Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren • FULL WEIGH IN & FINAL FACE OFF • Triller Fight Club

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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren is an upcoming professional boxing match between YouTuber Jake Paul and former MMA fighter Ben Askren. The bout is scheduled to take place on April 17, 2021, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

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100+ comentarios:

Daryll Born
Daryll Born:
I'm surprised Jake is not talking with an Irish accent
the build up to this fight has made ben askren so much more likeable to the point where if he loses no one would really care lmao
Dojo Works
Dojo Works:
Ben looked like he was about to take some beers and a tube down a lazy river ride. (Comment vindicated)
Mo Lester
Mo Lester:
Bruh Bens looking like he did cardio one time in the 8th grade
The most depressing thing i have to do is type Jakes whole name to see the weigh in
Phoenix Beck
Phoenix Beck:
when you haven’t watched Jake Paul in ages and you think you can handle the cringe
Johnny Knowles
Johnny Knowles:
Kid: “I want to watch Conor McGregor!”

Parent: “We have Conor McGregor at home”

Conor McGregor at home: ....
Phat_Pharmer 08
Phat_Pharmer 08:
Look at the way jake does his face off and does that weird face and scream on the scale, he is actually a McGregor fan girl.
Ben looks like he could care less about the fight 🤣
When Ben came back for that hairline insult, I died!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards:
Damn Jake even hired a robot to be a yes man!!! Lols
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee:
Robot is a literal physical depiction of Jakes ego..... and Ben is Optimus Prime!!!
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
The way they kept saying "UNDEFEATED,, UNDEFEATED,," about Jake's record multiple times it's like they're trying to convince us he's on a 200-0 win streaks 😂
Jake said that Mayweather is insecure because the way he acts, throwing his money everywhere and shit, but look at the way he is acting, he's got a freaking mascot, and about 6-7 guys always with him.
Mohul Srivastava
Mohul Srivastava:
Ben askren is looking like a dad at the beach !! I just love it
Mahir Asef
Mahir Asef:
This fight has made me just fucking love askren, top 10 in Jim jitsu, MMA and wrestling then causally throws in disc golf.
Dana White
Dana White:
I'm betting 1 million dollar on Ben Askren.
Bradley Wellington
Bradley Wellington:
"I see a guy who said he needs to take a shit in the face off" Bro i died
Small Black Man
Small Black Man:
Literally nobody:
Ben askren debating whether he should double leg the robot
27:30 Mad respect to the guy who ducked to get out the camera. But again shouldn’t strayed up coz it’s Jake
Stephen Spiteri
Stephen Spiteri:
Askren makes me feel better about my own body.
rory macpherson
rory macpherson:
Someone tell william action jackson that hes on camera with millions watching. Man looked like he didnt know where he was.
Kyle B
Kyle B:
He talk all that shit about Connor but tryna do the same shit he used to do at weigh ins.
Kashyf Adam
Kashyf Adam:
I feel Askren's rib cage regret eating that fish last night.
My Spouse Lets Me Buy Comics
My Spouse Lets Me Buy Comics:
For coming in at 276 lbs, Frank Mir doesn’t look as bad as I had originally feared.
I like how Ben's team is full of mma fighters and the Youtuber's team is full of cheerleaders.
Ben knows there’s nothing for him to gain from this fight but a pay day! I’m actually starting to like the guy! 😂
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy:
I’m so glad Ben is taking this seriously, he’s in peak physical condition.
son off adam
son off adam:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 guy with mic is enjoying this more than jake and ben
Haha Jake security thought they were tough the other day but now acting like he's not scared of Woodley ripping head off
Blaka Pim
Blaka Pim:
21:41 That suit is so slick, but then you have a look at his shoes and think like "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSSSEEE"
UnKn0wN E
UnKn0wN E:
Ben is kinda fit icl and he reminds me of Michael townley/desanta from gta5 idk why but he’s just wholesome like that
Love seeing Tyron there supporting his boy
Cal Quinton
Cal Quinton:
Ben and I have same body type, really want him to do this one for the dads. Knock this guy out like he cheated on your daughter!!
JNH Gaming
JNH Gaming:
Jake wants to be mcgregor so badly😭😂
Saints Tales
Saints Tales:
fook me BEN look like he just woke up form bed and went straight to the weight in lmaoo with those flipflops what a legend! Jake looks like he trained really hard!
It looks like the editors did Jake dirty with the promo, Then the robot came out and I realized those where prolly just the best clips they had
This absolutely convinced me not to buy the fight
Mind for Combat
Mind for Combat:
I'm just baffled at how good Cunningham' looks at 44
Homeboy need's to do some pushups. He looks like he's been away for 2 years but 15 and 0
"Ok Jake, remember to do that McGregor shit during face off, it will make you look cool even if you are douche"
Jake during face off: "Oh shit, I forgot about the pose, quickly let me remeber how to do it"
Kal0 Oof-finity
Kal0 Oof-finity:
This man just smiles and waves,
Rene Lac
Rene Lac:
Jakes Trainer next to the robot is 100% on cocain
lol this weigh off with the faces he was making was baree funny, can’t wait to see this fight
Ellie Alvarado
Ellie Alvarado:
26:05 😂 when you do your first line ❄️
Stephen Collison
Stephen Collison:
This seems like a match-up of Jake vs his dad.
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker:
Damn, these Raycon headphones be everywhere these days^^
combat wizzard
combat wizzard:
I love at the moment of the stare down Tyron takes his hands out of his pocket and is ready for any Paul antics...BTW Paul stole Deontays costume! WTF 😂
Talsaki Vibez
Talsaki Vibez:
I rate tyron woodly coming to support Benny
Roman GD
Roman GD:
I'm back from the future and have seen the fight, Ben TKO'd Jake in early RND3 ☻☠
Imagine if that robot looses control and killed jake 😳
979 Williams
979 Williams:
Twood in the back looking at a career change
Neil Cohen
Neil Cohen:
This kid is such a Stan
Ryan c
Ryan c:
Imagine Mcgregor and Logans lil brother in a trash talk.
I swear Mcgregor would make him cry.
Just look how awkward Logan's little brother is getting off the scale, he's just a boy trying to be a man
I don’t like Jake but credit where credit is due he’s a serious contender in this boxing game fr🤯
dallas taylor
dallas taylor:
Ben better win this , if not , oh well . but I hope he does.
The Fredster 2014
The Fredster 2014:
I hope Ben isn’t just being too confident, you know that saying hard work works when talent isn’t working
Samo Leungeno
Samo Leungeno:
25:05 Jakey imitating a man who he so wants to beat?
The File
The File:
Pride comes before a fall.
Oz Mane
Oz Mane:
Ben by lethal uppercut lol he gonna summon the flying knee force then do the masvidal tap along jakes unconscious body 😂
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar:
Some people sleeping on Askren because of the masvidal fight, but he really isn't too bad despite the memes and media and the unlucky loss. I think Jake Paul has Benaskren for a beating.
antricio s
antricio s:
Did anyone noticed during the stare down that Jake mimed pulling out an arrow from his make-believe backpack, aiming his make-believe bow and arrow at Ben? All his actions are so planned and contrite.
Evan Legere
Evan Legere:
Jake Paul is freaking out realizing the meme of him out cold is gonna be 2wice as big as the Nate meme
Scott Barnett
Scott Barnett:
If Jake wins who next? Yoel Romero? T woodley? Hell if Connor loses again to Dustin it’s fair game 😂👍🏻
Keith Odell
Keith Odell:
I see a guy immitate Connor Mcgregor twice in a matter of seconds & my skin is crawling.
didn’t realise mir would be 70 pounds heavier, dunno if he can win but jeez
I just wanna see someone just snatch back jakes hair and see how mad he gets😂
Alexander Park
Alexander Park:
Ordered conor mcgregor on wish.

