Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® for "As Good as it Gets"

Frances McDormand presenting Jack Nicholson the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "As Good as it Gets" at the 70th Academy Awards® in 1998.

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You know who is the best actor in the world? You cant't handle the truth...
Grant McKeever
Grant McKeever:
Matt Damon lost to Nicholson, so he killed him in The Departed.
The craziest motherf****r in Hollywood is the best and most talented actor ever!
Olivia Gordon
Olivia Gordon:
The way he danced onstage reminded me of The Joker
Steven Moosa
Steven Moosa:
Jack Nicholson is the only person in the Universe that makes wearing shades indoor looks cool lol
*"You know Robbo (Williams), now i have one for every decade!"*
adi jaya
adi jaya:
He is more Joker in real life than in his acting
Jonathon Battiest
Jonathon Battiest:
I still can't see how he didn't receive an award for the shining.That was a performance.
Jack is unique, he doesn't need to act, just being himself is enough.
sea trial
sea trial:
Didn't say a WORD about himself, instead he dedicated the entire speech to others. Now that's a humble man
Lord Goat
Lord Goat:
Right before the old Hollywood died.
Good old Jack ...They don't make them like they used to in Hollywood. Pure charisma.
Can you imagine if Jack Nicholson were a mob boss and right before they kill you, he comes in and gives you a terrifying speech.
Nobody. Absolutely nobody, is as cool as Jack Nicholson !
Hayley Steele
Hayley Steele:
Peter Fonda's reaction is lovely and genuine. Glad to see they are still buddies.
Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan:
I have to say this "Nobody got A voice like Mr.Nicholson" Damn
Haha his "sinking feeling" line on Titanic's big night.
tk2 Ktt
tk2 Ktt:
I think the dance is reference to his character having OCD.
Paolo Manuel Fule
Paolo Manuel Fule:
He deserves this really in the movie As Good As It Gets. The film never gets old. It's still in Netflix as of this writing ;)
jeff cahill
jeff cahill:
maybe the best acceptance speech I've ever heard. He spent the entire time recognizing others and never said a thing about himself.
DAMN look at this man. He speaks with passion, joy, love and aaalways with a smile. You deserve everything man. So many good movies, so many epic scenes...
King Doc
King Doc:
That was one of the classiest Acceptance speeches I ever heard. Not About him but about a list of Appreciation. Starting with Being nominated right along with a great and popular list. Then making people feel good hearing their name who worked on it in a wider variety of ways. Finally to the deceased. While Acknowledging if his time would run out. And he kept it in time. And Acknowledging the Present audience... Excellent Jack....
Peter Fonda and Nicholson nominated 27 years after easy rider.
Love how he remembered them, like JT Walsh (Markinson) who suddenly died not long before this.
Nini Gabrichidze
Nini Gabrichidze:
Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon are my favourite actors❤️❤️
At Close Range
At Close Range:
Big Jack is the man. Best actor alive and what a voice. Unforgettable.
Jack Nicholson always has an air about him like he knows something we don't. He's cool like the other side of the pillow!
Black Swan
Black Swan:
When Tae says he sounds like Jack Nicholson and you just can’t control yourself, but have to check if it’s true...
His childhood glee skipping up to accept his award is pure gold.
adam kings
adam kings:
well deserved, nobody, nobody could play this role like he did. he is the best actor ever lived, and such a fun guy too
Don Morfeo
Don Morfeo:
Jack is the last true movie star; they'll never be another.
Roberto Demarco
Roberto Demarco:
The only actor that represents himself in all movies. He always act like Jack Nicholson. The best.
Alejandro Pastrana
Alejandro Pastrana:
Matt Damon was amazing in Good Will Hunting
Away Ausente
Away Ausente:
Such a very humble gentleman. The way he thanks calmly the cast and his fellows sounds like a ASMR.
He is crazy in positive way, that's why he is maybe the best actor ever :D
1:01 - I would like for all of us to take a moment and appreciate how drop-dead gorgeous Helen Hunt is here.
