Jodie Foster Dreams of Serving You a Coffee

James Corden welcomes Jodie Foster to the studio and Jodie explains the charm of a drive-in theater, something James has yet to experience. After Jodie talks about the changes that come with sending her children off to college, she admits to James she often fantasizes about leaving the film industry and redefining herself as a barista. And Jodie talks about her role in "The Mauritanian" for which she is Golden Globe nominated, an award she once won in a three-way-tie.

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100+ comentarios:

Elizabeth Grogan
Elizabeth Grogan:
Jodie is so real. Her acting is spell binding. She and James made that a wonderful interview.
Jeremiah Robinson
Jeremiah Robinson:
POV: You’re watching Silence of the Lambs at a Drive In, and Jodie Foster comes to bring you snacks.
Maria Sawaya
Maria Sawaya:
Judie is a very humble and natural person, she’s exactly what you see.
Venus Aurore
Venus Aurore:
Beautiful Jodie Foster!
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes:
I love Jodie Foster. She is such a genuine human being and so talented! ❤️
Unicorn Vic
Unicorn Vic:
Truly a legendary icon, and i would like to be served by her at a bar cafè!
Thomas Newsham
Thomas Newsham:
Wow she ages at a turtles pace, if she dyed her hair she'd look like she did in contact
Jason Bean
Jason Bean:
A childhood crush. We’re almost exactly the same age!:)
ce cezard
ce cezard:
Jodie is so gorgeous smart and humble. So underrated
m Patrick
m Patrick:
Jodi has such a young spirit.
Noah CArrarar
Noah CArrarar:
Jodie Foster is a unique one of a kind constant pleasure. Nobody like her
Regina Gibson
Regina Gibson:
Love some Jodi, she's an amazing actress and gorgeous 😍💕
CatherineSV Bialosh
CatherineSV Bialosh:
I hope she does a cameo on the new tv show that is based on the movie of Silence of the Lambs....She is extremely talented and a International treasure
Absolutely lovely Jodie Foster ❤️👏
Stevyy Jay
Stevyy Jay:
I've been her biggest fan ever since I can remember. I love all of her movies. Her CBD speech a couple of years ago... was the most genuine and moving speech anyone has ever given on that stage. I'm a delicate person and I can still hear her legacy whistle. Jodie Foster was here and she will continue to move me by being moved. My idol.
تلاوة القرآن الكريم
تلاوة القرآن الكريم:
دقيقه من وقتك👍 تراحم على 👍شباب المسلمين في👍 كل مكان🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶❤️
Nadine Bentel
Nadine Bentel:
I wish I had the self confidence Jodie has. She exudes a positive attitude and I do believe she has had her fair share of challenges. Yet, she has been true to herself. I am nobody living a life that has no meaning because I spent too much time trying to please other people at the expense of being true to myself. What now?
Love her! She is a truly superb talent
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones:
Great to Jodie. Amazing career and so grounded.Major contributions to society..James, James, James, drive-in movies were so fun. 😁
wreckage 3001
wreckage 3001:
It's like having Clarice, Ellie, Nell and the little girl who lives down the lane all on your sofa.
Elazar Pimentel
Elazar Pimentel:
I've always said I would love a job where I can clock out and not think about it until I clock back in.
Julie MacKenzie
Julie MacKenzie:
Jodie Foster looks awesome! 👍😊👏 I wish our drive-ins were still around ...miss them! So many great memories. It’s great being an empty-nester. At that’ve done your job & it’s time for them to soar like eagles. 👍😊
Beautiful talented artist who's so down to earth. I hope they win
Polly Kent
Polly Kent:
"It's always who died." OMG, I honestly did just do this on the phone with my grown son, regarding Cloris Leachman. I'll have to be more aware in the future.
carla juana
carla juana:
I love he goes from not wanting to hang out with his kids to not wanting them to leave home 😆
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
She's a legend. Even though she may be selective. She seems to pick the right parts. Even doing violent movies.
Noah CArrarar
Noah CArrarar:
Jodie is so real. Her acting is spell binding. She and James made that a wonderful interview.
i love this woman n her smile!
Omg great actress 👏 😍
Absolutely gorgeous and extreme massive talent. I fell in love with her in Candleshoe and freaky Friday.
Anurag Borkar
Anurag Borkar:
When she said everything is better in the car. James doesn't have a come back line......ever..... anything he says will go against a guy who started car pool karaoke 😂😂😂😂
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali:
WOW The Mauritanian 2021 movie's love brought me here. Amazing movie. This sentence (See you later alligator) does not leave my imagination is all over my head😍An amazing, amazing movie that cannot be described because the best way to express it is to see it!!
Andrew White
Andrew White:
Jodie and James both look great tonight.
Johanna Sensique
Johanna Sensique:
"it took three of us but we got her " ;)
Subhash RB
Subhash RB:
No matter how much screen time in movie Jodie will impress audience
تلاوة القرآن الكريم
تلاوة القرآن الكريم:
مستحيل اشوف اسم محمد أو متحطش ليك 858 مره 👍👍👍
I can't get over how amazing this is
S N:
"The only thing I want to do in my car is eat chocolate in a car wash" -- James
Carpool karaoke is gonna look real different in 2021
Jean -Francois
Jean -Francois:
Beautiful, smart, talented, incredible, natural, kind...a legend in the true sense of the word! 😍🥰
Kathy Dedman
Kathy Dedman:
Kathy KB
Kathy KB:
Love Jodie. Her giggle is so cute!
Anybody notice her MTV shirt? Awesome!
The best part of this interview - she’s radiating happiness. Love seeing that!
Lori Cannon
Lori Cannon:
Jody, I’ve taken much inspiration from you. You’ve touched my heart 💞, and so many others just like mine. A thank you 🙏 for my favorite actress of all time. (Wipes a tear 🥲away) 😎
The Swagnificent Mick
The Swagnificent Mick:
My new goal in life is to accepts an award with just my calves xD
Love Jodie Foster! Can't wait to see her new movie
Lovinglife Lovinglife
Lovinglife Lovinglife:
How does she do it? She doesn’t age😍
Shantelle kiwi dragon White
Shantelle kiwi dragon White:
I’m so sad all the new videos have been blocked from me in Australia today. Why is this??
Susan Maxwell
Susan Maxwell:
One of my top 5 favorates
kaouter Mouslim haliba
kaouter Mouslim haliba:
I have never been to a drive in either. It is definately in my list of things to do
Noa Vander Linden
Noa Vander Linden:
that woman is gorg but anyways totally of topic but people say, louis is spotted in la, harry& niall are spotted together in la& there are rumours that they will be on your show so james, you know yoi have a special place in our 1d heart, dont forget that we always supported you, ive even watched the movie 'the prom' abt 10 times for you, so now, go find liam, bring him to la and kidnap the boys! also try to kidnap zayn, i know he left but just try! much love❤
I love the coffee cup holder/stand
Bellaaaaaa, so cool!
Jan Campbell
Jan Campbell:
Breathe of fresh air all the best. If was great in silence of the lamb
A drive in movie is super fun. What a great story!
Mom Cooking Studio
Mom Cooking Studio:
Nice 👍❤️
elaineg60: actress of all time. I’m straight, but was in love with Jodie 40 years ago. Smart, beautiful, talented...I told my daughter and her wife, that Jodie would be the only woman I could see hooking up with. (They told me to stand in line...😂)
Charlie O's
Charlie O's:
It always drove me nuts how James would lean into guests personal space. He still leans so far forward, but at least the guests aren't right next to him now.
Hiding Insight
Hiding Insight:
Same age as Ms Foster, I remember first seeing her as a very little girl in a film . . . wasn't there a lion (?), and she had to climb rocks, and there was a doofy boy with her, and pretty sure it was a "Wonderful World of Disney" presentation on their Sunday evening show. Maybe I'll look it up now. My first impression was "wow, brilliant AND tough AND cute as a button"; still feel that way now.
Bear Creek Lodge, LLC
Bear Creek Lodge, LLC:
Wow, what a find, on this beautiful winter’s day. The “ultimate lady of pure MOXIE...”! Interesting to learn James obviously wasn’t introduced to car sex and missed the premier of West Side Story, cause he NEVER went to the OUTDOOR! So, how that’s working for!
Dang, Jodie’s getting into the OUTDOOR are hilarious. What a hoot and a flashback. Heck once, we went in the Scioto Outdoor, ‘58 Chevy convertible , with a few “free” passengers in the trunk.
Soon, the owners and staff were swarming the lot looking to kick us out....One of my buddies suggested , we all snug up and make it look as if we were a bunch of couples “making out” ! It worked!
The truly funny part, right after the bouncers walked right past us, was when our driver said, “any of you who enjoyed that, get out now....! Frankly, we all perceived he did and we be thinking, he still does. That was a sexual awakening of sorts, certainly not planned for.
Jodie Foster, best moment in cinema-role, story, cast and crew, plus overall production. CONTACT! Obviously, the so-called Academy were literally “on mute” that year. That moment in time, becomes the Small Steps that is making that classical film, like a great novel, transcend time . Literally!
Without knowing, I would wager all, that Jodie is ambidextrous . She shows the brilliance of a gifted prodigy who is blessed and challenged by mixed dominance. My guess, behind her gifts of intellect, expression , energy and wisdom of gargantuan proportions. Is a humble, genuine, introvert.
Wow, beyond remarkable! Best post of 2021!
Thank you for the video.
Shaun Collins
Shaun Collins:
Hello gorgeous
مصمم الأزياء المغربية
مصمم الأزياء المغربية:
تبارك الله عليك فيديو رائع ماشاء الله
tell me i’m not the only one here waiting for the video with niall and harry
I am a Korean fan...I'm gonna watch all of Jodie Foster movies...♡
Hannibal Lector Cafe. 🤔

