Jessica Pegula vs Kristina Mladenovic Match Highlights (3R) | Australian Open 2021

Jessica Pegula takes on Kristina Mladenovic in Round 3 of the Australian Open 2021.

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I’ve seen some past comments about her family being loaded and we shouldn’t be rooting for a billionaire. To see her play at this top level and obviously not be doing it for the money but for the love of the sport, makes me want to root for her more. She also seems to be a friendly person, at least in interviews.
I did not know about Pegula before this tournament and now I'm a fan. Clean hitting without all the screaming. Hope she goes far.
Jack Lo
Jack Lo:
Nothing is more embarrassing than all that loud grunting, while the other person is quietly hit an even stronger shot, oh yeah, a winner too...
Gary Taurino
Gary Taurino:
Hope she beats Svitolina next
Lethabo Malope
Lethabo Malope:
This lady can play really good tennis
Wow! Jessica is the dark horse here!
Damn...who is this Jessica Pagula? She destroyed Mladenovic.
Love Only
Love Only:
Women's Tennis more competitive in the last few years..from no where some one raises to the occasion and performs at the highest level, to grab the opportunity to win the championship.. here I see Pegula for the first time, she is playing like a champion..there could be another new champion coming up for this year.. go for it Pegula...👍💛💛💛
Pegula owned this match. Wow.
Jeffrey Hsiao
Jeffrey Hsiao:
This Pegula come out of nowhere and damn she looks dominant on her ground game! Osaka watch out!
K Ro
K Ro:
American women's tennis on the rise💪🏻
Alberto Padilla
Alberto Padilla:
Pegula reminds me of sloane stephens but if sloane tried ❤️
Shamar Praag
Shamar Praag:
Did ya’ll know her dad is literally a billionaire?💀🤭
Merci pegula d'avoir mi fin a cette fraude
Renato Amaral de Miranda
Renato Amaral de Miranda:
Kiki needs to improve the footwork to flat footed
David witt Venus old coach here!
Arya Ng
Arya Ng:
Pegula’s coach ex Venus’s coach
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
Holy Moly! This girl is the real deal. Wow!
San Di
San Di:
uh howd she get lucky to just be with unranked players?
Lavoni Black
Lavoni Black:
Pegula can upset here. She is keep improving
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
WTG, Jessica!! Saw her win the 2019 DC tourney. She's a good story and has been improving her game steadily in recent years. Big step to Rd. 4 of a major. Her parents own the Buffalo Bills but tennis is her game!
Johnnybgood 11
Johnnybgood 11:
Pegula is an impressive player! Strong serve, excellent footwork and really big groundstrokes. And she's comfortable around the net too. I think she has a very bright future.
Apollo Powell
Apollo Powell:
well she is a tour champion, destroying camila giorgi in washington . hope she can upset svitolina
Joseph Ronald Espiritu
Joseph Ronald Espiritu:
She will be in top 10 💪💪💪
Manuel Reyes
Manuel Reyes:
I like the way she play smart tennis, les go Jessica
Arpit Pradhan
Arpit Pradhan:
Pegula is looking so dangerous right now. She is absolutely ripping apart her opponents.
Aarush Parekh
Aarush Parekh:
Pegula plays a bit similar to Iga Swiatek, even their forehands are similar, a lot of top spin. She is one of the rare few women that can actually play a backhand slice and her serve is very accurate and hard, not the fastest but very accurate. I like her style of play, she plays good tennis.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
I like Pegula. She's lowkey and she hits clean. Not much to see in terms of winning big titles, but it's just enjoyable to watch her and maybe she can sneak her way to win some WTA Tour titles (if lucky, Premiere maybe)
mlungisi manzini
mlungisi manzini:
Pegula and McDonald are on a mission, similar playing style and demeanor on court.
Kiki lost a lot of power on her forehand side ever since she switched to the Wilson Ultra tour. I remember she had a booming forehand in 2017-2018 when she used the Wilson Burn 100. It was a massive weapon back then and now her forehand looks very watered down now. Ultra tour also has a very dense string pattern so it’s not as easy to generate pace and spin.
C A:
Kiki just targeting the middle over and over like seriously
Case K
Case K:
Some weak players are swimming through... then there are Osaka vs Muguruza / Serena vs Sabalenka / Halep vs Swiatek coming up in the bottom half of the draw... What was AO thinking?
Anggi Pardede
Anggi Pardede:
Pegula plays amazing in this tournament!!! Mark my words, she's going to be in the semifinal
Bocah Tua Nakal
Bocah Tua Nakal:
She has a big chance to be in the QF.
Omar Essam Eldin
Omar Essam Eldin:
Azarenka has a easy draw but she lost agnist pegula and now she is in fourth round
Great game. Put like cristina was a rookie
Camilo Arabia
Camilo Arabia:
how does Mladenovic gets so lucky every time, even to get to the 3rd round
philippe verneris
philippe verneris:
Pathétique! Mladenovic est incapable de faire autre chose que de renvoyer la balle juste sur son adversaire, tandis que Pegula trouve en permanence des angles qui mettent ses balles hors de portée de la française...
Autant Mladenovic joue bien en double, autant elle est pathétique en simple où elle est incapable de mettre ses adversaires en difficulté car elle attend qu'ils commettent une faute! Triste et pathétique...
Arya Ng
Arya Ng:
Completely trashed.Kiki such a big choker.
deepak verma
deepak verma:
2021final between
s. helap vs a. baty
John Schmitt
John Schmitt:
Is the AO trying to take the crown for the shortest, worst highlights from the French Open? Hmmm
Esohe Kate
Esohe Kate:
Mladenovic has nothing to her game...hit me I hit angles no dropshots nothing....psssssttt
WOW unbelievable! Hello down there, in camera control room, there is no Covid 19 & Black Plaque & Ebola sprayed over the switch that's enabling camera zooming at Kristina !!! Won't kill you to show us French player once or twice??