녹맨의 게임튜브 [NOKMAN]
녹맨의 게임튜브 [NOKMAN]:
I was awaken in 1997's theater. He got me BIG lesson : "even grow old arrogantly and Narrow minded,  it can be change If you ready to love someone."  This movie is Trully Masterpiece.
Takes his glasses off as soon as his name is announced. Classy
This man is the symbol of 80s swag.
How amazing it would’ve been if he gave Helen and Greg a hug
really classy speech and an amazing actor
Voice guy
Voice guy:
I remember seeing this and thinking Jack will be making movies for as long as I lived.Then he stopped.A shock to the system.
You forget he was born in 1937 and is from an earlier generation of Hollywood actors, getting an Oscar at this age really makes one think why he didn't get them sooner for his earlier works, 5 easy pieces, easy rider.... The Shining!
Genti M
Genti M:
I swear to God he is one of the best actors to have ever lived <3
Best speech ever. He could have gone on all night, they never would have forced him off the stage. :-D Jack is the man.
S. L.
S. L.:
There's always certain menace in Nicholson that even if he's all smiley and nice, it's as if he can throw darts with a quick turn in stare. He's as Shining as it gets.
Diana Braga
Diana Braga:
Great actor! He deserved few other Oscars too!
Moise Mensah
Moise Mensah:
His voice...what a CHARISMA !
A "Feel good, chick flick" that everyone loved because Nicholson, to no surprise, delivered.
Jack really should have given both Helen and Greg more time to acknowledge their performances and support.
Nothing but class
Annie Knight
Annie Knight:
I just love Jack, he is one of the best actor to grace this earth. So down to earth.
A P:
The way he comes on stage dancing and enjoying the moment puts a smile on everyones face
Sean Webb
Sean Webb:
Very few actors could win so many Oscars for playing Jack Nicholson. It’s rare to even be nominated for the same role in so many different movies.
He always thanked miles Davis in every single exceptance speech..he must’ve been very special to him
Alice Mestria
Alice Mestria:
How I miss Jack Nicholson... I'm always looking at the front row of every award show to see if I can see those wayfarers and that smile... I hope he comes back again, there will never be another Jack Nicholson <3
OMG, Matt Damon was the only young who was nominated for best actor beside these old people.. he's such a recognisable talent.. he could have won 2 Oscars if he won this category! he should have won this category.. he's the Most talented actor!!
Christoffer Sundberg
Christoffer Sundberg:
Incredible is not a strong enough Word to describe this actor. Very few others can entertain like he can
ciprian rufius luca
ciprian rufius luca:
Jack Nicholson deserved to win the Oscar for "As Good as it Gets". He was very good in comedies too, like Robert De Niro.
What a line-up: Nicholson, Fonda, Duvall, Hoffman, Damon. Those times are never coming back.
Considering how Nuts a lot of the characters He played were, He seems like the most chilled out guy. He’s truly a brilliant actor!
Obionenobi '
Obionenobi ':
He is the coolest actor ever. His voice is sick and he is hansome af. He is very mythical. Underated actor.
Black Noir
Black Noir:
I like how Jack tries to avoid the cracks, just like his character in the movie
Kent Jensen
Kent Jensen:
He saved Luana Anders for last. Made me tear up. Good man, Jack.
pup lover
pup lover:
Greg Kinnear needs a shout out. He was spectacular in As Good As it Gets.
Ram Bahadur Kami
Ram Bahadur Kami:
Al pacino de niro and Jack are three gems. World will never be the same after their death
Ursula Kur
Ursula Kur:
Easily one of the greatest performances by any actor. We never get tired or bored watching the movie and it's no surprise that it ran off with all the oscars that year
Ioana Pacurar
Ioana Pacurar:
They don’t even dare to put that music over his speech. Bad ass man. Lol!
