John Saxon ♕ Transformation From A Child To 83 Years OLD

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John Saxon is an American actor and martial artist who has worked on more than 200 projects during a span of 60 years. Saxon is known for his work in westerns and horror films, often playing police officers and detectives. Wikipedia
Born: August 5, 1935 (age 83 years), Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Height: 1.79 m
Spouse: Gloria Martel (m. 2008), Elizabeth Saxon (m. 1987–1992), Mary Ann Saxon (m. 1967–1979)
TV shows: The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, Falcon Crest, MORE
Nationality: American, Italian

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Fashion Adventures With Super o
Fashion Adventures With Super o:
When he was a younging he was surely one hack of a fine man.
DAngelo 136
DAngelo 136:
RIP John Saxon (August 5, 1935-July 25, 2020)
May John be reunited with legend Bruce Lee in paradise 🙏
Thea Hartman
Thea Hartman:
He will be missed he is legendary
John De Bruyne, Netherlands
John De Bruyne, Netherlands:
RIP John Saxon. He was a good actor, i enjoyed his films a lot!
barbara ward
barbara ward:
One great Actor .....
I *Believe* that when I die, we will meet everyone in heaven. It will be better.
Gaylans Tofte
Gaylans Tofte:
Absolutely handsome sexy guy loved his acting no matter what he played very masculine
guy grip
guy grip:
Some one knew he had potinchal and nurcherd his talent. He was lucky and we were luckier to have him in our liven rooms fine actor.
Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews
Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews:
RIP John Saxon.  Always Sador to me.
RIP Nancy's dad!
Raquel Ortiz
Raquel Ortiz:
Envejecistes con elegancia mi amor.
My goodness! He looked like so many men depending how much hair he had! Maybe why he was never A-lister? Clone for Robert Conrad, Burt Reynolds, 1:32 like Robert Wagner. I wonder if he ever played a romantic lead? Wow! 1:43 I would have asked him if he ever was "Harvey Weinsteined". I read how he was discovered by some guy who had a male models 'agency'. And I know no one gets to the top but by the casting couch. Certainly those pix..! Well, I think he looked better with a receding hairline. That's how I knew him. And I never knew he played cops, really? All I know him is as the extreme bad guy, in every show. He spewed evil like no other.
Deborah Ballow
Deborah Ballow:
Very fine actor! Appreciate his craft!
Will Kane
Will Kane:
Salute, great actor, cool dude, strong martial artist.
Reminds me of: 1:43 & 4:11 Richard Grieco; 1:51 Alain Delon or young Perter DeLuise; 2:03 Jack Nicholson (eyes) & Delon again (mouth/hair). This guy could have really done impressions! 3:09 & 4:26 Burt Reynolds. Old pic in between: Robert Conrad. 3:21 Marlon Brando. He truly had an "all-purpose" face! 4:09 Gerard Depardieu, LOL! 4:18 Sean Connery. 6:03 Nicholson again & Connery too. 7:02 ooh, unneeded bad nose job! :-( 7:51 Jay Leno when he did his meat-head gym guy distorted chin face. 8:51 Robert Conrad & 8:52 Lee Majors. 9:12 Burt Reynolds again. 9:41 Nicholson again (however Jack wishes he would have looked this good!) & 10:00 Ditto: Nicholson "Joker" smile and Delon eyes; 9:52 very much Johnny Depp! And Omar Shariff too! Weird cos they don't resemble each other, LOL!
David James
David James:
RIP i remember him being in so many tv and movies i enjoyed watching growing up. another piece of my childhood gone
I don't know whether to give the thumbs down for the dumb music and obnoxious "subscribe" request or the thumbs up for handsome John!
cora lackey
cora lackey:
83 and still sexy as hell
Steve Smith
Steve Smith:
RIP John Saxon
RIP John!!!
Rare Form
Rare Form:
Another Bond ?
Great Saxon!
david miller
david miller:
god bless, ya'll!  rip, brother!
Vasant Naik
Vasant Naik:
Now except bolo Yong & dan estelio is live member of legendary enter the dragon
Hope in heaven god mKe another remake with this all legends
Larry Dickman
Larry Dickman:
R.I.P Mr. Roper🐉🐉🙏🏻🙏🏻
Rip Mr. Saxon
Stephen John Hall
Stephen John Hall:
RIp all the Giants from Enter the Dragon walk with the Angel's now.
Nekeshia Campbell
Nekeshia Campbell:
Sexy man
Tee love the Social media queen Love
Tee love the Social media queen Love:
Rest in peace mR. saxon you play Nancey dad well 💕💕💕💕💕😢
haranoe synechism
haranoe synechism:
His hair was never thick enough for Hollywood purposes, but his face was totally worth it: when young, he looked like a manly version of Zac Efron.
Raquel Ortiz
Raquel Ortiz:
Ni la.vejez te quitó lo hermoso que eres
Guy aged pretty good. Rip
Billy Jones
Billy Jones:
Zac Efrom
Pablo Cesar
Pablo Cesar:
Descansa en paz .
R.I.P John Saxon
The Blind Fighter 6953
The Blind Fighter 6953: