Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith Confirm August Alsina Relationship | E! News

Jada Pinkett-Smith sits down with her husband on "Red Table Talk" to discuss her relationship with August Alsina, their prior split & how their marriage is today.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1169586/jada-pinkett-smith-admits-to-past-relationship-with-august-alsina-while-separated-from-will-smith

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Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith Confirm August Alsina Relationship | E! News

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100+ comentarios:

Bill DeSmet
Bill DeSmet:
She won't take responsibility and is playing the victim.
Berta's eye view
Berta's eye view:
Man this is akward to watch and nobody's business, really.
Albert M
Albert M:
Her: You cheated on me!
Me: No I didn't, it was an entanglement
Grant D
Grant D:
Jada acting while Will is broken and being serious. All for their kids
Prudent Mom
Prudent Mom:
Will look as if he had been crying before they filmed this
maryam mure
maryam mure:
The love is gone. You can see it. They seem like good exes on civil terms. There is no love in their eyes for each other.
T Y P I C A L T I N K:
boykie mogase
boykie mogase:
I feel Will's pain. Its all over his eyes.
f quint
f quint:
Lmfao “entanglement”💀
Jovanni Lebron
Jovanni Lebron:
Look at wills face when he said 24 years in counting u can see the pain in his eyes and face
R. Artis
R. Artis:
I don't like how they are joking like this was funny.
Darren Graham
Darren Graham:
It’s July But August Already Came lol 😂
Chanta Renee
Chanta Renee:
The ending was cringy AF!
Shimmy Isaacs
Shimmy Isaacs:
Why do partners think that if your relationship ain’t working that they have to step outside the spiritual realm and fix the pain with another person that is just crazy🤦🏽‍♀️ Just call it for what it is “You wanted permission for cheating” I get that this is life, but the cost is so high. Will just looks like a fool out here right now.
Robyn Retro
Robyn Retro:
Something about the way Jada tells her side of the story seems more concerned with making herself come out more favorable, while simultaneously diminishing the fact that there was another person involved who clearly wasn’t under the impression this was merely an ‘entanglement.’ People are not instruments to your soul searching, they’re real human beings with the same vulnerabilities. Glad you got some life lessons out of it, but if I were August, I would feel slighted by this cop out veiled as healing.
Jennifer Orlando Ludwig
Jennifer Orlando Ludwig:
I know alot of people won't agree,but,I think Will found out about the affair when the rest of us did.He looks devastated and blindsided.I don't think they were EVER separated either. Will&Jada made a promise to each other that no matter what DIVORCE is NOT an option. Will is doing this game to protect his children and so Jada won't be hated.
Cetribea Burundibwiza
Cetribea Burundibwiza:
Nothing but ACTING HERE😜😜😜
Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes:
"...bad marriage for life *fistbump*"
Oh my god that's so cringe.
Hana H.
Hana H.:
Not buying all this something is off
He's actually destroyed on the inside trying to play it off as hard as he can but it still shows...just the thought of someone else...a person who you looked out for being intimate with someone you have built a life with is devastating...lost respect for Jada
Chris Ashcroft
Chris Ashcroft:
"Entanglement?" This woman expects to be taken seriously...yes? For the ladies in the audience, if your man cheated and called it an "entanglement" and that it was YOUR fault, how heavy an object would you strike him with? Maybe she was practicing Jiu-Jitsu.
Melissa Seekoei
Melissa Seekoei:
Will looks tired, his eyes are puffy . Looks like he has been crying shame
Hmm ok so she took advantage of a sick person? 🤔
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse:
She's a narcissist and completely selfish, will is too naive as well, he should just leave
. this is toxic
angel knight
angel knight:
holllyweird has a weird way with "marriage" is all I can say.
