Jimin AOA and Mina moments | Jimin bullied other AOA members? what is this called a leader?[Part 2]

Part 1 : https://youtu.be/TEpHyDTvRRo

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Kpop Bae Channel
Kpop Bae Channel:

sorry i don't understand english. that is my weakness. I will learn English. spirit. so that I can understand your comments. please support mina. I really hope your comments are good comments and support each other, we don't know what really happened back there. so let's continue to support him okay and everything gets better soon. for Mina we love you very much and support AOA too. (I use google translate, sorry).
dont cry jimin ur ruining the mood
The sad part is that mina was comforting her bully and still being nice to her while she was suffering... jimin is a real pyschopath
bloop O
bloop O:
Mina is such a nice girl and always smiling, little did we know she was hurting inside😭 and she had to cope with it for 10 years, that’s just horrible
Still Supporting God Woojin
Still Supporting God Woojin:
1:15 she cares about Jimin but Jimin doesn't care about her😭😭😭
Kat Kay
Kat Kay:
Mina has a kind heart regardless of the pain she suffered.
Ka Hung
Ka Hung:
The way Jimin crys is so fake, bad acting
Klaren Suh
Klaren Suh:
1:03 the fact that Mina still comforted Jimin was the most shocking. She’s a literal angel
Jane Estrella
Jane Estrella:
Mina is so kind she doesnt deserve this
Jennie Wong
Jennie Wong:
“The loneliest people are the Kindest. The saddest people smile the Brightest.
The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone
Suffer the way they do”— Anonymous
I love how Mina was still kind to her eventhough JIMIN wasn't....
E 13
E 13:
Ay noo pero que frialdad y que hipocresía , nosotros los humanos siempre somos así, pero ella si cuando lo es, lo es a un nivel superior.
Shy Girl
Shy Girl:
Mina goes out of her way to comfort Jimin but when Mina was sad, Jimin isolated her and told her "she was ruining the mood"...
Oh No, Not Another GachaTuber
Oh No, Not Another GachaTuber:
It seems like their relationship has gotten rocky over the years and poor Mina's mental health got affected in the end. I don't think they always hated each other, it doesn't seem that way, things just got worse and worse between them. I won't condemn anyone, but I hope they are able to forgive each other.
Em P.
Em P.:
I feel like Mina really like Jimin, sure Jimin is tiny and cute and her face is like a lil cat. But why the story turned out like this .... so sad for Mina and also AOA. I like Jimin alot even Im not a hardcore AOA fan but I always adore Jimin's cuteness and all. After I knew what she did to Mina I think she also has mental illness inside, sad she did that to Mina ... someone need to help both of them, send them to get Therapy.
Akbar Bayhaqi
Akbar Bayhaqi:
Jimin really needs a psychologist, maybe that's why she hurt Mina, even though Mina is a very kind person 😭
livin da rules
livin da rules:
For sake, stop act crying Jimin you need to profesional as you said to Mina.
rachel angelina go
rachel angelina go:
i want jimin out from AOA,she think "i'm prettier than anyone" hey u wrong.u make my MINA Depression,ur attitude is soo bad
Jade Kim
Jade Kim:
'Jimin don't cry you're ruining the mood'
jimin fan forever
jimin fan forever:
1:15 mina have such a sweet soul.Look how she's comforting jimin even tho she bully her
sofia mellado
sofia mellado:
1:22 mina es un amor 😢😭😭
Unknown Buddy
Unknown Buddy:
Wow the amount of acting Mina had to go through to pretend everything's alright. I feel bad for her, and I sure do wish Jimin has her career cancelled.
minaaa tooo nice 😭😭😭💔💔she looks like she trying to be close to jimin so she won’t bully her anymore god reminds me of being nice to my bullies so they like me and stop bullying me and consider me friend but they go on continue bullying just like jimin
G R A C E:
Mina endured this for a long time. Imagine facing your bully, the person that caused you trauma everyday and you have to act like there's nothing wrong in front of camera. She must've felt so pressured and stressed by it. Mina is a really sweet kind and lovely person, i am not saying this because she's my bias but she really is a good person and i don't know what Mina did to deserve this kind of treatment from Jimin. Knowing that Jimin is the oldest and the leader she really took advantage of her position to abuse mina mentally and emotionally. She even comforted Jimin when she started crying but when Mina cries she acts like Mina doesn't exist. I am truly disgusted by this and i really feel sorry towards Mina, she keep this to herself for years bcs her mother was sick and she doesn't want her mother to worry about her. Please if you have time it would help a lot if you send kind message to Mina's account, we can't lose another life.
