JC Leyendecker: The Iconic Gay Artist We ALMOST Forgot

During the first quarter of the 20th century, JC Leyendecker's illustrations defined American style and culture. But by the midcentury, almost no one remembered him. What happened? Come learn with me about JC Leyendecker and Charles Beach, his model and life partner.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:48 JC's early life and career
11:58 Charles Beach's early life

15:57 Charles Meets JC
20:00 The Leyendecker Mansion
24:54 Family Feuds
29:17 Frank's tragic death
34:23 JC and Charles quiet life until the end
41:37 Conclusion
43:01 Outro and credits

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Thank you to @spinningrobo on Twitter for acquiring local New Rochelle articles!!!!!
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A massive thank you to the people who helped me in my research: Tod Ruhstaller of the Haggin museum for his help via email and for letting me goof around in the Haggin archives looking at JC’s stuff
To the Mount Tom Day School and Erin Dutton for taking the time to take me on a tour of the Leyendecker mansion
To the New York and New Rochelle Public Library staff for assisting my research
@spinningrobo on Twitter for sending me Charles’ interview
Lance Ringel, playwright of ‘In Love With the Arrow Collar Man’
My patrons on patreon who helped fund my research trip
And my family members who supported my research

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Kaz Rowe
Kaz Rowe:
Hey folks, someone kindly brought up that I should have talked a bit about some issues in Leyendecker's paintings in this video. I didn't go into this because, since there are already so many artistic analyses of his artwork out there, I wanted to focus wholly on his biography (I also planned on talking about this in a future video I'm working on, but I'd like it noted here as well). But in hindsight I do feel I should have talked about this in the video. As with nearly every Golden Age illustrator, Leyendecker's work for the Saturday Evening Post (a pointedly conservative publication of the time) suffers from a racial standpoint. Back then, the Post had a rule stating that all black people in the illustrations could only be portrayed performing acts of service. In several of the Post covers there are also Native Americans portrayed in a stereotypical and offensive manner. It's completely abhorrent. A few scholars have said that Leyendecker disliked this rule and tried to get back at it by placing these figures as the focal point of the composition. I think we'll never know for sure what his feelings were, but placing them as the focal point doesn't change the harmful stereotypes these paintings still employed. If anything, the whole focal point thing may have backfired by instead emphasizing the issues. But regardless these paintings are a problem and can't be ignored when analyzing Leyendecker's body of work. Anyway, I regret not including this in the video and I appreciate that someone brought this up to me. I was mistaken in deciding a biography video doesn't also necessitate a conversation on what an artist's work says too. But, thanks for reading!!
Azalea amethyst
Azalea amethyst:
Kind of iconic that the only demonstrably straight kid was the family disappointment
M. F. Hopkins
M. F. Hopkins:
Now I see why Leyendecker's illustrated men were so good-looking. He definitely had a type.
This is a great biographical work!
Ieva Dapkevicius
Ieva Dapkevicius:
That scandalous tale about Adolf, oh my! Your narration and visual accompaniments were hilarious!
this was fire, the extent of my previous research was wikipedia which basically says "mmmm he drew some guys and such, he had this bestest friend named charles who was his best friend for life and that is all we have to say on the matter" like ok thank you mrs.homosexual erasure
29:47 the guy really said "all female born after 1993 can't cook... all they know is mcdonald's, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie"
Oliver Sasse
Oliver Sasse:
I really loved this video! Gay history is one of my favorite topics (for i too am gay history) so a 45 minute video about gay artists is exactly what i needed today
Arlan Capps
Arlan Capps:
We definitely need a biopic of him and his family. I'd never heard of him until watching your videos, and I'm glad you're keeping his story alive.
.... Honestly as a gay artist myself (not just a musician) this is heart warming and tragic. I've always used my most serious lovers as my muses, even calling my first serious boyfriend my "young James Dean". I like to think that everyone probably knew about J.C and Charles but were endeared enough by their love to keep it a secret.... Maybe not... But it's happier to think of it that way.
Xavier Rodríguez
Xavier Rodríguez:
According to my grandfather, all the important cultural trendsetters, artists, philosophers, scientists, like Leonardo da Vinci and Sophocles were gay. I thought it might be appropriate to mention.
About the “memories going up in flames”, Racgel Carson was a prominent figure at my former university. People believe she was a lesbian. I looked more into it and found that she had her letters to her “best friends” burned. Its quite sad that queer people in history had to do that, i cant imagine how hard all of this would be
I'm a big fan of JC Leyendecker. I grew up in lower Westchester County and never knew he existed until about 2012. His art is amazing. His brother's art was so good too. So unfortunate that he couldn't clean up his act and have done more with his talent.

I currently live in a town very close to New Rochelle. I often drive by the Leyendecker mansion to pay tribute. When I looked online for photos of JC Leyendecker and of his New Rochelle home I was saddened that there didn't appear to be a lot. I'm glad you showed them. I wish his mansion and the grounds were made into a museum. At least the home still exists.

Discovering JC Leyendecker's art and his story was so magical for me. Your video on him and his brother is great!! I am so happy you made it and feel the same way about him, his work, and his place as a prominent artist. Thank you.
Robin Ish
Robin Ish:
i started crying at the end this is so good
Yvonne Zimmer
Yvonne Zimmer:
I'd be so interested in a video detailing the parallels between Gatsby and Leyendecker. I had the long standing theory that there is homoerotic (sub)text in several places in Gatsby and the book drawing inspiration from a gay man just further helps with that theory.
Gen. John MacNamara and his PEIPs
Gen. John MacNamara and his PEIPs:
Not sure if you're open to suggestions, but Erik Satie (the French pianist from the late 1800s) was a very quirky dude and might make for a fun video. I wrote an essay on his life for school and I had a lot of fun researching his oddball responses to critics and whatnot.
Anni Tendo
Anni Tendo:
Don't worry the art community has not forgotten this icon! We still worship him!
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez:
Charles' last words about JC actually gave me chills, so sad, they really loved each other😭
The fabled Leyendecker video!!!!! It's finally here!!!!!

This was a beautiful video - I loved the costume and location changes, and the editing was incredible as always.

My favourite bit has to be the Adolf scandal comic - finally the gamer chair/scooby slippers picture makes sense.... (also wow what good comic panels! as expected of the creator of super cool webcomic Cunning Fire)

I already knew how much you love JC, his work and his story, but it really did show in this video. Thank you for sharing your research (and this story!) with us.
Helo Halo
Helo Halo:
It’s a shame that this is not turned into a movie, so fascinating
Polar Drifter
Polar Drifter:
Incredibly well-versed and articulate. This biography does wonders in regards to the recounts and immortalization of JC Leyendecker. His body of work is some of the most inspiring and influential amongst my peers and I absolutely love how you characterized him and his relationships here. I hope that his story will gain popularity in the coming years as more and more of the world is becoming accepting of queer individuals, because their work is truly groundbreaking.
Crispy Chaos
Crispy Chaos:
Hollywood needs to make a movie about Leyendecker and Beach. Maybe a small cameo of Rockwell since they were friends. Also how did you get these photos of Charles Beach? I've looked through the internet years ago and nada. I've even wondered where he was buried because the book I read, J.C. Leyendecker by the Cutlers mentioned Beached died but not where he was buried. Kudos to you for finding this info. I was really sad that Beach was alone and drank himself to death and to kick it off no one mentioned where he was buried or who was there for his funeral.
Longestdistance art
Longestdistance art:
When you said that Charles destroyed some of JC’s work after his death I audibly screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Vy Sov
Vy Sov:
were it not for my state of being one of the accused "dehydrated clowns," i would have been openly weeping by the end of this... beautiful delivery, the passion i've witnessed you growing and nurturing for years really shines forth here! if my history of illustration professor was still with us, i believe she may well have flown across the continent to personally thank you for such amazing work (global pandemic be damned). honestly, if i had the means, i would do the same - for this, and for all the excellent things you gift to the world.
thank you!
Also, just wanted to add that you’re officially my new favorite channel. The way you tell stories is so interesting and heartfelt; I can tell you really, really love what you’re talking about. You’re gonna go far!!! :)
Common people usually don’t know who Leyendecker is, but if you ask an artist, illustrator or an art major, they probably will know. He’s a legend, nobody can ever draws like him.
I'm so fucking glad it watched this video. A couple of years ago, I found out JC was gay and when i tried to look up historical information about it, I couldn't find any. JC is probably one of my favorite artists and I want to say that your video made me cry a couple of times. I am so so happy thank you for this.
I love Leyendecker’s work, but I didn’t know anything about his life. Great video, I really enjoyed it.
Katelyn Bowers
Katelyn Bowers:
“Like a great ship with the bottom dropped out” ok time to cry...
K J:
I've heard Leyendecker's art was inspiration, or at least part of it, for Team Fortress 2 and have been kinda fascinated with him since
I remember once seeing an image of Leyendecker’s paintings on Pinterest and I thought it was made by a digital artist, and it wasn’t till i watched this video that i learned otherwise lolol
Only recently found your channel: came for the history but stayed for the emancipation and gay vibes. And the critical thinking, surely!
I loved this video so much!!! I remember the first time I looked up leyendecker, before I knew he was a gay artist I had the strong feeling he was gay from his paintings. It was very interesting to hear such a direct story about how homosexuality was viewed in the 18/1900s. I look up to leyendecker a lot!
Parker Quinn
Parker Quinn:
I would love more biography type videos like this. I could really immerse myself in this and it's nice to know that in a world that hides queer figures from our eyes that people like you want to give life to them. As a gay man I've never known of any successful gay men in history and it makes me so sad. I have to buy the book you mentioned. Thank you for making these videos.
Ron Labhart
Ron Labhart:
I am so happy that you made this! I was 49 years old when I first learned of Leyendecker, but you went into more detail about his life than I'd discovered. It's so great to see a young person continuing to pass on our gay history. ♥️🏳️‍🌈♥️
These sorts of stories really give me hope that as a fellow queer person I might find happiness regardless of the worlds expectations of me. I'm still crying over this ending! JC has been a inspiration for me for years and I didn't know the full history of his end life. Thank you for this video!
Kat HJ
Kat HJ:
this needs to be made into a Netflix original series with the best costuming team seen yet.
i love this so much! ive wanted to look into leyendeckers biography a little more closely for a while now for gay reasons but never got around to it so i’m really glad i found this video (and your channel in general) :)
annie anshor
annie anshor:
dang, this was incredible!! i feel honored to have watched something brimming with this much passion. thanks for sharing <3
With the amount of research and knowledge you acquired, I believe you should edit and contribute to J.C. Leyendecker's Wikipedia page (Also, many other topics you've discussed). Not enough women, people of color and/or LGBT+ editors contribute to the platform. The overwhelming majority of Wikipedia articles are written by straight white men even though it is suppose to be for the people, by the people. You have a very detailed and articulate way of presenting facts and very cautious of your bias. If not, hopefully this comment might inspire others in a minority group to seek out and contribute to Wikipedia .It is usually the main source of information for modern humans and should present accurate facts. Not one group should be the sole authority on presenting information.
Мария Козлова
Мария Козлова:
That is literally brilliant! JC is one of my favorite artists and I always wanted to know more about his biography. But sadly, there is very little information about him, so I’m grateful to you for making this wonderful research and video!
R J:
I really enjoyed this one Kaz, as heartbreaking as it was. Thank you so very much for your hard work and eloquent writing. I believe that JC and Charles would be honored by this biography.
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman:
Bravo! Excellently done! I got a BFA in 1978, started working for a large advertisting agency that summer. They had huge clip art files for art refence and I discovered J. C. work as covers and ads of his from magazines were in thise folders! Of all of the other artists of the 20s-40s besides Norman Rockwell, JCL was the one who’s style I never forgot!
Bethan L
Bethan L:
The British accent that comes and goes is... so Gatsby :O
Léa Mu Biu
Léa Mu Biu:
I thank you for this. I'm floored that Leyendecker isn't more celebrated. I first saw his work only this year, but it's so strikingly recognizable and beautiful that he instantly became an inspiration for me—i.e. I memorized his name. Thank you for fleshing out his story :)
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson:
I don't know if Kaz will see this comment but I HAVE to share....

So, I am a kiwi born and raises in NZ, but my maternal grandmother was American (I never met her as she died 5 days before I was born) but *her* mother (my maternal great-grandmother) was a professional artist and, once she had children, she went on to be an art teacher in Seattle.

I never met her either but our house is full of her art; I have an uncl who is an artist/works on peter jackson films, but no one else in my (large) family is remotely interested in art, so my great grandmother has always been interesting to me. She painted rather large oil portrait of her daughter (my grandmother) when she was about 14 (late 1940's), and it's always hung in my family's house. I've always been facinated with the way she painted the brushstrokes; they're very angular but defined, detailed but expressive at the same time.

Fast forward to when I started getting more into art as a young teenager, and I developed this very specific, defined style that--much to my teacher's chagrin, especially once I started winning prizes--I could never explain or show an artist model for... I think I knew it was something like my grandmother's portrait style, but it was *also* like this falling-apart old, hand-bound art book that had no title and was just page after page of colour plates.... plate of which I learned, as an adult, were all JC's works. Of course I had no way of google image searching this stuff as a 14 year old in New Zealand, back almost 15 years ago now (yikes, me gettin old!), and no one around me (like my art teachers) talked about commercial work (they were all classically trained european artists) so raised the flag as to who Lydecker was, but it clicked for me recently when I found that book again; one of the plates had come loose, and I realised that there was a black and white image under it that clearly been cut out of a book..... looking much closer at all the images, I realised a good half of them weren't colour plates at all: they were hand sketched, etched and watercolour copies my grandmother had made of his work when she studied at the Chicago Insitute of Art. She had clearly studied him and, once I saw it I couldn't un-see it. She was a portraitist, and everything from the textured background to the way she built up skin tones... it's all Leyendecker. It's different enough to be unique, of course, but I just geeked tf out because it was so clear, and her copies were so good I hadn't even noticed as a kid.
Alex Salter
Alex Salter:
I didn't really know this story. I'm not American and I feel like this poor chap is even poorly known outside the US but I have seen his work before and I love it. Thank you for sharing his story and keeping the torch alive.
Thither Shook
Thither Shook:
I chose to research him for an art project and when I first looked at his illustrations I was like WOW okay- how do you draw men this hot?? I did some more digging and it turned out he was apart of the lgbtqa+! Im shocked that no one talks about him
oooh boy I didn't expect the last part with Charles interview to straight up make me sob... god this video was honestly wonderful and Kaz your seriously a wonderful storyteller and your one of the most handsome and beautiful people I've ever seen, keep it up and rock on.
Aurora Stark @splendidcyan
Aurora Stark @splendidcyan:
JC Leyendecker is one of my favorite artists, one of my inspirations for markmaking and composition. Even so, I didn't expect to get emotional as I watched this video. Sure, he's a great artist and he's queer, which is incredibly important to me as a queer artist. But knowing who he was is different from simply analyzing his work, and I'm so happy to have been able to see this. Thank you for this!
Cj Harshman
Cj Harshman:
This reminded me that growing up my grandmother had a few copies of Leyendecker's work and how I was always so captivated by how much movement it had (specifically his illustrations of children which was most of what she had) and how warm it felt. Thanks for helping to bring this memory back and help me appreciate the man who made them!
Claudia M
Claudia M:
i really love jc leyendecker's works. they're are just so beautiful to look at. thank you very much for sharing this to us. this might be random but where do you get your tie pin? i love it so much
YaBoi Ain’tShit
YaBoi Ain’tShit:
It’s such a wonderful video about and amazing artist. I wanted to know a little bit more about the guy before studying his work because I’ve always loved it, now I’m more motivated than ever to tribute him to the best of my abilities and never forget him. Keep being awesome
Kate Thielen
Kate Thielen:
I LIVE for that depiction of Adolf's scandal omg!!! If you wanted to, you could easily make short funny videos in which you read old-timey stories like this and do those unpolished pictures!! Unbearably charming
Julia Cheney Illustration
Julia Cheney Illustration:
Beautiful video! I’ve always loved JC Leyendecker’s art style, and I’m glad I could learn more about his story.
This was a wonderful video, and very informative, I wish it had more views! The way you narrate is very enjoyable to listen to
Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe
Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe:
This was so genuinely beautiful. I'm really thankful for these types of videos and their purpose to inform about the queer figures in history that otherwise would have gone under my radar.
Jim Gifford
Jim Gifford:
I found your video by accident but have always loved Leyendecker's art, and wrote about him in my dissertation years ago. You've done your research! and explain more than I ever knew. It's striking, isn't it, that so few photos of Beach exist. I guess we're to assume we see him in Leyendecker's work--and that has to be true--but it'd be great if some photos survived to show us indeed how striking a figure he was. It's an incredible thing to contrast all the great parties they threw along with their reclusivity. Talk about a house of divergent psychologies!--as you make clear indeed. Thanks for this video.
Sophia Nílsson
Sophia Nílsson:
"He saw what he saw!" 👀
*this is fine art and no one can convince me it isn't*
As a tailor the work of leyndecker has always been a great source of insperation for me. Thanks fr sharing his story!
I managed to escape tears all the way until the very end, when you mentioned how he had a great fear of being forgotten.

