Jennifer Garner's Reply All Fail w/ Greg Kinnear on Copy

James welcomes his guests Jennifer Garner and Greg Kinnear, who was on the receiving end of an email from Jennifer Garner that he and a bunch of other parents were definitely not supposed to get! After Greg talks about the experience of raising three girls, all nearly teenagers now, James shows a photo of Jennifer and her sisters that gives off Amish and rock n roll vibes. And Jennifer talks about her new film, "The Adam Project."

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57 comentarios:

Jennifer's smile resembles a warm hug🥺
Tamika Johnson
Tamika Johnson:
I love Jennifer Garner! She has the best personality and smile 😃. Beautiful inside and out
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson:
I worked at the Santa Barbara zoo back in 2012 and she used to come all the time and would always be so nice! She even tried to tip me after I took a picture of her and her kids. Sweetest and most Humble celebrity out there, AND she had no nanny lol
N Steele
N Steele:
She is just too cute! This was a good one!
Her smile is everything 😀
Teresita Uy
Teresita Uy:
Jennifer is such a down to earth person , beautiful and lovely,
Jozfny Kaxs
Jozfny Kaxs:
Jen’s existence is essential in my life 🥰🥰thank yah man Jen our lovely soul
Geo Afe
Geo Afe:
they both come across as really nice people :)
Progressive Canadian
Progressive Canadian:
Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts could play sisters.
When she smiles she looks exactly like Julia Roberts. Beautiful smile.
Nayahana family
Nayahana family:
Love this show.
Jonny DIY
Jonny DIY:
I'd watch that Romcom! And too funny about J Garner's older Sis always being mistaken. She looks exactly like Jen in that pic I couldn't believe it
Tamara Meyer
Tamara Meyer:
The Adam Project an amazing movie!
Loved The Adam Project!
Marc olivier Fenelon
Marc olivier Fenelon:
She's amazing...
Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin:
That's all Jennifer Garner in one picture.
Linda C
Linda C:
As if Jennifer needed a story to be more relatable...
Cathy Mon
Cathy Mon:
I love her dimples. She is cute. Love her ❤️
Dina John
Dina John:
I still can’t believe she’s turning 50
Adam Brown
Adam Brown:
he had no idea what a thirst trap even is lol
Claudia L
Claudia L:
Jennifer Garner is absolutely stunning 😍
Swz Medallion
Swz Medallion:
I feel like they ain't really know each other like that 😂
linda mills
linda mills:
Jennifer is so classy & Beautiful her smile and voice make you feel like your in a fairy tale and she the Queen of happiness.
leen loleen
leen loleen:
She doesn’t age 😮
Christian Ray Sison
Christian Ray Sison:
Zoe, Jennifer, Ryan and Mark. All have had Marvel Character.
i swear, J Garner doesn't age - still looking young!
#BringBackAlias She still looks exactly like Sydney Bristow! <3
she is aging very well
I don't quite understand what was wrong with her email. Even if she was being serious, it sounds like she was asking to skip a weekend practice. Could someone explain? Thank you!
Nada Mihajlovic
Nada Mihajlovic:
The film is very good.
What's up It's me
What's up It's me:
I have loved Jennifer since Alias
You guys Jen is 49 she literally look 25
1 minute comics wala Hollywood Comics-Cult Movies
1 minute comics wala Hollywood Comics-Cult Movies:
Jennifer is so beautiful.
Juanita Rodriguez
Juanita Rodriguez:
Humble jen so beautiful, such class
Toni Eiselt
Toni Eiselt:
Like one of those old 80s movies. Omg! I am freaking ancient!
yumna amjad
yumna amjad:
She is so so beautiful 🥰😍
Lily V
Lily V:
What does womped mean?

I haveno idea what she asked the coach.

Could someone explain to me what she emailed.

I've loved since ALIAS!!!!!
I still dont understand her story? What did she reply all and say?
Liz Muschinski
Liz Muschinski:
Good heavens, Jennifer, let the man answer one question.
OK but what is Jennifer's movie about? LOL
Irene Mak
Irene Mak:
What a difference with the other Jennifer. Positive.
crystal harris
crystal harris:
P5 Clash
P5 Clash:
Work . Work . Learn . Love . Peace
What did she say in the e-mail?
John Smith
John Smith:
She still looks the same
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
She's cute.
I'm not sure what she said that was inappropriate
J L:
When you compare her to him you can see the double standard for men vs women in beauty expectations. Fillers, Botox, whatever and he’s just full of wrinkles.
This whole “conversation “ is cringeworthy when you step back and listen to what they’re saying.
Morgan Gardner
Morgan Gardner:
is that a picture of 5sos in the background
No name
No name:
Was that reply all story supposed to be funny?
k p
k p:
She is soo sweet!Ben is crazy to prefer lopez🥴
Is no one gonna mention how _uncannily similar_ Greg Kinnear looks to Michael J. Fox?
Bad at e-mails, eh !?...well, here goes her political career. 🤓
Yessika Puerto Rico
Yessika Puerto Rico:
He called her Jennifer Aniston oh no
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed:
Todo maloom purush sonotek amlnash ikshit you