Jennifer Aniston Dealt with 'Friends' End with Divorce & Therapy

Jennifer Aniston was the very first guest on Ellen's first show, and it came full circle as she returned as the first guest on Ellen's last show. She shared how she dealt with the end of "Friends'" 10-season run by getting a divorce and going to therapy. The Emmy-winning actress also reminisced about her past appearances and gave Ellen a parting gift.

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Jennifer Aniston Dealt with 'Friends' End with Divorce & Therapy

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100+ comentarios:

*Jennifer being the first and last guest on the Ellen show is so awesome to see.*
Keyon Davis
Keyon Davis:
Jennifer Aniston HAD to be there for the last show. She was the first guest Ellen had. That just hits you hard
I have so much respect and admiration at Jen Aniston's strength to not stay in relationships just for publicity. It takes a strong person to be comfortably single and not make disparaging comments about their ex partners/spouses. She is truly a role model that a person can have a fulfilled life whether or not they're married w/kids👏🏽👍🏽🤟🏽
Brittney Thompson
Brittney Thompson:
What I love about Jennifer is she seems so real. Like someone you would have and know in your own life, but she’s on tv.
Jennifer Aniston and Ellen have such a great relationship! Thank you so much Ellen for all the years! This show will never be forgotten! Seriously you can just feel the tears wanting to come out. You rock! Thanks for the memories! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This is such a heartwarming and memorable moment. Love seeing them together with their unbreakable friendship.💙💙
soppo aleksovi
soppo aleksovi:
her humor her kindness makes her more beautiful. She always amazes me. I admire her strength and light. She is the most beautiful person in this world. Love you jen.
Adolphe Sax
Adolphe Sax:
I knew Jennifer Aniston would be in the last episode of the show. Thanks for 19 great seasons, Ellen.
Georgina Lewis
Georgina Lewis:
I remember commenting on a video last year that Jennifer would be her last guest - of course she had to be!! Perfect ending :)
"Where did 19 years go?"

That hit real hard 😭😭😭
Tayma Salalha
Tayma Salalha:
Man this feels so heart warming and sad at the same time, I grew up with the ellen show playing on tv, it was actually the first ever tv show I’ve watched when I started speaking English 🥹 Ellen you did an amazing job and inspired so many people, thank you for making it happen to all the people were involved ✨
I love Jen Aniston so much. Kind, gorgeous, funny and humble!
Vivs GM
Vivs GM:
Jennifer Aniston was the perfect person to be on this final episode. We just love her, go on and melt down for her and anything she says.
Ellen you were my "imaginary friend" through your show through so many rough times, God Bless your Angel Heart. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. And Best Wishes for your next projects.
Michele Baldey
Michele Baldey:
You can see how much Ellen and Portia mean to Jen. Love this show so fitting to have her in the show first and last. Good luck Ellen in your next chapter !!
Manidipa Bhattacharyya
Manidipa Bhattacharyya:
This is so wholesome. The ending could not be done without Jenifer. 💓
Aisling Prendergast
Aisling Prendergast:
Jennifer Aniston has always struck me as being very real and down to earth how cool to be Ellen's last guest on her show as she was her first all those years ago
It’s awesome to see her attitude coming out toward her audience and fans
So classy
When you watch Jennifer you feel like home with your best friend 😊
Anj Quilinderino
Anj Quilinderino:
So much class the moment she step on the stage, shes the perfect guest for the final episode 💖
Joanna Cortez
Joanna Cortez:
Her humor about ending 'everything', including her marriage, after the end of Friends 😂😭 I LOVE HERRRR 💗 AND THAT HOTNESS THO 🥵🔥
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon:
Jennifer never ages. She looks exactly the same 19 years later.
ansh singh
ansh singh:
I'm gonna miss this show so freaking much 🥺, I love Ellen and everything she has done 💯 I love you Ellen 😍💚💚💚
Jazmin Ratzlaff
Jazmin Ratzlaff:
Always have adored Jennifer Aniston, she is the real deal, pure class, ageless youthful beauty and so talented. So appropriate and fitting that she was on the first episode of Ellen and now her final episode. Jen is such a kind genuine thoughtful sweetheart, love the thanks for all the memories mat as a present. 🥰😘😍🤩⚜️👑📺🏆😆🎭🎞♥️❤️💎✨🥹
jada bg
jada bg:
Ellen: How did you deal with Friends ending?
Jennifer: Well, I got divorce and then went to therapy