Reyj Russ
Reyj Russ:
They are keeping up appearances and also trying to control the narrative.
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Henderson:
I’m never getting Married.
Knowledge Lover
Knowledge Lover:
Entanglement 🙄? even Will didn’t believe her.
J S:
"High-fiving" is the new "friend pat" on the back I guess. They are OVER. No coming back from this dumpster fire.
Think Tank
Think Tank:
Whatever! Not once did Jada APOLOGIZE to August for LYING. Ugh! I REALLY don't like her.
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia:
It sounds like Jada was the one that wanted out. Wanted some side sausage.
Brian Kabue
Brian Kabue:
With wills money and fame, F this. I would be out..
Don’t mind Will.. he’s just acting. He does that all the time lol
Jerry Lu
Jerry Lu:
What do the kids think about this
LAH Leslie
LAH Leslie:
This is like when Rachel and Ross were "on a break" on friends." 🤣😂🤣😂
Yoel Macias
Yoel Macias:
Welcome to HOLLYWOOD!!!
Carlos Collado
Carlos Collado:
Now I know why their two little crazy kids are totally out of their mind.
Jarrod Lewis
Jarrod Lewis:
This situation just gave Will the green light to be " entangled" with others AsAP!!
STITCH Davenport
STITCH Davenport:
“entanglement”... that’s one way to admit “affair” 😂 😂
lucky life
lucky life:
He looks really sad in this interview. My heart is breaking for him.
Omonike Mama Maxx
Omonike Mama Maxx:
Will and Jada are GREAT actors!
I wonder how many takes it took to get this right
Monika Troksiarova
Monika Troksiarova:
The table is round, but why does it feel that she is sitting on the "other side" all of the sudden ? And words very carefully picked from both sides. I am so sure that in private this conversation defenitely wasn't like the way they are showing it now.
She should’ve just said relationship. No one uses the word entanglement. Even Will had to ask her. Makes her sound like she’s trying to cover up something. Just say “Will and I broke up to figure things out and during that time.... I got into a relationship with August.” You were broken up so it’s okay. Say it like it is.
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens:
Am I the only one not buying this? 🙄 Love them both, but have believed for a long time that they are no longer married, legally yes, but not romantically 🤷💖
petey wheet
petey wheet:
Feral Capricorn
Feral Capricorn:
looks like a ‘really great place’ I’d never want to be in
Loyse Mainah
Loyse Mainah:
When a woman say "we were having a difficult time"... Do I have to spell it out 😂😂
Zannie Holmes
Zannie Holmes:
I don't believe in sleeping with married women. With that being said I would never tell other people what me and a certain women did in the bedroom, that's our business.
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson:
"Entanglement ? "
She's nuts!
She Belongs to the Streeets 💀💀
It sounds like she’s just trying to justify her actions so she won’t feel guilty
Crazy. Didn't know they broke up
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
*RECAP* 1) Jada played August. 2) Will lied (and looks like he wants to cry and cried a lot already). 3) They’re still lying by pretending they’re together. 4) Nobody believes them and we can tell August is being honest. 5) They’re trying to laugh it off for damage control but they’re pissed because we’re not cool with how they abused August. 6) The “sleeping outside” was true all these years. 7) Clear August’s name by having that convo with him there too.
What's done in the dark will always
come to the light. KARMA
Elena Rotestan
Elena Rotestan:
Wrong or right, they owe no explanation to the world. Their relationship is their relationship, and who are we to judge. Nobody knows what happens behind doors. Marriage, relationships in general are hard, add kids to the mix. Good for them whatever the case might be, they opt to stay together.
The Watchers
The Watchers:
Marriage means to become one, there's no separating when you actually understand that before you commit.
DJ C1:
Now this is a story all about how my wife got ENTANGLED upside down and I like to take a minute and sit right here and tell you all about how my wife had an affair!!