Melanie Perez
Melanie Perez:
The fact that Mina was treated her so nicely so Jimin like her is so sad
1:14 Crocodile tears...
Annie Narvaja
Annie Narvaja:
she always comfort jimin
God Jihyo
God Jihyo:
If I were the bully just seeing Mina comforting me while Crying I would literally stop bullying her and Love her cause Jimin is being blind on how Mina really loves her.
Aastha Pasta
Aastha Pasta:
All of this was just an act?? My goodness I am scared for my other favs, like what goes on off camera?
Jimin : 🤡🤡
Emma Biak
Emma Biak:
I dont know what to say i mean Mina really helped her, but when Mina cried Jimin suddenly got happy like something must have happen!!!
Literally Nothing
Literally Nothing:
who in the freaking world would imagine this 1:30 to be staged
Poor Mina and cancelled Jimin.
BlinkOnce StayForever
BlinkOnce StayForever:
My feelings are all over the place right now
Haters Dont Facking Make Sense like bitch you ok:
Haters Dont Facking Make Sense like bitch you ok::
This is why I worry when a person just kept on smiling.. Because I dont know what the person's experiencing, so I just say that it's okay to not smile always.
I can't believe if Jimin like a mojster
y a
y a:
The fact that those clip were between the 10 years of jimin bullied mina but there's mina still treating and caring for jimin like nothing has happened between them
Randy’s satanic lighting
Randy’s satanic lighting:
0:48 Even after all the shxt Jimin put Mina through, Mina still had the heart to comfort Jimin when karma caught up to her and the whole country was on her
Mila Juwita
Mila Juwita:
Mina is pure and soft human:") ohh I can't hold my tears😭💖
I’m wondering why haven’t we noticed until Mina has exposed her 😡😢
Dbbs -7
Dbbs -7:
when the bullying comes from a friend of yours...it hurts so badly more :(
Constanza Rojas
Constanza Rojas:
1:25 the fact that she teared up because Jimin crying, she's a kind heart even after all the pain
Ngozale taoza
Ngozale taoza:
I think they were really close but jimin started to get jealous or something
The fact that jimin made minas life a living hell and mina was still the one comforting her when she cried
1:15 what im trying to absorb this but the process keeps failing in my mind🔄 they look idk like they weren't in bad terms
what the hell happened am i missing something
this video literally made me even sadder, i just watched one video when she was mistreating mina but then I saw this. i once loved aoa and this hurts me alot to see them fighting
Annie Dannemiller
Annie Dannemiller:
Seems like Mina really loved Jimin at times. It's so sad when you try your hardest to be close to someone you really care about only to be treated like an annoying insect in return. I wonder why Jimin disliked Mina so badly?
Dainah Mcguigan
Dainah Mcguigan:
If i was in a group and someone bullied me i wud say rite away on the internet
lara aa
lara aa:
Notice how when all the members were comforting Mina Jimin remained sitting
Fathria m.r
Fathria m.r:
Jimin is michin saram
I've always felt something off about jimin but I just kept convincing myself that she's just savage not to be that bad person but it's turns out true
Why jimin cryy¿¿¿¿
And mina is soo cute with she¿
yan yan
yan yan:
imagine comforting someone who’s been bullying you for years. i can’t even imagine how mina feels, hiding her pain
kawaii gacha
kawaii gacha:
The way that jimin smiling is fake
Also jimin looking cute kind girl outside but she is rude,bully girl inside
I think Jimin bullied Mina because she knows that Mina is a sweet nice girl. And she was jealous of Mina because is more popular
GᖇEEᑎ TᗩE:
That part where mina is comforting jimin and smiling makes me go crazy... Mina still cared about her even if she was her bully
Hope you're regretting everything that you did to Mina now, Jimin. You deserve to be cancelled
Mahkook 890
Mahkook 890:
Who else is here after finding out that jimin used to bully mina
민아는 딱봐도 착해보인다...