I just love Jen. She's genuine, kind, and classy. I'm just awed by her gorgeousness and how she carries that wideleg jumpsuit wirh grace. She's just so bloody gorgeous.
Samuel Wong
Samuel Wong:
I love Jen !!! She’s awesome in Friends and the other films she did !
She's an amazing woman! She takes on new challenges in life and isn't afraid of anything. Love her so much💕💕
Jennifer is so lovely. It is completely fitting she was on the show today.
Jennifer looks good 20 years later
Evelyn Tarawa
Evelyn Tarawa:
Jennifer is so down to earth and very beautiful as well lovely nature beautiful women herself
Johanna Schmidt
Johanna Schmidt:
I genuinely would love to see Ellen act, loved watching her sitcom!!! So funny 😂
I like how Jennifer seems to show her real character and personality 😅😅😅
sumaya choya
sumaya choya:
I love Ellen and this show ❤️ This show shows us how to make the world better ❤️❤️
I’m going to say the obvious! Jennifer is absolutely GORGEOUS!
Raquel F.
Raquel F.:
You will be missed Ellen. Thank you for all the joy and laughter you brought us.
Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself:
Jennifer is still gorgeous after all of these years.
Eliana Paul
Eliana Paul:
Jennifer and Ellen match so perfectly , not surprised they’re actually close in real life
XX523 325Xx
XX523 325Xx:
She is seriously the most stunning woman in Hollywood. She seems like such a sweet soul
How does Jennifer look even better then she did the first time she was on Ellen. Unreal. What a beauty she is
Shradha Nayee
Shradha Nayee:
Jennifer Aniston is such an Inspiration ❤
Grace nicole Perez
Grace nicole Perez:
Jen is just so amazing. She dances so well. I can watch her dancing for hours.
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers:
I feel Jen is a true friend.
Theresa Singer
Theresa Singer:
We're the Millers - one of my favorite comedies of ALL TIME!
Theresa Singer
Theresa Singer:
Thanks for being there all these years, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston! The We're the Millers sequel should definitely feature Ellen!!!!! Some pole-dancing is in order!!!!
J Fro
J Fro:
Love them both!! Thanks for all the laughs!
Ahlem Reves
Ahlem Reves:
you both are amazing ... it's heartbreaking to know this is the end of your wonderful show you have made people happy for more than twenty years and we cannot forget you
mikoy huio
mikoy huio:
This is so wholesome. The ending could not be done without Jenifer. 💓
I remember Oprah was on and in middle school I was such a fan, I’d watch her show all the time, then it ended. Ellen came on. Although I did not watch this show as often as Oprah, this show was always good fun and I liked watching my fave celebrities on here. It’s a whole generation that is moving on. Man, hits hard
Samanta Rizzi
Samanta Rizzi:
Ahhh Jennifer is just the best! Her comment about a saying of horse being beaten or something like that 🤣🤣🤣 she’s so funny!
Jennifer Chiang
Jennifer Chiang:
I love them being friends for a long time ! Two amazing women ! God bless ❤❤
Kamila Ojuri
Kamila Ojuri:
I ❤ her outfit I 🧡 her talent I 💜💖it all!
Bo Karlsson
Bo Karlsson:
I really like Jennifer she has a big since of humor 😊
OMG! I instantly became Jen's fan. I never knew she's a good dancer. I watched her movie Just Go With It on Netflix several years ago, sure I admired her beauty and acting but after several years have passed she still looks gorgeous, fit and fabulous and nice and funny. I'm your new follower now Jen. Just followed you in IG. I'm watching this vid for the nth time now. 😍😀😂❤️
in 2003 i don´t understand english... now, i can listen and enjoy this show! is so amazing, thanks ellen!
Ani Petleshkova
Ani Petleshkova:
It is so sad that this show ended in time when the world needs heeling and laughter the most
I cant explain how much i adore her. 🤩
Annana yung
Annana yung:
Jennifer remains popular for like 30years?! 10years in Friends, then first guest in Ellen show. and after 19 years Ellen show ,she still very popular 😱 Hollywood legend 😱
Carolyn Figueroa
Carolyn Figueroa:
Love both women for their humor and grace!!
Susan Bali
Susan Bali:
She has the warmest, most cozy energy 💖🥰
Fivien Sweet
Fivien Sweet:
Jen doesn't change a bit. She is still THAT gorgeous even MORE!!!!
lol world
lol world:
let me just say that jennifer aniston has the best hair of all the big stars out there
Zahra h
Zahra h:
Ahh I love jennifer Anniston. she is amazing.
Kesha Hunt
Kesha Hunt:
Jennifer always looks great, her and Ellen have to best chemistry, they should do a movie together or comedy skit
James Pittman
James Pittman:
I like Jennifer Aniston she is a great actress.😊
Sheryl Regalado
Sheryl Regalado:
Jennifer Aniston is such a walking sunshine 🌞💐💞
there's no guest more inspiring than jennifer aniston
Amy Bostic
Amy Bostic:
Jen is a doll and I love her work
Eva Ramirez
Eva Ramirez:
Jennifer Aniston looks TF GOOD! That woman preserves herself perfectly in every way
Ruby Mars
Ruby Mars:
“Where does 19 years go?” I wanna know the answer as well Jen!😭
Harshal Rasal
Harshal Rasal:
Aniston she still looks as stunning as she was 15 years back 🥰😍
Valerie King
Valerie King:
OMG, I LOVE that Donna Summer song!!! It brings back so many happy memories, before I became an adult and had to deal with real world issues.
Benicia Livorsi
Benicia Livorsi:
I would love to see her narrate nature documentaries or do a house fix up show with Portia.
OMG! Jennifer Aniston is still as beautiful as 20 years ago. Classy as always.
It was great to have Jennifer on this episode since she was the very first guest. Pink was also great too because any time she was on, the two had such good chemistry and were just so funny (remember pink singing in the bathroom lol). But I didn't understand Billie eilish being there?
Dirk Darwin
Dirk Darwin:
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! At least you don't have to watch Ellen anymore, so that's a great start!
BiYu Wu
BiYu Wu:
She was the perfect last guest for the ELLEN show
J La’Franco
J La’Franco:
I almost started crying …you can tell Jen wanted too. 🥹
Sanna P
Sanna P:
Ellen needs a sitcom’s and i will definitely watch it.
Vicki Cooper
Vicki Cooper:
Yes! Ellen should do stand up comedy....she is one of the funniest ppl I've heard!! Best Wishes Ellen!!!
BiYu Wu
BiYu Wu:
Would love to see Jen and Ellen on a movie together and reality show like Amazing Race. Perhaps they would bicker and that would be fun to watch.
Ashley Cadet
Ashley Cadet:
Her, Jlo, and Sofia Vergara are my faves with Ellen. Thanks for everything Ellen 💙
Alliezy, my neezy.
Alliezy, my neezy.:
19 years later & they both look the same if not better! Timeless beauties! ♥️♥️♥️
The SECOND she comes on screen…

