Jennifer Garner Takes a Walk Down Ellen’s Memory Lane

Jennifer Garner has been on the show many times throughout Ellen’s 19 seasons, so they took a look back at some of her most memorable moments. Revisit when she showed off an interesting angle for a selfie, explained how you never go to the bathroom alone once you have kids, and the time she played “Taste Buds.”

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Carrie Anthony
Carrie Anthony:
I can't believe she is almost 50 she looks absolutely amazing
Jazmin Ratzlaff
Jazmin Ratzlaff:
Love this trip down memory lane! Jennifer Garner is so hilariously funny and so animated/ expressive. I love what they both are wearing here.
Steve Raglin
Steve Raglin:
Jennifer is a delight -- still looking as fresh-faced as when I first saw her onscreen in Alias!
Jackie Onate
Jackie Onate:
She is so beautiful and has such an amazing personality, she is a great actress. so much talent. Go Jennifer continue been a great role model for our youth.
Objection Hearsay
Objection Hearsay:
She looks as good as the day I first saw her. Just flawless.
She is always a delight! Beautiful, great energy, she rocks
Kaiya Fireforge
Kaiya Fireforge:
I love how Ellen is ending the show very intentionally. The way she’s intentional is just so beautiful. 😍🥰
V Vazquez
V Vazquez:
She’s so appreciative and polite. Such a good soul. 🥰
The best movie she ever acted in was 30 goin on 13 it was like my childhood dream ❤️
😂😂😂 She's so funny, love her very much ❤️❤️❤️
She is so kind and funny🤣💗💗
She still gives me 13 going on 30 vibes
I can believe. How amazing she looks. Have you ever seen her beauty commercials? She is in. They always do an amazing job with her make-up. That allows her beauty to come through. She's an American beauty and gem. Hope someday she'll find. Someone that really appreciates her worth. She deserves it
Adaku Ugwumba
Adaku Ugwumba:
I love both of you ! You made me laugh this morning. Thank you so much.
Abood Life TV
Abood Life TV:
Jennifer is my favorite actress since my childhood she's such an icon.
Linda Kennedy
Linda Kennedy:
I love. Jennifer , she is a beautiful human being and does good for others and a great mother
Spam Acc
Spam Acc:
She’s such a blessing on this Earth
Zenaida De Leon
Zenaida De Leon:
Jennifer Garner is absolutely so beautiful in & out.
Deanna Hernandez
Deanna Hernandez:
Jennifer Garner is the most gorgeous woman alive.
Cris Martin
Cris Martin:
I can't wait to see her movie. I remember every one of those shows, she's BRILLIANT. 💜🙏
Judith Mac Donald
Judith Mac Donald:
Jennifer Garner is Amazing!❤️
Peter Dunlop
Peter Dunlop:
Pity, Ellen didn't want to do 20 seasons of her show.
No one can replace her. No one!
Mercedes Ghretlli
Mercedes Ghretlli:
Super Personality! Great Sport!! ❤️ Jennifer G.
They should have revisited the air-blast moment when she was helping with the giveaways and was sure it was Twitch controlling it. Such a great reaction.
nadia d
nadia d:
I just like how JG got dressed up in a beautiful dress to mark the end of this season just in case there's a slideshow at some point
Ruby Warda
Ruby Warda:
This Jennifer KNOWS she’s “better” and more confident than the other Jennifer.
Maria Ribeiro
Maria Ribeiro:
Ellen you are an amazing human, thanks for making us a part of your family and being you the world love’s you !
Lu Ribeiro
Lu Ribeiro:
She’s an incredibly actress and so beautiful.💕
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson:
I'm gonna miss her scaring andy!Andy!! 😂😂😂😂 makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts .
Jennifer is absolutely beautiful and so down to earth💖💖💖💖💖
She looks incredible for 49
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith:
She’s very gracious and so sweet.
Hey Ellen. You are an inspiration. I dont think there's many that can show authenticity. I know you went through a rough patch a few years ago... but I will miss your show greatly... You inspire me whenever I watch your show. I will miss seeing You on my tv
Erica Joy
Erica Joy:
After watching this I officially can’t decide which famous Jennifer is Ellen’s favorite: Aniston, Lopez or Garner? 🤔
She appears to get along great with all three and even had Jennifer Aniston host the show for her.
angie Gosiaco
angie Gosiaco:
Just love J Garner 💗 shes simply and genuinely beautiful , so down to earth, with that girl next door vibe , amazing in her own way 😘
Man she looks amazing. Love her dress!
Rita Wells
Rita Wells:
Ellen I have watched most of your shows all of these years. It breaks my heart that you won't be on. Jennifer Garner is a beautiful person, this was so funny. I LOVE you both.
just Regina12
just Regina12:
What a kind woman❤️
Patsy Patrick
Patsy Patrick:
Fun show,God Blessings!🥰
Ellen is so adorable.😊
frances pearcy
frances pearcy:
She is absolutely beautiful!!!! Stunning!!! Inside and Out. Jen, eat your heart out.
Jozfny Kaxs
Jozfny Kaxs:
😂😂😂😂😂Jen is my favorite I love her so much
Erebor 4 Nierdzewny
Erebor 4 Nierdzewny:
Jennifer is like a good vine...
Leann Gilmer
Leann Gilmer:
Love Jennifer Garner and loved her in Peppermint and 13 going on 30.
Is it just me or does it feel like Ellen never ages
Ma Aurora Publico
Ma Aurora Publico:
Shes so perfect and a family woman a great woman
BabyGirl Ezme
BabyGirl Ezme:
One of my first favs movies was def with her 13 going on 30 ❤️‍🔥 and Elektra 💃🏻
grae mount
grae mount:
Authentic and beautiful.
M O T I V E - V I B E S
M O T I V E - V I B E S:
“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
Kacy Mah
Kacy Mah:
She’s just the sweetest!
Kayla McLaughlin
Kayla McLaughlin:
What an icon
Dalibor Antic
Dalibor Antic:
Before 5 min. i saw Daredevil with Ben and her and she didn't look a Year older! Respect Jennifer
Mr and Mrs Daily Dose
Mr and Mrs Daily Dose:
Love her
Jay Vala
Jay Vala:
You made our life beautiful, Ellen ♥️💜🏳️‍🌈
BiYu Wu
BiYu Wu:
I really love jennifer garner
Sally Hutton
Sally Hutton:
What a sweet soul!! 💋
Dee Dee
Dee Dee:
I will miss your show Ellen. Thank you for you.
Love love the beautiful Jennifer Garner 🥰
Naima OA
Naima OA:
She's my 'at 50' goal
Brooke_ Haley
Brooke_ Haley:
Please start a YouTube channel after the show!!!!!

She's so beautiful she can still play teenage characters. 😍😍😍🖤☔🍂🖤☔🍂🖤☔🍂🖤☔🍂
I love her
Julie L
Julie L:
Love this !!!! I seen all of these!!
Deborah Lonergan
Deborah Lonergan:
I love these women!
Mar Bel
Mar Bel:
Ellen definitely picked someone up and made their day miserable 😹😹
yumna amjad
yumna amjad:
Such a beautiful person inside out 💞💓❣️❤️
Ruth Eleonor
Ruth Eleonor:
Nalubowa Rehema
Nalubowa Rehema:
Wow am really happy
She is one of my inspirational person
Sunita Minj
Sunita Minj:
She looks amazing
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela:
Muito lindo
I'm so sad Ellen isn't going to be on anymore
Mary Sawyer
Mary Sawyer:
Love this
MummyTut 82
MummyTut 82:
Man...... 🥰 Jennifer she is just so beautiful inside & out ❤💜❤
Bacardi Dave
Bacardi Dave:
I'm gonna miss the laughs Ellen.
Idk what Ellen was like behind the scenes, but she seemed like she was a lot of fun with her guests.

I think the world is too sensitive nowadays. People were even complaining about how she scared people and the games she played. They were obviously all meant to be in good fun! It would be like people complaining about the “Wipe out” producers or American Ninja Warrior.
Jennifer Garner looks younger than JLo. She looks like a girl, sweet, simple.
Homeless billionaire
Homeless billionaire:
I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”
Denise Pelton
Denise Pelton:
Loved this video ❤️ huge fan!
Spam Acc
Spam Acc:
Gardner is Soooo Beautiful inside & Out
Savalan Mustafayev
Savalan Mustafayev:
I wish I could participate in your show with my dance or something like that
Jennifer Garner could wear a burlap bag and look stunning……good morals …good genes… a beauty make
Sally Millar
Sally Millar:
"It feels like home." Now, she's gonna feel like she's homeless!😳 🤣
Potatoe Music
Potatoe Music:
No related to this episode but I'm still rooting for Ellen to surprise Adele with Dwayne Johnson. That'll be epic!
Gisella Swigart
Gisella Swigart:
Lady all the way.
Why you wanna know my name!?
Why you wanna know my name!?:
I wanted to see number 3! Also, 3 out of 4 were from 2018, busy year for her, I guess haha
I already saw the movie The Adam Project last Friday March 17th and I liked it. It's a good movie.
Ali Alix
Ali Alix:
two great star, Ellen amazig women the world and Jennefer lovely women
Jenifer Gardner is so naturally beautiful and down to earth she’s not all me me me like Jlo
She is a wonderful person!!!!! I'm from China, and I love her so much!
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim:
Class act
Barrett Pickett
Barrett Pickett:
Ellen has on a great outfit.
positive naghme
positive naghme :
I love that dress 😍✨shr is so such beautiful person ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️
Mari Mullan
Mari Mullan:
What will we do with The Ellen Show? I'm heartbroken.
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph:
😉😉yes ellen thanks for reminding us to be kind. Jennifer look the same in 2018
Are we forgetting that Ellen was actually not so kind?
So beautiful this woman
Kaibigan ni Marvelous
Kaibigan ni Marvelous:
How could her face doesn't change after many years??!! And her jolly amd fun side is still there!!!
Oliver L'Anglomanisé
Oliver L'Anglomanisé:
From Cameroon lemme say it's so. kind of you Helen. I dream every single minute in my to get a chance and sit there. You're incredible. Love you.