Joe Biden holds lead over Donald Trump in battleground states as race tightens

The 2020 presidential election is less than two months away. A new CNBC/Change Research States of Play survey took a closer look at the issues that are important to the voters in battleground states. CNBC's Eamon Javers reports. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in six 2020 swing states, as the Republican National Convention changed little in the race for the White House, according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll.

Across Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the former vice president holds a 49% to 45% edge over the Republican incumbent, the survey released Wednesday found. It compares with a 49% to 46% edge Biden held in a poll taken two weeks ago, after the Democratic National Convention but before the GOP’s nominating events.

Biden holds at least a narrow lead in all six of the states, which will play a major role in determining who wins the White House on Nov. 3. Here is where the race stands in all of those states, and how it has changed from the last survey:

Arizona: Biden 49%, Trump 45% (was Biden 49%, Trump 47%)
Florida: Biden 49%, Trump 46% (unchanged)
Michigan: Biden 49%, Trump 43% (was Biden 50%, Trump 44%)
North Carolina: Biden 49%, Trump 47% (was Biden 48%, Trump 47%)
Pennsylvania: Biden 50%, Trump 46% (was Biden 49%, Trump 46%)
Wisconsin: Biden 50%, Trump 44% (was Biden 49%, Trump 44%)
The poll, taken Friday through Sunday, surveyed 4,143 likely voters across the six states and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.4 percentage points.

It shows a race changing little even in a period where presidential candidates can see a temporary bump after they inundate voters at their nominating conventions. Though Biden’s lead in both national and swing-state polling averages has fallen from highs seen during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic in June and July, the CNBC/Change Research polls find the presidential race largely unchanged by events in recent weeks.

The survey released Wednesday found swing-state voters’ views of Trump and Biden have not meaningfully changed over the last two weeks. This week, 45% of respondents said they have favorable feelings about Trump, versus 52% who said they view him unfavorably. It compares with a 46% to 51% favorable to unfavorable spread two weeks ago.

Opinions on Biden did not budge at all. In Wednesday’s survey, 45% of likely voters said they had a favorable view of the Democratic nominee, while 49% responded that they had unfavorable feelings about him. The numbers were the same two weeks ago.

Respondents were asked to choose the three most important issues facing the country. The most common choice was the economy, jobs and cost of living, picked by 43% of likely voters, followed by political corruption at 38%. Another 35% of respondents chose Covid-19, followed by law and order at 29%, and racism and discrimination at 27%.

The major parties have drastically different views on the most important issues. Among Democrats, 61% chose Covid-19 and 51% picked racism and discrimination. But among GOP voters, 58% chose law and order — a common rhetorical device Trump uses to criticize protests against police brutality and racism — and 53% picked the economy, jobs and cost of living.

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100+ comentarios:

Brad Blades
Brad Blades:
"Hillary Clinton has a 98% chance of winning"

Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice...
Mark Cannon
Mark Cannon:
"We can only re-elect Donald Trump."
-Joe Biden
They still lie to our faces despite knowing we no longer believe their farce of a program
AkmSKS21 Hill
AkmSKS21 Hill:
Who all remembers when they said the same about Hillary 😂 😆 😂
Kasturi Majumder
Kasturi Majumder:
A moment of silence for those who actually believe in your poll result.
World Record Ricky
World Record Ricky:
I don’t remember ever being asked to take any of these polls everyone keeps talking about. Guess they must have missed me.
Ron Contreras
Ron Contreras:
I don't know what you guy's are smoking but it must be really good!
Paul Healey
Paul Healey:
Does anyone actually believe that Biden is leading in the polls. Nobody with half a brain does.
Andrew Bondsteel
Andrew Bondsteel:
I don't know about you, but theres more "now hiring" signs in my town than "Biden signs"
Connor Garry
Connor Garry:
Who actually believes these polls anymore? I mean, just look at the like/dislike ratio lol
Hillary had a 98% chance of winning too, as I recall.
Matt Pizzano
Matt Pizzano:
Did you take a cocaine test before conducting this poll? Come on, man!
Not YoDaddy
Not YoDaddy:
In other news , unicorns have been spotted in the Rocky Mountains riding on a rainbow of glitter farts.
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron:
My town (of 1 MILLION) is in one of the LARGEST "battleground" states that Hitlery narrowly lost in '16. There were lots of Hitlery signs then. I haven't seen ONE SINGLE Biden sign this year...
amy w
amy w:
Yea...I totally trust this news source. No agenda going on here!!
Brandon Thiriot
Brandon Thiriot:
Just in! Polls show that almost everybody dislikes CNBC. You are literally losing a poll on your own video, look at the dislikes!
derek m
derek m:
I’m joe Biden and I’m going to beat Joe Biden.
Now that’s a hilarious title!
Just who exactly do you think will believe that!!!😂😂😂😂
Jacob Guthrie
Jacob Guthrie:
Who was leading in the “so called polls” in 2016? Anyone remember? Pepperidge Farm remembers... #Trump2020
This sounds familiar. I cant put my dumb lower class finger on it... almost as if the same thing was being said in 2016.. poor old me the media got me again
Carm 22
Carm 22:
The dislike ratio says a lot! No way is Biden leading! Media says one thing, & we as voters see something different with our own eyes!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
reggie miller
reggie miller:
Remember them saying Hillbillary would get 92% of the vote. They had their numbers backward, she got 29%.
Mac C
Mac C:
So did Hillary. But now Trump gets 20% black vote vs the 10% he got four years ago, plus Dade County fla. and Philadelphia are much more supportive of Trump then last election. Throw fracking issue and Trump easily gets Ohio Penn and Florida. It’s a virtual lock for Him
Losing in Texas
Tied in Florida
and he's slowly losing the polls in the rest of the battleground states.
But sure, Biden is "holding the lead".
The Saint Must Walk Alone
The Saint Must Walk Alone:
I'm not normally into comedy, but this channel should get an award for its convincing satire!
El Hijo del Chupacabra
El Hijo del Chupacabra:
Hello, greetings from Macomb County Michigan.
I believe in yard signs polls, Trump is winning in a landslide here.
Michael St Cyr
Michael St Cyr:
There's no way bumbling Joe is holding a 9 point lead with his stand on fracking
P Neron
P Neron:
"Ni Hao" - Joe Biden
Dave A
Dave A:
Bunker Joe: "I spoke with Mister Washington just this morning over some plumb wine and scones. He truly believes the Whigs will win this election, hands down!"
Liber Topia
Liber Topia:
uh. . . there's a helluva lot of writing on the wall and it says that Biden gets creamed in Nov.
Nick Morrison
Nick Morrison:
“Hey I’ve seen this one before!” “Wdym it’s brand new?”
Don Boland
Don Boland:
Same old lies. Different day. Its all in who you ask were and how many in what crowd are Demarats.
Jerrod Staviski
Jerrod Staviski:
Oh yay! It’s Opposite Day at CNBC again. In light of that, you guys are doing great journalism as usual! Keep up the unbiased reporting. Much love to you all!
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker:
What's remarkable to me is that 3:1 dislike ratio ... 1 out of every 11 people who watched this video took the time to give it a thumbs down... that's actually incredible..
Walter Higo
Walter Higo:
Hillary's lead in 2016 was larger than that of Biden's.
We all know what happened on election day
D Jones
D Jones:
So sick of the BS! Press needs to stop insulting our intelligence.
M Halligan
M Halligan:
Hey, I remember this. this is a classic!
Tulan Zuya
Tulan Zuya:
Hahahah! Thanks for the morning chuckle.
Bernie Tamosaitis
Bernie Tamosaitis:
good solid commentary. thanks for shining truth guys
Beans NCornbred
Beans NCornbred:
For a more accurate poll look at the like/dislike ratio.
Whats Guud
Whats Guud:
Ronald Calove
Ronald Calove:
“The media is not your friend” - Chris Cuomo
When you add the missing 6% to Biden he still wont win
Kumul 1
Kumul 1:
bahahahahah.. so hillarious
Michael Rouse
Michael Rouse:
😂😂😂 Media meltdown less than 2 mo away! I trust gas station sushi over the word of the media.
james patterson
james patterson:
just drove across 6 states...trump signs everywhere...a handful of biden…
Ron LaFond
Ron LaFond:
Bahahaha! Hahahaha!
Johnny Rocket73
Johnny Rocket73:
Wynette Greer
Wynette Greer:
All lies !!! Every thing they say are lies ! They are so disgusting
Danny L. Terry
Danny L. Terry:
JOE & KAM 2020!!!!
Don't underestimate those of us who refuse to vote ahead of time. No mail in ballot. I'm not giving anyone any heads up on their stats, keep working hard at your campaign, don't inch your way to the top then quit because you're ahead. I'm sure I'm not the only voter who thinks like this, but with alternative voting in play, candidates are up on where they stand. I don't remember my parents having so many choices. They used to give either the day or half a day off so you can cast your votes in the election. I like tradition, and less controversy in my life.....
Chuck Granado
Chuck Granado:
CJ Young
CJ Young:
Little Asian
Little Asian:
Media bushit poll
Sw86 Sw86
Sw86 Sw86:
All I know as an ex Democrat I'm voting straight red this election. This insanity needs to stop.
Did old Joe get new plugs? He has more hair than he did 50 years ago.
I can't even get a freakin' haircut in my state!
Luis Parodi
Luis Parodi:
Will Lopez
Will Lopez:
I’ve seen this show before back in 2016, it’s a classic.
Trout Slayer
Trout Slayer:
James Cin
James Cin:
James Garrett
James Garrett:
Eric Elsinger
Eric Elsinger:
“Hello, do you live in a major city? No? Okay, sorry for bothering you”
LMAO! Yeah okay 👌🏼🤣😂
jorge quenano
jorge quenano:
The audacity if these medias are overwhelming. As if their confidence telling them that they are right this time. Lol
elena manvelyan
elena manvelyan:
Will be back in a few months to ask how you could have had your heads so far up your butts.
Anonymous K
Anonymous K:
Eat Trade Travel
Eat Trade Travel:
I wonder if Biden gets the rona before the debates, so he won't have to debate? It will be the hardest and saddest things to watch if he shows up!
L. A. Diaz
L. A. Diaz:
I dont trust them though.
Keep working.
carol w
carol w:
Sure he's leading. By the way I have some oceanfront property in Iowa for sale.
Lrays Lrayss
Lrays Lrayss:
“Sir, you are leading in the all the polls.” Biden: “I won Poland?”
Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez:
Normal people who know how to earn a living and have a positive attitude are leaving these cities in droves for a better life.
Brendan B
Brendan B:
lol This is an example of Interactive Internet Activities at it's finest.
David Borisevich
David Borisevich:
Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole:
"Off the mental plantation since 2016"
leo simoneau
leo simoneau:
In other news i just 🤮 up at the fictional thought of that peno kid sniffing act winning
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell:
They don't know what voters think!!! The silent will be the majority, 4 another 4 years...
Lmao! funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Media is dead.
I could be wrong...but did he say "the economy's stupid" at the 2:15 mark?? You be the judge...🤔
Buzz Bee
Buzz Bee:
How long can they keep Joe Hidden in his basement?
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall:
They forgot about the silent majority they will never figure it out lol 😆 wait till November 3rd so many people at my work almost all of the 100 on night shift are voting for trump....
Sha'Ron Guillory
Sha'Ron Guillory:
The polls showed Hilary winning....we all know how that went 😂🤣
Wood Grenade
Wood Grenade:
Lol I seen a T-shirt that had Trump on it laughing and it said I told you polls were for strippers 😂
I needed a good laugh this morning... love it
Horatio Sans
Horatio Sans:
Lol. Funny how 3x as many people dislike this. Must be true that Biden is leading. Lies lies lies
April Thompson
April Thompson:
How can you report this with a straight face 😐 You all are crazy as hell!
J Wall
J Wall:
Hahaha I think your poll results are a just a tad bit BS 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Ilona Klosowska
Ilona Klosowska:
Please, we need the TRUTH!
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson:
I love how all the comments are mocking this
Victor Rene
Victor Rene:
Yeah sure. These are fake polls. They didn't learn from last time.
David Card
David Card:
I always say this, those polls do not speak for everybody... but hey the left does not think for themselves they wait for master to speak for them
I got called by a poller. I said I would vote Republican and she hung up the phone so fast. If I knew this would get telemarketers to hang up I would of started this years ago.
moisés díaz
moisés díaz:
OA, OA, OA, OA .... AO, AO, AO, AO ....
Outpost k6
Outpost k6:
Lies ahead. These paid shills are what's wrong with this country.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
Yeah, Biden will *definitely* have a lead if they cheat. Plenty of people have already gotten 2-3 ballots in the mail of people they don't even know 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
That was particularly funny.
John and Cenen Bowers
John and Cenen Bowers:
I think they believe if they say it often enough it will be true. There is NO legitimate way Biden could win.