I would LOVE if Ellen did stand up!! Her special b4 I cried from laughter!!!
Steph O
Steph O:
She must take such tremendous care of herself. She is so beautiful and ageless. What a wonder!
Alba Talie Phillips
Alba Talie Phillips:
I just finished reading 'it ends with us' last night and now this show just hits different
email my
email my:
Jennifer Aniston in the movie 'Cake' is absolutely AMAZING! i think it has been her most powerful role yet! Would love to see Aniston in love and happy. No such thing as perfect Jen! :)
Joy McDonald
Joy McDonald:
How appropriate cause they seem to be such good friends. Jen is so funny too.
Katarzyna Pliszka
Katarzyna Pliszka:
Pani Cher ten MECZ wygra nawet za zapowiadających. Jaka jest w porządku kobieta.
Christine Gonzales
Christine Gonzales:
She's such a great actor entrepreneur besides beautiful ❤️ God bless 🙏 Jen Aniston
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander:
God bless you both. You’re two of the most amazing women on the planet. Thank you 😍
Miyco Zayne
Miyco Zayne:
Thank you for the memories and the feeling you always give us, knowing that you have such a great ❤️ and truly bless so many lives, 🙏 😊 ❤️. You are more than a memory. Your who u r. When I was down, u cheered me up, when I was hurt, u turned it into a smile with your humorous, constructive criticism that was so spot on and joyous. I've never loved the pain more in my life. Ellen, your leaving makes me feel like I'm at a funeral or a celebration of life. Well I send my direct blessings to all who are watching and all who make this possible. Your memory will live on in my heart, and in my soul. Till we meet again soon.
Brisco Nathanael Rusly
Brisco Nathanael Rusly:
Jennifer must continue this show with her own name!
Melody Xaba
Melody Xaba:
I can't believe this is the final episode. I started crying watching them dance 🤧
Katarzyna Pliszka
Katarzyna Pliszka:
W porządku pani dawno, dawno to już wiedzialam. Wiele lat, że z pani się wszytko załatwi zawsze...
She’s so adorable
We’ll miss you Ellen! ❤️
Charry Lopez
Charry Lopez:
That thing about toilet paper is still funny and still so relatable to me.😅😅🤣🤣
If I close my eyes while watching this interview, i feel like Rachel is talking! I just can't think about anything else. She will always be Rachel to me 😭
Tolovly !
Tolovly !:
I'm gonna miss Ellen and the show. 🥺