We ride together, we die together... bad marriage for life!!
Raymon Torres
Raymon Torres:
Will is going to leave that raisin soon
I’m gonna try that word:

“Sorry girl I got into an Entanglement last night at the strip club”
Toytoy Rae
Toytoy Rae:
Will like he cried b4 the interview, sickening
Jo Smith
Jo Smith:
Don’t let appearances fool y’all lots of “celebrities” have open-relationships, some even only staying together for image
Adriaan Cupido
Adriaan Cupido:
Just from the outside I would say there is a tinge of disappointment and pain on the side of Will and that he probably considers the "entanglement" as cheating but he's putting on a brave face and depicting a picture of emotional maturity.
The Goat
The Goat:
It's called quantum entanglement guys it's not cheating she was performing a physics experiment
Death Cheaters Guild
Death Cheaters Guild:
🎶 Now this is a story all about how. My life got flipped-turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute. Just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the prince 🤴🏿 of a town called Bel-Air. 🎶
Noel Blake
Noel Blake:
They are swingers and just haven't partied at the same club
Jerome Jozwiak
Jerome Jozwiak:
I would walk away you do it once you will do it again .
I would be done
Yasmin Omar
Yasmin Omar:
Intanglement I knew she was going to say something like that😂
Arkansas Homestead
Arkansas Homestead:
Now I can see why their kids are so OUT THERE!
Mama Bear 2020
Mama Bear 2020:
Entanglement that's going to be the new trend, sadly.
Will: I'm going to get even
Jada: you already did.... Pass being even.
Will: nah I'm still getting even.
Ride or die bad marriage for life 🤦‍♀️
Nerdy Scotsman
Nerdy Scotsman:
Situation feels like an Ross Gheller "We were on a break"
Madeline Ramirez
Madeline Ramirez:
"Bad marriage 4life" Ya buggin. U better than me cause I would have had to let go. Why live miserable when u can live in peace 😊
Alexis Valley
Alexis Valley:
hanah Fu
hanah Fu:
Will “we weren’t sure where our relationship was”
Jada “no we knew”
Jan Le
Jan Le:
en·tan·gle·ment noun: a complicated or compromising relationship or situation.
"romantic entanglements"Similar: affair, relationship, love affair. romance, fling
flirtation, dalliance, relations.
Vicki Ross Tudor
Vicki Ross Tudor:
I lost all respect for Jada. That was the most narcissistic confession I’ve ever heard.
Shorty Lusario Miranda99
Shorty Lusario Miranda99:
She belong to the streets.
Left Out Of The Conversation
Left Out Of The Conversation:
Entangled their legs 🤣😂
Khadija K
Khadija K:
Will: What is the name of the next month?
Jada: August
Will: 2:49

All credits to @Dalte on Twitter!
Helbigs Hitachi
Helbigs Hitachi:
When is she gonna reveal her lesbian relationships though?
I just can't see the ending of this as genuine, Will is a really good actor so I just can't believe it.
Sade Bre
Sade Bre:
I feel August was taken advantage of emotionally and psychologically. I hope he gets an apology. This whole thing ain’t sitting right breh.
Evalyn XinQi Luo
Evalyn XinQi Luo:
Taking a break when you're in a marriage or relationship means having time alone, think it thru then decided what is the next step... not starting relationship with someone else while still entangled with the current partner...
Marylou Herrera
Marylou Herrera:
What hope can you have for your golden years and the future of your grandchildren, when this is today's rollmodel for the masses.
Cyndelle Worrell
Cyndelle Worrell:
August reminds me of a friend that i let in and he took away my girl brainwashed her now she is unhappy
Elijah Elam
Elijah Elam:
"bad marriage for life" omg my ❤️
babs byrne
babs byrne:
I’d also like to know if Will had an Entanglement with somebody at that time 🤫🤔🙃 ..
If there were problems in the relationship-> it DOESN’T mean U go and full-around to fix it.
cinz lyfe
cinz lyfe:
The word of the month “entanglement” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liquid Knives
Liquid Knives:
"The only one to give permission is myself".....uh you married thought still. You and your husband share each others body a vow mostly said in marriage. So technically he has a say who you sleep with.
Mattie Johnson
Mattie Johnson:
Jada do like the rest of us loving married older ladies whom been blessed to have a partner god gave us for many years and call kandi beruss if that thing need more hard circulation and stay a faithful women and keep your pride and live your best life or move on and go buy you one until he tire of it all you a great actress and cute but I throught you do better then that but it’s yours god bless you🙏😘
I could see that is they’re both acting to cut the scandal of cheating on him shame on you how u accept that wills
Vanessa Rizo
Vanessa Rizo:
Why do I get this feeling there is a backstory or maybe they did a lot of therapy to get to this point. It’s just strange, but if it’s true well darn they are way more advance people than I will ever be. God bless them.
That’s sad. Will didn’t deserve that. He’s a Good man. I ‘used’ to like Jada...
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII:
"In West Philadelphia born and raised, in Hollywood where I got cucked most of my days"
Cerese Singletary
Cerese Singletary:
Oh I don' expect Will to hang around much longer. Will got played like a violin. He looks real stupid, not very bright.
Nadia Pauline
Nadia Pauline:
Omg are these two serious? They're literally in their acting roles trying to play off this affair. This is what you call damage control.

You can tell Jada is the controlling factor in their marriage...Will looks hurt.
Shannel Creary
Shannel Creary:
Dwlz "We ride together we die together..bad marriage forever"
I love these two😂😂
Will has done several interviews in the past stating they have an open relationship and that technically they have allowed each other to have affairs. These interviews must be still on the internet. IIF he has been faithful and she is the only one who hasn’t then still he cannot forget the interviews he has done in the past. It is no secret they they have an open marriage .
Naji Khalilallah
Naji Khalilallah:
“Bad marriage for life!”

Well dang!! That’s depressing. But naw, I know what they meant.