Joel Schumacher interview on "Batman Forever" (1995)

Director Joel Schumacher shares behind-the-scenes stories about the making of "Batman Forever."
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Manufacturing Intellect
Manufacturing Intellect:
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John Doe
John Doe:
Rest in Peace Joel, you will be missed!
RIP Joel Schumacher
Sebastian Fitzptraick
Sebastian Fitzptraick:
I know he gets a lot of flack but he seems like a really nice guy and has directed plenty of great films.

Edit : Just heard he passed away, RIP to Joel. One of the men that helped me get into Batman.
Lord Fly
Lord Fly:
This is actually a good interview
Adam Fleming
Adam Fleming:
I loved the film when I was a kid, especially it's Climax, when Batman has to choose between saving his girlfriend and his sidekick, but instead, he makes his own Riddle and destroys The Riddler's machine. Rest in Peace.
Las Traes
Las Traes:
This man just passed away, my condolences to all his dear ones
Michael g
Michael g:
0:07 Sometimes I forget that 141 million dollars was a milestone 25 years ago
Great interview, for all his miss fires, I still have respect for this man and the several films he made which were really solid. Also love hearing his thoughts on the critics vs audiences.
Joe Schumacher kicks ass?! until this day, he's still my filmmaking hero...thank you Joel
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez:
He looks like a cool guy
Black Lightyear
Black Lightyear:
Despite all his faults, we have to acknowledge that in his own special ways, he was a good director who gave us plenty of entertainment and an even better human being. You will be extremely missed Mr. Schumacher, Rest In Peace.
Miss the 90's
Lorenzo Sestito
Lorenzo Sestito:
One of my all-time favorites Is Flatliners,perfectly directed.So sad we Lost him....
Átila Santos
Átila Santos:
He's a funny guy, I have to say lol
16:32 i totally agree with Schumacher, he's not trying to make the next Casablanca, just an entertaining batman movie.
RIP Joel Schumacher.
"sometimes a big mac is just wonderful"
RIP to a legend.
Phil Power
Phil Power:
Man, this is such a relevant and important interview. Gems dropped everywhere.
Robert 0077
Robert 0077:
Batman Forever was great. I wish Warner Bros would release his directors cut which was more darker.
Adam Dow
Adam Dow:
RIP Joel Schumacher. Made alot great films: Batman Forever, Phone Booth, A Time To Kill, Trespass, Falling Down and The Client.
Yemi Babatunde
Yemi Babatunde:
Very interesting and insightful interview on the current state of Hollywood, Critics and Blockbusters at the time.
Robson Siffert
Robson Siffert:
damn, george clooney did such a good impresson of him on the graham norton show
Miloš Rais
Miloš Rais:
he was absolutely funny during the making that 2 movies i´ve heard ... George Clooney said some funny stories ....
4ever90smusiclover 90smusiclover
4ever90smusiclover 90smusiclover:
Joel's amazing..period!
Matthew Tran
Matthew Tran:
Love his sass!!
The Archive
The Archive:
You know what, good on him for biting back
RIP, Joel.
Rodrigo Molinsky
Rodrigo Molinsky:
27:00 Joel just knew what would happen to the next Batman movie
Stephen mark Eames
Stephen mark Eames:
RIP Joel.. great interviewee as well as filmmaker
RIP Joel Schumacher
4ever90smusiclover 90smusiclover
4ever90smusiclover 90smusiclover:
Giant trailer!!..LMAO..sure it wasnt the best..but it was better than (B&R)!
I like how at the end it got more and more aggressive xD I agree with both of their opinions, can't say if any of them is wrong.
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell:
If you have a rule of NOT making sequels

Stick to that rule
What a fucking legend. RIP
Adrian Gussolovski
Adrian Gussolovski:
The Iceage
EUROPA Music - Official Channel
EUROPA Music - Official Channel:
Such a good movie. It's reminiscent of the Adam West Batman. It's colorful, funny, wacky, and so much fun. I've seen it 40+ times over the years. I'll never get tired of it.
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks:
Wait, so Robin Williams didn't wanted to play Riddler whatsoever? After all the articles and fan films, and fan arts of Burton's Batman Forever, Williams would of still said "no" even if it was made.
that guy over there
that guy over there:
r.i.p joel you'll be missed
Gareck The tailor
Gareck The tailor:
rip king. if he DID end up buying time warner with his batman money, coulda solved ALOT of bs down the line.
dark.demon .queen
dark.demon .queen:
His philosophies, ethics, and talent are probably a really rare thing in Hollywood. We need more people like this on our planet. Wherever you are Joel you’ve inspired and left a legacy. ✌️
Randolph Hicks
Randolph Hicks:
You will be missed
Brian Gallas
Brian Gallas:
He's so campy lolol
Be Mysterious
Be Mysterious:
Wow. Is it me that he almost look
like Al pacino actor
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez:
I don’t know like the Batman forever and Batman and Robin movies weren’t that bad
Ivan Renov
Ivan Renov:
Rest In Peace Joel
as a kid never understood why they had a close up of the Batass or the Batnips, then i found out that the director Schumacher was a flamer
Stephen Older
Stephen Older:
I'm glad Keaton didn't continue on as Batman. Joel's take was stylistically different and in tone different than Burton's, and so it would seem odd to have the same actor playing Batman. Keaton was best left to Batman and Batman returns. Kilmer was a good choice, but to be honest, out of those four Batman movies, I only like the first one, Batman.
Kyran Scott
Kyran Scott:
Never had an issue with Joel Schumacher and his Batman Films , he made a living comic book for 2 films... He was a Great Director... And to be honest people may disagree his Batman Films being great the MCU is closer to what Schumacher Did than Burton....
John Cribbs
John Cribbs:
Cool thanks Joel Schumacher forever thanks for the 25-30 years of storytelling from the legendary late legacy of Bob Kane whoever passed on at 83,1998 rip buddy now your characters are better than ever thanks buddy peace and blessings to you thanks.
Alex Thrill
Alex Thrill:
نادر الی راحمان
نادر الی راحمان:
Darwin didn't suggest we're descended from monkeys. We descend from common ancestors with monkeys.
Stranger 87
Stranger 87:
great director
J C:
Paul Fienga
Paul Fienga:
Rip 😥
Gabe Selden
Gabe Selden:
I’ve always respected Joel Schumacher as a director, and I do appreciate how he grew up a Batman fan and a comic reader. I believe Schumacher could have made one of the best Batman films if WB gave him more creative freedom, rather than want to make toys. I think Joel tried not to diss on Warner when the movies were coming out, cause after he wasn’t afraid to share how WB really treated his vision
Sandria Guest
Sandria Guest:
Bad guy.
Mohammed Idris
Mohammed Idris:
Can someone name me who is the host of the show what is his name
bayern lover
bayern lover:
Warren G
Warren G:
If he's the master caster, they why George Clooney and Arnie
Keith Bittinger
Keith Bittinger:
Other than Batman & Robin this guy’s filmography is iconic as fuck. Falling Down is in my opinion on of the top 20 best films of the 90s.
Daniel V
Daniel V:
Am I the only one thinking these two look like brothers?? Lol
Gabriel Zayas
Gabriel Zayas:
I didn't like what that critic says disgraceful. It's one thing of not liking the movie, it's bad criticism is the other. This is entertaining movie better than Batman Returns that wasn't good.
Shannon Curtis
Shannon Curtis:
I can imagine if he manage to do a 1999 Batman with Robin and Batgirl
And with Scarecrow with the main antagonist or maybe Clayface or Killer Croc
And yeah I know about the Batman Began Scarecrow

I just like to see this director's version of Scarecrow
Loy Tolbird
Loy Tolbird:
Zack Wick
Zack Wick:
Are his movies connected to the burton films?
I love how feminine he is...
John De Bruyne, Netherlands
John De Bruyne, Netherlands:
RIP Joel Schumacher, thanks for your Batman movies
I could listen to him talk for hours, so witty and wise. His Batman films made my childhood so much brighter and funnier. Shame he got lambasted by fanboys and critics.
Devon Healey
Devon Healey:
This film was 1997
Jose Gerardo Medina Guzman
Jose Gerardo Medina Guzman:
The man who killed the character and the franquice
L M:
Rest In Peace. Batman forever was my childhood
Chris Stoic
Chris Stoic:
Jesus he look so gay!