jodie foster's coming out speech

jodie foster officially coming out as a lesbian speech, in a very round about way.

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leila ibrahim
leila ibrahim:
i didn’t know they let people have speeches this long
Feya Pearlhoof
Feya Pearlhoof:
Most of it is gay stalling then gay panic then gay realisation
Break my heart when she said "I am...single" wtf
Serious Commenter
Serious Commenter:
She's a lesbian, that explains why she's so perfect.
gay bob hair cut
Anastasia Tosi
Anastasia Tosi:
gay silence
Mister Majestic
Mister Majestic:
Since I was very young I remember Jodie Foster. I am the same age as Jodie and she made growing up in the 70's that much more fun. Watching her become the gracious and Incredible actress she is has been a real treat. I wish her all the good in the world and her courage is to be commended. Thank you for being you Jodie, Peace.
Siddharth Naagar
Siddharth Naagar:
Jodie Foster: the legend
Siddharth Naagar
Siddharth Naagar:
Jodie Foster is a massively successful woman who's also gorgeous and a certified genius obviously she's isn't straight
Tomás Pabón
Tomás Pabón:
"Can i get a wolf whistle or something" God she's so witty
Charles Michael
Charles Michael:
I remember I studied her acting career in a literature class at university. Foster is a strong shot in the arm for the feminist movement. Her award winning Silence of the Lambs represents a breakthrough of the cinematic industry. Most of the female characters in movies before had no real autonomy, as they mostly portrayed weakness and victimhood. They were the ones to be save. They were passive. They were subordinates of the males.

But Foster's character in Silence is different. She plays the leading role. And her character is tough, is strong. She has a professional career. And she brings the whole plot to a resolution.

So the movie is a revolutionary step for the movie industry. It glorifies females over males.

And today she's coming out. That's so empowering.
Nobara Kugisaki's Boyfriend
Nobara Kugisaki's Boyfriend:
It's pretty obvious she's gay from the moment she receive that award back in 1977....
a name
a name:
Jodie Foster is probably the only Hollywood actress who can get away with openly making fun of the people who want to know so much about her private life.
Helen Hancock
Helen Hancock:
She was my first crush. I am heterosexual but I adore her! Good for her x
Эстебан Пантера
Эстебан Пантера:
Her charisma and honesty is beyond everything.
Idk why but I’m like certain tomboyish girls I’m so serious When I first saw her in silence of the lambs she caught my heart lol even in the movie contact and the brave one omg 😍 it’s her character and her personality that has me. She is such a beautiful soul but clearly I don’t have a chance lol
Jo Mama
Jo Mama:
I love Jodie Foster❤️ She has done a lot with her life! From acting at the age of three to going to Yale!
Om Patel
Om Patel:
Why is everyone saying she came out as lesbian when she never mentioned her sexuality to begin with
2:37 *que Mel Gibson having a stroke*
The first time I saw her was in freaky Friday and I just knew. My mom was happy to see me watching a movie she watched as a child and asked me if I liked it and at 9 I said “yep that girl is totally gay tho she’s cool” she was stunned for a second 😂
This woman is the greatest. Period.
I'm confused where's the coming out part?!
austin wool
austin wool:
Apparently John Hinckley was inconsolable when he watched this in the looney bin. And that will be hilarious forever.
Derek McAdam
Derek McAdam:
Her 2 sons reached is the best 😂
oh my god i love this woman
Jestex Garcia
Jestex Garcia:
Jodie Foster: So elegant, she has such grace. 😍
Juliette MacDonald
Juliette MacDonald:
I must have had an "Alzheimer's episode" because I listened intently for the "coming out as a lesbian"
moment + I didn't hear THE WORDS, any word, or word combo that would even hint that she's a lesbian.
If someone's reading this + doesn't mind taking the time to tell me where the "coming out" part was
.........ha.....I'd appreciate it!🤓
This speech always moves me to tears 👌
Jessica DuBois
Jessica DuBois:
Her speech to her Mom was so heart warming. I enjoyed listening to such a humble being. She's such an amazing woman. 🤗💕
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera:
#1 Talented, brilliant and classy.
Shobha Kumari
Shobha Kumari:
I hoped that "Part of Her Amazing Speech was not cut" were Jodie Foster talks about her Life Partner.
Isabelle N
Isabelle N:
Actrice fantastique et brillante, d'une intelligence hors normes, qui parle un français absolument parfait sans le moindre accent, elle est extraordinaire!
Je l'adore!
Robloxiscancer 3
Robloxiscancer 3:
I love her smile dude, she seems like such a cool girl to get along with
She's incredibly brilliant, caring and real. Bravo Jodie!!! You friggen ROCK!!!
Inci Demirci
Inci Demirci:
How ironic that the first woman you see in this video is the beautiful Amanda Seyfried. And she was actually the first woman i had a biggg Crush on 🤭
Animal Lover
Animal Lover:
One of the most BRILLIANT...INTELLIGENT and SINCERE women/actors of all time...LOVE YA JODIE...
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #
Happiness Oasis # Dushyant Singh Panwar #:
What a smooth talker😍
Shan V Perera
Shan V Perera:
Thats one epic speech. Confident and bold. What a woman.
David Potter
David Potter:
Jodie Foster. Wow. Isn't she the best!? ❤️
robert lerma
robert lerma:
She is beautiful no matter what! I love her!
Bear Creek Lodge, LLC
Bear Creek Lodge, LLC:
Small steps! Do they give an Academy Award for the best, most brilliant share of all time! Jodie- her, gifts and shares, plus brilliant stories and characterizations will, and do, transcend time!
What a hero!
Love her. What an amazing personality she has. ❤️
Laura Forrester
Laura Forrester:
Jodie Foster was, and still is, my first and greatest celebrity crush. I adore her work, her intelligence and the fact that she has always wanted to keep her private life private. A very beautiful and talented woman.
Mitchell Michaud
Mitchell Michaud:
Wow. Tears. What brought me to this speech this evening. I'm unsure. But there was a reason and I'm touched ....I'm touched
Jane Eley
Jane Eley:
What can I say ? LOVE YA JODIE
i just watched the silence of the lambs for the first time one week ago, not really knowing who jodie foster was (what a shame), but i truly loved her in this great great great movie and oH MY GOD MY GAYDAR FELT THAT SHE WASN’T STRAIGHT AND IT WAS RIGHT AND OMGGGGG MY GAYDAR IS SO STRONG, I????? (i’m so glad she found the strength to admit her sexuality to herself and also to others, i love knowing that she is currently living a happy life with her wife)
recorded in heaven!
Even if I tried to learn more another life, I wouldn't pass the entrance exam to the university which she graduated from.
Rachel Meniboon
Rachel Meniboon:
Whose here after seeing her interview when she was 17??
popi toto
popi toto:
Where was this took place?For which occasion?she is still married?I am interested..I am joking!
Shaun Collins
Shaun Collins:
Gayle Cheung
Gayle Cheung:
There was rumours but I was surprised but it is what it is... She didn’t mention anything about her sexuality orientation
Jennifer Marie Herron
Jennifer Marie Herron:
You're singe 'll? Aren't you the inspiration for the movie 'firestarter' ? Long distance spy cameras along California's freeways?
Forced to take a picture with my wifes son
Forced to take a picture with my wifes son:
When did she come out? It sounds like a retirement speech
aine earley
aine earley:
What a legend
2:35 my reaction
Neil Sunnell
Neil Sunnell:
Hi Jodie,

Your loneliness pained me. Bless you dear heart. You are a great director. Is there a role you would wish to play?

Much appreciation.

the gay silence meme? we knew.
Tony Lasiter
Tony Lasiter:
Jody, I love your work and everything but come on, these people wanna go home. Spit it out already; you eat fried there, I said it for ya...
hyaga beesh
hyaga beesh:
When she said when your okay to go i thought contact immediately and i dont know why.
Vinicius Cardoso
Vinicius Cardoso:
2:29 I look like that too when I see Jodie Foster, Mel.
S. M. Casts
S. M. Casts:
Shekayla Major01 x
Shekayla Major01 x:
2:37 Mel Gibsons face
I like her a lot. I feel relate some for being a woman and gay and, single 😉
Spawn Of Taco Bell
Spawn Of Taco Bell:
She’s still amazing
Darienne Meador
Darienne Meador:
Love 😍 her 😘
Please. We all know she is at least bisexual. We have been knowing it for a while. Shes a great actress and I really like her work.
S. M. Casts
S. M. Casts:
It isn't said enough about the necessity for people to have access to privacy, I don't care what they have chosen as a profession.
One Of A Kind
One Of A Kind:
I grew up watching Jodi from 1970s I always New she was gay!
ANY''' Love Beats All'' forms of Hate.'' period. ,,,! She is a bit off the mark from those who have Tried but mostly failed to exploit her 4 Decades.., HER brilliance .& stability Have gave her good footing on a solid Foundation. ,, There will be more ,,, wolves com'n 4 Her. However she is Strong , Knowledgeable & Seen All the shet they can throw @ Her. A Beautiful ,,, Strong ,,, Woman 4 sure. kodi
Huh she didn’t even say she was gay. She was a Tom boy when she was young.
Fan Review
Fan Review:
Mel gibson is just speechless
Sophiamai _
Sophiamai _:
PH Ooper
PH Ooper:
Excellent woman, so beautiful here in all ways.
But Mel Gibson wtf!?
Kr 887
Kr 887:
I just saw Freaky Friday, the original, and that's how I found out she was gay. Lol she was so much like Peppermint Patty from Charly Brown.
I’m so fucking confused lmao ive tried for years trying to piece together this speech lol
smitty jergensons
smitty jergensons:
Mel Gibson with the 1000 yard stare lmao
Alfred James Pacino
Alfred James Pacino:
2:35 i am be like when i heard she said 'i am gay'
She loves the magic carpet ride.
Mike Willis
Mike Willis:
I never would think I could see a Mel Gibson getting Teary-eyed over a lesbian role-model coming out! Strong woman that sets even the straightest men “straight!”
R3 H4B
R3 H4B:
Iron man with academy awards winner
kusum nagar
kusum nagar:
Jay AK
Jay AK:
Remember the interview when she was 17?
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman:
I never knew her son was in the Breakfast Club.
Frickface Migee
Frickface Migee:
Is mel gibson okay?
Great speech
Robyn Armit
Robyn Armit:
Not me crying at the contact line fucking help me this is too emotional
Ryzen Tevfik
Ryzen Tevfik:
Nobody has to explain his/her sexual identity to public like that. Your choice, your life, nobody can interrupt. And that doesn't make Jodie "a hero".
Iris from Taxi Driver makes good!
Aishwariya Sweety
Aishwariya Sweety:
She is perfect.
Dave Steadman
Dave Steadman:
She doesn't say anything about being a lesbian.
Cali Swine
Cali Swine:
I dont no why coming out is so hard if your gay your gay be proud of who you are as long as your not harming anyone
She's great
Real Life
Real Life:
She never said it, she went around it and could not say it.
Why leave it so late?
Jimmy Dempster
Jimmy Dempster:
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise
jae jae
jae jae:
why is 2:29 not a meme by now
Emma Shippey
Emma Shippey:
Amazing woman!