Jack Nicholson: The Art Of Anger

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Noa Silver, "Wari"

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100+ comentarios:

Vito Lebommil
Vito Lebommil:
Having the face of a complete lunatic helps a lot
I am curious to how high his blood pressure is
I'm sure Anjelica Huston could also make a video about the same subject but on his real life.
Etang Bose
Etang Bose:
Al Pacino: the art of yelling
Georgia Clunis
Georgia Clunis:
“sometimes the anger is justified”
*inserts clip of him strangling nurse ratchet*
Devon Hayes
Devon Hayes:
Everyone says that Jack Nicholson looks like a crazy person. No he was just so good at playing one that his face became the picture people think of when they think of a crazy person....
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto:
This is def one of the best youtube channels ever!
N D:
My mom was unnerved by his performance in The Shining so much that she was convinced he really was crazy. My dad assured her he was just acting. "NO!" she replied, "No one can just act that crazy". She was giving him the best compliment an actor can get.
Slip Noodles
Slip Noodles:
In his youth, he'd have been one hell of a Wolverine.
Nicholson's bodily anger made me think of the 'Nicholas Cage loses his shit' video. Do a video on him and lose your mind like Abed
Master Epps Returns
Master Epps Returns:
“You’re BREAKING my concentration! You’re disTRACTING me!”
Your neighborhood friend
Your neighborhood friend:
Jack Nicholson is the most intense actor of all time.
Trevor does this well in GTA v
Bri Koala
Bri Koala:
I met the man once. At a bookstore near the Stanley hotel, yes THAT Stanley hotel. And it was about as terrifying and cool to meet him as you would expect
Jack Nicholson is a national treasure.
Andrew Zanon
Andrew Zanon:
I would really dig a complete list of all the movies referenced here.
Nicholson is at his absolute best in those short seconds leading up to his anger explosions
Dru Nature
Dru Nature:
WHAT a great looking guy, seriously, he also has such a wide range of looks. wow what a legend!
Watching him get angry is good for the soul.
Brandon Louis
Brandon Louis:
Did you know, you are Justin Trudeau's (Canada's Prime minister)favorite YouTube channel. He said it on Quora, I felt so proud. https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-five-favorite-books
Aaron Yandell
Aaron Yandell:
Now I have to watch all Nicolson movies in consecutive order. Thanks for that.
Kevin David
Kevin David:
So basically Jack Nicholson would play the perfect Sith Lord? #DarthNicholson
John Olmos
John Olmos:
He is one of the most charismatic actors of all time.He is so smooth and also iconic with body language
His performance in As Good As It Gets is impeccable.
Azmat Mahmood
Azmat Mahmood:
This is why he's my favourite actor of all time.
smack daddy
smack daddy:
I love that Tom Cruise uses the anger of Jessup (Nicholson) to win the case.
His role in the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest will always be my favorite.
Aslan Khedira Diego
Aslan Khedira Diego:
Next time! Nicholas Cage: The poetry of the Breakdown
Next video do Leonardo Di Caprio Master of FREAKOUT!!
Ryan Gettig
Ryan Gettig:
King Of Marvin Garden's May Be His Masterpiece:)
Fred Strydom
Fred Strydom:
Ive always maintained a younger buffed-up Jack Nicholson would've made the perfect Wolverine.
This is definitely why he was chose as his role for Anger Management, because he is the master of anger.
I think from now on when I get angry I'm going to refer to is as having "A Jack Attack". lol
He was weirdly sexy back in the day. I can't believe I'm crushing on Jack Nicholson now. 😂
Tristan Johns
Tristan Johns:
Jack Nicholson is a joy to watch.
Oscar Barbeito
Oscar Barbeito:
Nobody like Jack. The master of his craft.
UnCreative Deconstructionism
UnCreative Deconstructionism:
Steven ogg is like the calm jack Nicholson. imo.
Weird, I literally watched the shining for the first time yesterday and now this comes out
Funkky Monkey
Funkky Monkey:
Note: when he is in fear... he uses all of his arms and legs...
When he is in aggressive anger... his arms will flail, but he is completely planted and assembled...
Fantastic video. It's easy to write Nicholson off as an eccentric one-trick pony but you really bring out the nuance of his acting.
Catalin Lartist
Catalin Lartist:
Jack, the Marlon Brando of anger. The absolut actor!
This video was impeccable.
Beast Mode
Beast Mode:
Nerdwriter, you need to do a Donnie Darko 15th year anniversary film analysis.

