Jake Paul vs Logan Paul Sparring

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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.

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100+ comentarios:

I would drop an easy rack for this fight...
I’ve never been so happy to have a fast forward button.
Varoun's Vlogs
Varoun's Vlogs:
Their sparring was longer than the actual Ben Askren fight
PokeLegend Z
PokeLegend Z:
Anyways, In real life too Logan’s gonna win…Mark my word…he is a learner n when he crave for it he will fuck up everyone…
Me getting hyped when the fight started

Me: realizing their is a min left in the video and saying to myself, “something isn’t right🤣🤣
now this is what you call clickbait
Rickey Barnwell
Rickey Barnwell:
You know they're just building us up until they do actually fight and make one hell of a payday from it.
Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago
Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago:
That guy he didn't even want to laugh lol
"I always wanted to be john cena"
Tom Jazz
Tom Jazz:
Jake will never fight anyone who's taller than him 😂
Smhhhhh i thought y’all was really about it 🤦🏾‍♂️
You're a good kid Jake. Lay off the partying and focus on the sport.
NXP News
NXP News:
1:11 _when the teacher makes a corny joke and you are forced to laugh_
Progamerz ontop
Progamerz ontop:
"Lets give them what they want"
More like: Let's clickbait the viewers so we can earn free money
Diego Fernandez
Diego Fernandez:
Yea I actually love this I wouldn’t wanna cause no pain to my brother 😹
Typical Paul type of humor :D
That sparring was about as long as you'd last against a boxer.
Catus Bro
Catus Bro:
4:44 where the fight actually happends
HAHAHA🤣 , i taught they were gonna fight😂😂
Joshua Denny
Joshua Denny:
Was actually low-key hyped for the spar, I rate the click bait 👌🏼😂
Ncriss leapp
Ncriss leapp:
This would make money. Even as a brotherly fight. No ill will intended
Maj3stic 275
Maj3stic 275:
This was actually hilarious😂😂😂
“Give em what they want” we want to see you fight a decent boxer. Guy says he would beat Floyd...idk bout that
Britney Boyer
Britney Boyer:
I was gonna say I know you guys didn't want to spar lol love this 🤣
Thankfully nobody threw 'Monopoly' into the mix. That game will have you fighting your entire family by the end.
Aphiwe Ngcobo
Aphiwe Ngcobo:
The video timing gave it that they ain't fighting
Integral E
Integral E:
Jake Paul vs Paulo Costa would be great. 😁
Jason Odine
Jason Odine:
Shoutout to whoever edits these videos, your editing is dope 🔥
I’ve never been so sad in my life
Ryan Franklin
Ryan Franklin:
I just got click baited HARD😂
Baily Zeller
Baily Zeller:
That was literally the dumbest video ever.... actually would have been decent to see spar for real 😴🤷🏿‍♂️
diego zilla
diego zilla:
Love this 😂
realtalk till today i thought these two guys are the same person😂
Just saw an interesting article about how these guys drove over endangered turtle’s nests and YouTubed it.
Nice to know that the human race is really this stupid and cruel.
There is NO logic for that.
I knew this was clickbait but i miss the pauls vlogs
Dino K
Dino K:
these two are actin like they are mayweather or tyson LMFAO "gotta see this only on payperview" relax guys you arent champs in fighting haha
After a lot of consideration I am willing to pay $65 for this fight 😌
Keiran 2142
Keiran 2142:
Best click bait I’ve seen yet 🤩😂
Donald Quack
Donald Quack:
This was more entertaining than the actual fight
Bobby Burdick
Bobby Burdick:
This is the video we’ve all Ben Askren for!!
My prediction: Jake gives Snoop his money
Sammy brennan
Sammy brennan:
I ain't even mad he played me so well
You got me🔥😅
Señor Chang would perfectly sum up this whole video.
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba:
WOW! This video was so interesting!😆
MDJ Wicked vids
MDJ Wicked vids:
I love the Paul's how is pam so lucky
228 street
228 street:
So I took 6 mins out my day to watch this now I hope ben wins! Headahh fuck em up jake we rooting for you in fort worth texas!!!!
This video was hilarious. I was definitely expecting them to fight, lol.
Jesse Livingston
Jesse Livingston:
They’re both afraid to fight each other because neither of them wants to lose and they know it’s ending in a knockout, brother on brother is a different kind of fight.
Jonathan Man
Jonathan Man:
Tbh props that was hilarious !
Crusader Collectibles
Crusader Collectibles:
I literally feel like i got scammed for my time, and nobody else in the history of entertainment has ever been able to pull that off in all of my 29 years of existence. Which is sadly an accomplishment because across both my family and the general public, that’s almost impossible to do, and they fucking did it...
Love the style of vid bro. The editing is dope! Keep it up champ
Nomon Munir
Nomon Munir:
That was such a good troll
Reaction Lab
Reaction Lab:
I would pay all the money I have to see this fight happen 👀
izkey _1
izkey _1:
sam ouss
sam ouss:
Thank God it turned out exactly like I wanted 😪😂😂
Leo John Guinid
Leo John Guinid:
Ok. I have to admit, that was pretty funny.
I’m so pissed off that I laughed 😂
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming:
I Mega Approve.
Mr. DS
Mr. DS:
I would like to see the brothers fight mighty mouse.
Erik Nino
Erik Nino:
I’ve been waiting for five minutes and 11 seconds for them fighting with robot boxing game LOL 😂
Just imagine a 2003 or 2004 mustang SVT Cobra raced these two lambos
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale:
next time fight someone that will actually fight back lol
Snowy Joe
Snowy Joe:
Good stuff!
I fuc**** love this 😂😂😂
lil T
lil T:
I loved this
And I have to say they got meee to haha
Johnny Rice
Johnny Rice:
Jake got paid sm for a fight he knew was easy
Imagine wanting to PAY PER VIEW your brother. You've hit an all time low. And you've been lowwwwww.
Bryan L Rodriguez
Bryan L Rodriguez:
This fight is gonna make them both extremely rich if it ever does happen
The Seed
The Seed:
I was wondering why Jake was sparring fight week
Sean Saelee
Sean Saelee:
I'm definitely betting my whole house on jake paul next time 🤣
And this is why I skipped to the end lmao
Ayush FitnessTv
Ayush FitnessTv:
The holy grail of thumbnails
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez:
Wasn’t expecting that😭😭
Carmelo gianino
Carmelo gianino:
This is pretty hilarious
Caleb Lambert
Caleb Lambert:
Genius as usual. Best bros on the tube.
oh yeah i forgot they’re just trying to build up rep so they can cash out on a fight against eachother
i can see jake winning the fight against that other dude
Cassie Kendrick
Cassie Kendrick:
Me: thinking they were actually gonna fight each other
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez:
I’m pulling my bet and placing it on Ben now. 😤
Gakuba Nadjib
Gakuba Nadjib:
I knew the Pauls wouldn't fight just on this regular video
Adheeb Shafik
Adheeb Shafik:
Saving the fight for another day
garry whitelaw
garry whitelaw:
You knew the sparring is rubbish the moment they inserted the car montage..
All filler. No killer.
Dan Rhodes
Dan Rhodes:
OMG! Pricks 😂 I wanted to see it 😭
And Here I Thought He Said He Wont Post YT Vids Anymore But Im Still A Fan
eddie moreno
eddie moreno:
ok that was actually funny af wont even lie
Manuel Gettys
Manuel Gettys:
Well the result wouldn’t be any different even if it was for real
U guys absolutely trolled me🤣🤣🤣
Fight starts at 6:06 you’re welcome
Pretty genius promo.
Mario Chicas
Mario Chicas:
They did it as a joke but still got lots of views from it... imagine how much hype and money they would get one day if they ever decided to settle it once and for all in a real match ! 😱
KayLex Films
KayLex Films:
I knew when there was only 2 mins left, there was no way this was going no where
Brice Cordova
Brice Cordova:
When they get enough individual credibility, this fight is gonna pop off
Alexander Rego
Alexander Rego:
These kids actually have some skill
Sabrina Rockelmann
Sabrina Rockelmann:
as soon as they crouched down i just knew
Straight outta Comic Book
Straight outta Comic Book:
And this isn’t evidence that askren got into his head?? 😂 Paul’s are all cap 🧢
E-D Gaming
E-D Gaming:
I thought they were actually going to spar😂
Asmar Yaqoob
Asmar Yaqoob:
When i try to win, but lose. Throws toy on floor.
Gage Sanborn
Gage Sanborn:
Well the fight was interesting