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Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got
I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block
Used to have a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go I know where I came from (From the Bronx)
Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got
I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block
Used to have a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go I know where I came from (South side Bronx, from the Bronx)

#JenniferLopez #JennyFromTheBlock #OfficialMusicVideo

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100+ comentarios:

sonya hor
sonya hor:
I knew this song before- but who’s coming back from the rollerblading tik tok
TSI_ JoJo:
Only people who didn't come from tik tok can like this
Alura You don’t need to know.
Alura You don’t need to know.:
I love the song but if someone EVER bring the low waisted pants back I will absolutely move to mars.
Alex Villegas
Alex Villegas:
I still can't believe the 00's are considered old school now 😣. They're litteraly the new 90's.
Piet Jan
Piet Jan:
It has NOT been 10 years. I refuse to accept this.
Nadz Laguiab
Nadz Laguiab:
Who’s here because of the girl on TikTok dancing with roller skates. 🙋🏻‍♀️
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx:
interesante saludos muy bien editado
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx
Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx:
Nice content!
Chloe Anderson
Chloe Anderson:
This is Ben Affleck's best film.
JLO was hot back then and she’s even hotter now, she’s aged like fine French wine
Ben Affleck was his finest when he was with JLo. She kept him in check. She said you won’t embarrass me 😂😂
Ирина Олейник
Ирина Олейник:
И даже в 2020 обожаю как и раньше ❤️
Elena S
Elena S:
This is AGGRESSIVELY late 90’s- early 2000’s
Reina Venegas
Reina Venegas:
I didnt know that Ben Affleck was so hot 😍😍😂
justice beach
justice beach:
who here listening to this song instead of doing their homework bc of the coronavirus ?
Benad Even-Chen 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS
Benad Even-Chen 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS:
Isn't it should be :
"Amstel Amstel Amstel beer " ?
Jakab-Farkas Réka
Jakab-Farkas Réka:
We absolutely cannot let low rise jeans and light/skin colour lipsticks come back
Ryan DelRocini
Ryan DelRocini:
Who else knew this song before the tik tok?
Emma Redican
Emma Redican:
First “who’s here after Super Bowl halftime show” comment
Lily Rogers
Lily Rogers:
Who’s here for no reason💀
ʝσƙҽr σfficiєl ⱰZ آلجےــزآئـري
ʝσƙҽr σfficiєl ⱰZ آلجےــزآئـري:
10 years later. if you're watching this you're a officially legend.
I'm just here because 2 Devil Dogs sang this while they got attacked in the Sandbox. Don't mind me.
Urbano dominga
Urbano dominga:
I just know she dated Affleck 😂😂 shallow fan me .
Ilike her musical style .
Ростислав Шкурин
Ростислав Шкурин:
Что в 2002-3, что сейчас
Тема: папарацци всегда будет актуальна
Интересные Видео
Интересные Видео:
Привет РОССИЯ!
Dario Werbowy
Dario Werbowy:
Bennifer. The first Hollywood couple name?
Guillermo Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro:
My fantasi mais Crazy como eu queria fizessem comigo
Antonio Peña
Antonio Peña:
Ist someone here after watching Lonely + Pa Ti ?
Guillermo Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro:
Diabama i amo minha, mas adoro seu som e alucinei a batida seu som antes de conhecer seu jenni
It took me 10 years to realize that it’s Ben Affleck that’s rubbing J-Lo’s butt
Eiz Qarqash
Eiz Qarqash:
Who's watching this instead of having a corona panic
Relembrando Cenas
Relembrando Cenas:
sou o comentário português que alguém procurava,
Just a girl
Just a girl:
I literally can’t believe this song is 11 years old
Edit: apparently it’s 18y/o lol
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...
M M:
The era of the tabloids when Jennfier, Britney, Angelina, Paris, and Lindsay ruled.
Daniela Stoessel
Daniela Stoessel:
Vengo del 2020 y Jennifer saco una canción con Maluma baby 😘
cuando Ben Afflec era un papito😍
Mc Water
Mc Water:
I'm here from the girl on roller skates.
Justin Hopper
Justin Hopper:
Does she know where she came from though?
Was hoping she’ might mention that. Obviously she doesn’t know where she came from then.
This will be the first song she plays in the SB. Bet it
your average prankster
your average prankster:
My mom and her sisters always used to joke around and say ask Jenny from the block or something like that but I never understood it untill I searched it up I mean can you blame me I was one when it came out
And L.
And L.:
She didn’t even sing that line. The studio producers didn’t like how she sounded at the time so they replaced her voice. Natasha Ramos, what a voice.
Valentina Mejias
Valentina Mejias:
Me encanta esta cancion
PD: Ben Affleck se ve perfecto!
Roberta Souza
Roberta Souza:
O melhor clipe - 12/07/2020.
Guillermo Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro:
Deus te ama Totalmente adoro sorrisysodemeninas
Relaciones de pareja, polaridad
Relaciones de pareja, polaridad:
Excelentes consejos, gracias aprendí mucho, para mas tips...
Perseguirla, te garantizará su rechazo....
Aquí pues aprender como enamorar mujeres
Ogi San
Ogi San:
It is sad to read that so many people did not know 'Jennifer Lopez' until recently...
Margie Ortiz
Margie Ortiz:
That's my 13 year old son:-) with money-making ideas he tells me we're going to make enough money to buy a house in Puerto Rico:-)
Void Of Me
Void Of Me:
Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block
** Eve **
** Eve **:
The music of today will never beat this era of music 💃🏽 the lyrics, the vibe. Everything is just different 💫
Devina Watkins
Devina Watkins:
my dog's name is Benny so I call him Benny form the block lol
Deepika Rathod 43
Deepika Rathod 43:
Why all Jennifer's in the world are my favorite.
Виктор Блогер
Виктор Блогер:
Ты всё такая же джей ло, сама себя сделала. Красава, все поняли смысл песни Like !
Abdirizak Khailey
Abdirizak Khailey:
So many of young generations never knew about Ben Affleck.
The trap J’s
The trap J’s:
Classic hit 2020 we still here 🔊🔥🔥🔥
todoroki's side bitch yeahh
todoroki's side bitch yeahh:
I love old things but if y'all bring back low jeans I am not gonna stay her nu uh I'm to fat for those.
Miss Ale
Miss Ale:
Jeni solo Xime y tú eres linda yo a lo en inglés. Love it's welcomen
Gemini Starr
Gemini Starr:
I just came here watching HONEST JLo video 👀
Kati e
Kati e:
The amount of people commenting that JLo copied Becky-G is depressing. Are y'all 9?
rosalinda avalos
rosalinda avalos:
guapo ben afleck lo que hace el alchool,
Diana Wallace
Diana Wallace:
We have some of the same placement is our charts, both virgo in Venus omg! She's my idol litteraly born the day after me but years older so cool. #2020 #90sclassics #queen
Fendi Fentii
Fendi Fentii:
I came from peaches...
Who else
Know thyself
Know thyself:
Ok, I was watching a Chris Rock vid on a joke about Jlo's ass. All I could think was this song afterwards. Thanks Chris for activating my memory
People keep saying that Becky G stole the song from Jennifer. If you watch til the end of Becky's version, she says "Shout Out To Jennifer Lopez". She gave credit to Jennifer. So stop with the bullsh*t comments and stop hating on Becky.
Felipe Gomez
Felipe Gomez:
The song I'm singing to my _poor_ friends when I finally win the lotto
Child Of Saturn
Child Of Saturn:
Damn I thought Becky G made this first
Luíz Almeida
Luíz Almeida:
Vien por Anitta.
Gerald Mile
Gerald Mile:
I love that song too much
Kurt Lim
Kurt Lim:
i grew up with this HIT. proudly so. 90's kids wya?
Rajalaxmi G
Rajalaxmi G:
Still its hits on every person's heart
Guillermo Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro:
I love womans maravilha rio
Christian X Molina
Christian X Molina:
She gets finer by the year 💦😍even now in her 50s
Cameca Edwards
Cameca Edwards:
She looks the same today what a beautiful woman.
Violet Brown
Violet Brown:
okay 1:44. sure he's the ultimate "Douche-bro" but this still gives me a "wide-on"
David Phiri
David Phiri:
Who’s the girl with the roller skates? I’m here because I miss those good times.
your local kattsmet
your local kattsmet:
My name's Jenny 👱🏻‍♀️
JN cooking
JN cooking:
Actually here cause a marine was singing this on tour 😂
Shohini Sengupta
Shohini Sengupta:
Ben Affleck was really handsome at that time. :)
Harrison Briggs my eyelids were pried open. Briggs
Harrison Briggs my eyelids were pried open. Briggs:
Agent eyebrow fetish was torturing me under hypnosis last night. July 5, 2020. KoP
Rieka Brown
Rieka Brown:
Old songs are the bessssst🙃☺ .....who agrees 😏
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker:
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Blue Coyote
Blue Coyote:
I remember when the whole BENNIFER thing came out, and then this dropped which only CONFIRMED the rumors, i was like OKAYYYYYY
Pamela Aguirre Vega
Pamela Aguirre Vega:
Angel Lola
Angel Lola:
I’m just now discovering this extended version?! Without the loxx though.
Benad Even-Chen 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS
Benad Even-Chen 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS:
I'm still I'm still Amstel beer
Emily S
Emily S:
Quien la sigue escuchandooooo
VI Vi:
I just found out that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated
Hugo Shaw
Hugo Shaw:
man, if only she knew.. lol
Luis Arancibia Palma
Luis Arancibia Palma:
1:36 que nivel !!!! ben affleck jajajja
I'm only here because I heard a fraction of this song play in the store this morning and I vageuly remembered hearing it years ago. I got applesauce when I realized it played it the background👁️👄👁️
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed:
I knew Becky's version before this one, but i love both.
Early 2000s casual and nude color/earth tones fashion was the best.
Yudi Hilmansyah
Yudi Hilmansyah:
Just "Parker" who's the only one man wave aside a J'Lo
Indo .Squad
Indo .Squad:
Im here for ben afleck.
Guillermo Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro:
O adoro mulher sorrir e amo amo minha Jennifer estado são Paulo
Itay Kazatcker
Itay Kazatcker:
Dude she didn’t age
Marc Felix
Marc Felix:
Never give Up*on the love&frienship*We had*:-)
5k Subs With No Videos
5k Subs With No Videos:
Anyone here from Jarvis???