Jada Pinkett Smith SPEAKS OUT Amid August Alsina Drama

Jada Pinkett Smith is bringing herself to ‘Red Table Talk,’ seemingly to discuss her relationship, or lack thereof, with August Alsina. The actress hit up Twitter on Thursday saying that there’s ‘healing’ that needs to happen following Alsina’s claims that Smith’s husband, Will Smith, gave him his ‘blessing’ to be in a relationship with his wife.

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Shia Ru
Shia Ru:
Watch Jada get on Red Table talk and say some shit like “what me and August had was not an affair but an intertwining of two souls who connected and vibrated beyond on a different level than friendship”
Tori Costen
Tori Costen:
Everybody would hate Will Smith if he was dating a young woman.
Tony The Gamer
Tony The Gamer:
August : I could die today knowing that i love Jada deeply”

Jada : “I got into an entanglement”
Awahd Samodien
Awahd Samodien:
August should’ve kept his mouth shut,he broke the side dude cardinal rules lol
Love Ly
Love Ly:
Willow’s face look like “this family ain’t normal”
T Kelly
T Kelly:
I already no Jada is going to get to the red table and start talking in riddles and parables!! Have to decipher biblical codes to get to the damn tea. 🤣😂🤣
Q B:
So we just ignoring his hair and suit. I mean literally looks like a clown sideshow Bob.
micah campbell - old
micah campbell - old:
"Life Partners" This seems like a classy way of saying they are in an open marriage.
Sounds to me like August is telling the truth and he is tired of being “tucked away in the closet”. His feelings got too invested and now he’s taking this shot to let people know the truth, and who he truly loves... hoping in some odd way she will admit it publicly and love him back!! Like it almost seems like a “Ima let these people know the truth and if you with it, then you with it. If not then fuck it, at least I tried and I was honest about it. I’m done lying.” type of situation.
Buttcheeks Mcgee
Buttcheeks Mcgee:
She took advantage of a young man who was having problems.
People like that are predators.
They mask it by calling themselves "mentors" " mother figure"..
It's freaking creepy
Carmen CaBoom
Carmen CaBoom:
I believe every word of August.
Jada is the queen of talking much and not SAYING anything at all. The Red Table Talk WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT WE WANT ANSWERED.
Cae Em
Cae Em:
Will always seems like he’s trying to convince himself of his reality lol
Tilly G
Tilly G:
What if it’s all a publicity stunt to promote both The Red Table and August’s career???? Wouldn’t surprise me
“We are life partners” is a nice way of allowing adultery. They’re just finding an excuse to sleep around at this point
She’s gonna say something like “what we had was not an affair but an intertwining of two souls who connected and vibrated beyond on a different level than friendship” (cr: Twitter)
Where's My Eats
Where's My Eats:
Jada said years ago on the Oprah Show she was never letting him go not even if they decide the relationship wouldn't work. She said he could live on the other side of the house with whom ever but they were stuck together for life. So unhealthy on so many levels!!!
Chinese Virus
Chinese Virus:
"Marriage to life partnership not involving romanticism"? WTF day mean bruh
Jet-set sam
Jet-set sam:
Sounds to me the "smith's" dont want that "sex freak" label (where ppl look at you with the side eye), but they wanna be able to do what they want without anyone judging them, so they come up with these philosophical words, to put up smoke and mirrors so they can be freaky without ppl judging them.....thus protecting their brand....i mean it is what it is.
Krissy Brooks
Krissy Brooks:
Jada is a succubus. She preyed on his weakness and naive ways. Poor kid😔
Shia Ru
Shia Ru:
It’s only July and Jada already been through August 😭😭😭😭
Mattie Davis
Mattie Davis:
Why get married just to have a life partner? Just be in an "entanglement" relationship? Makes more sense!? 🙄🙄🤔🤔🤪🤪
williams milton
williams milton:
people with fame lose themselves somewhere on their journey.
Gee Dee
Gee Dee:
🗣August said he sat down and talked to will. "Will gave me his blessing." Sounds like a open relationship to me!!!
No No
No No:
I always wondered what happened to Will, he seemed normal in the early days of his career before getting with Jada, his first son even seems somewhat normal. He became almost obsessed with a woman who was obsessed with Tupac and her own beliefs, they been tryin to make it work ever since. It's like he can't deal with his own issues, she's just weird, always has been, and now passed it on to their kids. Some serious issues with these two, it shows in how their kids turned out.
Leon Woodard
Leon Woodard:
This is when you need Maury and the lie detector test
Sounds like Will is trying to convince himself and the world that what he is saying make sense 🤦🏾‍♀️ a wife is a life partner at least that’s what it suppose to be until death do you part why is he trying to separate the two is it because he and will are living separate life.🤔
Trahern Moore
Trahern Moore:
A marriage is done over with once that person breaks that covenant that they made with God the agreements towards the one that they marry to forsake all others
He must've been 21 or 22 when they started dating. He obviously also has many issues. That's bordering predatory behavior. It's not okay.
Derek Solomon
Derek Solomon:
He’s 27 and looks like a child. Not like he’s not an adult male, but how he carries himself.
Lex Hall
Lex Hall:
"life partners" just mean "I'll be damned if I lose money and split assets" smh
lathi :\
lathi :\:
All I want to know is does J-Cole still want " that Jada and Will Love"
🙄 It’s simple math: Aug + Jada + Will = 3 some relationship PERIODT‼️
Angela Davis
Angela Davis:
The marriage between Will and Jada has been over for years. Jada is a prop for will. The two are in a business arrangement. This hasn't affected the marriage. The marriage was over a long time ago.

