Ja Morant recorded a career-high 52 PTS (22-30 FG, 4-4 3PM), along with 7 REB for the Memphis Grizzlies as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 118-105. Lonnie Walker IV tallied a team-high 22 PTS for the Spurs in the losing effort. The Grizzlies improve to 43-20 on the season, while the Spurs fall to 24-38.

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100+ comentarios:

Ja Morant is the first player in Grizzlies franchise history to score 50+ points in a game. He set the previous franchise record for points in a game with 46 points in their last game on 02/26/2022 vs. The Bulls.
Grind D_0ne
Grind D_0ne:
Hope this guy has a long and healthy career. He is so fun to watch. Truly special.
He’s going to win an MVP one day. This kid has got it all. Going to be dominating the league for a long time.
Bro really might be the Future of the NBA 💯🔥
Justin R. Chidester
Justin R. Chidester:
This is the most entertaining 50+ point performance and one of the craziest single game highlight reels I’ve ever seen. Long bomb 3, buzzer beater full court alley oop jump shot, dunk from edge of paint over a 7-footer, and 50 points on only 4 FTM …IN ONE GAME?!?!? Ja is unreal.
Recmar Elaon
Recmar Elaon:
2000-allen iverson
2010-derrick rose
2020-ja morant
Hunter Copeland
Hunter Copeland:
Every single NBA franchise now has had someone score 50 points in a game after tonight. Congrats, Memphis. You guys are a legit threat to the Warriors and Suns.
king Bucketz
king Bucketz:
He probably said to himself “damn I’m on fire” when he caught that inbound lob.
Javier Fuentes
Javier Fuentes:
Ja morant is in his own category. Jumps out the gym , stops on a dime , can hit any shot, foot work is smooth , humility on 100%, consistently progressing. What a great role model for the city of Memphis! Rooting for this young squad they are special. - suns fan
Rey Andrew Alonsagay
Rey Andrew Alonsagay:
His playstyle reminds me of a young DRose during his 2011 MVP season. Hope he will have a long and healthy career ahead. If he keeps it up, he will definitely be a future MVP and a future HOF.
His teammates feeding him at the end proved that he's a leader.
While Ja - again! - is showing real MVP moves here I wanna take the time to appreciate Steven Adams. What an eye, passing skills, team play. Memphis is lucky to have him!
Ja is hands down my favorite player currently. The fact that this man got injured and then dropped a career high not even a week later. The commitment to the game is beyond elite. I definitely feel he is one of those special player with tha “mamba mentality”
Jerel Marshall
Jerel Marshall:
This man literally tougher to guard than my MyPlayers 😢
usef haslem
usef haslem:
Starting to become my favorite player in the league. I respect his game I'm tired of seeing new players shoot 3's attack the hole!
29 DY
29 DY:
Every time I see him he just keeps getting better, this is insane!
He had 6 buckets in one game that not a lot of players put in their entire career
J C:
2:16 how is no one talking about how crazy this shot was! he had the nasty dunk I have seen all season in this game....and I still think this shot was more impressive! absolutely extraordinary
Reginald Wilson
Reginald Wilson:
Morant has been unbelievable this season, back to back career high points. 46, and now 52 bruh I can’t believe we have a superstar in the making of the Grizzlies franchise. I have never doubted Morant since he came to the league
Walter Capili
Walter Capili:
I'm an instant fan of Ja Morant. Just amazing athlete. Stay healthy, don't get injured.
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams:
Ja Morant reminds me a bit of a smaller version of a young 80's MJ. The way he runs on a forward angle like he's shot out of a cannon...the way he attacks the defense. And the way he contorts his lean frame around the defense. He will feast on the gaps between players marking space in zone defense all day long. Unless they have someone lock him down man on man. Which no one does anymore. If he could play great defense loading up on steals and a few blocks with that athleticism he will probably win multiple MVP's in his career as his team is already on pace to probably win 60 games in year 3. And I love the fact he doesn't think he is Steph Curry mkII like so many others do. He's not jacking up 15 3's a night and killing his team the nights he doesn't make them like others do. He respects the value of 2pts.
Ahnaf Khan
Ahnaf Khan:
"As the kids say, he caught a body" Lmaoooo
Jordan C.
Jordan C.:
Ja Morant just DROPPED our JAWS With this unbelievable performance!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Jason Situmeang
Jason Situmeang:
Future MVP in the making. Hope he stays healthy for more years to come, love seeing him play the game.
Jie Ping Schee
Jie Ping Schee:
98 points over the past 2 games 🔥🔥🔥
Dre Sports
Dre Sports:
The Passion and Love Morant has for the game is at a different level. I haven’t seen a guy have so much fun when dominating a game. It rubs off on his teammates. I hope he stays healthy and humble .
Ned Srb
Ned Srb:
He can jump, he can run, he can shoot, he can pass, he can dunk...and not even that tall...incredible player!!!
Frank Rubio
Frank Rubio:
What a performance by Ja!
also might be the longest assist record from Aquaman!
Jeremy McCorey
Jeremy McCorey:
I love how his team kept giving him the ball so he can get his career high 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Pastis Vodka
Pastis Vodka:
Damn it! What a lot of energy this young player has! 🔥🔥🔥
this might be the best game I've ever seen. he had it all. the highlights, the scoring, wow.
Mr Roelle
Mr Roelle:
His energy and fearless drives gives me Iverson vibes
Jabez MadFlavor
Jabez MadFlavor:
Damn! Ja Morant makes the Memphis Grizzlies relevant again, last time Memphis Grizzlies good way back in Grit and Grind era when M.Gasol,Zbo,Conley and Toney Allen was there. Ja Morant is not just a superstar, he's a mega star.
yilang peng
yilang peng:
From no college offer to NBA star. My favorite player of all time. Greatest underdog story
This guy set the league on fire 🔥 he is truly inspirational
Jooyi Chen
Jooyi Chen:
This is a very competitive MVP race. A lot of styles are returning and making impacts. NBA looking more diverse again. Midrange, Big Men, Athleticism, and the three-point shot becoming more grounded.
Prince Makuza
Prince Makuza:
Man words can't describe how happy I am for JA. Hope he doesn't get any injuries
Clem Pal
Clem Pal:
What a milestone! Reminds me of Derrick rose before his knee accident....Hope you will stay healthy Ja!
1 Hello
1 Hello:
What a speed, power, strength, confidence, spin, shot, dunk, jump!!!
He has everything!😀
I always think that he is superstar but in this game, he was super super super star!!
Reminds me of a young Vince Carter doing highlight reels night in night out. What an astounding player he's become.
jj green
jj green:
This one of the greatest 50 piece games ever !!!!! The dunk and that Steven adams pass was tooo much 🎯💪🏿
SoccerLegend 777
SoccerLegend 777:
a game to remember, marquee performance from Ja who's MVP case now strengthens. So many crazy iconic plays to look back to and just wow
Ernesto Alonzo
Ernesto Alonzo:
This dude is amazing... the future of the nba is in good hands
Austin Reed
Austin Reed:
What a way to end February…
Nice performance, Ja Morant!
Joe Feels
Joe Feels:
"As the kids say, he caught a body" LMAO amazing
This 52 is more impressive since he did it over one of the best defensive guards in the league
Romario Pereira
Romario Pereira:
🤩🏀🇧🇷 Ja Morant é Fantástico !
More actions from Ja's highlights than the whole All Star weekend😂😂😂
unreal player! no one can stop him.
Doing it at Home in front of the crowd 🔥 I kno he was hyped after and the fans got what they paid for 💪🏽
That dunk on no 25 is nasty 😱💪🏿
Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son:
I live about 15 minutes south of Memphis and it's been a pleasure watching this kid. He's just amazing and hope he stays healthy. That buzzer beater was incredible....but that dunk tho? Oh that was NAAAAAAS-TEEEE! Good Lord that was nasty
Wallace Callahan
Wallace Callahan:
Congratulations Ja you are an amazing basketball player, I hope you and the Grizzlies stay healthy and make plenty of noise in the playoffs go for the mountain top!
Phil R
Phil R:
One of the best highlight reels I've seen in a long time! Straight Mamba Mentality!!!
I was telling people about Ja back in his rookie year when everyone was still on Zion's jock. Even some of the Memphis ppl I talked to, I think, didn't really understand what kind of talent we picked up in the draft. This makes up for all of the years of bad drafts for Memphis, it feels like watching the rise of Golden State all over again, all done from the ground up.
James Ro
James Ro:
This is very similar to how I felt watching The great Jordan in a full game. Every scoring was a highlight. I see potential mega star here.
Thunder Cat
Thunder Cat:
Those almost dunks are now dropping 🔥🔥🔥
Biel Oliveira
Biel Oliveira:
Ja Morant é sensacional, não tem ninguém igual ele na NBA
Steadydropn Em
Steadydropn Em:
That buzzer beater at halftime was the cleanest shot I’ve ever seen in my life just perfect
Pa rulu
Pa rulu:
God bless Morant!! Great game!!
Doc. V
Doc. V:
That was probably one of the best dunks and buzzer beaters in NBA history in the same game while dropping 52. Damn
Jim Krause
Jim Krause:
A legend in the making! He is definitely a Superstar!
Raymond Rellones
Raymond Rellones:
Hopefully this man stay healthy because everyone told them he's the Next D Rose , but still JA Morant 💪 Creating he's own name in the Legacy 💪💪
Christos K.
Christos K.:
Can't decide which one was more impressive : the dunk or the catch and shoot at the end of the half ..