Cult classic.
Fantastic. A genuine sense of understanding of Nicholson. He's one of my favourite actors and I still felt like I learned something.
Story Laboratory
Story Laboratory:
Jack has to be one of my favorite actors! In addition to his mastery of anger, I think his performances as The Joker in 'Batman,' Jack Torrance in 'The Shining,' and Randle McMurphy in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' make a great case for his mastery of madness and lunacy as well. Fantastic video.
Paul ofTarsus
Paul ofTarsus:
Great video, insightful, interesting and even slightly educating. We all have to deal with our own anger. I know I do. I absolutely HATE ignorance. And I LIVE in Arkansas. :)
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas:
He's always insane
man you know i'm an actress just starting out, and this video reallllllly helped me so much. i have such a better understanding of acting now, like i always knew that when you are acting, you are showing a character as a real, living person with complex emotions and depth. but this video goes into how the same emotions are always so different, how character and personality affects everything, and how everything in the environment of the character that could in any possible way affect the tone of the emotion, will always affect the emotion. thank you so much
patrick tilley
patrick tilley:
“The constellation of emotions”....
An apt description for the human condition.
angry reader
angry reader:
Every time i open one of these videos i think its gonna be some pretentious nonsense, but it usually ends with me being impressed and informed
Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan:
I had to rewatch this one twice. First time I was too distracted by Jack's acting.Too good
The true master of anger is Alex Jones.
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
Dissect the doors - the end
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya:
Jack Nicholson is one of the best actors of all time...🤦‍♂️
amazing work. one of the best channels on Youtube.
the power of observation and critical thinking amazes me.
That delivery and that face... Bone chilling.
I stopped 10 minutes into this film, this guy is making my anger issues go crazy
John Lawrence
John Lawrence:
The acceptable face of anger when you have a very expensive set of choppers
Veton Rečica
Veton Rečica:
This video made cry for some reason,especially at the end of the video.
Howard Treesong
Howard Treesong:
That was actually quite enlightening.
Harley The Salami
Harley The Salami:
Jim Carey is like the humorous version of Jack Nicholson
I feel like Jack Nicholson is a mix of Jim Carrey and Brad Dourif
Robert Curtis
Robert Curtis:
"Anger is an emotional response. A reaction to something."
Stevie Nines
Stevie Nines:
3:31 the way he says "Coffin" is so genuine
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez:
now I know why I like him so much, I have those moments every now and then, ha!
jason todd's thigh holsters
jason todd's thigh holsters:
Hi, I'm a 15 year old kid doing theatre and I'm going to portraying the role of Shylock in a short monologue. And like his confidence and anger, I want to reach or atleast be closer to it to an extent. And this helped me, thanks a lot.
carol King
carol King:
He’s brilliant. Imagine doing that in front of a camera and booms and ordinary people all around him. He has to be the best.
He isn't afraid of getting ugly. In a world where Hollywood mostly portray humans as always being the prettiest little perfect things, he stands out like a shining idol.
Mo Money
Mo Money:
Awesome video! I can't believe I'm just now discovering you. Got yourself a new subscriber.
Dana Xu
Dana Xu:
Lest we forget Jack's road rage...

He is my spirit animal
K. G.
K. G.:
He is absolutly the BEST one, I❤Jack!
I love his acting in "As Good As It Gets" scene
Mark Ray
Mark Ray:
"Hey Landon, it's me, Jack Nicholson. I'm on set right now for the movie 'The Departed,' and I'm looking for the game, 'Hogan's Castle.' Do you guys have that?"
Ethan Carpenter
Ethan Carpenter:
Just found your channel, now I need to binge some of it.

Great video!
2:07 WOW Nicholson and a dog yelling at each other, I gotta see that film!
Helge Meff
Helge Meff:
Great Video! I love Jack Nicholson!
I just realized how much Steven Ogg reminds me of Jack.
Kevin Deegan
Kevin Deegan:
"Sometimes his anger is misplaced"
**Tries to bang motorcycle**
Amazing, I've seen all his films too haha I want to be an actor too and he really helps
Roialtee King, Nobleman, Officer
Roialtee King, Nobleman, Officer:
This was an outstanding video!!
Truly moving, well put together…
Great work!
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas:
i love how cunningly over the top he is
Tom Walker
Tom Walker:
You should do a video on Keanu Reeves and actors showing no emotion lol
the real anger is Jack Nicholson at a losing Lakers game
Michelle Keaton
Michelle Keaton:
This what I'm feeling as a actor this is me. Thanks Jack.
Nicholson is the EPIC villain.
Rami Barakat
Rami Barakat:
hey Mr. Nerdwriter, can you possibly do something on *Mozart or Charles Bukowski*. I am intrested to hear your thoughts.
Roger Wayne
Roger Wayne:
Nerdwriter: The King of Assumption.
Joseph White
Joseph White:
Jack is such s great character actor.
Both songs, intro and ending, mention smiling. Nice touch.
Aron Behar
Aron Behar:
definitely one of the greatest actors of all time but honestly im scared to death of him
Terry Miller
Terry Miller:
I love this channel! This may be my favorite video on here, well done!
joseph rio
joseph rio:
thanks for articulating his genius! my favorite actor
the artist
the artist:
You left out the best one, when he gets mad at HIMSELF for looking at the camera in The Shining and Kubrick left it in!
Awesome job man. Love your works. :)
Tony Ling
Tony Ling:
I miss the old nerdwriter intro. i love that swirl of the coffee cup.
"Exploration of relationship between body and mind ...." which the actor barks louder at the dog ..

Dude, give yourself a break from twisting your own mind.
Agustina Escudero
Agustina Escudero:
You're too good for youtube, nerdwriter... thank you for giving this site some dignity
_drops everything to watch a new Nerdwriter video_
emil hoberg
emil hoberg:
This is why I personally don't really like Jim Carrey, he always plays the same character in every comedy movie he's in.