I’m not sure why that got me, maybe because I’m also a queer artist and the idea of, not so much never achieving fame but more so all the things I love and care about being erased definitely saddens me.
Or maybe it’s just because it makes me happy to think that out of so many queer people in history with vibrant and often tragic lives steeped in shadow and secrecy, so often forgotten or misrepresented, just the fact that I know about him means his story won’t be completely lost. And that made me tear up.
little selkie
little selkie:
I love the care, reverence and attention you very clearly put into this video (and your others for that matter, but it really struck me with this one) - it shows through beautifully in such a bittersweet story 💖💖 well done💖💖
AJ Firefox
AJ Firefox:
Such a wonderful story and a beautiful part of History, I found his art on Pinterest and it is absolutely as beautiful as Heaven's Light.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith:
M. Entera
M. Entera:
I learned about Leyendecker from my classical teacher back in the early 1980's. I'm happy that his work is being celebrated now, an rise that's especially due to his discovery by the gay community.
I've seen J. C. Leyendecker's advertisement illustrations for a long time and knew they had to all be from the same person. But I didn't learn of his name until a few years ago. The confident way he uses shapes and color contrasts is amazing. Thank you so much for this comprehensive and thoughtful biography.
Wonderful video! Always loved Leyendecker's art but knew nothing about him. So glad to know he was "family" although it obviously made life difficult for him. Thank you for listing your sources at the end! I now have several new books on my TBR pile!
Just found your channel and am so impressed by the level of research and care. Here for more queer heroes
Yudhistira Utomo
Yudhistira Utomo:
My head was swarming with historical gays, and you cut through that with “go drink some water you dehydrated clowns.” And I think I’m a dehydrated gay.
Omg you deserve WAY more followers and views on this video. Leyendecker is suchhh a huge inspiration to me and others of course. Thank you for this!!!
Thank you so much for this. This was very enriching for me & touched me deeply. You’re amazing.
Stephan Davis
Stephan Davis:
I am literally writing a screenplay about Joe right now. I bought Michael Schau’s book already! I really do think the machines are listening to me cause it randomly suggested this video after I decided to write this.
Troy Gaspard
Troy Gaspard:
That you made a comic about this same sex relation is wonderful. Our queer lives should be remembered.
I just discovered your channel after doing my own research on J.C. leyendecker and I am thrilled by the amount of passion and knowledge you portray in your videos. You most definitely have a subscription from me. Keep up the marvelous work!
Benjamin Peret's Rifle
Benjamin Peret's Rifle:
As an Australian who never encountered the Arrow Collar man, my first experience hearing his name was Herbert Hunke saying Kerouac resembled him
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa:
I recently read the great Gatsby for the first time and immediately thought of Gatsby when you mentioned the parties. this was excellently done and warmed my heart 💕 the part about his home becoming a school made me tear up a little
Varga Tomi
Varga Tomi:
This was beautiful and the ending made me surprisingly emotional. Thank you for making these videos.
Felipe Leoni
Felipe Leoni:
Thank you so much for this video. I’m a fan of Leyendecker’s work but had no information about his life. Learning that he was gay made me like his work even more, and it’s something I can definitely relate to.
Jessica P
Jessica P:
I had the pleasure of visiting the Haggin museum in Stockton yesterday - really a trip of spontaneity out of not knowing what else to do. I'm not art history buff by a long shot - the only Saturday Evening Post artist I knew of was Norman Rockwell. I visited the Leyendecker gallery and was captivated by his art style. The museum hinted at much of his life but when I found your video today was thrilled to learn more about this artist. Thank you so much for research. Agreed that more should know about his and Charles' life and work :)
Thank you. I thought I knew all about the brothers but heard some new info here. I have never been fond of Rockwell but it seems he was very good to Frank. His art being more traditional he became more well known over JC. I have collected both brothers' art for years from magazines and I sell on ebay. It's much harder to find many of the best pieces at reasonable prices anymore. Very different than when I started collecting 20 years ago or so. I especially like Frank's work. Thank you for your passion!
