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100+ comentarios:

Luis Ventura
Luis Ventura:
Funny part was when he said imagine that was Ronnie
Camila Noriega
Camila Noriega:
Ya extrañaba tus volgs mexicanos 🥺
Estefani Perez
Estefani Perez:
Shwatyy!! My Favorite Part Of The Video Is When You Were Hugging Ypur Sister With Joy!!❤️✨
El argentino
El argentino:
I can’t wait to see el gordo e el flaco fight again I’m sure it will be better than maywethar vs Paul
Stephanie Rios
Stephanie Rios:
"Eres un fu**ing monstro" I can't with you're sisters 😭
Its Uni
Its Uni:
I was literally eating pan con leche watching this 😂
Valentina Garza💓
Valentina Garza💓:
So happy that I didn't miss your new vlog today 😂❤️🇲🇽
Daniel Tovar
Daniel Tovar:
My favorite part was how he carried his sister 🤣
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia:
I love his sisters they are so funny 😂
Stephanie Figueroa
Stephanie Figueroa:
I’m super excited for the Mexico blogs!!! Gordo and flaco are back!!!! Hope I get a shout out(shawty)!!🥺💗
Angel Moreno 💯
Angel Moreno 💯:
I love how grateful they are for their gifts 🥺
Yoriichi Tsugikuni
Yoriichi Tsugikuni:
Shout out! I was so excited to see your sisters! 😝 Congrats on your success!
Ya las estrañava mi gordo y mi flaco💖😭
Alex Gonzalez Bravo
Alex Gonzalez Bravo:
Been waiting for the Mexico vlogs they are my favorite
Emmanuel Salas
Emmanuel Salas:
The funny thing is that when you arrive at the airport and they pick you up they say that they didn’t miss you but the next day they like you because you give them gifts
Shawty!!!!!! Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 🔥 there’s gonna be fire videos at Mexico bro 😈
Unknown 1235
Unknown 1235:
Lowkey need to make vlogs longer they aren’t enoughh 😫😂
Elizabeth Padilla
Elizabeth Padilla:
My favorite part was when u showed your sisters the gifts u got them! That was so sweet of u!!!
Mario Santos
Mario Santos:
My favorite part was when he got back with his fam❤️
Aileen Nino
Aileen Nino:
Los Mexico vlogs are the besttttt ❤️
Emmanuel BautistaJr
Emmanuel BautistaJr:
These vlogs are the best 😂
When you see your family you feel happy 😃
Shawtyy, ma favorite part of the video is where u met up wit ur family, it’s always good seeing u spend time with ur family 🔥💯
Andrea Calleja
Andrea Calleja:
Shawty: I love the part where you huge your sister with happiness
Expansion 7
Expansion 7:
“imagine it was ronnie” GOT ME ON THE FLOOR
Izzy & Katy
Izzy & Katy:
Shwatyy:) my favorite part was see your sisters so happy with there gifts 🎁
Rosaas T
Rosaas T:
SO CUTE how you always remember your sisters. ❤
Miguel E.S
Miguel E.S:
Bro you guys are hella funny I can’t stop watching your guys videos keep up the good work bro
Your sisters are the reason why I watch your videos tbh 😂
Noelia Zapata
Noelia Zapata:
Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! I love these videos with your sisters they are so funny and cute 🥰 ❤️
Sergio Santos
Sergio Santos:
Amo Sus Ermanas ❤️‍🔥
Emely Ramirez
Emely Ramirez:
Omg yes i been waiting for this 😊
Bianca Obeso
Bianca Obeso:
Extraño tu videos en mexico son graciosos 🙂
Magdalena Martinez
Magdalena Martinez:
I missed these vlogs so much
Yessika Tapia
Yessika Tapia:
it makes me sad to know that ur sis will grow up and be just like u :"D
El argentino
El argentino:
One thing we need Ronnie 🥺🥺
Crystal Gutierrez Cutz
Crystal Gutierrez Cutz:
Ya extranba a tus hermanitas lindas ❤❤
karla Ibarra
karla Ibarra:
Extrañamos al gordo y al flaco we miss ❤😢
Ruby Zapien
Ruby Zapien:
I love these kids❤️
Haley Diaz
Haley Diaz:
Shwatyy!! My Favorite Part Of The Video Is When You Were Hugging Your Sisters With Joy
Alberto Tello
Alberto Tello:
Yesssir always dropping banger vlogs🔥
norma villarreal
norma villarreal:
Awww, they missed u and ur take care of ur family . 🔥🔥
Elisa Chavez
Elisa Chavez:
Ya las extrañadabas ❤️❤️
Boxing Girl
Boxing Girl:
Bruh I’m ready for tha vlogs❤️❤️
Adan Ibarra
Adan Ibarra:
The Mexican vlogs are the best!!!
