“It was a very physical game” | Marcelo Bielsa reaction | Burnley 1-1 Leeds United | Premier League

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa gives his reaction after our 1-1 draw with Burnley at Turf Moor in the Premier League, as a late Patrick Bamford goal secured a point after Chris Woods scored for the hosts. Presented by President Energy.

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55 comentarios:

And people have the cheek to call us “dirty Leeds” Burnley’s tactics to kick and foul Leeds players was disgusting, they should have been down to 9 men.
Jota eMe
Jota eMe:
We have to keep fighting. The wins will come!
Poor performance, difficult opponents, decent point.
Kryten 2X4B-523P
Kryten 2X4B-523P:
"very physical" is that his way of saying the only time Burnley weren't diving was when they were fouling?
Dan Ginn
Dan Ginn:
I felt we were lucky to get a point today. Lads not at the races. But, a point is a point, and good to see Paddy B get off for the season. Build on it. In Bielsa we trust!
Robin Parker
Robin Parker:
How did Barnes not get sent off for that appalling challenge on Dallas. Disgraceful refereeing.
Cockoff Gewgle
Cockoff Gewgle:
Draw was a fair result. Our best period was in the last 20 of the first half, where we had half a dozen good opportunities in transition and made the wrong decision or fucked up the pass. We need a couple of signings to reinvigorate this squad and improve it.
Icrazieelliot Gamer
Icrazieelliot Gamer:
Come on LEEDS put your hands in your pockets we need more players Please!!!
Not quite sure how Barnes stayed on the field for that tackle on Dallas. It is one thing being physical but I felt there were times when players' safety was at risk particularly when the tackling is reckless. A disappointing game. Leeds not at their fluent best yet but it was a good sign that no one threw the towel in. Only one team wanted to win at the end.
Jota eMe
Jota eMe:
Vamos Marcelo!! Vamos Leeds!!!
Osman Alud
Osman Alud:
In Bielsa we trust
Marcelo Bielsa orgullo latino maestro integridad
DylanPlayz 09
DylanPlayz 09:
that game was an irritating game i say for certain nat least one of their players should’ve got sent off either ben mee or ashley barnes i mean the ref didn’t even seem to notice ben mee sliding into bamford and didn’t recognise how many bad tackles ashley barnes got away with
PS Chan
PS Chan:
3 down and 35 Cup finals to go. Leeds United MOT 💪💪💪
Al Zheimer.
Al Zheimer.:
Oliver is a poor ref........for certain teams! (leeds being one of them).
Just remember that last season away from home the team lost or won. The most important thing is always to score points. The game was not good but if the game lasted 5 more minutes Leeds would win. Burnley settled for the tie.
Izik Konfino
Izik Konfino:
Marcello is the best coach in the world but he needs some players. We even dont have a proper bench.
I am an Arsenal fan but very very very beautiful to watch Leed's game. Honestly and I love them.
Martin moore
Martin moore:
Every game this season will be physical it's the only way the opposition can slow us down.
Marching on together 💙💛🤍
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
Ayling doesn’t get half the stick Coops does but he sure as makes just as many, if not more mistakes.
We cant string together more than 2 passes without losing it or lumping it up the pitch. We don't have a midfield, what is this shite 3133 formation?
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo:
Vamos locooo, a clasificar a puestos de champions
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
I enjoyed watching the game but Burnley were trying to hurt us... But we move on...
Clearly he said Rodrigo, Phillips and Raphina didn't do enough. Physical game but the goal came from the little Shakleton...I really like Shak. With Rodrigo we were a depressing team. I have no idea what's going on but lads wake up! Rodrigo, Harrison, Raphi, Philips even Llorente did little or nothing. When the team speed up is unstoppable! But they are not keeping up with that and they are loosing too many silly balls...most first passes. 🤦 Anyway...Go lads GO!
Paul Needham
Paul Needham:
I love reading the comments from all these Armchair Fantasy Football Managers. Makes my day!!
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller:
Once again our defensive and midfield weaknesses came out giving away sloppy goals however Bielsa reckons we are alright seriously?! If we don't play better than that in future games it's gonna be a long hard season against stronger and better teams but what do I know I'm only a fan!!?
Michael Weber
Michael Weber:
Shoutout to the translator who is on an incredible unbroken run of not making Bielsa angry. Part of the program now. He can probably sub in when Phillips is injured at this point
Hugo Aedo Garrido
Hugo Aedo Garrido:
What a clean way to describe what happened in the game
north lad
north lad:
Just got to keep going ,lacked a bit of quality ,passing wasn’t good ,need to look to the players to step it up but we can do it .
C H:
Koch and llorente chicken bones hoping to get bargains on the cheap, we look tired already and light weight hope im wrong for sure.
Tasha 01
Tasha 01:
An off day today, played shite but still got a point..we move on.. MOT
Master Man
Master Man:
Bielsa has done an unbelievable job for us but our bench is so weak - Costa and Roberts championship players - please sign someone QUALITY! MOT
Greame Bamford
Greame Bamford:
We were hopeless today,bill was a liability,Harrison raphinia and Rodrigo were non eventful
Defense need a bit of work. Must get a striker. Plenty of talents out there from South America and Europe.
norberto alejandro Baldi
norberto alejandro Baldi:
Bielsa lo saludó de compromiso, ni lo miró al técnico del Burnley, no se merecía otra con su planteo sucio y destructivo.
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller:
And we got Liverpool next at home... A thrashing guaranteed then however Marcelo says we don't need anymore players!!! Can't see the wood for the trees
Grenville Phillips
Grenville Phillips:
Changing the rules every season is a bad idea. The controversy surrounding Pogba's tackle will not be the last. De Bruyne's injury in the Champions League final proved the game was brutal enough already.
A journalist here in Argentina said Burnley played as an old english team like they used to before Premier League.I'm not sure about it.What do you think?
kwong wing lai
kwong wing lai:
This game is better last two games so much.
Liverpool is going to lose!!
GamEsport Do RST
GamEsport Do RST:
Conseguimos hehe.
Just Inho
Just Inho:
Raphinha sent Taylor to the Gulag
We played poorly. Nothing to add. Both goals were lucky. Defense was terrible. Didn't find raphinha until the last minutes. Disappointed. Hope we FINALLY get the win against Liverpool