Thank you so so much for creating and posting this! This gives a really soft, private perspective into Joe’s life as an artist and is something that I never get the chance to access elsewhere. And love that you listed the sources at the end. Will definitely check them out❤️‍🩹
Diane Costanza
Diane Costanza:
One of my favorite illustrators. Gorgeous artwork.
Forgotten! Well it's been a year since this was published... I wonder if he's getting less forgotten? I keep seeing positive references to him in artist circles. Was it always that way? He's one of the greats.
i really enjoyed this video!! thank you so much for introducing people like me who hadn't heard of him before to his story and his art! i'm even german and love other illustrators of his time so i don't know how i had missed him entirely before, maybe because he lived and worked in america for most of his life.
Aspen Calloway
Aspen Calloway:
I love Leyendecker so much. ; v ; I've read one of his biographies, but from what I remember it really downplayed him being a queer icon. Ty for this history lesson!!
gimini b
gimini b:
Thank you for the video! It helped me greatly in writing a report for uni. JC Leyendecker is one of my most beloved artists, and it's nice to see you talk about him with such love. That intro is quite touching as well
Lexie Garcia
Lexie Garcia:
that was truly beautiful!! i have loved all of your historical videos but this one was something special. well done.
Arlequine Lunaire
Arlequine Lunaire:
While I was vaguely aware of Leyendecker before, it was of all things The Dagger of Amon Ra (or rather a review of it), a Sierra game whose aesthetic took a lot of inspiration from Leyendecker, that inspired me to start looking into him. Even then though, I certainly didn't know this much about him until watching this video
I just discovered your channel and I love it so much, this video was really informative and enjoyable to watch.
Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez:
Such a sad story. I just cryied with the end. Thanks for this video Kaz!! You're amazing.
Nathan Hittle
Nathan Hittle:
I'm absolutely struck by the tragedy of Charles Beach's life. Likely disowned in youth and widowed in old age. It must have been so horrible to return to loneliness in that way when J.C. died...
Valeria Nicole Perez
Valeria Nicole Perez:
I absolutely love your content, I just found your channel and I watched all the videos in the plane, it’s like it was made for me it just caters to all of my interest perfectly! Please never stop
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson:
Love this guy's art. Loved the bio on Netflix. And I love this vid. Thanks kaz.
Ali H.
Ali H.:
I'm from the Collar City and it's awesome to learn more about the artist behind the Arrow ads. Little bits of hidden history right under my feet, thank you so much for everything you do.
David MacDowell Blue
David MacDowell Blue:
Thanks for the interesting glimpse into history ignored/blurred. May I also say, as a relatively new subscriber, I really appreciate your own fashion sense as displayed in your videos!
I know we are (sadly) months away from Halloween, but would you please consider doing something about the seminal novel LET THE RIGHT ONE IN?
Trevor Kelley
Trevor Kelley:
Wow! I’m so happy I came across your video! I’m down a rabbit hole of vintage homoerotic art and photography. Thank you for all of your efforts into this bio! Now the original arrows ads I have added to my collection are even more valuable that that I have the backstory.
Amy de Buitléir
Amy de Buitléir:
A fascinating story told by an excellent storyteller. Thank you!
Lisa Maplewood
Lisa Maplewood:
You’re amazing at storytelling ✨ Thank you for sharing this story ♥️
Scott Bramlett
Scott Bramlett:
I love your work, Kaz! This was very touching, very informative, and well put together.
Ted Borrego
Ted Borrego:
Thank you for another wonderful video. I read a lot of history, but so many historians don’t spend the time or effort in the little nooks and crannies of cultural history. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep watching.
I used this video for a school project a couple months ago, and I got an 100! I showed my teacher this video (She wanted to see where I got most of my information) and she was amazed by your talent! Keep up the good work :)