Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World

Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World

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Arnar Einarsson
Arnar Einarsson:
You wanna know why Joey Ramone's my hero? Cause people never managed to grind him down. They never stole his spirit. He never gave in. Never gave up and never sold out right til his last breath. And he's not dead. Guys like that. They live forever.
Enghuer Gonzalez
Enghuer Gonzalez:
Fué en la época de su cáncer ésta canción....El pudo salir del hospital en pleno proceso de grabación, y cuando terminaba su función en el estudio, volvía a internarse! el amor por la música era más grande!! su voz aún se escucha con todo su punk rock! lml
One of the most perfect covers ever..thank god fer punk.
I had the louis armstrong version played at both my parents funerals , i think this version suits me beter when i take the high road
Marcão de Souza
Marcão de Souza:
R.I.P. Joey Ramone, 15 years without you... but you are ETERNAL !
Rodrigo Alves rodrigues
Rodrigo Alves rodrigues:
15 de abril de 2021 são terríveis 20 anos sem Joey Ramone muito obrigado por tudo Joey
Hoy 19 años ya pasaron :'( descansa en paz Joey GRACIAS POR TU MÚSICA
Miguel Bianuchi
Miguel Bianuchi:
joey ramone querido Argentina esta contigo!!!
When we lost Joey we lost one of the best songwriters ever. May your beautiful free soul rest in peace.
Janet Sittler
Janet Sittler:
Joey reworks this classic song and makes it his own...awesome
I see trees of green, red roses too
i see them bloom for me and you
and i say to myself, what a wonderful world
I see skies of blue and clouds of white
bright sunny days, dark sacred nights
and i think to myself, what a wonderful world
The colors of the rainbow are so pretty in the skies
are also on the faces of the people walking by
i see friends shaking hands saying
how do you do?
they're really saying i love you
i see babies cry, i watch them grow
they'll learn much more than i'll ever know
and i think to myself, what a wonderful world
yes, i think to myself, what a wonderful world
Remember we all have to die. Hopefully Joey is allowed to sing over there when I'm coming :-)
Matia Martinez
Matia Martinez:
RAMONES FOREVER..Argentina y toda América latina los extraña. Nos encontramos en el cielo y gracias por tantos años de alegría! !
Samuel Morais
Samuel Morais:
Caraca.... Esse é o tipo de música que tu tem que ter numa playlist de casamento
Sérgio Dias dos anjos
Sérgio Dias dos anjos:
Joey Ramone no vocal , e incomparável, unico
Niccolò Manzo
Niccolò Manzo:
Long live Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny & Tommy. Ramones forever!!
Felipe Ramone
Felipe Ramone:
O mundo tá muito mais triste depois que tu partiu Joey, espero do fundo do meu coração que tu esteja num lugar melhor olhando por todos nós. Sempre fui teu fã, e se Deus quiser...meus filhos ouvirão eu falar de ti!
Marta Krupińska
Marta Krupińska:
R.I.P. Joey Ramone 🙏 🙏 🙏
0:29 Joey (1951-2001) and don't worry about me sad :(
alvaro nascimento rosa
alvaro nascimento rosa:
no dia que joey morreu, uma radio brasileira tocou esse som. fiquei uns dez anos pra ouvir de novo porque achei que tinha sido só um sonho!!!
Julio Cesar Correa Gomes
Julio Cesar Correa Gomes:
Mais um clássico mundial na voz do inigualável,Joey Ramone.
He is indeed the actor who played Darmody in Boardwalk Empire; his name is Michael Pitt and the girl is Alexis Dziena, they were together in real life at the time the video was made.
uma lenda cantando outra música lendária
matt bessant
matt bessant:
I will never stop loving my Ramones! .....
Jonathan K. Lee
Jonathan K. Lee:
I see Mileys of Cyrus, Beliebers, too,
but no more Ramones, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a horrible world. :(
Allysson Gabriel de Souza Rocha
Allysson Gabriel de Souza Rocha:
Joey Ramone um ídolo mundial... saudades eternas
amaro quintas
amaro quintas:
Antunes Carlos
Antunes Carlos:
Um clipe lindo e de extremo bom gosto.
Valeu grande Joey Ramone!. Sua imensa obra ainda vai ficar durante longos anos.
Tudo de bom fica aqui.....
Fica com DEUS, grande Joey Ramone.
Leonardo Mendes
Leonardo Mendes:
I was 9yo and it was summer vacations... I was laying on my mom's couch watching MTV when this video started. I've got amazed. So I searched the album on the net then I met the Ramones... It just changed my whole life... Long live to Rock and Roll!
anita thies
anita thies:
RIP Joey and thanks for all the beautiful music you gave us!!!
marcio fonte
marcio fonte:
Até hoje tenho crise de choro vendo o joey! Ele sempre foi o melhor!
Thanks to my good friend Handsome Richard, I got to meet Joey and Syd Straw a bunch of times! he was the most approachable guy!!! Had a heart as big as NYC and twice as loving!!! Cried the day he left us, and still cry every now and then!!! Thanks Joey!!!! You are truly missed!!!
Patricia Mitchell
Patricia Mitchell:
Friends shaking hands...what a quaint memory...🤔
Loo Carlos Oficial
Loo Carlos Oficial:
Assisti esse clipe logo quando foi lançado... impressionante. Na época não existia a internet fluente e fácil . Era fita cassete mesmo . Kkkkk
Ed De la Fuente
Ed De la Fuente:
Joey Ramone te nos fuiste muy pronto, el Punk siempre te tendrá en lo mas alto :'(
Tiago Belizario
Tiago Belizario:
This is not just a cover! This a honor to this song be updated by the greatest punk of f*cking times! Thank you, Joey!
juj 5
juj 5:
modern day music needs more of this, music has changed so much over the years, that some of it just sounds like buzzing in my ear, this is what music should be like
Miss you Joey!
Angélica Vega
Angélica Vega:
Esta canción siempre me hace llorar. Por siempre Joey y Ramones.
Ivany Carrico
Ivany Carrico:
Joey Ramone incomparável melhor vocal do mundo !!!
Thor Carlton
Thor Carlton:
Joey was dying when he recorded this and still sounded just as good as he did decades earlier. Such a great talent and great person.
One Drop Mtg
One Drop Mtg:
As someone with OCD, Joey Ramone is truly an inspiration. I know how bad this illness can drag you down. It can make just functioning a feat in itself, but to also become a music legend is nearly superhuman. On the days I feel like giving up I remember Joey Ramone.
Greg Bray
Greg Bray:
So ironic with joey always being the up beat happy guy in public that he had such demons and mental problems and aelf esteem issues
carlos ortega
carlos ortega:
Descubri esta cancion hace años en los creditos finales del documental Bowling for Columbine....buenisimo🤟🎸
Patrick Mcmanus
Patrick Mcmanus:
This is the song my fatherss memorial service started with. He was a true Ramones fan until the end.
Dulce Salado
Dulce Salado:
¿Cómo me hice tan mayor?... Estoy hablando de haber vivido en otra época y en otro siglo, literalmente.
MiQail Potshot
MiQail Potshot:
Punk rock not dead...r.i.p joey ramones...ur a legend
Desconocía esto pero ya sabía que este tipo tenía algo especial. Una de las canciones más bonitas de la música. Descanse en paz Joey.
Uwe Landwehr
Uwe Landwehr:
I hope I see you in heaven Joey! R.I.P.
Alfredo Punkrockshow
Alfredo Punkrockshow:
Es una canción Genial, no como la música que muestra Mtv hoy en día!
Moddy O’Connor
Moddy O’Connor:
Joey Ramone is like a beautiful poem.....and I say to myself,what a wonderful world....
John Ryan Badumar
John Ryan Badumar:
My Hero! May you rest in peace dear friend. I will enjoy your music for the rest of my life. Say hello to Lemmy.
Aziel Angel
Aziel Angel:
Michael Pitt. R.I.P. Joey ♥ You are missed.
Anderson Awano
Anderson Awano:
year 2020, and I still miss you. I remember when I was 15 and with a guitar in my hand, trying to be like my idols. It is already the 16th here, because I spent my 15th April dedicated to hearing your voice. thanks Jeffrey (Joey) for leaving this memory that still plays every day on this blue planet.
Tom Hendricks
Tom Hendricks:
This song made the big list, first list of the best music on the entire net.
rafael dos santos lima
rafael dos santos lima:
Sempre será eterno Joey Ramone
RIP Joey from Queens New York.
Hope you still a Punk Badass in Heaven.
Bárbara Espírito Santo
Bárbara Espírito Santo:
The greatest singer of all time.
R.I.P Joey Ramone!
You are legend!
Nick Frasch
Nick Frasch:
This makes me miss my girl so much... I'm sick of hurting all the time without her there
The day Tommy died, I had a show.