Mary Ortiz
Mary Ortiz:
Shoutout my favorite part was when you guys were eating tacos
Emmanuel BautistaJr
Emmanuel BautistaJr:
Funny part when she said eres mi angel 😂
You already know he’s gonna be a good dad
Leslie Ambriz
Leslie Ambriz:
Evelyn Lopez
Evelyn Lopez:
Shawtyy 😭 my favorite part was when you hugged your sister with joy and happiness
Magdalena Martinez
Magdalena Martinez:
My favorite part was that you carried you sisters to go eat.
Shawty 😩💕love your content man 🔥
Lps cloudzzx
Lps cloudzzx:
I really missed ur Mexican vlogs with ur sisters! Shawty
4:39 I could Melissa misses Ronny, cause of her smile
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez:
I missed your Mexican vlogs! Shoutout!
Mauricio Quijano
Mauricio Quijano:
Shawty me favorite part is when you hug your family!!!
jaslene gallardo
jaslene gallardo:
Alberto Tello
Alberto Tello:
Keep up the good work bro I enjoy watching your videos👍🏾
Monkey Marely21
Monkey Marely21:
Omg I love these videos so much gordo and flaco make the video 😚🤌🏽- can i have a shoutout favorite part was when you told Gordo to eat and grabbed her lol 😂 🤣
Samuel Cedeno
Samuel Cedeno:
My favorite 🤩 part was when u were reuniting with your family
Joanna Orozco
Joanna Orozco:
Shawtty!! Love ur content keep up the great work❤️
Andres Negrete
Andres Negrete:
When cami said 100,400 tacos and fati says no que estavas a dieta
Allan R
Allan R:
El Gordo: Yo quiero unas chicken nuggets
Abel: tú que no quieres comer
Katelyn I. Sanchez
Katelyn I. Sanchez:
Yesss! El Gordo i el flaco are Back!!🔥🔥❤️
I was scrolling down and when i saw your video i gasped and got so excited
I wanted to cry when you hugged your sisters 😭
Belinda Arias
Belinda Arias:
Shaaawwty plss! my favorite part is when el gordo called you "eres un fuc**** monster" 🤣🤣
Michelle Jaramillo
Michelle Jaramillo:
“No que estavas a dieta” 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Padilla
Elizabeth Padilla:
People, stop getting mad at Abel just because he doesn’t give you a shout out! He is a very busy dude and he can’t be online all the time! Your time will come just be patient damn.
Love the vlogs Abel, you’re the best!!!
Irma Lerma
Irma Lerma:
Shawty my favorite party was just you hugging and greeting your fam
It feels like hes mean but hes just acting like a dad to them
Shout Out, always like the vlogs keep doing what your doing. 😂
Marlenis Aguilar
Marlenis Aguilar:
I love quesadillas with cilantro and onions the best !
Ali martinez
Ali martinez:
Shawty more funny videos let's go
Emilio Emilio
Emilio Emilio:
Extrañaba los vlogs mexicanos shwattyy
Elvis Calleja
Elvis Calleja:
Heart warming when you guys meet 😌😌😌
El Huerro
El Huerro:
Good to see u back primo
mayra neri
mayra neri:
I love these vids!
Shooot it!
David Elizarraga
David Elizarraga:
Been part of this family since 2.8k subs
I love the Mexico videos🔥
Me and my mom loveeeeeeeee ur little sisters they crack me up 😂 Everything they say is hilarious 😂 we love you guys and chatita we love you guys shoutout???
Kimberly pu
Kimberly pu:
Shout out! I’m excited your back in Mexico❤️
Lidia Ramirez
Lidia Ramirez:
Ruben Dominguez
Ruben Dominguez:
Love you’re videos bro 🙌🏽💯
El Gordo: me puedes comprar un coc
Raul Trujillo
Raul Trujillo:
Favorite part was when he was with chatita
Castlin Romero
Castlin Romero:
Love the Mexican vlogs. Hope I get a shoutout
RainaDe Ashilo
RainaDe Ashilo:
I’m 18 minutes late to the upload but shoutout!
Mayela Aguilar
Mayela Aguilar:
Shawty!,it’s so cute when you hug your sisters 👯‍♀️
Jarely Ramirez rogel
Jarely Ramirez rogel:
I am so happy to see your sister again I want a shout out shawty
Elizabeth Albavera
Elizabeth Albavera:
Yess back mexico🙌 SHAWTYYYYY!
Shoutout for the serrano fam❤😊
Priscilla M
Priscilla M:
SHAWTY!!! Funny part was when u took the iPad away from them and scared them.
tony chavez
tony chavez:
Ruby López
Ruby López:
Heyyyy shawty and I loved the whole video:>
Alex from H
Alex from H:
This vlogs fire
Z Hernandez
Z Hernandez:
Love your videos big fan keep it up 😌😌😌
Leah Ramirez
Leah Ramirez:
Awww i missed they so much