Edit: also burnley dived all the match
maher39 maher
maher39 maher:
Don't see how people blame Rodrigo ,we payed 30 million for a Striker and keep playing him in Midfield. Don't blame the player blame the Manager who keeps putting him in Midfield.
Let's Shackleton start some game, he's been very creative every time he gets to play. I have no idea why Cooper is starting he's a safety hazard at times. Hope forshaw gets more game time he just might be what we need in that midfield. And why can't we let Rodrigo have a go as a striker? That's all my thoughts for now lol
Christian Cambridge
Christian Cambridge:
Leeds dominated the game ?? What game was bubs watching ?
Day Day
Day Day:
God is talking everyone listen
Jonny Hotrod
Jonny Hotrod:
Get shut of cooper and Rodrigo.......they’re Robbin a livin!
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd:
3 games in and you’d think we were down already. Get behind the team or get out. We’re in this together.
Radrizziani out. PR master, tight bastard. Bare minimum always done
C H:
Strujik and rodrigo very dissapointing to me, rodrigo just hasnt taken of. Transfers coming in not good enough, striker needed
Can’t beat Burnley .., going down , Liverpool next . Ouch 😓
Kelly Ann Edwards
Kelly Ann Edwards:
Once again we proved our squad is not good enough. We need to replace Cooper who is always a weak link and also buy a new striker to aid Bamford. Probably too late in this transfer window but we must be busy in January. Buy first team players not youngsters. Bielsa's plan of using a small squad will be our undoing.
Wrong questions - Try this, “Apart from completely destroying his confidence- what do you expect to get from playing Roddy out of position?”

“And why did you invest £30m in him?”
Get Bielsa out. He doesn't want to spend money on top players who are far much better then what we have now. shambles