Jim Carrey on Will Smith CRACKING Under Pressure

Comedy legend Jim Carrey is weighing in on the Oscars slap seen around the world, saying he does understand the pressures that led to Will Smith ‘cracking’ in that moment. Jim also praises his ‘genius’ friend Chris Rock, calling him one of the ‘sweetest, loveliest people I know.’ On another note, Jim speaks about showing off his own comedic genius as the evil Dr. Robotnik in ‘Sonic 2,’ which hits theaters April 8.

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censor everything
censor everything:
It’s good to see Jim Carey back in his element. He seemed to have a rough handful of years, but he seems centered and yet still unapologetic about speaking his mind. I’m glad he’s here to speak sense during this moment.
Protect Jim Carrey at all costs. Dude is a gem, I would call him a brother regardless of race.
Matt Boselli
Matt Boselli:
What a legend this man is definitely protect him at all costs
Craig Hicks
Craig Hicks:
I absolutely adore the human being Jim Carrey has become.
Steven Motie
Steven Motie:
"You can't hit someone for saying words" especially a comedian. Wow. So true.
Correct Christian
Correct Christian:
Chris Rock, as an entertainer . . . was the perfect example of "The Show Must Go On." Incredible excellence. Pure Class. Smith? The example of the nutball Hollywood celebrity. Classless.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv:
Jim Carrey one of the greatest of all time this guy a legend for real
C U:
Agree with Jim. Really glad he spoke out these 2 times.
Timothy W
Timothy W:
This is why we love Jim Carrey
Blu Skye Paz
Blu Skye Paz:
I love you Jim Carrey. Do not waste your time talking about this man. You deserve attention for your own hard work with "Sonic 2". Love, Love .
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat:
Dude is forever a comedic genius and obviously a very thoughtful, intelligent man. And I adopted him as an American decades ago 😍. I agree with everything he said, every word. Will has had much worst said about most any aspect of his life, so it was a very bizarre moment. Attack the ones who mean well, stay silence on the ones who don't (like Rebel Wilson at the BAFTAS...she said much worse shit)
Brooke Rangel-Legris
Brooke Rangel-Legris:
I’m so glad and proud to be a Jim Carrey fan even more so upon seeing his take on this situation
Vee Franklin
Vee Franklin:
This man use to have me lmao, especially when he did Liar Liar, one of my favs. I will def watch this movie, love me some Jim Carey 😂😂😂
Von Goldfinger
Von Goldfinger:
Jim Carrey has always been a class act and real. Very talented comedian and a down to earth person.
Steve johnson
Steve johnson:
Jim is such an intelligent man. It’s a shame that everyone has treated him like a loon for the last 5 years and they only call him poignant when it’s convenient
You know it’s real when Ace Ventura stops joking
NZ Drainage
NZ Drainage:
Hooray for Jim Carrey. Hooray for his honesty.
Am MT1ru
Am MT1ru:
❤ Jim Carrey! Way to stand up and speak on the wrong in Hollywood!
Love him!!!!!!!! What's he said is right! Glad he spoke his mind! So many celebs are afraid to speak up which is ridiculous. Those who have a platform as these celebs should speak up about what's right and wrong.
its so relieving seeing Jim Carrey being so down to earth and forward. he deserves to have a happy life
Richard Dawson
Richard Dawson:
Will Smith has everything a man could want. Ego, privilege and a brutally toxic marriage to a narcissist turned him into a lunatic on the night he was suppose to shine.
Blooming Ben
Blooming Ben:
"Where are my manners?" While his character gently step aside to let the other two guys punch themselves. The punches were actually meant for him.

Jim is a legend in his genre.
Arkham secrets • 108 years ago
Arkham secrets • 108 years ago:
I get so happy to see that someone as important and loved as jim carey is standing his ground against will's action .
Steven Crawtr
Steven Crawtr:
Jim Carrey is a man of integrity and was so right in condemning Will Smith's unacceptable behaviour.
Jasmin Guevarra
Jasmin Guevarra:
Love Jim Carrey for being honest.
Jermaine Haslam
Jermaine Haslam:
Jim Carrey is an amazing comedian!
John Smith
John Smith:
Jim Carrey speaks facts
Kamikaze Hound
Kamikaze Hound:
Jim is such a real one instead of promoting his movie he using the time to speak out on Will's actions towards his homie.
Titus Mark
Titus Mark:
It's funny to see him talk so real, in front of a picture of a blue hedgehog that runs really fast...and talks.