Notice at the end of the video he said "she has my support til death" but no utterance of love.
Harvemed Harvemed
Harvemed Harvemed:
I believe him and..... they had a relationship and she ended it.
Stace G
Stace G:
Jada’s mom always looks like she’s confused and trying to make sense of what Jada is saying. I could only imagine what goes through her mind...
Claudette Lewis
Claudette Lewis:
Will: did we go viral ?
Jada : fa sho
Aug: mom & dad how’d I do?
Gammy : nailed it!
Willow: The sun has aligned with Venus
Label Made
Label Made:
1:42 let's take a moment to admire his glowing beautiful skin
“I don’t like drama “

*proceeds to spill the tea on having an affair with Jada AND write a song about it*

BTW, in an article I read, he says after she denied the affair, he said that courtesy calls were made before he decided to go public .
Ghost 52
Ghost 52:
I don’t like drama but I did smash another mans wife 🤦‍♂️
Paisley Moon
Paisley Moon:
I'm tired of coronavirus and politics...I'm here for this drama 👀🍿
Denise Harvey
Denise Harvey:
“That day” She makes it sound like it was a tragic day. Likes she wasn’t to erase the memory of it.
Carlisa Mathis
Carlisa Mathis:
So sad how parents can’t influence their children
Alma Martinez
Alma Martinez:
It’s so sad when they say they’ll never celebrate or acknowledge their union of marriage right there those words Red flag all The way
Nakita Benjamin
Nakita Benjamin:
In his comment section on Instagram, I said to August: Jezebel wasn't without punishment. Remember that. The Creator himself strike her children dead because she continued to be a slave to her flesh instead of the creator himself. Those who participated in her madness had to be bedridden too with her in the end times. You know what her story reminds me of? It reminds me of Jada and yourself. Read Revelation 2:18-29. If Jada is Jezebel, let's see if her children comes up missing.

Hopefully that rings warning bells to him or atleast to his fans and to Jada's defenders about the situation.
Oba*** Man
Oba*** Man:
Jada pinkett Smith confirmed it today that she was having a relationship with August Alsina, jada is a married woman she cheated on Will Smith
Justine Graves
Justine Graves:
“She has my support til death” 😂😂😂 slick terminology 😍it
Every month there's a new artist that everyone knows except me, never heard of him until this
Jon Baynee A
Jon Baynee A:
Jada is a cheater that’s it,if you don’t celebrate your marriage break up brah
If Will doesn’t care why should we? That’s their messed up drama.
"Life partnership" Marriage of convenience.
Natasha Puente
Natasha Puente:
I been drinking tonight and just seeing this interview with him looking like this I threw up....omg this is so outta wack.... I feel for him
M Rivera
M Rivera:
‘Life partners’ That’s what marriage is mean to be 😂 Will and Jada
DesMone Ketron
DesMone Ketron:
Felicia Shepherd
Felicia Shepherd:
They just don’t want the title of being “divorced”
Dia H
Dia H:
So August would have been in his early 20s. Um, I'm hard pressed to believe that a woman with a young son is gonna get with someone else's young son. The Smith's are a little odd to me, but there are/were too many available options for either of them to deal with someone with the life issues that August has faced. Plus he didn't explicitly say that he and Jada had a sexual relationship. He opened the door for everyone to assume. Not cool. Either spill it with receipts or keep it between you and your therapist.

