdog84 Anderson:
It truly is an earth shattering film that you will never forget the impact of what you see in this movie will always stay with you... what i would do to irreversie those 20mins of what I saw that happens to Alex 😢🤮👎
I get to experience bring so uncomfortable again but this time in chronological order, thanks Gaspar Noé!
Matheus Souza
Matheus Souza:
one of my favorite movies, I can't wait to watch this cut!
Protect Noé at all cost
The sound design is fucking amazing
Gong Z
Gong Z:
The most discomfort was the flashing lights.especially on last scene
cinema paiyan
cinema paiyan:
A great film
Stephan TURBERT:
Gaspard c'est un un grand... Respect
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez:
Blu-ray release please!
Surround Sound Freak 13
Surround Sound Freak 13:
I hope they'll release it for region A.
I want to thanks all personalities who are behind this movie they changed my whole perspective about woman sex and other now I think I am a better human than before thank you so much and I really want to say that the actress is god
i rly want to delete my memory of this movie so i can watch it again without knowing anything about it
I'm a massive fan of the original, but having a 'straight cut' just nullifies the point of the film
Irreversible la pelicula de noe vuelve en su corte recto y en su corte original
Carles Bofarull Andreu
Carles Bofarull Andreu:
Buena película
Louie Tzepher
Louie Tzepher:
Keep hearing how disturbing this film is, however before i watch, i want to know if it's more disturbing than "A Serbian Film"? If it is then i am not watching. A Serbian film had me thinking about the meaning of life for a good two weeks, that was the most disturbing film i watched; so i want to know which is worst so i can mentally prepare.
The fucking cinematic equivalent to sludge metal.
Good film, but don't know if I'd ever wanna watch it again. Even though a new cut is enticing.
Scott McEachern
Scott McEachern:
No thanks, I chose life.
Cumali Yuksektepeli
Cumali Yuksektepeli:
Hayatımda izlediğim en iyi filmlerden biri ımdb puanlarının amk. Gaspar Noe abimdir, ona yanlış yapan karşısında beni bulur, hayat yakın metrajdan dram uzak metrajdan komedidir aksini söyleyen yayamı yesin
Maria Nunez
Maria Nunez:
What I hated the most and couldn't stand about this movie Is the fact that Le Tenia didn't get what he fuckin' deserved; he got away with
Turn your girlfriend into a rabid feminist on the first date with this.
Anthony G
Anthony G:
I was thinking on how the film would be like in if just played in chronological order seconds before seeing this vid lol
Julien Kativla
Julien Kativla:
Can't wait again ...
why does gaspar noe always make me have a headache after watching his movies??? i stg my eyes were twitching the whole time while i was watching “enter the void” lmao
Retourné dans tous les sens
ahmed ghost
ahmed ghost:
Love monica
The Girl With The Kabuki Mask
The Girl With The Kabuki Mask:
I ain't epileptic but this trailer made me one
Frank Mondoux
Frank Mondoux:
Watching this movie piss drunk is even more of a physical strain
Thalia Grace Granada
Thalia Grace Granada:
does this movie have a book? i wanna read it instead of watching it just because eheh
Are they trying to kill people with this trailer?
Nico Carlos
Nico Carlos:
🇫🇷 French 😱 horror 🎬 movie. A brutal tour de force w/a message on revenge and ending is least that's how I view it. ☣️ 💪 yes indeed smdh
Watching this movie for the first time with your girlfriend will get you dumped
Does anyone Noe where I can see this cut ? :]
Edoardo Bianco
Edoardo Bianco:
sunglasses for every Noe’s films
Vic Vega
Vic Vega:
I like the easter egg "Irreversible"
The film is in reverse cause of the name title.
Laura A.S
Laura A.S:
KK and sims 4
KK and sims 4:
Would it still make sense
Sandesh Thapa
Sandesh Thapa:
Lmao im feeling the nausea from this trailer
I want to watch Noe's films but have a really difficult time with all the flashing. Gross
Lexi milliard
Lexi milliard:
this gave me whiplash
Scotty S
Scotty S:
How about you do a proper sequel; where the girl recovers and tracks down the rapist for some medieval revenge; and the guys who beat up the wrong guy for the rape go on trial for attempted murder.
That made me feel so nauseous
Kaushal Jt.
Kaushal Jt.:
The Russian way of art....
nc 178
nc 178:
Once you see this is IRREVERSIBLE
great film and trailer if your goal is seizures
Utku Karaakın
Utku Karaakın:
greatest movie ever made
Damn, the flashing text gave me a headache.
civota mu az
civota mu az:

Thoose 20 minutes man, please no.
Rolex Sir 荣梓杉😍
Rolex Sir 荣梓杉😍:
KK and sims 4
KK and sims 4:
You don’t need horror films when u have shit like this and requiem for a dream
La verdad que bastante flojo el guion para considerarlo "obra maestra", claro la escena de violencia y la violacion estan muy bien hechas pero no es suficiente
Maria Júlia Tenório
Maria Júlia Tenório:
alguem sabe o nome dessa música?
where i can watch this movie?
love exposure music :-O
Could someone please describe this trailer to me. I don't seem to be able to get past the first few seconds, thanks to having a fit.
jesse pinkman
jesse pinkman:
its Gaspar Noe bitches!
Luh Neezy
Luh Neezy:
The remake absolutely no one asked for
No One
No One:
I’m nauseous now thanks
лол ололоев
лол ололоев:
Можно еще версию трейлера для людей с эпилепсией?
fuckin Team Four Star Seizure Procedure™ up in this trailer. geeze.
Fabio junio Tp
Fabio junio Tp:
Parabéns todos comentários em inglês....🤦🏾‍♂️
Tom TT
Tom TT:
can this be bought anywhere?
Lala 2pac's Apprentice
Lala 2pac's Apprentice:
That's not even a trailer... Doesn't even provoke interest... 🙄 ugh
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma:
where to watch it???
No thanks! I'd rather stick with Enter The Void instead 😊
Anthony Romero
Anthony Romero:
Epilepsy warning.
Daniel Rossi
Daniel Rossi:
The song for god's sake THE NAME OF THE SONG
kid rainbow
kid rainbow:
Ella vive al final?
carlos fuentes
carlos fuentes:
What song is that ?