Jason Sudeikis Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Jason Sudeikis goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at SoleStage in Los Angeles, and talks about his massive sneaker collection, wearing Air Jordans to red carpet events, and the importance of his charity work for the Steps of Faith organization.

Steps of Faith is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to providing prosthetic care, hope, and comfort to amputees needing financial support. We help uninsured and underinsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need. We restore mobility, we restore possibilities. Steps of Faith works in partnership with prosthetists around the country who donate their labor, while we cover the cost of the new limbs. We Move Amputees Forward!

Link to watch the Thundergong concert: https://thundergong.org/
Link to donate to Steps of Faith: https://stepsoffaith.kindful.com

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What’s the best sneaker to wear with a suit?
Charlie Quinones
Charlie Quinones:
I love that he’s more of a sneaker head than 90% of the guests on this show
Sabrina Francolini
Sabrina Francolini:
“Bet you weren’t expecting this” but I ain’t mad
“you want to cover the 13 cents” 😭😭😭
koyi john blasio
koyi john blasio:
He still looks like he’s about to sell some marijuana...
Kinsley Pratt
Kinsley Pratt:
This shows how diverse sneaker shopping is not in race but in different varieties of people like producers to athletes to little kids it’s cool to see
Mathew Rossello
Mathew Rossello:
This is such a refreshing episode with a TRUE not-in-it-for-the-hype sneakerhead
Sir Raj
Sir Raj:
I feel like Jason is such a cool and funny dad, maybe a lil cringe but only towards his kids lol
This is like the equivalent to the Paul Rudd episode of Hot Ones. Nobody really asked for it but we’re all enjoying it
Simphiwe Mtengwane
Simphiwe Mtengwane:
Ted Lasso should've brought coach Nate with him.
Juelian Tv
Juelian Tv:
When is Adam Sandler gonna get on this show
Zach Roberts
Zach Roberts:
I knew this dude was a real one when he named his first son Otis.
He got my max respect. He's an OG sneakerhead, he don't care abt the hype, and he's a true Dunkhead. He knows sneakers better than any goddamn influencer hypebeast on Instagram.
Jaime José Hernández
Jaime José Hernández:
$2,400 for the Ben and Jerry’s...he got robbed
D Pictures
D Pictures:
It's nice to have more humble people on the show for a change. People trying to do good things for others.

Not just there to flash the cash covered in LV head to toe.
nic G
nic G:
On this episode of celebrities getting finessed by a sneaker shop...
After hearing the price total they be like:
"we will never come to the show ever again"
Muscle Hustle and Horsepower
Muscle Hustle and Horsepower:
He didn’t get the fire red 3 he got the “denim” fire red 3. Come on complex.
Anna J
Anna J:
This was a great episode, seemed like JLP really enjoyed this one.
Smell the Glove
Smell the Glove:
This was shot before the break-up announcement, Best Wishes to you and your family Jason.
Dawit Aron
Dawit Aron:
We got a legend in the building.... oh shoot never mind that’s cool kicks
Orion Tmarsel
Orion Tmarsel:
You need to see this man’s movie “We’re the Miller’s” classic comedy
can't wait to see him rocking the chunky dunkys on ted lasso
Nick C
Nick C:
Yup, Jason is one of the most down to earth dudes. Doesn't act, just is himself. Much love to him and his wife, both amazing people!
“we help people buy arms and legs so that they don’t cost an arm and a leg” man this guy is such a dad lol
“you wanna cover the 13 cents”😭
Jason is honestly such a cool guy.
Souf Side
Souf Side:
The nike outlet was paying people to take them wool joints last year 😬
J' Huang
J' Huang:
I’ve always noticed Jason’s sneaker game. Dope to have him on an episode.
$2,400. For Ben & Jerry Dunks is a robbery. FOH
I love how Jason is naturally funny like in the movies and seems like he’s playing a role but that’s just him lol 😆😆
Aiden millar
Aiden millar:
This man is a ✨legend✨
I remember watching an episode of ted lasso and noticed how he was wearing UNC 1's on set
Need Jerry Seinfeld to do a show
Imaad September
Imaad September:
Can you make the part of celebrity's buying sneakers longer...
Corben Carter-Dixon
Corben Carter-Dixon:
From VP Kamala Harris to Jason Sudeikis giving back to a cause only shows the diversity in which the sneaker culture has impacted pop culture while we wear the sneakers why not give back to those in need 🤘🏾🤘🏾
Carlos Méndez
Carlos Méndez:
I love how when it comes the time to pay everybody realizes they been scam but its too late
Loved every second of this interview. Jason is almost the same as me, I like to rotate my collection so they all grow slowly older together! Anyway, I exclusively wear Jordans and was slightly disappointed he wasn't wearing some sweet 1s or 4s..
Jay Chadwick Rugby
Jay Chadwick Rugby:
I've seen a few pictures of Jason Sudeikis wearing dope Jordans.
Seven Gee
Seven Gee:
Has Harry Styles ever been on the show? JOE can I finish
Judy Parker
Judy Parker:
I love that he’s more of a sneaker head than 90% of the guests on this show
Efren Rios
Efren Rios:
“Bet you weren’t expecting this”
Uhhh my dude I clicked on the video cos your face was in the thumbnail 😂
Uncle Serg
Uncle Serg:
Looks like they not inform their guests that they're about to be brutally ripped off the money. But hey... it's just entertainment🤦‍♂️😁
*Complex Sneaker Shopping never fails🔥🔥*
Josue Paulin
Josue Paulin:
In most of his interviews I notice this man's sneaker game and I'm glad he finally let's that out on this show.
Sahir Diesh
Sahir Diesh:
Who would've thunk it Jason sudeikis one of the coolest guests
"he's always a step ahead.... and behind"
C A:
i need that mustache , yo!
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez:
Watching Ted Lasso I always wondered who made the call on his shoe game throughout the show. Can’t wait for season 2
A B:
Am i the only one who find it awkward when joe says “hopefully he’s gonna buy some sneakers”
Eric Obinna
Eric Obinna:
"I got the $0.13" lmaooo
Tyler Appleby
Tyler Appleby:
“and these go on your FEET”
D K:
I knew he was a real sneaker head when I saw him wearing some Jordan's and a tux
Zo Lex3
Zo Lex3:
He said...”These go on your feet.” 🦶 LMAOO!
jaydotthekidd !!!
jaydotthekidd !!!:
Sudeikis is frfr one of coolest seeming guys. He could kick it with the homies. If he gets overwhelmed, we’ll just talk sneakers and hoops. Easy. Lol. Dope episode.
RJ Hill
RJ Hill:
The yellow huraches he’s wearing may not be expensive but they look so good
Adam Kenaston
Adam Kenaston:
"Have any marshmallows?" hahaha!
John Paul Gallego
John Paul Gallego:
I was really into Ted lasso, now It feels weird hearing his normal voice.
Marcus Bianchi
Marcus Bianchi:
Right when him and Olivia split up. Yikes
Chito D
Chito D:
Finally, a legit sneakerhead on the show. Been a while.
Liban Valladares
Liban Valladares:
They waxed him on those SB’s
Brad Ebright
Brad Ebright:
"These in an 8" 😂
Raul Rivera
Raul Rivera:
I hate to be that guy but those aren’t fire reds I think there the demin 3 s from this year. Dope shoe still.
Victor Oyewole
Victor Oyewole:
I thought his friend was about to wild out when he touched the air mags lmao
Vishal Patel
Vishal Patel:
We need Michael Jordan on the show
jose reynoso
jose reynoso:
only the OG know what his hoodie stands for ;)....
"Bet you werent expecting this",.............I have been waiting for this for the last 2 years. Dude was a slept on sneakerhead.
Nothing but love for Jason, dude is cool as hell, does awesome movies and knows his shit 🐐
“you want to cover the 13 cents” 😭😭😭
Srivatz Varadarajan
Srivatz Varadarajan:
“you want to cover the 13 cents” 😭😭😭
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin:
“you want to cover the 13 cents” 😭😭😭
Peter Jacobs
Peter Jacobs:
Love how almost everything in hip hop culture involves at least one reference to Kanye haha
Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima:
I love that he’s more of a sneaker head than 90% of the guests on this show
Taumr S
Taumr S:
Finally a KC guy on the show!!!
Enola Holmes
Enola Holmes:
How great would it be if Jason and Kristen did 'Sneakershopping with two a-holes' :-)
Jack Goff
Jack Goff:
Not expecting but definitely apart of my thanksgiving: I’m thankful for.... this video
What are you thankful for? (Funny answers only)
That Dude
That Dude:
leaves the wife "time to buy some kicks!"
Looking at his vid makes me realize I’ve whatched were the Miller’s more than any movie lmao
Fabrice Emogene
Fabrice Emogene:
Dope episode for sure. However I’m more curious about that beat after the intro 🤷🏾‍♂️
jovon J
jovon J:
The reaction to the prices are hilarious
Jayden Leon
Jayden Leon:
This fr the episode we never knew we needed 😂
Josh Hutton
Josh Hutton:
This is up there as one of my favorite episodes on the show. A low-key sneaker head with knowledge that enjoys rocking shoes regardless of hype. This is what today's sneaker culture needs more of.
Ron Hertzberg
Ron Hertzberg:
The only thing I don't like about this guy is that he ended his relationship with Olivia Wilde, damn that girl is fine
This was sponsored by Black Entertainment television LOLZ
Jack Goff
Jack Goff:
Not expecting but definitely apart of my thanksgiving: I’m thankful for.... this video
Sergio Ortega
Sergio Ortega:
“Bet you weren’t expecting this” but I ain’t mad
Mitchell Warner
Mitchell Warner:
Love watching a Chiefs fan on here!!!
Felix Crothers
Felix Crothers:
Hahaha he seems so chill. And his taste in sneakers is simply fantastic!
Glynda Schwendner
Glynda Schwendner:
He still looks like he’s about to sell some marijuana...
Mario Mendoza
Mario Mendoza:
I’ve been waiting for Jason he’s a true sneaker head
M sj
M sj:
the most underrated sneakerhead so stoked they finally got him on the show! 🙏🏾
jackson nguyen
jackson nguyen:
I just expect it ain’t Travis Scott everytime
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills:
I've always thought Jason's reason for success was just being himself true an being consistent not giving up
Ask Rhonnie
Ask Rhonnie:
A: I love seeing who in entertainment is a real sneakerhead. B: glad to see even 2 comma cats flinch at the total. 😂
Uncle Bobbi
Uncle Bobbi:
Ted Lasso is one of my fave shows
mike m
mike m:
Such a great episode and interview
19 88
19 88:
John 14:26
But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.
Reid Poirier
Reid Poirier:
When faze rug coming on sneaker shopping
Funniest man alive! Would be proud to call this man my father!! 😂
Tommy Dawson
Tommy Dawson:
"these go on your feet" LOL