James Franco Discusses His Sex Addiction & Sobriety

James Franco details his struggle with alcoholism and shares that he’s been in recovery for sex addiction since 2016.

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100+ comentarios:

The Interviewer did an amazing job being silent when James shared his story and didn't try to interject as so many hosts do.
Ela  Gjeci
Ela Gjeci:
He seems very genuine in this interview. I’m very big fan of his work. Glad to see him taking responsibility and working to be a better person
el cal
el cal:
Its a never ending cycle of drug, alcohol and sex addiction in the celebrity lifestyle. James Franco isn't unique, he's one of thousands and although what he did was wrong, at least you feel that he's openly trying to understand and get help. Only time will tell how genuine this is...
I love how the interviewer looks at him with empathy instead of judgement
Heel Moxley
Heel Moxley:
Everybody can change.
Keep working hard James. Cancel culture shouldn’t be life and death for these people.
A A:
This is like therapy. He's just speaking the truth about himself. I commend that. I don't support or condone what he's done. But I'm glad he's admitting to it and working on himself.
baby girl
baby girl:
Y’all don’t even know, nor would ever be able to comprehend how strong he is for being silent for so long and then coming on here and speaking his truth like this. James has always been one of my favorite actors, and my respect for him has grown astronomically.
Really glad that podcasts are becoming just as, if not (hopefully) more, popular than talk shows. Thank you to the interviewer who just lets James speak instead of constantly interrupting him with ego-driven jokes to make him the centre of attention.
Carie Siltala
Carie Siltala:
Very proud of you James. This took courage. Crazy how easy it is to replace one addiction with another, subconsciously. Then once you have the aha moment its so powerful and humbling. We all all on a journey and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Much love to you.
I have BPD, and this guy really sounds like he might have it too. Everything he says in this video, as well as other stuff I've heard him say, describes BPD down to a tee. The empty void, the inability to form healthy relationships, the instability, the wake of damage you leave behind even though you dont mean to hurt people.
Marcio Novelli
Marcio Novelli:
As someone who has struggled with addiction myself, I’m grateful to hear him discuss his struggles publicly. You would forgive the transgressions of a drug addict because we all know they are a slave to their addictions, well, this is no different. I’m not even a religious man but I must say, “Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone”.
GREAT interview; because the interviewer is a GOOD LISTENER! And James is so honest and humble. Really good all round. And well done, interviewer; this is how it's done!
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson:
People make mistakes and I’m not condoning what he’s done. I appreciate his honesty. I’ve seen comments saying we shouldn’t forgive him but isn’t that a vital part of being human?
I’m so glad he came out and said this, even if it took a while he did it on his terms when he was ready to face all his mistakes and move on. This is good if he truly wants to change, you have my support in recovery 🙏🏾
Vee B
Vee B:
Damn I was so in love with him when I was a child lol I thought his dedication to academics and balancing his passion for literature and art while still making film was admirable. His career and reputation has really gone down the drain since then.
I absolutely love this guy, and to see him so low is just sad. I really hope he’s gets the help he needs. One of my favorite actors next to Charlie Chaplin. An amazing and lovable guy. I look forward to see what he does next
You can tell how genuine James is when he sighs deep before admitting a truth and glossing over that he was sponsoring other with problems. Nothing he did is justified but he seems at the very least remorseful and hhonest
Jack Plumb
Jack Plumb:
Regardless of the controversy, I’m happy to see James out there talking about it. I was a bit worried, not hearing much of him lately.
hayden bae
hayden bae:
It's sad to see him go through this; we can tell he's unwell and needs medical treatment just by looking at his face; he's just 43, but he appears like he's approaching 50s. I hope he pays for any wrongdoings he's committed and also redeems his life and profession. It's both funny and sad because I was just thinking last month about why James Franco isn't in movies anymore; I've had a huge crush on him since Spiderman, and he's one of Hollywood's best and most attractive actors, and then all of a sudden he released this information.
Ninuka Baghaturia
Ninuka Baghaturia:
I was a huge fan of James Franco before any of these things came to light. It was really hard, truly, because i looked up to him, but i couldn’t accept his behavior or turn a blind eye. It’s been what almost 4 years since the allegations? I’ve always wondered why he stayed silent, because it’s a human instinct to defend yourself or at least make everything little better by shutting down “rumors” (denying the accusations, which clearly is wrong), but now i understand why he didn’t say a word. First off, i want to say that i’m very glad that he admitted everything he has done. And i am glad that he stayed silent, because it means that he took time to reflect and change. Despite the fact that he has done horrible things, in this podcast, you can see clearly the journey he has come and the willingness to change, which is very rare. He cannot change the past but what he can do is learn from this mistakes and actually help himself because it’s obvious that he has or had problems, some serious problems, whether it’s with alcohol or sex addiction. I like how genuine this interview is, and the interviewer did an amazing job. Even thought, it’s not my place to forgive him, i truly believe that he is on a right path and that he can change, because he is in the process of accepting who he is and reflecting on the past, which helps one overcome the issues and be a better person for yourself and for others, as well.
And lastly, i’d like to say good luck to him on this tough journey he is on, only because i truly believe that he wants to change.
Suburban White Dad
Suburban White Dad:
I love James Franco. We need to learn to stop cancelling people for past mistakes and quit acting exaggerative. Not everyone’s a monster, everybody’s human. Franco’s a smart dude and him waiting to publicly talk about this was his best move. Can’t wait for this trend to be over.
James Guy
James Guy:
he’s a great actor and never disappoints in his work.
Gary the dog
Gary the dog:
im happy to give anyone a second chance if they are willing to face what they did . he seems to be doing that . we can all be better
Ariel Yancy
Ariel Yancy:
One thing about me is I love honesty and truthness James really did tell all and I do appreciate him for that. I feel like everyone deserves second chances especially when this was a problem in his life he couldn’t grab hold too.
It is very hard with temptation. You can tell he genuinely understand . I can honestly say many of us would have done the same unfortunately if we were in his position. Learning from it takes will power.
"If I get that then I'll be happy. But it's not enough." I certainly can relate to that feeling.
Harry Skywalker
Harry Skywalker:
For him to come out and admit all these things now, it seems like he has come to terms with his mistakes and is ready to turn his life around. I hope he finds the light 🙏
Thank you for sharing this clip. Staying sober is never easy but it's worth the effort.
Spencer Altman
Spencer Altman:
Seems like a genuine guy, very sincere and understandable from a sympathetic stand point
Lucas Penido
Lucas Penido:
For the first time EVER, I feel some sort of sympathy for this dude. Hr always came off as arrogant and a prick. It’s the first time I see him coming across as sincere!
Chiffon Wilson
Chiffon Wilson:
Hang in there James! We are all people and human beings that make mistakes. Just because your life is under a microscope everyone has an opinion and place to much judgment, but never thinking of what our own mistakes we all make trying to live our own lives Regardless of our social status's, rich or poor. I am still a fan.
Tater tot casserole with salt
Tater tot casserole with salt:
Well at least he’s getting help. Doesn’t make what he’s done okay, but it’s important to look in the mirror and face the truth.
Tanya Lortman
Tanya Lortman:
I applaud James Franco for owning up to what he did and now is working on himself and starting to become a better person after that. Most celebrities don't do that but this makes me like him 100x more. Always have been a fan and will always be a fan of his
I love how this interviewer stayed completely silent. It was like listening to a real-life therapy session.
Lady Miss
Lady Miss:
I wish him well in his recovery
Respect to him being open and honest about his addiction and his personal problems. Most celebs would keep quiet and away from anything so they stay out of the press and news
Ruby Gomez
Ruby Gomez:
He’s talking! He had poor judgment when it came to making good decisions with the women he slept with, although it was with consent. After being in the spotlight for so long you would think he’d know better. I am so happy to see him answering these questions and happy to see him admit to these things. James Franco is not responsible for making certain decisions for anyone, even adult women. He’s talking about sex addiction and drug addiction which opens the doors to many other actors/celebrities that live this way and it should be something to be open about.
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye:
All of you forgiving James needs to remember that you can't forgive him bc what he did didn't affect you. Instead only the women he took advantage of can forgive him
Deer Heart
Deer Heart:
He’s a good actor and he’s handsome I hope he’s genuinely going to recover in recovery
Martin Weston
Martin Weston:
He has NPD....sadly if it started in his childhood it can be almost impossible to move away from without constant therapy. I totally respect him for what he says. I was with someone like him and it's tough for him and for the partner. I wish him the best.
I didn’t know much about him other than his films...
his confession and that host’s reaction... actually this is one of the most honest and genuine things I saw in internet for a while(specially hollywood).
But also hope he never get another chance for acting or anything like that cause we shouldn’t normalize this behavior just because he apologize or explained it.
Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz:
Good for him that he actually has admitted to his issues. That's the first step.
kapndk 1
kapndk 1:
Sex addiction is the only addiction everyone collectively condemns because of how it looks (and understandably so). You know how easy it’d be to fall into that trap as a handsome, young and successful actor? It doesn’t excuse the behavior but if people realize HOW people end up where they end up, the world would be a better place.

Maybe it’s the fact that you can hurt peoples feelings more directly with a sex addiction, but again, if things are consensual and they’re all adults, then that’s that. Not that we have to support their work necessarily or allow them back into these spaces but I think giving everyone a chance to learn and adapt to these new standards were setting as a society is the only path forward.
Trace Manns
Trace Manns:
I am in the same boat as him. It’s hard being addicted to sex and alcohol. I hope he makes a come back and people accept him again
The Outsider
The Outsider:
There is nothing wrong with his story or struggle..bless James Franco may he be healed by the powers of the light of the creator
nicole gio
nicole gio:
I was the person my ex bf was addicted to as a person and for sex. Most of us have addictions to distract from our pain and to reach that high....it's just that some are socially acceptable and some aren't.
Good for him for speaking openly and realising what he’s done was wrong. Murderers get second chances in life. I believe he deserves one too.
Vanesa Rodriguez
Vanesa Rodriguez:
Desde la primera vez que lo vi en Spiderman quedé flechada con esa mirada tan pícara y esa sonrisa tan hermosa, siempre me ha parecido super sexy, muy encantador. En cada pelicula que èl aparecía siempre me pareció muy talentoso actuando.
No puedo negar que su forma de mirar me indicaba que tranquilo no era pero bueno era joven, no era casado entonces por qué no vivir y disfrutar la vida, cierto? No sè exactamente como haya sido James Franco pero si alguna vez forzó a alguien a tener algo más pues eso ya no es correcto.
Si ambas personas deciden tener intimidad pues esta bien son adultos y si quieres etar con varios pues ya es decisión de los involucrados pero siempre con consentimiento.
Galaxy Walker
Galaxy Walker:
Im glad to see him speaking out and getting this out , addiction is hard
I'm glad he speaking about it and trying to get better. I support u Franco and good luck!
Jeff Arron Kingin Ourun
Jeff Arron Kingin Ourun:
You're defined by your courage and redeemed by your loyalty
Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Brooks:
As a SA survivor, it is very healing to here somebody actually opening up in such a raw way for once. However, it still concerns me that almost all of his victims were teenage girls. It would be one thing if he was just taking ADULT women home from the bar every night. I was groomed by my ex boyfriend when I was 14. He is now in prison for child pornography (not photos of me). Pedophilia is more common in men than we think.
1 Life
1 Life:
Addictions are a search for the Real Love that was not given by caretakers early on in childhood. Just watched Franko in the Deuce. Great series.
V. Polonez
V. Polonez:
I believe him and you can tell there’s a shame and just simple embarrassment of having to share such an intimate and private part o his life it’s really not easy to speak about something like this so openly those are very private and very deep personal struggles it takes a lot for people to open up like this
Nur Ulfa Aulia
Nur Ulfa Aulia:
honesty is a very important thing in life. honesty is a very good attitude that we must apply in everyday ✨

stay strong james!
I repsect his honesty and self reflections.
He didn't address his abuse and exploitation of women, only the sexual addiction. There is a certain malevolence involved in abusing and exploiting women that goes beyond the addiction to hooking up. He needs to examine his misogyny and degradation of women
I‘ve always liked James Franco a lot and thought he is such a cutie and so handsome ever since the first Spiderman movies came out with him and Tobey Maguire! Than the horrible accusations of him came up where woman accused him of many different sexual assaults and I was pretty disappointed but also shocked since I never expected that from him and always wondered how it could be like that since he seems like such a nice and fun person! I didn’t really wanna believe it! I think this is an amazing interview/podcast where is really opening up and being vulnerable and honest about everything and his mental problems! (i mean it could also be fake to polish is career and reputation because i don’t trust celebrities) but regardless I think he is a really cool actor and I am sorry he felt the way he did! I remember Justin Bieber saying the same that he had a sex addiction! Don’t even know how that happens but I truly hope James will get the help he deserves and can find the fulfillment and validation he craved within himself! That‘s the most important! I wish him the best no matter what!
Helena Giszter
Helena Giszter:
I find James Franco to be a guilty man who's handled his #MeToo "crisis" extremely well - socially, legally and financially. Guilty men usually do much better than falsely accused ones in this era... until the first mistake;-) And admitting "sex addiction" is an unforgivable mistake wheter it's done for PR sake or it's genuinely seeking some help. The time of Michael Douglas entering such rehab in the past is over and brutally speaking it's because of Harvey Weinstein. I just hope Mr. Douglas won't have to apologize for his rehab in the near future. But everyone "copying" Weistein is done now, it's a path straight to bankrupcy and jail time, I'm not kidding...
Вениамин Монахов
Вениамин Монахов:
I'm not defend James, but not everyone can admit that, moreover, not everyone agree that these acts are ugly. I wish him and all of us patience.
P.s. in Russia such confessions wouldn't have had the same effect(
Kodjo Dzata
Kodjo Dzata:
A lot of celebrities go through this behind closed doors. Not even in a million years I would imagine that I would have anyone close to me who would go through this, one of my very close army friends is going through it right now.
Unfortunately alot of people out there have many addictions and I feel like there needs to be a shift rather than cancel them out we need to be able to allow them to realise their mistakes and make q change for the better! Hollywood is rife with both male and females chasing fame, money sex and drugs so there's no wonder every other day there's accusations against another celebrity! Certain cases excluded where they deserve the jail time
Marcio Novelli
Marcio Novelli:
Those who have seriously struggled with sexual addictions to the point of depression, anxiety, and suicide, understand this all too well. Most have experienced some form of trauma, normally in childhood, that has lead to this compulsion. Like any other addiction, it’s a disease and a destructive one at that. We could all use more empathy in our lives and look at people with a more nuanced and balanced view rather than pointing fingers and containing them into a box based on the limited information we have about them.
Robin Singh
Robin Singh:
Atleast he has admitted his past in a truthful way.
Cykablyat 2007
Cykablyat 2007:
Man went from spiderman to a lot of comedy films his acting skills is top notch
Always found him a bit odd but certainly talented, glad to see him open up. Everyone can rebound
John Flynn
John Flynn:
Franco is the Greatest.
He should have won an Oscar.
Brilliant Actor.
Joshua Hicks
Joshua Hicks:
I’m struggling with the same thing man. It’s hard and I’m still tryna figure it all out
Kayla Malcolm
Kayla Malcolm:
Hey James if you ever feel like ending it all, go with that feeling !!!
I cheated on everybody." - I appreciate the honesty here but you are what you are and you did what you did. We all will pay or be paid for our actions in one way or another.
James I hope you get help for your issues man and can return to make hilarious content… I’m sorry your friend abandon you when you needed a helping hand….
mari jones
mari jones:
He can reinvent himself (again) as a different kind of 'me too' man, one who has self-reflected and wants to be an agent of change, but the women whose aspirations he destroyed with his abuse won't get that chance. He was already rich and successful and had achieved everything he'd set out to do. These young women were just starting out.
 Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told:
There was a day when I thought his good-looks are incomparable. Now he looks old although he is still in his 40s.
Just a kid that rants
Just a kid that rants:
No matter who is right in the situation, going out of your way to not hear both sides of a story is ignorant, dangerous, and borderline evil, because it leads to ruined lives on both sides. Starting caring about facts and not words.
Aresh behmani
Aresh behmani:
People James Franco is one the greatest actors of all time!! People make Mistakes he is human! but pleasee lets not destroye his life! I really miss watching him in movies and tv shows!!
Noidea forname
Noidea forname:
I love him, I don't care, the man is a great actor.
James didn't do anything wrong. He has flaws and he has had addiction. I also have addiction to porn and sexual content. It's not a good thing but I try my best to quit. Hopefully James overcame his.
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera:
You are TEARING ME APART Franco!
Peter Olsen
Peter Olsen:
Addicted to being addicted. We are so anal here in the US, so worried about how we will be perceived. I'm not bad mouthing him about what he is hoping to get in his life, but we are just so stuffy about our lifestyle here in America. We should try and live the best lives we can, but how is spending your entire life under a microscope make it more enjoyable. Self improvement yes, but keep it withing reason. I hope the best for him.
Princess Apollo
Princess Apollo:
The people that his hurt will never get that time back the fact that people are defending him in this comment section is gross. If The things he’s done to other people we’re done to you you would feel furious he has any platform like this the speak.
Oney Temple
Oney Temple:
James Franco has been a sex symbol since Freak & Geeks and Spider-Man so yea I'm sure he hooked up a lot. But hooking up and sending inappropriate texts or DMs to minors is different.
Lee Higginbotham
Lee Higginbotham:
What a hero.
Wish him the best and hope he comes back
Sayra Rivera
Sayra Rivera:
He’s actually sooooo raw in this interview
Andy Garza
Andy Garza:
I’ll always be a fan. Good to see growth in people like James. It’s inspiring to see that a second chance is given to everyone. We do have it with in ourselves to change.
"I'm a piece of shit that sleeps with other people's partner, but I'm sad so please love me" . . . right
Michael White
Michael White:
Amber probably emphasized with him and nearly manipulated him in thinking she shared a similar story; lowered his guard and then invited him over to ‘connect’.
Wow, I can relate to this so much 😟
Sadboi_Johnny 222
Sadboi_Johnny 222:
James you’ve always been my favorite actor but I’m not perfect either and what you did was wrong and I hope you know what you did was wrong and I hope your getting help.
He did mess up but I still miss James franco.
Mildred Williams
Mildred Williams:
I would like to see James Franco acting again. Maybe one day he will once the whole world forgives him. I pray for his full recovery even if he never acts again.🙏
It’s sad that these cases always end in a settlement of cash. True justice never gets served and it makes me question both sides. Not saying he should go to prison. But I believe you simply can’t buy you’re way out of things.
Courtney Palmbush
Courtney Palmbush:
He’s doing damage control. He had a pretty face and thought that made him invincible. He wasted whatever talent he had getting high and contributing to cultural icons like _Sausage Party_. James Franco is the textbook entry for white male entitlement. He’s been living it up raking in $ and hoping nobody notices that he’s got the emotional maturity of a toddler and the depth of a tadpole. Amber Heard is his soul mate.
N P:
I can relate with this
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
I wish him the best one of my favorite actors
Annamay anime
Annamay anime:
Do we just forget about what happened with him. However he did react better then most men and said, I think it is something that needs to be talked about.
Mitchio 23
Mitchio 23:
Wow just reading the comment people are so chill.... there's no excuse for what he's done but hell he's honest.
I don't care about anything else. I just like him.
Marty Ann
Marty Ann:
He needs to find a way to deal with the scammers pretending to be him. It's ridiculous how much they try so many different tactics to scam James's fans.
Ive noticed that people who dont drink or do drugs tend to replace the vice with sex. Chris D'elia is another example. People like to say that sex addiction is a cop out. And some people do use it as one, but its real. Im not sure how anyone can say its not. If you are so impulsively inclined to continue to do something that youre willing to ruin your career, relationships, and life over something, it is an addiciton