John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston dies aged 57 after secret two-year battle with breast cancer

JOHN Travolta's wife Kelly Preston has died of breast cancer aged 57.

She battled the disease for two years, but chose to keep her illness private.

Kelly leaves behind her famous actor husband John and their daughter Ella, 20, and nine-year-old son Benjamin. Their eldest son, 16-year-old Jett, died in 2009.

A family representative released a statement to People, saying: "On the morning of July 12, 2020, Kelly Preston, adored wife and mother, passed away following a two-year battle with breast cancer.

"Choosing to keep her fight private, she had been undergoing medical treatment for some time, supported by her closest family and friends.

"She was a bright, beautiful and loving soul who cared deeply about others and who brought life to everything she touched.

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Kelly Preston dead: John Travolta’s wife dies aged 57 after secret two-year battle with breast cancer

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100+ comentarios:

stan ofori
stan ofori:
My teacher died of cancer yesterday, true condolences man 🙏🏾
His son dies at 16. Now his wife is gone too. Mr Travolta can't catch a break.
Matt Martin
Matt Martin:
Poor dude man, son an wife, no money can fix that
So much tragedy for this family, just shows ya, no matter how famous or how much money u got, you cant control what's coming, so many families with nothing going through same thing, just pray to our lord it ain't you, RIP, lovely lady
Edward Martins
Edward Martins:
This is really sad. May her soul rest in peace.
First time I saw kelly was in the movie twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger, she was a very beautiful woman. RIP kelly.
Maurice Beaujon
Maurice Beaujon:
RIP Kelly
God bless her family. What a tragedy 😭
Norwood Robins
Norwood Robins:
Remember the first time I seen her in a movie twins my god smoking hot also she seemed like an awesome wife and mother rip kelly
May she rest now !
Thoughts to the family
May they find comfort
In knowing that she
Was a good wife & mother, and Loved her
Family. 💕💕💕♥️
Sad.... so young. It was aggressive I'm sure. You know they had access of the best treatments.
C Danes
C Danes:
Am sorry to hear this.... He must be devastated... All the best to him and family at this difficult time.
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
R.I.P 🙁 all the strength to John at this hard time
Black Label Reviews
Black Label Reviews:
Minnie Beltran
Minnie Beltran:
What a shame. Such a beautiful lady. My condolences to John Travolta and his children. May she RIP.
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp:
She is flying high in the sky with the Angel's in Heaven.❤❤
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
RIP Kelly 💔
W Lee
W Lee:
The second love of Johns life to die of breast cancer. Very sad news, my condolences and I wish him and his family the best.
Albiza Bm
Albiza Bm:
Hear condolences to Jon from Italy.Riposa in pace Kelly
Condolences to the family, I've been a fan since she and John played in "The Experts" together. Rest in peace Kelly, you will be missed.
John has been going thru personal loss since his girlfriend Diana Hyland died at the start of his career.
VFA-102S Diamondbacks
VFA-102S Diamondbacks:
Kelly and Jeff Will be always be with you John, Rest In Peace Kelly.
I feel for him :(
Poor John. This man has been thru so much. Prayers for this family.
Pumpup Jam
Pumpup Jam:
John's life has a void now, first his son, now his beloved wife. My deepest condolences to a fine woman, mother, and wife!
Antonio Jr. Decatoria
Antonio Jr. Decatoria:
RIP Kelly and deepest condolences to Mr. Travolta and their children.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
My heart goes out to John tbh . Shows how life is though there are low lifes out there who never get a bloody cold yet this blokes son and wife have now gone too early its a terrible shame .
RIP sweetheart ⚘
Dawn Tromp
Dawn Tromp:
Beautiful woman! May she rest i n peace! God Bless John, her children and her entire family. So very sad.
Sorry to hear this lovely lady lost her battle with cancer.😢🌹
Mack Bolin
Mack Bolin:
Such a Beautiful lady! Our deepest condolences to John and the family. RIP Kelly in Our Lords arms. 😢🙏👍
This year though 😞😞😞 so sad for John, he had such a beautifu gracefull wife. Rip
deese stone
deese stone:
Wow, so sad, she seemed like a wonderful person
Judy Pasqualone
Judy Pasqualone:
I’m shocked to hear this sad sad news...I didn’t know Kelly was ill and am sending my thoughts and prayers to John and their children, family and friends. She was a lovely lady. How very very sad. 😢
Christine Copus
Christine Copus:
So so sorry. RIP
I feel so bad for John Travolta. To lose both of the women he loved to breast cancer and his young son to a tragic accident. That’s rough.
El Malo
El Malo:
Sending my condolences to my favorite actor, John Travolta & the Preston Family. God has gained an angel with immense talent and strength. Rest In Peace 🕊
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones:
God bless your family John and to Kelly no more pain RIP
This is what happens when you join Scientology
simply pash
simply pash:
pray that she accepted Christ Yeshua Ha Mashiac as her lord and saviour and resting in Heaven.
Oh no!!! She was so lovely and talented. RIP, Kelly Preston.
Luly Marple
Luly Marple:
So sad to hear! My prayers go out to her family! She may be in heaven, with God, but she'll always be in their hearts. God bless. 💘
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk:
R.I.P. Kelly Preston ... May You Be Blessed to a Better Realm! We Will Missed You Dearly ... 🕯
This is so sad.

