Is Brooklyn Beckham Engaged To Nicola Peltz?

Is Brooklyn Beckham getting married? According to The Mirror, the 21-year-old model and photographer has popped the question to actress Nicola Peltz after about 10 months of dating. A source told the UK tabloid, "Brooklyn has been telling his friends in LA that he and Nicola are engaged. It's common knowledge among their group of friends. They are smitten." The report also claims that Brooklyn's parents are thrilled about their son's wedding plans. "David and Victoria have very much given this relationship their blessing," the insider added.

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Is Brooklyn Beckham Engaged To Nicola Peltz?


22 comentarios:

At 21 yrs of age, it’s lust not love. Only fools rush in.
KANERSKOUGAR: be young and stupid!
Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier:
What does this kid do for a living, besides being the offspring of the Beckhams?
Monica Ford
Monica Ford:
Too young to marry! Victoria must b like😧 dnt believe the fake happinesss
June Burns
June Burns:
It's nice to see anyone happy ,But its a bit to soon ! I get the feeling Brooklyn is a bit naive and needs to grow up a bit more ..
little bit of everything
little bit of everything:
And what exactly he does for living besides being Beckham's son? I don't think je landed anything. He ditched University in New York. Soccer career never happened. Short term relationships. She just lives off his parents' wealth.
Boomi Kitty
Boomi Kitty:
He and Cloe r like Justin and Selena but end up with a model! Go to become a model girls hhhh
I'm A Mental Case 1978
I'm A Mental Case 1978:
The Beckham's are overrated no wonder one of them is a little spastic throwing hissy fits the rest of his life 😅😅😅😅
Bianca Panganiban
Bianca Panganiban:
Only 10 Months? And his 21 still young, why rush things?
Hillary Newman
Hillary Newman:
Aww so sweet! Bklyn seems like a great kid(young man) and age is gorgeous! Congrats!
smdh i can’t believe he left chloë grace moretz for this chick
He ditched Cloe for her 👀
She looks exactly like Jamie King in that thumbnail!
Raleighburner15 Hynes
Raleighburner15 Hynes:
He looks like a young gaybriel Byrne
Edward Carter
Edward Carter:
I don’t know who nicola pheltz is but congrats to brooklyn beckhams and to nicola .
Monica Ford
Monica Ford:
Names kinda odd fr a guy😯 girls mre appropriate
Dwight Lampkin
Dwight Lampkin:
love and light
love and light:
Ok but who are they 🙄
Peris Ndirangu
Peris Ndirangu:
Young love is very complicated. Ok love birds fly away
Debeen Anderson
Debeen Anderson:
NEJA neja
NEJA neja:
She is Beautiful totally look a like Alketa Vejsiu best speaker and program leader in TV Klan alb.