J.K. Rowling Controversy Explained

J.K. Rowling Controversy Explained
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A large black billboard, with the message I love JK Rowling was posted up in Vancouver over the weekend. Within 24 hours, the billboard had been vandalized with paint splattered all over it, and shortly after, was taken down altogether. As you can imagine, the billboard sparked a debate or conversation once again, regarding the remarks Rowling made months ago.

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100+ comentarios:

Danielle Apple
Danielle Apple:
I completely understand what JK meant. Basically if the sex of a person doesn't exist then how do trans people identify as another gender in the first place? And saying sex doesn't exist contradicts someone identifying as something other than how they were born. Then she finishes by saying that erasing the idea of sex is a massive blow to womans rights who have been suppressed for millenia for being women. That INCLUDES trans women. Its the same idea that erasing race erases all the suffering that people have endured because of their race. She not spouting hate. Shes standing up for women period.
Randa Naim
Randa Naim:
Not transphobic. At all. People are too sensitive. Much more critical events to worry about these days. Calm down people.
One Wicked Muse
One Wicked Muse:
But just because you advocate for one gender/race, it doesn't automatically mean your condemning another. If that's so, the black people who advocate for BLM are automatically condemning every other race. I dare say they would claim that's not true. She can speak FOR "biologically born" women without hating trans women. People are too damn sensitive these days.
Speaking for biological women does not mean hating on trans women or trans people in general. The hate she receives for simply voicing her opinion shows how misogynistic and hypocritical the woke mob actually is. I used to just love her books but now I also love her for standing for women and their struggles. Sex-based oppression is real, whether you want it or not. And she is extremely brave for telling it how it is. Meanwhile the so called activists are only pushing away those who could be their allies with all of this hate, threats and calls for violence against women.
Nonis Andrade
Nonis Andrade:
I hate that the trans people literally complain about others erasing their existence, while also trying to erase other woman's existence, ignoring the facts that some of us where born feme AND like being called woman and not people who menstruates🙄🙄🙄, they have the right to complain and we do too.
" Just because you are offended, does NOT make the offender wrong "

Seth Freakin Rollins
Seth Freakin Rollins:
People shouldn't get hate, regardless of their gender, race and sexual orientation. A human being is a human being. We all breathe the same air.
anais garcia
anais garcia:
She literally didn’t say anything wrong lmao
J R:
Lol y’all canceled her huh? 500,000,000 books sold. Grossed over 7 billion dollars. Sure yeah. She’s TOTALLY canceled. She’s sitting pretty whether y’all read her books or not.
Royal Diadem62
Royal Diadem62:
I support jk Rowling . I understand what she meant and I agree with her .
Richard Mp
Richard Mp:
So MANY conversations we have to have at the same time. everybody is yelling but no one is listening
The billboard just looked like the birds went crazy lol
Omar Q
Omar Q:
I love how people aren't smart enough to understand Rowling's position so they call it transphobic. The actual trans community agrees with Rowling that trans female are not biologically female---thats the EXTENT of her position. This book is just an example of how a person can exploit being a trans female, or crossdresser, to enter private spaces which puts women in danger, but go ahead and call it 'transphobic' because you've all lost your minds.
Women have the right to comment on how they view themselves and the words they choose for themselves. The PC world is becoming unbearable. God forbid someone say gender and gendered spaces are important, as well as gendered terminology. It’s important for people. If you want to be a genderless alien, good on you but the rest of us are comfortable with how things are. You have to really be reaching to claim she is somehow wrong. Sex is a big part of how people share their experience. If sex isn’t important than why are people even trans?
Every body is pro-women until one of those women step out of bounds and say a mildly differing opinion than the woke ass mob.

These hypocrites are fooling no one.
Mikey E
Mikey E:
Being part of the LGBTQ community, this makes me sad. If the Trans Gender community's agenda is to say that there is no gender, then they can't be TRANS because then you had nothing to TRANSition from!! Meaning Rowling's statement can't be Transphobic to them. The original term for being trans is Body Dismorphia, (being born in the wrong body). It's simple, clear, and easily understood. SCIENCE!! The Trans movement has taken it WAY TOO FAR! They keep pushing the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Expression) understanding, but they themselves don't understand it! I personally know a lot of transgender woman and men and they do not think that her statement is transphobic. It's the Gender Non Cormorant community that gets affected by these kind of statements because even they don't know where they stand. Nuff Said.
Vivs s
Vivs s:
Cancel her? How? She s millionaire.. and i m pretty sure she doesn t give a f about this whole cancel culture bs.
Gael K
Gael K:
With no hate, the women's experience is different from the trans experience. Being born in a female body, to begin with. And being born into the wrong sex. Very different experiences. With both being valid. Respecting the way they identify, and their experience. While respecting our point of view from our experience. They may be women but came to that conclusion in a very different way.
I don't understand what is wrong.
"Sex" is what one is born as. "Gender" is the social construct one is assigned by society. From my understanding, she seems to be saying that doing away with "sex" for a self-assigned "gender" will greatly diminish the struggles of biological women everywhere, as anyone can then claim to be a woman. People can believe themselves to be whatever they please, as gender is a construct, but biologically, if you are not a woman, you will not understand the struggles that women go through and therefore you can't claim to fight alongside biological women on those issues. In this way, real issues afflicting women will fall by the wayside in favor for a more globalized, all-inclusive fight against discrimination toward ALL persons deemed as women. If this was what she meant, I see nothing wrong with it, as she is a biological woman, speaking on an issue that affects and will continue to affect biological women. Rather than throwing a hissy-fit, people need to engage more on the topic. Even if she is being transphobic (which I fail to see), this is still a discussion that needs to happen.
Debra Ann James-Bissoondath
Debra Ann James-Bissoondath:
So people aren't allowed to form their own opinions anymore? When you come to think of it, there's no such thing as free speech
Briar Rose
Briar Rose:
I just want to know when an opinion became synonymous with hate.
o Vale o
o Vale o:
Why didn’t you put her article explaining? The tweets were confusing but she literally put an article explaining what she meant
Keerah H
Keerah H:
I took it as her speaking to the part of the trans community that likes to deny science and their biological sex. I think she meant that without sex classifications, there would be no such thing as being transgender because you have to be 1 sex first to then identify as a different one
Dalina Din
Dalina Din:
What Rowling said is logically TRUE!! Whether you like it or you hate it!
Tommé Luciano
Tommé Luciano:
There was nothing transphobic about her post tho, she’s allowed to have an opinion.
F.W. Reeves
F.W. Reeves:
She doesn't seem transphobic or hateful.
Wot you gawpin' at?
Wot you gawpin' at?:
I dont know that the billboard is 'targeted' towards trans people. A lot of trans people agree with JK Rowling, and a lot of gender extremists and abolitionists are not trans. If we're at the point where acknowledging biological sex as a reality gets you labelled as 'phobic' that word has ceased to mean anything.
I think it's time we all 'cancel' the extremists, which ever side of the political spectrum they sit on.
Jazmina Baker
Jazmina Baker:
Fighting for females to be recognized as a class is not transphobic. Women's rights should never center males.
This whole cancel culture is frustrating and toxic. Therefore I will not watch any more videos on this topic from now on. I understand, of course, that it is important not to look the other way when things happen that are not humanly acceptable, but this cancel culture has reached such proportions that it is absolutely no longer healthy. For nobody.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
J.K. Rowling has the right to her opinion and cancel culture needs to be wiped out.
Amanda Schamper
Amanda Schamper:
It’s frustrating. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and writing essays, along with pamphlets and whatnot. I’ve put a lot of time into research on this subject, sex and gender are two completely different things. Sex is biological and Gender is psychological. There’s no changing that. People should identify with whatever gender they feel is right, biologically they won’t change(genetic code/not physical altercations). That’s the difference, theres no argument this is fact. No amount of anger or yelling will change that, period.
I wonder...since when people cancel people for having an OPINION!!!!! Crazy people ehhh
Why do I exist?
Why do I exist?:
You know, she wrote an article explicitly explaining what she meant. You could have just read that, JARED!
Dahlia Schultz
Dahlia Schultz:
People nowadays have a difficult time in listening. Instead people are yelling all the time.
Cindy Devine
Cindy Devine:
The very people who are saying she is promoting hate are doing the same thing towards her. You aren't accomplishing anything. No one has the right to harass someone just because they disagree with them. Time to stop the hate, period.
Prixen Games
Prixen Games:
I don't understand the hate on JK Rowling at all. I'm a transman, and what she says doesn't come across as transphobic to me at all. My *PHYSICAL* sex assigns me as a woman, I can't erase that, and in the past I would have been treated worse than dirt for my sex. If people would think before they outrage, they would understand that
P L:
Can’t cancel her, she’s already rich and not trying to sell any new Harry Potter material.
Celeste Thompson
Celeste Thompson:
Sex and gender are not the same. Sex is biological, gender is sociological.
Alex London
Alex London:
Rowling has not said anything transphobic even remotely. Women, you don’t have to change calling yourself anything other than women. Sex is real, sex politics is real. No ideology can erase that,
Vicky Kgoete
Vicky Kgoete:
Wait..wait..wait a minute...we are living in a world where we are called "people who menstruate"??

And pointing out how wrong that is gets people Cancelled??

Creole Table
Creole Table:
Trans-Women have autonomy over their bodies, legally in this country. Cis-gender women do not. All I can say on the subject.
Blupell King Ras
Blupell King Ras:
Im sorry but you cannot cancel JK. You just can't
hdhd sh
hdhd sh:
I just...she's right...how can you say she isn't.. everything she said is both correct, polite and actually respectful.
WhereImFrom Now
WhereImFrom Now:
She's loaded..jokes on everyone else..she dont care.lol
Like mean ole orange man said “They aren’t coming for me they are coming for you, I am just standing in the way.”
Daniel R
Daniel R:
I went to the hospital and was forced to tick "cis male". I didn't even know what it ment at first untill they explained. I want to tick "male" but it didn't even exist and they forced me. I don't want to be forced to lable myself undersomeones category.
Londiwe Mtshali
Londiwe Mtshali:
Allieship doesn't mean servitude. I think if we try to read to understand, we will get what she's saying. I don't think she's transphobic honestly this is a reach.
Farheena Zeeshan
Farheena Zeeshan:
whatever y’all say,harry potter is still the best.
A.J. Manol
A.J. Manol:
I personally think you can pick gender, but not sex.
As a born woman, I don’t need trans insights in my pregnancy group.
Love Lissa
Love Lissa:
Yeah, JK Rowling is an amazing talent. She’ll never be cancelled on my bookcase.
Cancel culture strikes again...
toni-marie schofield
toni-marie schofield:
Got canceled for speaking your opinion?? Stupid!!! ❤jk Rowling
Canceled.....hahahahahaha! Whatever. That term means nothing just like cancel culture.
Weirdly Unique
Weirdly Unique:
Rowling never said she hated them. People need to know the difference between simply wanting their own rights and no right at all. She isnt transphobic.
Briana Huerta
Briana Huerta:
Well I agree with jk Rowling. If someone doesn’t like that then that’s fine, we can agree to disagree I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️
Kevin Tejada
Kevin Tejada:
ya just bored at this point. LMAOOOOO
Elizabeth Ukeh
Elizabeth Ukeh:
I love J. K Rowlings
Amanda Amanda
Amanda Amanda:
Everyone is obsessed with what’s in their pants like that’s what and who they are ... what a pathetic world . Lame no wonder we haven’t been invaded(*Edit adding context to the word invaded like aliens 👽... ufo 🛸)some of us have “kitty” hats on their hat racks
If you transition, you’ll never have the internal sex organs of that sex...why do people get offended by that?!
Blue Moon
Blue Moon:
This global pandemic of bullying people and „cancelling“ is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone is offended. Everyone is twisting what’s being said.
khalan kyle
khalan kyle:
This is just getting out of hand.
Compassion Through Seeing
Compassion Through Seeing:
Finally a real woman speaking up about real women's issues
Vicky Kgoete
Vicky Kgoete:
Did non of these people go to school? JKR stated facts. Like she said nothing wrong at all. Is this a joke?
She said nothing wrong 🙄🙄
Ride or Dis
Ride or Dis:
Ironic how intolerant all the JK Rowling haters are while banging the tolerance drum. I agree with Rowling and people are reading their own agenda into her words.
They also want her cancelled for a single act in her new book and the book isn’t even out so no one has read it. Such a JOKE.
What if the billboard actually said 'I ♥️ Rowling JK'
Philip Erdman
Philip Erdman:
This sounds like a good book, imma buy it and read it tbh.
Dani Mother of Dragons
Dani Mother of Dragons:
This is so stupid people can't except facts if it doesn't fit their emotional narrative
Kylala Heart
Kylala Heart:
That’s the whole cancel issue? I thought she said sthm transphobic when she absolutely not..
Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King
Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King:
Politics is very religious like.