Regardless of how successful someone is, you can't escape the tragedies and the pains of living 🖖🏼
Barbie jake
Barbie jake:
So sorry to hear this news May Kelly Rest in beautiful peace🙏🏽🌹🌷🌹🌷
asif Iqbal
asif Iqbal:
That’s so sad!!
So sad to hear about their loss.. they’ve been through a lot already and now this.. they were together for a long time, which is rare for Hollywood people, and is very telling how much they are dedicated to each other.. The mother/wife of the family is almost always the matriarch, and the glue that binds the family together.. so sorry for their loss and hope they can find serenity sometime soon.. very sad....
Ed Keaton
Ed Keaton:
This was such sad news to hear. I have seen Kelly Preston in quite a few films. She was a very beautiful woman. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel
Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel:
i have never heard of her but it is a sad loss
my thoughts go out to her family and friends
Sharon Cochrane
Sharon Cochrane:
My heart is so sore for John Travolta and his family. So sorry for your loss. Beautiful woman resting in the arms of Jesus and reunited with her Son in Heaven. May God comfort the family and rest in peace beautiful Kelly 😢♥️🙏
John seems like a nice man, doesn't deserve this.
Glenda dale Jones
Glenda dale Jones:
So sad...he’s gone through so much heartache. Too much and definitely enough to last a lifetime. My sympathies sent 🙏🏻😔😔
Ryan Margetts
Ryan Margetts:
How tragic 😓R.I.P
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses:
May she Rest in Heaven. ✨
Bev Frean
Bev Frean:
Too young! RIP Kelly.
Tracey Bryon
Tracey Bryon:
Absolutely gutted,lovely woman and a terrific actress,my heart goes out to john and the family. R.I.P Kelly and Godbless you Sweetcheeks.
Tish Tish
Tish Tish:
This is truly saddening... My heart and prayers to her family and friends ... 🙏🌷
RIP Kelly my condolences dear John Travolta, love to you and your family
Mary Poff
Mary Poff:
Prayers lifted ✝️🙏
john doe
john doe:
She's in scientology heaven now 🙏
iona stephens
iona stephens:
Such sad news 😢
Ian Hay
Ian Hay:
RIP my sympathy and prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones may God strengthen them.till they meet again one day.
Grace Hope
Grace Hope:
So sad 😞, she is an angel 👼 in heaven now. R.I.P ❤️❤️
Celtic Dreams
Celtic Dreams:
John, I'm deeply saddened by the loss of your wife Kelly. I grew up watching her act during my teenage years. I'm certain she's found peace after going through all the pain and anguish; she had and always will have that glowing beauty which she carried with the warmth of her smile.- My Condolences-A.P.
Diana Campuzano
Diana Campuzano:
WOW 😳 ‼️I am so shocked. And in disbelief My heart ❤️ goes out to the Travolta family. Such a tragedy to die so young from an illness so cruel: cancer.
Avril Robertson
Avril Robertson:
aww that's so sad
Ivana Bedini
Ivana Bedini:
An Italian proverb says: -
La morte non guarda in faccia a nessuno.
“death does not look in the face of anyone”..-😞😞😞
Rosetta Jenkins
Rosetta Jenkins:
So sad. May she RIP.
Eve Lipke
Eve Lipke:
So sad😢😭.. R.I.P. Kelly🙏🙏🙏❤
AB Fan
AB Fan:
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown:
RIP KELLY. Praying for John and their children and the Families at this time. MAY God HOLD you all at this time and beyond.
Jam Gart
Jam Gart:
OMG 😮 - Heartbreaking 😢
Lady Suzanne
Lady Suzanne:
Rest In Peace Kelly
Marcus Timothy Smith
Marcus Timothy Smith:
So Young , So Sad. You can never win .
Very sad. Condolences. 💔
Kool Moe Dee 123
Kool Moe Dee 123:
My dearest condolences, my friend, much love ❤️
abdy husain tristani
abdy husain tristani:
Nurten Kocaman
Nurten Kocaman:
May she rest in peace so sorry to hear her passing away
Deepest condolences John. Stay safe mate 🇬🇧
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts:
Rip ❤
Kate Krissana
Kate Krissana:
RIP Kelly Preston
Alberto Hernández
Alberto Hernández:
dark jedi
dark jedi:
and I always re-watching her on Mischief...
Shame on me... 😥💔
old fashioned guy
old fashioned guy:
RIP Kelly Preston 1962-2020

I just watched Twins on television the day before I heard she died. 😔😔
Mary Wolfe
Mary Wolfe:
Get your mammograms!
Sophie Larner-Fillis
Sophie Larner-Fillis:
RIP ✨💛
Diptanu Pandey
Diptanu Pandey:
RIP 🙏🏻☹️
Jonalyn Baldoza
Jonalyn Baldoza:
Thank you for being a gift to the world Kelly Preston. May your family be reminded of all the good things more than the bad. Rip 😥
chris cocker
chris cocker:
money buys everything and nothing as the beatles said cant buy me love my feelings are with you john
Rose Mavers
Rose Mavers:
I pray for the family whom has lost there loved one. And may she be at peace. Many blessings to you all.
Rip beautiful.
kristiana hristov
kristiana hristov:
God bless their family, I hope they’re alright ,she will be missed
Living Life in Hawaii
Living Life in Hawaii:
I had no clue we were the same age. Too young. I will get my breast exam this month, for sure. I was putting the routine ck up off. Not now.
Anthony W
Anthony W:
John is into some weird stuff
Real Deal
Real Deal:
😔 I liked her
Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams:
She was a fair and decent actress in her own right a shock and a sad loss.
Thomas Demehin
Thomas Demehin:
Jozef Majchut
Jozef Majchut: