Jessica Pegula vs Samantha Stosur Match Highlights (2R) | Australian Open 2021

Jessica Pegula takes on Samantha Stosur in Round 2 of the Australian Open 2021.

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Back to normal programming for Sam in Australia.
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
I'm not exactly certain of what Stosur is trying to do with those topspin forehands as I'm pretty sure they're not bouncing high enough or penetrating enough to hurt her opponent. Honestly, if she doesn't have the foot speed and adaptive abilities to complement it, I think she needs to consider driving and flattening that shot more often on this kind of surface. She needs a way to increase her ability to consistently damage her opponents on this surface. This kind of result reflects her inability to deal enough damage to make a dent on her opponents.
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
Stosur has such strong arms, but her shots a so weak. It baffles me.
Arief Arief
Arief Arief:
Well done Jessica. You silenced the Aussie crowd. Good job girl
Don Tennis
Don Tennis:
Pegula ain't hurting. Her dad is a billionaire
Jack Lo
Jack Lo:
Haven't watched tennis in 6 or 7 years, what happened to sam?? It's shocking...
izur rahman
izur rahman:
pegula..woww..she hit every ball so hard on both backhand n deadly
Sam got ONE GAME!!! She continues to snatch on that forehand - all of these years later and she still hasn’t learned a damn thing! Ah hahahaha.....
Stosur is so done. Age is catching up her.
Jojo B
Jojo B:
wow! just 1 game.
B B:
0:32 that’s not an inside out forehand tho
Whoever is making these highlight videos should be embarrassed.
Patricia Bazzi
Patricia Bazzi:
i don't think anyone would've had anything against pegula today. enough of the sam slander because tbh she hardly had a play on the ball. anyone playing flat aggressive tennis with 0 UE at 4-1 is something serena rarely does.
She still gets $150k
Delta keesei
Delta keesei:
Samantha and Venus already expired for pro tennis, they are very weak to play singles. ..😬😨
David Fallaw
David Fallaw:
I mean I’m happy that Sam won in the first round. But unfortunately, I think this loss will really affect her confidence, hoping not though...
Bruno Suster
Bruno Suster:
Sam habe 37 yahre now player în Adelaide congrulation Sam!
That was brutal.
what on earth. Stosur used to have a wicked kick serve
I can see why Pegula game improve. Venus Williams former coach is working with her now👍
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper:
This can't be the AO. That was pitiful.
Doug Beaton
Doug Beaton:
Pegula is a bad match up for Sam. Stosur has a great kick serve, but Pegula tees off on kick serves to her backhand. She did the same to Jen Brady in the QF. Playing against an opponent who barely missed, and with her greatest weapon a liability, Sam didn't have a chance.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez:
Is Jessica's coach Venus' old coach?
Never convinced me women players should get the same outside the top ten if at all. I am a fan of Stosur but it is time to hang up the racket at 36 i think. Sam gets beaten by 61st ranked player in the world 6-0 6-1 and picks up 150 Thousand Dollars. Not good for tennis.
Flatten those topspin shots. The game is evolving.
Katlego Ndaba
Katlego Ndaba:
Out of nowhere there was Stosur in round 2 and I'm thinking wt$...AO 🤔
Jerald Moir
Jerald Moir:
Sam you were amazing when you were at your best but please retire. Its getting really embarrassing.
The only thing going for Sam is her serve take that away and she is an average player.
Sam n'a plus du tout le même jeu qu'avant, ses services kickés ne sont que des mises en jeu quasiment, elle n'attaque plus ses coups droits qui faisaient tant mal, surtout décroisés , il n'y a plus cette puissance et cette envie dommage !
Pedro Koury
Pedro Koury:
Stosur was very fortunate to have drawn in the first round literally the only player out of all 127 other players in the draw who was worse than herself.
Stosur should have retired years ago.
I think it's time for Sam to retire....
GEMINI 1978:
When I saw the final score I thought why does she even bother showing up?? Feel for her in a way how embarrassing for her. Times up Sammy. Put down the racquet and be a mummy.
Gayatri N
Gayatri N:
3 Minute Poetry Analysis
3 Minute Poetry Analysis:
Up until 0:18 in the highlights, we see one point won by Stosur and then the score appears: 5 - 0, 40/30 Pegula.
It's great to see stosur back after having a child.
daniel better
daniel better:
Didn't Stosur beat Serena Williams in a U.S. Open final? What happened to her game, it seems like she hasn't been competitive in years. She's not THAT old, what happened??
The sweat outline of Stosur's sports bra is troubling.
DeeJay Smoov
DeeJay Smoov:
It's time to give the game up Sam - what a abysmal performance. 🙈
Omar Essam Eldin
Omar Essam Eldin:
Stouser should retire she very poor and old now
Another tough women’s match - the depth is incredible
Anthony C
Anthony C:
Sam needs to retire
Troung-An Nguyen
Troung-An Nguyen:
It’s funny how Sam Stosur has actually got a Grand Slam title! Never liked her style of tennis and the way she deals with long rallies that oftenly end with silly mistakes and errors
Always thought Jelena Dokic was more of a quality player that Australia had anyways
Mysterious Insaan
Mysterious Insaan:
Who all are thinking jessica pegulla will win AO.if yes then like.if no then comment