Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Official Weigh-Ins

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Shael Connen
Shael Connen:
He left his robot at home after tyron called it “that dumbass robot”
Furys arms are so long wtf 😂
Jake looks like he respects the “fight game” about as much as most casual fans 😆
Askren: Let’s make a paycheck baby!!
Woodley: I want to kill this man.
Looking at his upper body Fury looks he was destined to be like 6'5 but his legs just decided to say nah and stopped growing
Terrell Green
Terrell Green:
Tyron definitely looks like he treating this fight more seriously then Ben Askren lol
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00:
Jake looked pretty drained up there. Tyron used to cutting to 70. This is gravy for Tyron
slim dude
slim dude:
Jake's yes man was screaming like his crush got on the scale lol.
I want to see the Tyron that knocked out Lawler to become champ. Bring that energy!
Tyron looks in incredible shape. I hope this fight goes on a while so we can see Jake get beat up a little bit. Im guessing 3-4 rd TKO.
Kibbie Lou
Kibbie Lou:
One thing we can be sure of, Tyron doesn't skip squat day
Ricky J Sports
Ricky J Sports:
I am so hyped for this event!!! Any outcome will have me shocked!!
Carl J
Carl J:
Tommy Fury has the longest arms I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
Excited to see tyron fight at the weight considering he’s usually hovering 170
Damn bro they nearly weigh the same good shit tyron 🙏🙏
Lol Jake looks like when you’re 10 years old and create a fighter in WWE😂😂😂
I see Jake doing a whole Lotta of hugging during the fight.
Finally an opponent that worked on his body 🔥🔥Much hope from Tyron to win this fight
Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li:
Did not expect Tyron to basically match jake in weight, win or lose, dude is stacked.
Shaun Simon
Shaun Simon:
Jake looks so timid when he's among real fighters lol
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson:
Jake knows his 15 minutes are almost up. T Wood looking like a killer.
Man, even Jake's cronie in the back looks scared for him while Tyron weighs in lol
Kmc 468
Kmc 468:
Hundred percent with you mr. Woodley can't wait to see you fight this has been a long time coming glad your back!💯👍
Brian Amaez
Brian Amaez:
Jake Paul's face says it all, he looks nervous asf amongst all other emotions
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson:
Damn jake, i think if there were ranks for good looking fighters before the fight i think you can almost pass deji
jake paul: *stands on scale*
guy in the orange jacket: That defines greatness
Sabrina Love
Sabrina Love:
Tyrone at 189 pounds is awesome and he doesn’t have to cut weight im so excited for this fight
No one has ever clapped and cheered for me when I stepped on a scale
Northern King
Northern King:
Lil Fury looks like a beast, if he has even 60% of his brothers skills look out!!
A fully hydrated, no pressure relaxed Woodley fighting at walking weight is a deadly weapon. He literally has no pressure on him, gonna be a show the whole world will watch
MW Pokémon
MW Pokémon:
Tyron definitely looks like he’s in better fighting shape than Jake, and definitely better than Ben was. Looking forward to this!!!
Tyron is looking like a 5x champ again!!
Kp7 Records
Kp7 Records:
Imagine deji in his next fight comes In looking looking like tyron 😂
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
Man, even Jake's cronie in the back looks scared for him while Tyron weighs in lol
xAFBx Moto
xAFBx Moto:
That dude in the orange clapping like he just cut 30 lbs for a title fight 🤣. The ultimate yes man.
Chantl Mcclary
Chantl Mcclary:
Tyron looks amazing at 189! Please move up to middleweight 😲.
hundred rolex
hundred rolex:
Taylor and Fury both look great! looking forward to that one.
AN7 Games
AN7 Games:
Woodley looks incredible
Livinit Feelinit
Livinit Feelinit:
Tyron It’s definitely used to fighting bigger guys. I’ve fought competitively at that weight and most guys are over 6 feet. I’m 5’9ft 190lb . Jake is not that big for his height
Rodrigo Faria
Rodrigo Faria:
Omg how does Fury make that weight? He looks huge, bigger than Jake actually
Yarden Azulay
Yarden Azulay:
T Wood looking fit as hell. either he sends Jake's head to the next universe or he gets beaten by decision by the jab
Matthew Chalifoux
Matthew Chalifoux:
This fight gonna be awesome no matter what happens.
It was a joke watching the first two weighing in lighter than Paul 😂
Lorenzo Corleone
Lorenzo Corleone:
Jake wasn't lying, woodley got cake 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Doge
Trevor Doge:
Damn Tyron is HEAVY for 5’9”
Humble Beast
Humble Beast:
Bro, T-Wood looks in better shape than I thought, let's go!
4200time B
4200time B:
Fury looks huge for that weight . good to know all the fights should be pretty damn good .the ladys fighting should be a solid one as well .boxing is exiting as ever thats for sure.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
I see Jake doing a whole Lotta of hugging during the fight.
Vucko X
Vucko X:
Watching T-Wood jacked, gotta give respect to Jake, fighting such a beast..
Making Comments
Making Comments:
Little Fury looks good, wish Tyson would get into this kind of shape!
Young King
Young King:
Tommy looks like a super hero🔥🔥
Common Peace
Common Peace:
Tyron is so monstrous it might've been the cut to 175 that pushed him out of UFC
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray:
Tommy Fury stepped in looking like Jake's lost robot 😂
T Z:
People calling the fight, from how they look at weigh in? I remember when they all did that for Joshua vs Ruiz 1!😂
Chris Dinelli
Chris Dinelli:
Fury looks like the Keebler elf’s got the parts mixed up at the factory when they were putting boy together.
Emmanuel Muniz
Emmanuel Muniz:
Anthony Taylor looked super worried when he heard him say 175 lol
Peter Talarico
Peter Talarico:
Props to Jake for a real fight though
Leggo “Chosen One!”
Fury lookin saucy
Jake looks like my nephew doodled on him
Woodley looks in war mode
No idea how Twood ever made 170.
Atleast Jake didn’t do his best Conor impression on the scale this time smh
Fury has the frame of an heavyweight 👍
Eduardo Escalante
Eduardo Escalante:
They should have met at 180. Make Jake come down a lil so he knows what real fighters go through.
Jack gonna be lying on the floor gasping for air ...
Rick Williams
Rick Williams:
Lol after seeing this
All I can say for Paul is "uh oh"...
Shannon Robson
Shannon Robson:
I'll tell you this, if Tyron looses this then I have a strong feeling all jake Paul fights are fixed!!
Tyrone looks amazing. Tree trunks for legs
The fact that Jake didn't do the stupid McGregor scream shows that he ain't confident this time around 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Looks like Tommy skipped leg day for some time 😂
Chad Hebner
Chad Hebner:
I try to give Jake the benefit of the doubt. I’ve watched him over and over again. I know he is in the entertainment business. If you watch the WWE which I love there is a cockyness to some wrestlers as entertainers. Jakes cockyness is far beyond entertainment. He’s on a whole different level. I just can’t for the life of me believe someone could be this arrogant and live with himself. Idk fellas?
hundred rolex
hundred rolex:
Woodley at 189.5?! So my first surprise of the fight, Tyrons weight, he looks jacked!
Boat Shoe Bobby
Boat Shoe Bobby:
Woodley let’s get that KO early on 💪
Tommy Fury has the perfect pody shape for fighting from the outside, jesus christ! That's some wingspan!
Mariusz Karpiński
Mariusz Karpiński:
Tyron will destroy him in the first round, mark my words!
Richard Ortega
Richard Ortega:
"oh he made weight, ok" Lmao!
Blade Insane
Blade Insane:
This whole set up looks ready to fight especially jake and Tyrone those boys look cut up asf can’t wait to see this
Let's go t wood!!! Cheers from Mexico!!
King of the Mountain
King of the Mountain:
Fury straight up looks like he should go cast for the next super man film lol.
Omar M.
Omar M.:
Want Jake to win so more MMA fighters can get a payday fighting him
Woodley for the FIRST time in a long time, finally doesn't come in a weigh-ins with a paled face
The ufc got showtime beat with the weigh in 😂
Eamon Shields
Eamon Shields:
Fury looks huge for 179
Matthew Belcher
Matthew Belcher:
Since tyron probably didn’t have to cut weight for this he will have so much more energy which he will need.
Who do you guys think is going to win this? 👀
i hope this fight actually goes past 1 round this time...
if it dont this the last time im staying up late lol
High 12 Farm
High 12 Farm:
Woodley is huge at welterweight to be so short. Genetics+hard work is a mutha! If Woodley gains respect early with his power and manages his cardio he should win.
I’m no body language expert but man does T-Wood look energetic and full of life. Taylor digging his own grave in a fight he’s going to lose lol such a one sided matchup.
Both weigh in at knockout weight. Exciting! Can't wait to watch it illegally 😂
Antonio Viscomi
Antonio Viscomi:
Tyron looks ready to prove his words. This time, unfortunately, jakes is gonna taste the real meaning of fighting a martial artist
Imma Savage
Imma Savage:
You can tell Tommy has been skipping leg day, my man got some lady legs
It’ll be interesting to see how Tyron moves not having to do a big weight cut like normal. Still not spending a penny on this though, but hopefully he sends Jake to the moon
Jake looks like he knows he’s in over his head and Tyron looks more confident than ever
Whoever that dude was who walked out saying "subscribe to my onlyfans" hope that dude gets slept
The American Patriot Show
The American Patriot Show:
Jakes face after he saw how HUGE Fury is!! 😆...
pat smith
pat smith:
Paul looks lost in his own head. I think he is regretting the decision to fight Tyrone in this video. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong
Neeko No Name
Neeko No Name:
189 and half Woodleys a beast at that , pure muscle . Can't wait hope he wins
Magnus Austria
Magnus Austria:
I think Woodley is definitely ready seeing that he didn’t train to be “built like a bag of milk”. 🤣
o B. D:
o B. D::
Hahahah I like the first guy “oh he made weight ok” playful banter is the best when it’s funny
J. Imler
J. Imler:
If Tyron loses, I’m giving up on life lol
Geez Fury packing so much muscle with a weight of 179 wow.
Am I deluded thinking 6/4 odds for Woodley is an absolute giveaway,, surely its easy money 💰