Jennifer Brady vs Naomi Osaka | US Open 2020 Semifinal

Jennifer Brady takes on Naomi Osaka in the semifinals of the US Open 2020.

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Siya Mchunu
Siya Mchunu:
Osaka's mental fortitude has really come a long way in the space of just a year. She honestly has the world at her feet right now.
Philippe Mudaheranwa
Philippe Mudaheranwa:
I was just about to ask on another video why us open channel didnt release yet this match and surprise surprise I see this on my feed!
Finals-worthy battle. Some insane ball striking.
Best quality women's tennis match played in a loong time..
Felix Franco
Felix Franco:
We will finally get an Azarenka and Osaka match since we didn’t get to see them for the Cincinnati final.
How To Sims
How To Sims:
Osaka really played a great match, especially in the third set. Her serve, movement, shot making were on point. She is been playing so well since the return of tennis, and overall, since the US Open 2019. She is playing some special tennis right now. Congrats Naomi for making a third slam final.
wafflegaming official
wafflegaming official:
Brady has better forehands than some of the men onm the tour
Daws10 1
Daws10 1:
What a GREAT match jenn Brady will be around for a long time. And we already know about Osaka
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
I had to watch the longer version of this; amazing match. Two awesome players. Naomi was moving unbelievably out there.
Angela Shi
Angela Shi:
Naomi vs Vika! Intresting final!
Zweig Ackroyd
Zweig Ackroyd:
Much easier on the ears than the other semi. Congrats here to two terrific players.
Tui Donga
Tui Donga:
both muricans out today ... well done Osaka and Azarenka!
Jan dara
Jan dara:
Womens tennis has reached a great level these days 👏
Go Naomi Go. You are the best tennis player in the world.
That was an awful, disgraceful, and annoying one-sided commentary by Everett & McEnroe.
Zenco Suzuki
Zenco Suzuki:
I love so much this semifinal. Without screamers on the court:)
Sunil sunil kumar .G.N
Sunil sunil kumar .G.N:
Brady definitely next big thing fr american tennis if she keep this level all the best Naomi and Vika
Matt N8
Matt N8:
What a great match this was. Powerful serves and forehands on display from start to finish. Both are very strong mentally too. A great rivalry has just started. Naomi played a little better though and should be the favourite against Azarenka to win her third Grand Slam title in the final. Go Naomi !!!
ronald collins
ronald collins:
Excellent!! Naomi!! World Class job. Stay focused and positive, you will win your third grand slam title
koh ichi
koh ichi:
I'm 120% sure Naomi will definitely win the tournament.
Brady is seriously amazing. Beautiful form. Prefer her game anyday to Kenin and Andreescu. Her average forehand speed was higher than Osakas!
beloved child#Godislove
beloved child#Godislove:
I am soooooo proud of naomi right now..she has matured so much over the last year or fantastic on court..the silent assassin i must say..keep it up..have her for the win!!go naomi go!! #3 GS
A B:
Brady might outlap Kenin for young American tennis stars. But anyway congrats to Naomi now one more match to go before the trophy
I haven't seen finesse like Jen Brady in the WTA, she's flying throw the air connecting on some of those forehands. Definitely on my radar after this tourney. Well done to Osaka on clinching yet another GSF.
Very high quality tennis match, well done to Osaka! I think Naomi Osaka will win the title! 👍
Titus Tsiri
Titus Tsiri:
Naomi Osaka Keeps surprising me. What a player.
Brady needs a breakthrough. It's time now.
winston martin
winston martin:
Naomi you have been absolutely brilliant to watch this year go girl 2020
Rohaizad Rozlim
Rohaizad Rozlim:
Brilliant match, brady will definitely be one to watch this season, and osaka ofc is at her best, really looking forward to the final and how she plays
What a sight to strong women going at it, hope to see this in the finals.
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
Jennifer plays like a dark horse of any competition, that girl has a beautiful topspin forehand.....
Very impressed with Brady, great level and she played well on semifinals (sometimes the newbies feel really the pressure of the final stages of the tournament)
Kyung Hoon Kim
Kyung Hoon Kim:
Wow both players are hitting as hard as guys. The techniques are getting close to those of ATP as well especially Brady. (Another player with ATP technique is Muchova) Guess we’re watching WTA’s physical and technical elements are going up to another level
orin 3515
orin 3515:
this was a quality match!
william beaumont
william beaumont:
African power with Japanese perfectionism. An unbeatable combination.
Lalmuanpuia Mpa
Lalmuanpuia Mpa:
I love Japanese 😍
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi:
This is the Osaka we need in the final.
Shoty loves Stanimal channel
Shoty loves Stanimal channel:
Let's go Naomi!!!
incredible achievement already by the way! 3 major finals including 2 titles! 😳
Murali MS
Murali MS:
Osaka Vs Azarenka Final ❤️
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
I enjoy Osaka's matches !
Han_jan Macasam
Han_jan Macasam:
Congratulations Naomi 💪 🎊 ❤️
Jonathan Berliew
Jonathan Berliew:
Aye my dude cordae lol
Naomi Osaka is amazing! Brady had me worried for a moment. She brought it.

Well done match. Can't wait to see the full match
Lord Byron
Lord Byron:
High !... Power Hitting ..! Quality tennis..! By both players.
Could've gone either way. go osaka
Abdul Sami
Abdul Sami:
Osaka's game is so smooth and powerful.
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
her first serves getting harder, great naomi
Michael Liu
Michael Liu:
I'm definitely getting a left leg tape job before my next match.
Villa H
Villa H:
Both are the fighter ! 👍🏻Hope Osaka could dreams come true in final.
A Bernard
A Bernard:
Well done Naomi. Keep it going. Well done Brady for getting this far at tournament
Matthew Dalton
Matthew Dalton:
Awesome match! They can hit forehands as hard as the men
Saunok Chakrabarty
Saunok Chakrabarty:
The ferocity of Brady's bh was amazing. Hope to see more of her in the future.
Quốc Khánh YT
Quốc Khánh YT:
Naomi's final match against Vika will be quite intense!
It is hard to play Osaka with just power hitting. Cause she can outhit most WTA power hitters
Wow this is a treat for the ears after Williams Azarenka
Chifure hart
Chifure hart:
Omedetou Osaka san 🎾
JP Andaquig
JP Andaquig:
there is so much parity in American women's tennis now. i love Brady's progress and she deserves reaching the semis. on the other hand, this match may remind her that in her peak, someone else is still better. nevertheless, Brady shall be a constant GS threat from the US team. but then again, so do Kenin, Gauff, Anisimova, Riske, Collins, Keys, Stephens McNally and the emerging teens Scott, Li and Montgomery. it would be interesting how Brady would translate her vastly-improved game to the European clay courts where she was 3-4 win loss last year.
That was my first time watching Brady and HOLY SH******** is she impressive!!!! OUTHITTING OSAKA?!?!?! And holding her own for basically 2 sets?!?! Also one of the best topspin FHs I've ever seen on the WTA. Great great match, didn't expect Naomi to get pushed the way she did
Ё Ж:
Где же найти full? Эта игра безусловно одна из лучших в женском теннисе 2020
Anak Bungsu
Anak Bungsu:
I think Naomi owed the win to the her hairstyle, it's like screaming I am free!!! and so was her play.... 😀
Welshy King
Welshy King:
Wow have to salute the consistency of Brady but Osaka has really found her groove. Played very intelligently in the final set. The experience of being there gives those extra percentages you need compared to a person who hasn't.