imagine sitting besides your bullier and act like everything’s fine,, i feel bad for mina
CJ 83
CJ 83:
To me it look like she trying to gain that care and love from jimin, im sure at some points they had a good moment, but once the bullying happened it hurted mina to the core then after that jimin probably act like usual nothing happened or never felt she hurted mina (she prob thought what she did just normal thing) or she was aware but act innocent, and that might confused mina, playing with her feeling and emotion. Either way it's a mess and hope mina will seek help soon.
poor mina 😭
Nunca imaginei q a Jimin faria aquilo, eu realmente gostava dela
Eleonora Mingari
Eleonora Mingari:
Don't know but the first moment seems a genuine interaction
Lisa x Lilies
Lisa x Lilies:
Look how Mina,she's as a kind-hearted girl like she even comfort that jimin(who bullying her in 10 year) we most protect Mina
Golden Maknaeee
Golden Maknaeee:
Mina must be really want to be close friend to Jimin that's why Mina helping her and hugging her but Jimin always ignore her and keep pushing her away
Stray Kids world domination
Stray Kids world domination:
0:45 she is so kind i can't....
Olivia :3
Olivia :3:
Jimin yOuR rUiNiNg ThE mOoD
How can it be... Like my look so close but I believe we can never believe what we see in camera, phone...
my way
my way:
this video made me wanna protect mina with all my heart
Sweet Angel
Sweet Angel:
they looked so friendly
Brilliant Comrade
Brilliant Comrade:
Mina is so beautiful. She deserves so much love.
Just me
Just me:
Look how she does care about Jimin and even cries and cheers for her.
Mina is way too nice for her own good
pls help me to have 1k subs
pls help me to have 1k subs:
0:45 why jimin is crying?
Pramita Nur
Pramita Nur:
Mina is really beautiful af. maybe Jimin was jealous of her beauty
mina is so genuine and kind. it was one sided relationship. jimin should seek therapist, i feel she's ill.
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I can't believe
Thay look great together
hufntez gyuhgtf
hufntez gyuhgtf:
Mina reminds me of Butters from southpark. He kills them with kindness
ryanppu 99
ryanppu 99:
Soo mina is the main character :')
Minh Ngọc Lê
Minh Ngọc Lê:
OMG... I can't believe 😢
the bday one i think mina really wants to fix their relationships but jimin didn’t even care about it fck it shin jimin
Your Too Ugly Noob!
Your Too Ugly Noob!:
Actually Jimin Bullying Her
andre estian
andre estian:
Don't bully jimin guys, i know most of u don't agree with me, just focus on mina we should suport her she need us. We sould give her love as much as we can, we should protect her, she's so kind and soft hearted, she desereve the world 🥺😭😭
Mariangel Serrano
Mariangel Serrano:
Bueno no se si alguien aqui hable español
Im Jeon
Im Jeon:
Omg mina:( she acting so hard.
Lenka Leyka
Lenka Leyka:
Mina has always been nice to Jimin but Jimin has always been mean to her, i don't understand why ??? 😭😭😭
Zanny Kim
Zanny Kim:
I can’t imagine what she went through
i bet when she comfort jimin when she cried, and jimin responds to her she must feel a bit happy that maybe jimin would stop treating her like shit but i guess the bij doesn't have heart.
Eieiei Ei
Eieiei Ei:
จิมินใจร้ายมาก เหมือนคนมีปม อิจฉาคนอื่นไปหมด
thomas kim
thomas kim:
Mina being nice to Jimin but Jimin being rude too Mina 🙄
Zera Jeffry
Zera Jeffry:
This is so awkward to watch now
Mariangel Serrano
Mariangel Serrano:
NOOOO MAN la forma en la que mina consolo a jimin.....just I'M SO MAD >:v
꧁Yomaira C.꧂
꧁Yomaira C.꧂:
Wow, what is keeping with appearances :/. I think Mina was force to put a good face because that's how kpop works.
Arianti Ramadhani
Arianti Ramadhani:
Mina selalu luluh kalo Jimin nangis, tp kalo Mina nangis Jimin buang muka
Jimin stop crying you're gonna ruin the mood
Kingi Tahau
Kingi Tahau:
Have you ever noticed that after Jimin called Hye Jeong's laugh ugly, she always covers her mouth when she laughs. This is not right
bbibmochi mochi
bbibmochi mochi:
Tbh I always got a bad vibe about this girl like- and when Jessi didn’t like her either and how she would act secretly with Mina I knew something was up
Kathelin Colasso
Kathelin Colasso:
It makes me jump off of a cliff seeing how kind mina is