Got Jake Paul dammit!🤬
Only one guy looks like a fighter and only one guy actually is a fighter and they’re not the same guy.
terry granlind
terry granlind:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Paul trying the mcgregor scream😂😂and the Israel s hand
24:26. AAAAAHHH 😛🤫
Requelme James
Requelme James:
Ben is just so humble
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis:
And the fact that Ben got mocked out in under 5sec😂😂
I want Ben to win but I'm afraid he didn't take this too seriously
jake williams
jake williams:
🤣 trying to do a Connor
RMB plyaz
RMB plyaz:
Yo Ben kinda looks like he’s been eating Macdonalds for 3 months ngl
Mobius Xavier
Mobius Xavier:
He looks like he just spent a whole week binge eating every day.
Nicholas Noriega
Nicholas Noriega:
Damn even I look better with my shirt off and I just do pretty normal gym routines lol. But I know Askren is a legit fighter / wrestler and I hope he knocks out Jake.
Steeler Nation 412
Steeler Nation 412:
Does anybody know if fans will be attending it I'm sure there probably won't bc of covid?
Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno:
Dear Nobody
Dear Nobody:
Ben Askren looks like he is fighting Mike Majlak Instead of Jake Paul 😂
cool penguin
cool penguin:
Ben is so good at trash talking he makes jake look like the bullied lol
Walter Leyva
Walter Leyva:
“I have to take a shit” LMAOOOO
David Escobosa
David Escobosa:
I would say that Jake paul is the walmart version of conner McGregor but thats giving him to much credit dude is the dollar general version! LMAO
Did Jake just really do a Conor MCGREGOR stance 😂😂 noooooo
Ok my final prediction is in: Jake will win first 3 rounds, then Ben goes to his corner and whispers something to Woodley , round 4 starts all of a sudden you hear "I'm falling in and out of love, inandout of love whichuuu" Jake gets distracted for a second and Ben catches him with a left hook and it's all over.
// Luntyyy
// Luntyyy:
Anyone remember BJ Flores vs Tony Bellew? 😂😂😂
christian haynes
christian haynes:
Lmaooo did he really just take the time to put his pants back on just so people could see how ridiculous they look?
Reece binx
Reece binx:
Bens getting hurt. He is completely out of shape and he can't box this will be a sad day
Chaos Adversary
Chaos Adversary:
Logan's lil brother would trade him in for conor in a heartbeat
Young Man
Young Man:
Frank Mir is the other fight I'm waiting to see
Discarded Account
Discarded Account:
From what I can remember “sleepy deji “ didnt happen he won I don’t remember him nocking him out
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81:
I’m honestly scared Jake is gonna win😂 he’s way more fit than Ben. And if he wins, he’s gonna be on even more of a permanent ego trip. I don’t think I can tolerate that
Jake said hes a boxer with 3 fights but never faced a boxer lol wired times we live in
S M:
The way jake put his shoes back on before the face off to look taller
Darren Devins
Darren Devins:
Ben looks like he’s rolled off the couch, Jake looks like he’s researched Conors weigh in’s in the car on the way to the weigh in, going to be a terrible fight lol
Jean Desir
Jean Desir:
Hey Ben! Every great warrior got that one last stand on them. I have seen your your fights, u were in front of killers who try to take your head off, u took their best best and grind it out. There is no u can't lose to a youtuber. Every warrior got the same lineage like old Greek spartans warriors. Make us proud Ben, u all pulling for u. U can't lose cause u got a warriors Heart. Spartans aHoossss!
Garrett Botkin
Garrett Botkin:
Tyron woodley standing there wishing he could sleep jake lol.
Hanoi Tripper
Hanoi Tripper:
Mirs opponent looks like a 400m gold medalist