Well played both ladies 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams:
You scrolling by, have a blessed day. At this juncture, I want to congratulate Naomi Osaka in advance for another US open title. I knew that this match up will an interesting one to watch and it was so. No witches and wizards can stop Naomi from winning this tournament.
Subardi Bckn
Subardi Bckn:
I love you naomi, I hope you are champion
Danny Lin
Danny Lin:
Finals trophy ceremony will be.....interesting
Y T:
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
Love the Osaka wild hair. Brady looks kinda serious out there. I guess you don't rise to the top by taking it easy. Jeez. 2 weeks just zooms by.
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Osaka's game is the game of double digit slam winner. She is fit and if she keeps up for next 7 year's. She will end with 10 to 12 slams atleast
Izzy Rubio
Izzy Rubio:
Osaka just took the US Open title and mentioned that this match vs Jen was top 3 toughest of her career.
Go Osaka!
Cong Zhi
Cong Zhi:
Naomi will play Vica. It will be a tough game and I think Naomi will win . Go girls !
Rupak G Bikas
Rupak G Bikas:
Both Naomi Osaka and Jennifer Brady are sheer talent and in great form. Jennifer used to be lower ranked a year ago. so she spent time playing tennis in Germany in 2019 for a few months, and she became a much better player.
Daniel Zajic
Daniel Zajic:
Incredible hitting, so much speed and power. Well done by Osaka to shake off the 2nd set and close it out with her experience. The final is going to be a great one.
Glen Du Four
Glen Du Four:
I'm happy for Osaka that she won. But Brady is a real fighter and she will show us many great things in the future. This semi final has been a great experiance for her
Brig Munch
Brig Munch:
Love to see Cordae in the audience hahahaha
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi:
I'm more confident with Osaka than any Wta player.
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar:
1:29 you can thank me later
Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
At least we won't see any tantrums in the finals. 

Osaka vs Azarenka - 2 worthy finalists!

I am of course routing for Osaka to win her second US Open title and her 3rd GS title.
sathish kumar
sathish kumar:
Brady letting those forehands fly was one of the most amazing things I have seen recently! Woah! Amazing power
L Milne
L Milne:
Tremendous player. Such effortless.
Abdullah bin Farisy Muhammad
Abdullah bin Farisy Muhammad:
Brady plays awesome, two thumbs up. Congrats Naomi you deserve to win
Ferdous Alam
Ferdous Alam:
Congratulations Naomi Osaka for reach your second USO final amd 3rd GS final. Hope, you will win your second USO & 3rd GS in the final. Go ahead Osaka.
Jétthias 972
Jétthias 972:
Bravo à Jennifer Brady,🇺🇲 pr sa combativité, youpi 🎊🎊👍🇯🇵pour Osaka ....tu gagnes la finale ok Naomie ????!!!!!
Jan Wade
Jan Wade:
Wohoo! Aza vs Osa! Looking forwatd to it!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson:
Amazing match I knew Osaka would win due to experience but Brady is the future.
S M:
Brady was playing really well but Osaka kept her composure.....An amazing final is all set Azarenka vs Osaka
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
Best match so far. Both tennisers have everything, power speed and rarely making error. Happy for osaka.
Brian Lee
Brian Lee:
Cordae at the end
Boudewijn Mulder
Boudewijn Mulder:
And again, the title doesn't give away the winner! Woohoo! Now all we need is a thumb with both players in it! You can do it US Open! Lead the way for all other tennis tournaments! BE the inspiration!
0:03 オォン! アォン!
dang, this looks like an entirely different kind of WTA tennis than we've seen for the past could years
A Frica
A Frica:
Only a few years back I despaired of the women's circuit - poor hitting and half-hearted play allowing Serena to rule the roost. It's changed completely. Look at this: hitting as hard as the men, and outstanding strategy play to boot. From what I've seen, this is the best its ever been.
Joe Maxwell
Joe Maxwell:
It would be so nice to see NEW faces winning tournaments!
120 MPH 🥺
Imagin rafa being osaka’s coach 😎😎
Shane Keyes
Shane Keyes:
@2:39 shot of the year!
Mirza Hankic
Mirza Hankic:
Osaka my favorite women player. Beautiful and charismatic.
David Costa
David Costa:
3 minutes? Really?
Zanele Tyakiwe
Zanele Tyakiwe:
Well done Osaka great match S.A. loves you