My parents couldn't wait for us to move out. I never did. They paid me back by getting very ill, and from age 35 - 60, I was their 24/7 caregiver. (they were then glad I stuck it out). I left at age 60 after mom died and the house was sold. [I now live next door].

James, Drive-in theaters are great for a lot of college kids to cram into a car, or, an unchaperoned date in the back seat.
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier:
the video is really good .
Pam R
Pam R:
Lorena Arias
Lorena Arias:
She’s awesome!
John Smith
John Smith:
Jodie foster is a class act!!!
Artfully Gifted
Artfully Gifted:
She's so gorgeous
J. Matthews
J. Matthews:
I just wanna be her baby daddy... Dammit she is so fine, I know her gender type but DAMN I love her.,
was there a "silence of lambs" moment @2:40? lol seriously Jodie Foster is one of the best.
Was kind of hoping that she'd give some views on the new show Clarice
Corden, Corden, Corden
Please listen carefully to us
We are hoping
That you will get 1d back
We know you are too polite to kidnap them all
But we are broken
At least gather all of them in the skype
Just one call is enough
Please James Corden
Please James Corden
We’re out of our heads
And we know that you're scared
Because hearts get broken
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright:
💋✋🏹 7 . Z3
Dale Quadros
Dale Quadros:
Day 200 of asking James to kidnap or hand out zoom ids to the 1D members
Jodi is a proper dame.
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright:
💋✋navy n black
Patrycja Holuk
Patrycja Holuk:
11 months into the pandemic and the elbow thing is still weird.
Abigaille Eckart
Abigaille Eckart:
Is it true Niall and Harry will be on the late late show together?!
JP Garcia
JP Garcia:
Hello Clarice
Siddharth Naagar
Siddharth Naagar:
Holy shit!!!? James really has hit big time, he really got Jodie Foster on his show
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson:
What's so cool about drive in movies?!?!
Everything!!! Ours was able to stay open during this summer and it sold out nearly every night ( even when it rained)
Nadine Bentel
Nadine Bentel:
She is beautiful inside and out I am a heterosexual female yet I am attacted to her
Jay Benson
Jay Benson:
I was just watched her stalker, shot President Reagan. And now this pops up
Jan Campbell
Jan Campbell:
J f is the best❤️
Rigsby 1
Rigsby 1:
What a great person.
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner:
Corden... Corden!

“Jodie’s Java” was *right there*!
Max Manson
Max Manson:
She is so awesome.
maram juma
maram juma:
¨everything is better in your car ¨
Mo Jan
Mo Jan:
Great movie!
come on CBS... i wanna see her do little cameo in Clarice!
Johnrey Gaming
Johnrey Gaming:
Naty Souza
Naty Souza:
James, call Emilia Clarke back on your show please! I would love to see her participate in Spill Your Guts 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
Direct Action 2021
Direct Action 2021:
Please reveal to the world hollywood required you to sacrifice your male gender... beautiful male.. even more beautiful as a female... love you Jody.. you were and are an inspiration in my life... thank you! 💋💯❤❤
Denoy Eusebio
Denoy Eusebio:
Jodie Foster is ❤️.
maram juma
maram juma:
spill or fill your guts with tom holland
Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison:
No thanks. But I wouldn't mind a nice Chianti