It was an acoustic set but at a punk bar. I decided to end with a ska version of You're Gonna Kill That Girl.

When I finished, it was completely silent. The sound guy held up his fist and started chanting HEY HO! LETS GO!

The entire bar joined him for what felt like a long time.

I cried my ass off.
Antunes Carlos
Antunes Carlos:
Valeu, grande Joey Ramone, por tudo que fez, pelo verdadeiro rock 'n' roll.
RIP Joey! Iconic Singer from a iconic Band!
Claudio Núñez
Claudio Núñez:
Quiero creer que recordó por un instante a Argentina cuando estaba grabando este tema. Salud al gran Joey!
Bunnula TV
Bunnula TV:
RIP JOey! Never forget. I saw you guys play the Roseland in 1994. Miss you!
I dont want to grow up, in a wondeful world.
We'll miss you Joey!
Joey has such a beautiful voice.
Octavio Rojas
Octavio Rojas:
no puedo decir que es joey solista
escucho esta cancion y para mi son los ramones tocando :(
dave B
dave B:
please play this loud at my funeral...hopefully later than sooner.
Oscar Cuello
Oscar Cuello:
"Ellos van a aprender más de todo lo que yo supe" Joey ya sabía que se iba a ir...Gracias por todo Joey. Siempre. Desde Argentina!
Daniel Morais sprj
Daniel Morais sprj:
ouço,sempre ouvi e nunca vou deixar d ouvir Ramones...para sempre
Miss you Joey Ramone!!! Joe Strummer as well!!! RIP You are missed!!
Lucas Panisset
Lucas Panisset:
R.I.P Joey. We all miss you! What a wonderful world you bring to me =) THANKS!
Cristian Damaren
Cristian Damaren:
Perfeito, não existe outra palavra para definir esse som Joe Ramone eterno!
Ended my run on an absolutely beautiful day to this song and I was beaming all the way
Alexander McInnes
Alexander McInnes:
Miss them all so much
Jamie Ramone
Jamie Ramone:
Happy Birthday Joey Ramone. R.I.P Legend <3
Nefertys Hugh Manson
Nefertys Hugh Manson:
R.I.P Joey, always in my heart.
Pablo Federico Fidel Améndola
Pablo Federico Fidel Améndola:
We miss you too much Joey. The Ramones was one of the greatest band ever.
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez:
there are some things that should never end...
Gilberto Antonino
Gilberto Antonino:
Umas das melhores BANDA DE todos os tempos BR
Stefano Dall'Agata
Stefano Dall'Agata:
Era già malato quando ha registrato questa canzone. Ammiro il modo con cui ha affrontato quel periodo.
Pirate Ramone
Pirate Ramone:
17 anni senza di te, R.I.P Joey...
Victor Andres Baroni
Victor Andres Baroni:
Cuando escucho Joey Ramone me gusta introducirme cositas en mis partes ocultas...
R.I.P Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee n Tommy..Your sprit lives forever, in legendary music you gave us! The RAMONES 1-2-3-4!!!
max lennon
max lennon:
Joey + Argentina = true love!!!
The hugest Icon of all the seventies!
María José Navarrete
María José Navarrete:
Siempre recordaremos a Joey Ramone
Roman Coinberg
Roman Coinberg:
"Qué yo me estacioné un minuto y me están chingando, ojalá también saques a los que roban, a esos si estaría bien que los saques, eh"
I see Mileys of Cyrus, Beliebers, too,
but no more Ramones, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a horrible world. :(
craig allan
craig allan:
grew up listening to these guys, seen them in 94 with social distortion at mesa amplitheater in mesa, az you are truly missed
Mel Vilanova
Mel Vilanova:
You live in our hearts, Joey.
René Leiva
René Leiva:
Blitzkrieg bop, Bonzo goes to bitburg, Danny says, Pet semetary, and baby I love you are the best ones.
jeffrey, joey, the world was a better place with you in it. RIP
Lame Alex
Lame Alex:
He is rocking in a much better place now!
Christopher Marler
Christopher Marler:
We miss you Joey. We need you more than ever now
Eternamente grato Joey!!!
Love and respect to Jeffrey "Joey Ramone" Hyman on the 20th anniversary of his passing.