***Edit*** Listened to the whole interview. I feel like it was more of a mom thing than anything. He seems like a sensitive, expressive guy. His relationship with his mom was not great. I can see how he could potentially delve deep into a situation where he is finally getting the kind of love he always wanted maternally.
Angela Williams
Angela Williams:
Awww that’s beautiful Will but you & your wife are married, whenever someone gets married it’s supposedly is for life! You all are sooo damn extra , rich ppl! Smdh. 🤦🏽‍♀️
azizah oconnor
azizah oconnor:
This is not weird, my man and I are like this. However the idea of having another person involved in what we have is a NO.
On another note, Angela is looking gorgeous on this interview!
Carla Bellamy
Carla Bellamy:
I need a life partner. I need some intertwining, magical, soul-meshing... Yeah, what she said, lol.
Lmao. That fool said, Will gave him his blessing. How about permission or approval.
Hitokiri Battousai
Hitokiri Battousai:
I thought it was always obvious her & Will had an open relationship, it's been implied so many times. They just never came out and said it.
3:27 Will's "Fresh Prince"-ing his real life marriage lol... "You see, Uncle Phil... we're LIFE PARTNERS!!" 🤣🤣🤣
Alan Weaver
Alan Weaver:
Starting to understand why the children seem so off, the home life is the real truth teller.
Gpink26 Forever
Gpink26 Forever:
Jada: he's heading towards a clean life........in my p_ _sy!
Jada's mom: YAY!
zion caliman
zion caliman:
Damn jadas different if will was my husband I’d love him so much he’s a great person Jada just has a way with menb
Dwayne Caine Sr.
Dwayne Caine Sr.:
Its that Scientology stuff their into, Tom Cruise go's to that "Church" too
balam the knowledge
balam the knowledge:
3:16 the girl in the backrounds' face says it all
Liquid Bijoux
Liquid Bijoux:
Will & Jada are just friends sounds like and they don’t wanna split up assets.
Harold Jackson
Harold Jackson:
Til death do us part...that’s in the traditional vows. What is he talking about lol.
Really there’s “NOTHING” she could do? That’s hard to believe
Miss Cheryl
Miss Cheryl:
I believe that from her helping him stay clean and rebuild his life he took it the wrong way. I believe because they vibe he thought she would be with him
Kate Muccino Gandhi
Kate Muccino Gandhi:
How did we ever think that “conscious uncoupling” was exhausting? I’m thoroughly worn out by them after this. Was fun, through. Thx!
'Ammarah May
'Ammarah May:
Those pictures between him and Jada seem hella intimate. A married woman should never be that up close with another guy
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson:
"life partners" sounds like a life sentence.
Michael Kirkland
Michael Kirkland:
Eject "swingers"

Insert "life partners"
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez:
Angela brookes
Angela brookes:
This was Drama August but they still going to be lifetime partners together ❤
Tell Me, Monica C
Tell Me, Monica C:
Will and Jada try to make it all sounds so elevated, so "different" - but at the end of the day, it is an open marriage. Oh well, to each his own.
Joel Andrade
Joel Andrade:
That's hella weird that he got his blessing from will I would've clap those checks without he's blessing but just cause he got his blessing makes me think Jada has more partners out there besides August there's probably a June and July about to expose her next
Mike Boost
Mike Boost:
Idgaf who you are no man or woman will ever give another his “blessing” to smash his wife or husband point blank.
Will don't wanna divorce become he don't wanna lose his money 😂😂😂😂
Smart man
Will Smith: You ever made love to a man?
August: NO......
Will Smith: You want to?
“We are life partners” man gtfoh! Y’all just like sleeping around. LOL! These celebrities start believing their own bs. Making it seem they have this deep philosophical/next level understanding of things we everyday people don’t understand.
Ang3l_N_Blak Holiday-Bowen
Ang3l_N_Blak Holiday-Bowen:
I really like him and i am glad he spoke his truth..he has a good heart..i feel really sorry for Will though..he didnt deserve that!
Nikita McClelland
Nikita McClelland:
Y’all left out the tweet he made a couple years back stating Will beat him up
They always talked about how they have an understanding of their relationship and they’re both free to do whatever they want...so what is the problem?? 😒

Isn’t this the relationship that they both asked for...
Audry Wise
Audry Wise:
Jada bought this on herself! I love the old Jada! The Menace to Society, Set it Off and Jason's Lyric Jada! Where in the hell is she at?
Arlene Augusta Hair
Arlene Augusta Hair:
While people are focused on their relationship, I’m focused on August’s hair. 😩😩😩😩😩 I need to learn how to stay on topic.
I think it's so awesome Will saying "nothing can break our relationship" I feel the same with my wife.
Hassan Mwadzaya
Hassan Mwadzaya:
Is that a "Summoning Circle" in the background? 1:36
Sounds like something Jada came up with, life partners, non-traditional marriage. In other words open marriage smh, lol. Will was probably like okay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. He looks like the type that will just go along.
Drew collings
Drew collings:
August got played made himself a side show "bob" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nothing clean about Jada lol
Georgina Morris
Georgina Morris:
When ppl talk about old shit they 👀 for something 🤷🏾‍♀️
I remember an interview Jada did with Oprah some years ago and you could tell she was never really into Will like that it was more of a career move on her end, but he genuinely seemed to love her; Jada's heart was with Tupac not Will. I believe this dude is telling the truth.
Tha Lexus Specialist
Tha Lexus Specialist:
Well i guess Jada probably put that old ting on him more than them younger girls his age 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Zandi Buckland
Zandi Buckland:
We need Maury to bring in the lie detector test. I don’t wanna hear Jada’s confusing parables 🤦🏾‍♀️
SSD Durdan
SSD Durdan:
YOU keep the honey, even when its jammy, don't let it go hold tight of the hand even when that smooth touch done turned clammy, by any means avoid confusion and calamity with understanding, its never worth the reprimanding don't work the perfect plan expecting just the perfect ending, bottom line. Box office lovely and some grammys jn spite the secrete controversy Smiths is keeping money in the family..!! ....facts💯