Jessica Pegula: "I had to play really smart" (4R) press conference | Australian Open 2021

Jessica Pegula's press conference following her fourth round win over Elina Svitolina at the 2021 Australian Open.

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Sometimes even a billionaire can raise a humble and great daughter. Rare exception.
Quinn Knox
Quinn Knox:
Jessie seems so humble and down to earth. Great match vs Svitolina
Bob Siyt
Bob Siyt:
Go, Jessie! Everyone in Buffalo is rooting for you!!!
this is so cool. Pretty girl and rich too, yet so humble. As an alumni of Buffalo University, lets win this!
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier:
Let's go Buffalo! Great win last night! The second set had me a little nervous but you pulled through.
Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin:
Congratulations Jessica! Cheering for you. You're playing great tennis. Keep on keeping on.
you are one of the most beautiful women i ever seen in my life. success in tennis !!!
Basil Mortal
Basil Mortal:
Well done Jessie keep going!
Dragon Seven
Dragon Seven:
Nerika Cutie 2
Nerika Cutie 2:
great match
Nerika Cutie 2
Nerika Cutie 2:
Hyung Moon
Hyung Moon:
She has a beautiful voice
Good job 💪💪💪
Badass Beast
Badass Beast:
Ok this chick is 🔥
beautiful girl!
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
Saw her win the 2019 CitiOpen, her only title. She smoked Giorgi. She's been gaining, and this is a huge breakthrough. Alas, she has to play another American, Jen Brady.
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
That thumbnail 🥰
Paul Treadaway
Paul Treadaway:
Jess the dark horse to win this tournament what she said big groundstrokes a mean forehand and her serve proved out of no where has the chance never heard her to now can do it
Earthly Civilian
Earthly Civilian:
What's with all these tennis players saying "YEAH" all the time?? This Pegula says it about a million times in this press conference. It really is trying on the listener.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen:
She is very pretty. Just realized she is half-Korean as well. Korean should be proud.
Jimmy James
Jimmy James:
She's EXACTLY like her mother. calm cool and collected
erik freedom
erik freedom:
she is confident, but not arrogant.
she looks american indian...native but know she is part korean...her complexion and hair she gets from momma
she does not look asian
I am happy to see Americans making it so far in the tournament...but when the players family is independently wealthy, I would rather see someone who had to struggle to get there. Sure, she had to work hard to get there...but again, she was probably given the best of everything to get there.
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov:
Love how she doesn't have to get a real job since her parents are rich. Must be nice.
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny:
Donate the money you win from this tournament to the people who actually need it. You’re a billionaire
Spiritual Mystic
Spiritual Mystic:
She would trade all her family's money to be more beautiful in the face