Believe in what i say or i hurt you!
sex exists, gender is a social construct.
Jess Cam
Jess Cam:
Basic human rights. Women's rights. Trans rights. So, a trans woman, trans rights and women's rights? Men's rights? Is that, basic human rights? It is a bit overwhelming and I am sorry if some curiosity into the whole topic, with intentions to get a better understanding of what EVERYONE is after, seems phobic in whatever way....
Mel Vividx
Mel Vividx:
why can't we just have equality , is it THAT hard?
Fel Ruic
Fel Ruic:
It is so sad how fiction has so easily overtaken fact. Well the pendulum started to swing back. Only time will tell how far it'll go. As we are in decadence age hopefully it stops well before west civ is ruined completely.
Hellur Goodbur
Hellur Goodbur:
Honestly I'm so confused. Society is making gender and sex so complicated 🤦🏻‍♀️
Page Jaycell
Page Jaycell:
Why are autogynephiles so threatened by strong women?#IStandWithJKRowling.
Rob Tierney
Rob Tierney:
Think you're the fairest person I've heard so far, talking about Rowling stuff... I mean, you're def not that Jezebel conspiracy theory thing.
Be me:
See this: "You Dunnit Nao Arry Porrer."
The Crazy Bacon Daddy
The Crazy Bacon Daddy:
Can we all eat bacon instead of smoking canadian weed?
Imagine being mad over a book which isn't even real.
Rui Busto
Rui Busto:
Too many Crazy Liberals in the world kinda explains this controversy good enough...
CUE IN THE HETEROPHOBES... you know,,, if you dont buy into their self-proclaimed desperation for validation,,, then you are "afraid" of them....
Michael Shart
Michael Shart:
Complete nonsense. JK Rowling is the greatest woman of all time. No man will ever take that throne.
Hmmm, does this impact my life, no... Next, 🤣🤣
Christoffer Karlsson
Christoffer Karlsson:
Just bought her book, sounded like an interesting plot. And i wouldn't have heard about the book if it wasnt for the cancel culture.
Jane Katzer
Jane Katzer:
Also inform overload, if you cared about this issue you would NOT have comments on for this video. People can not have a constructive conversation in the comments section.
This billboard is super close to my house. So weird seeing that street on IO!
Kae saysstfu
Kae saysstfu:
Just be whatever you are just dont cut in me line and i wont care. Its not hurting me.
Rui Busto
Rui Busto:
Being a Celebrity and speaking unalike one of the liberal mantras well... Good ol' James Woods.

No... There is another one...
No one is canceling anyone, if Ellen, J* and Dawson can survive, so can she!
There isn’t anything wrong but kit is wrong that people put it in that way...
Silvercloud141 141
Silvercloud141 141:
an adult human female.
The Shades
The Shades:
Why sad over one thing when you have millions of other reasons to be happy?

-The Shades
Why do we care so much about others opinions. just live your life. Think what you think and move on, we’re all different.
Hello all my beautiful people!!
At this point in 2020 ..just say lol and keep it pushing ...🙇
Ali B
Ali B:
Imagine being to be able to afford a billboard in Vancouver along with trying to pay rent 😂 What's their job ????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
My generation is just full of a bunch of gd snowflakes!!!! I ❤️ JK Rowling, go cry about it now!
Alex Xolo
Alex Xolo:
This still confuses me to this day... maybe I understood something else... cause she basically was... right. Wasn't she? I need to actually understand something I am missing
Will Chill
Will Chill:
"activist want to feel important"