Rob Rosenberg
Rob Rosenberg:
"Matt Damon must feel like he's playing on the Seniors' Tour." - Billy Crystal
Arun Sundar
Arun Sundar:
He stays in the character even while accepting the award😂
livia gherasim
livia gherasim:
i can not describe how good is this man in that movie , such a fun
He is coming for his 4th Oscar with the remake of Toni Erdmann.
"My old bike pal Fonda"
Mark Woldin
Mark Woldin:
One of the best acceptances ever.  Truly gracious, thoughtful and charming.  And how did her remember so many of the deceased -- and J.T. Walsh, too!  Bravo!
The applause for Jackie looks like a raging storm. Legend!
thalia Bird
thalia Bird:
His dance is a mood
He has the cheekiest mannerisms I’ve ever seen on a person loll
There is no one like Jack Nicholson. He can play any part/loved him in this movie.
Bernal Del Castillo
Bernal Del Castillo:
Lol its obvious how much Peter Fonda loves Jack! That's true friendship right there!
Miroslav Tomic
Miroslav Tomic:
He also presented Academy Award for Best Picture a total of eight times, more times than any other person in history - The French Connection in 1971, Rocky in 1976, Driving Miss Daisy in 1989 (along with Warren Beaty), Unforgiven in 1992, Crash in 2005, The Departed in 2006 (in which he co-starred, of course) and Argo in 2012.
Bingo Vegas
Bingo Vegas:
Wow, Jack you couldnt even turn around to hug or kiss your co-star Helen Hunt??? She was a big part of why you won!
Aaron O'Keeffe
Aaron O'Keeffe:
I think it's really cool that him and Matt got to work together in the departed.
Chris Cross
Chris Cross:
Jack Nicholson is a true acting Legend. The Man Deserves all the respect he receives because he is and always will be THE MAN!!! He deserved this Oscar so much
Rose A
Rose A:
I'm an Old Hollywood fanatic and Jack is one of the few actors today that is in the same caliber as Gable or Grant.
Is-Haq dhe ALBANI
Is-Haq dhe ALBANI:
You never know when he speak it looks like he is Acting nobody can replace this Actor of all time Jack Nicholson is true Legend big respect 👍
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer:
At 00:35, Duvall knows he's not going to win but in the back of his mind I think he thinks there's a shot. The Apostle was a longtime passion project of his and it produced the best performance of his life...and he knew it. Yet he also knew no one was beating Jack that night. It's a look of disappointment, mixed with a glint of faint hope. Its heartbreaking.
devrath sharma
devrath sharma:
He is so alive......that's more then an Oscar....
What is so impressive, is how he remembered so many names..even those departed.. you know what that means: That means everyone he works with gets his full attention and his respect, Legendary class act.,
Simon GB
Simon GB:
What a voice this guys got, that's cigars,Whiskey, and late nights.
SuBhaYU BiSwaS
SuBhaYU BiSwaS:
I don't know he mentioned "sinking feeling" to the fact that Titanic won 11 Oscars that night. He is so cool. 😎
1:17 Jack completely denies Helen Hunt here (blue dress) who as going to get up and hug Jack lol.
holland richardson
holland richardson:
He’s stepping over the cracks like his character did in As Good As it Gets
Eddie N
Eddie N:
This is the reason why every girl Hollywood back then fell for Uncle Jack. Smooth af.
Michelle Toscano
Michelle Toscano:
B King
B King:
He is always the coolest guy in the class
Noah J. Herrera
Noah J. Herrera:
"You know, Robbo, now i got one for every decade." XD
Michael G.
Michael G.:
I still don't understand why this brilliant actor didn't get an oscar for shining, unbelievable!!!
Crypto Knight
Crypto Knight:
Jack Nicholson crashed into a guy in down town Los Angeles. When the guy saw who it was his anger instantly changed to joy and asked for his autograph and told Jack to forget about the damage to his car. That's a true story and tell just how gigantic and iconic Nicholson really is. He is one of the few in history who are bigger than life.
Michael Jagger
Michael Jagger:
Who else has the charisma to pull off that skipping when he got on the stage! Best actor of all time in my opinion