Regardless, he speaks the truth. Props to this man for being brave enough to call out the industry he still works in and for.
Hala Lang
Hala Lang:
An honest man. You ask a question, he answers genuinely. No 'safe' border.
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello:
Jim Carrey is a treasure.
Yvonne Miller
Yvonne Miller:
I LOVE Jim !! He speaks with a lot of wisdom that only them with some can actually understand . On another note , It is MY opinion that Jada does NOT have to walk around with a totally bald head if she is going to feel SO offended if anyone cracks a joke about it . Because lets face it , it was not a joke about her condition , per say , Chris had no idea about that . It was a bald joke that I am sure he really did not think she would be sensitive about since she could simply put on a wig like many , many women do even when they HAVE a head full of hair .
Josh T
Josh T:
I love how when Jim is describing his role as Eggman, he is really describing Will Smith. Well played lol
Danny Bou-Maroun
Danny Bou-Maroun:
That slap really promoted Sonic well. Might just go see it now, thanks Will
A A:
love Jim Carey & Chris Rock ❤️
All the more reason I love Jim. Will didn't deserve a standing ovation after what he did
Who’d knew that Dr. Robotnic was sooo deep. His evil roots are well established.
Bejust 2all
Bejust 2all:
Agree 100% with Jim Carrey.
Jim Carey has a point he cared about how his wife would handle him when they got home.
Jim is a legend
Lalaine Nash
Lalaine Nash:
I want to hear from those who gave Will Smith the standing ovation, what were they thinking?
Chuck Frazier
Chuck Frazier:
“I like to play people with power who act really dumb.”
Jim should Star in a movie about Will Smith.
Trapper V
Trapper V:
I usually don’t comment on mainstream anything, but I’m glad some real, mature, wise advice is broadcast from it once in awhile. Jim is so wise and experienced and graceful.
Chris Rock did not deserve that. Got slap, humiliated and people applause the other guy.
Lipin Toh
Lipin Toh:
Chris Rock is finding out who his friends are 🙏🏻
Jim, so peaceful and kind.... and obviously hilarious!! 🤣
D A L:
Hollywood is spineless. Truer words never said.
Lil Yeet
Lil Yeet:
Spoken like the true riddler, we love you Jim!
Fatima pina
Fatima pina:
Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints 💞💞💞
I love 💕 you Jim for sticking up for Chris rock
Robert Perry
Robert Perry:
Consider this: Jada has been to a number of these award events, so she knew that the comedian host is expected to roast the nominees, including Will Smith, and she should reasonably expect that Chris Rock would acknowledge her presence and comment. So, when Jada was planning on what to wear to the Oscars, she must have considered all the attention that she would get, especially sitting in the front row. If she was not comfortable with her hair loss, she could have chosen to wear a hat or wig, but instead, she chose to flaunt her baldness, almost daring anyone to comment so that she could be offended. I believe she wanted Chris Rock to comment on her baldness to draw attention to herself, as a narcissist will do. Whether she expected Will to react the way he did is debatable.
legendary well said. a true movie star with morals.
Merri Cat
Merri Cat:
I've never really found Jim Carrey funny but I agree with him on this. I'm glad he's sticking up for Chris Rock and calling our Will Smiths bad behavior
"Do you enjoy playing bad guys?"

I feel like Robotnik is the kind of character he loooooooves to play.
Love Jim Carrey. I can't see him without thinking about Fire Marshall Bill.
That Ocean Vibe
That Ocean Vibe:
Jim Carrey is my all time favorite person in the movie industry. What a B-E-A-UTIFUL soul.
Ron Pon
Ron Pon:
Jim carrey is absolutely right. After watching the new video revealing a different angle, here is what i think happened.. To be honest, it seemed like Jada like everybody else is laughing in the video assuming he was going up to pretend slap him to jokingly let him know that he didn't like it... But when he starts screaming the second time with vehement it dawned on her like others that he was serious. thats when she stopped smiling, neither looked at him but did join in on laughter when Chris rock made a joke about this being the greatest night in the history of television to encourage Chris and make light of the situation. I dunno what was Will Smith thinking. i think no one, even Jada never saw that coming..when Jada rolled her eyes at gi jane joke. She was justified to do so since she didn't appreciate it. However, Will smith realised he was laughing at a joke his wife showed disapproval of and this could potentially make him look insensitive like he has no respect for the struggles she goes through surrounding this desease behind doors which is a serious topic. So, What transpired next was Wills attempt to not look stupid... I think it was a calculated shift on Wills part to save his image... Unfortunately, he clearly miscalculated. Imagine if Will had gone to the stage, grabbed the mic and expressed how he saw the pain in his wifes eye behind doors daily and that this joke didn't impress him for the very reason, politely.. He would have come out looking a hero like he had intending to. He simply made the wrong choice of showing support in the wrong way.
John Smith
John Smith:
It is a sad time in our nation’s entertainment history that such a disturbing, impulsive assault occurred on national television. 😔
We love Jim, 1 in 8 billion for sure.
ricky roach
ricky roach:
Jim Carey not being brainwashed by Hollywood after all these years is a gift from God
Christina Lynn
Christina Lynn:
Jim Carrey!
Need we say more than that.
Funny. God Bless Comedians. Thank God for laughter. 😃
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis:
Jim Carrey has 10000x more integrity than Smith.
Love Jim Carrey!!! Made respect for him. GOAT!!!
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker:
Love Jim Carrey. I’m already looking forward to Sonic 3.
Melissa Berg
Melissa Berg:
I’m so proud of Jim for being outspoken about this
People Love... #Shorts
People Love... #Shorts:
I will never watch another film staring Will Smith.
Don da mon
Don da mon:
Jim Carey is such a legend and so smart!
Paulette Foreman
Paulette Foreman:
We can thank the weirdo Scientologists for the standing ovation. Jim Carrey sees it right.
R H:
What's the difference between a cheating wife and a joke?

Will Smith can't accept the joke.
Jim Carrey talking just makes me smile
Ronnie Y
Ronnie Y:
Thank you so much for speaking out and defending Chris Rock.
By carrying on with proceedings as though nothing had happened, the academy was not only condoning the slap but was promoting the belief that Chris got what he deserved. Nice.
Brootality Dawg
Brootality Dawg:
*the only man in Hollywood with a real heart and brain. thanks Jim for being human.*
Johann Muster
Johann Muster:
He was so good in Sonic 1 after many years of pain and silence in his private life. People should never forget that he was an icon who created modern comedy on the big screen. he made a lot of people happy.
amit nagpal
amit nagpal:
When did Jim Carrey get so eloquent? Damn. “We are living beyond our bandwidth.” 👌🏼
Jack Koba
Jack Koba:
Love how the actual comics are protecting their own
I'm glad I have been more jim carrey than will smith tbh .
Jim is a humble, funny , intelligent, legend
Wow! Jim carrey is so intelligent! The way he talks is so impressive!
Larren Listens
Larren Listens:
From “In Living Color” to right this second, I love Jim Carey.
Rex Luther
Rex Luther:
You Have My Support Jim Carey
This will Be a Big Hit in BOX OFFICE
Matt F.
Matt F.:
Will got mad over his wife's feeling on a joke after she's made a joke of him, even with Will's son's friend! To say the least!
Lucy Junior
Lucy Junior:
I stand this man. Protect him at all costs
Chris Thornycroft
Chris Thornycroft:
Once again, the Canadian is the voice of sanity. I’m a huge Will Smith fan, but grow up. You’re a celebrity at an award show. People get mocked every day. Jada had Chris Rock tell a tame joke about her. I’m disabled and I get called far worse things. It’s the equivalent of calling me HandiMan, the disabled superhero. Yeah, I’ll take that joke any day of the week over what people usually call me. Pampered prince and princess. Obviously Will is having a rough time as any guy would whose wife cheated on and embarrass him publicly and he’s trying to keep her from bailing while dealing with that. I get it. But you can’t assault someone over a joke. If I did that, I’d be in jail. And how patronizing and condescending is that to Jada? Can’t she handle a verbal dispute on her own?
Sina 44
Sina 44:
Love you Jim! Hollywood is full of devils.
Steve R
Steve R:
For Chris we say NO Justice NO peace!
Junky Snake
Junky Snake:
Love Jimmy.
Bejust 2all
Bejust 2all:
The Academy should take the award back from Will. He does not deserve it.
I support Jim Carrey in his new movie. I hope people also support Jim Carrey in Sonic 2 for standing up to Will Smith and calling out evil. 🙏
Donald Holben
Donald Holben:
Chris was hired to entertain, He did his job ..
Max :
jim carrey is back and telling how it is in reality.
Mario101James Gamer
Mario101James Gamer:
I used to look up to Will

I still love watching Prince of
Bel-Air I still love watching Men in Black

but I've lost respect for Will after
what he did to Chris 😔

I used to look up to him but I know
in my heart that God would not want me to hate others

but to me hate is a strong word
and all I can do is pray

But all my respects go to Jim Carrey
and Chris Rock best comedians out there
'People who think they're smart but act really dumb', I felt for Will .
Tyson Cross
Tyson Cross:
Man, this is the saddest, most docile interview I've seen from him...hopefully it's just bcuz he cares alot about chris, and is not going through something right now(personally)...it's almost like the spark is fading
Ry T
Ry T:
I love this guy and now even more so!
This man here embellished creativity,owns the now ,and shines just as bright as he ever did, we love you jim......❤❤❤
Buringking Kang kang
Buringking Kang kang:
I never was wrong when i started making Jim Carey my comedy hero
Justice Moody
Justice Moody:
Love Jim Carey.
Robin Robin
Robin Robin:
Jada is the worst that happened to spineless Will, she says jump he respons how high
Any Nadime
Any Nadime:
Love you Jim Carrey, I always have...
RA Horus
RA Horus:
Will discovered what happens when you try to convince yourself of something You inherently know Not to be true you just might become Frustrated....

Jim is one of few people that Carries🤣 because his intergrity is still intact.
He kept it real enough to make everyone in the business have change of demeanor in relative conviction of their own self importance by relaxing in overall attitude a pinch or 2 eversince getting through on some level.
Only to see them pick up the same destitute as he resigned the well earned spot as elephant in any room.
He also the only one I trust to condemn "no-headshots-please-cause-free-willy's-a living-dickpic's actions without an intrest to draw attention himself for the selfish reasons like most celebs are now trying to sweep their own alley clean in exemption of their participation during that most arduous display of endorsed ignorance during that standing ovation.

In what I can only imagine to have preceded by a run on the footage in an appeal to be edited out.
Limit the footage as much as possible yeah it's incriminating evidence.
To them I'd like to extend my sincerest apology it's to late you've all trajected yourself in disqualification to the wrong side of history in the Perfect Past Tense.
Cheers Jim 🍻🍕