I swear this kid jumped off the 90s NBA era !
Matt Goldberg
Matt Goldberg:
I've watched a ton of hoops: The play before halftime -- A catch of a full-court pass (nice job, Adams) and twisting shot while falling out of bounds -- is one of the best plays I've ever seen!
Mon Sims
Mon Sims:
Happy for Ja! Dude should take care of his jumps and landings. Memories of Derrick Rose but I hope not the injuries.
Jay Carter
Jay Carter:
This game officially elevated him to Superstar status💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Hope he continues to play like that years to come ,so exiting .The new AI .
He has the potential to be the best Grizzlies ever.
Ja on the road to becoming the greatest grizzly and I’m here for it 🔥
Finesse Curry
Finesse Curry:
That was amazing felt like AI n Kobe wrapped in one 🐐
Never seen anything like that full-court catch and shoot with .4 seconds before halftime. Absolutely nuts
Nas Holston
Nas Holston:
The highlights in this game are insane even without the 50 piece
Anderson Que
Anderson Que:
One of the best highlights in a career-high game!
Max Scheibenpflug
Max Scheibenpflug:
I have never seen any player move like that. It's so different.

Hope he stays healthy.
Its gonna be a sad day when Lebron KD Steph CP3 and guys like that are all out of the league, but Ja Luka Book Tatum got me looking forward to watching how great this next generation will be when they hit their prime
Samuel Ma'at
Samuel Ma'at:
WainWanWané hth
WainWanWané hth:
this guy is gonna be the face of league man INSANE. Already in the mvp discussion too
Gotta give props to Steven Adams for that accurate full court pass that lead to the buzzer beater at the half
Matheus Sarlo
Matheus Sarlo:
Até o próprio time estava gostando de ver este garoto jogando
Gotti Mo
Gotti Mo:
“ as the kids say …. He caught a body “ 😂😂😂 I enjoyed hearing that more than seeing the dunk
Just really special and we didn’t anticipate it like this. He, Book, Doncic, Tatum are for sure making the top 100
This dude is 6'1"!!!!!!

And only 21!


What a truly AMAZING athlete!!!!
As a Van Griz fan.. Watching Ja play makes me sad but incredibly happy at the same time.
This is a futur NBA legend, so talented and so fun to watch !
Keith Benge
Keith Benge:
I have watched a lot of basketball in my life, but Morant is the most exciting player to come into the NBA since Michael Jordan in my opinion, and I don't mean that as a slap against anyone else. Also I love the way his teammates are unselfish enough to allow him to showcase his talents. My congrats to the entire Memphis organization. They have built a team that will be a contender for many years if they can stay healthy. My new favorite team.
Andrew C.
Andrew C.:
Ja Morant is special, he's just ridiculously good
Mike Joints
Mike Joints:
I hope he stays healthy. He is one of the best players to watch right now.
Pat Barry
Pat Barry:
Dude is phenomenal. If he stays healthy, he'll be right up there with MJ, Kobe, Magic, etc. . .He's so exciting to watch.
Dead Giveaway
Dead Giveaway:
exciting years to come and he's already on fire!
El Tiger 03 Produciendo
El Tiger 03 Produciendo:
Ja es increíble❤️
Jimmy Gwop
Jimmy Gwop:
🐐 in the making 🏆
Future MVP
JD Marshall
JD Marshall:
So happy for him, favorite young player
HoodRich NiteNite
HoodRich NiteNite:
Proud to be a Memphis fan
Go Grizzlies and
Ja For MVP💯💪
Jonathan Eagle
Jonathan Eagle:
This man deserves to be in the MVP conversation 😤😤
Sam Pond
Sam Pond:
Best finisher at the rim in the league. He is amazing in the paint.
When Ja came in the league, I called him Baby Bron. Dude is athletic, smart, can pass, will make the wide open shot, and can’t stop him in the paint often
Remember seeing JA play as a rookie just once and damn was my ass spot on knowing he’d be a special 1 in da league. Good shit..
I need a deep grizzlies playoff run 😭 It was only a matter of time