Johnny Depp Court Case Appeal REJECTED But There's Still HOPE!! + Mads Mikkelsen Cast As Grindelwald

Johnny Depp's Court Case appeal against the Sun has been rejected (thrown out) by the same judge that ruled against him. But there is still hope, let's discuss it! As well as Mads Mikkelsen being officially cast as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. Great. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

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29 comentarios:

Gemma Kirkby
Gemma Kirkby:
I've got nothing against Mads, I'm sure he will be great as Grinderwald (His still Johnny Depp in my eyes. I'm a Harry Potter fan, that's wanted him as a character since the beginning). On that note, I still won't be watching any new movies involving Warner Bros until at least Amber Heard gets fired. This is a hard thing for a massive HP fan, but it's disgusting the way his been treated and she's got away with it.
themastr el matador del mar
themastr el matador del mar:
the reason they had to appeal to Judge Nicol. is just to tick of a formality box. they are now free to take the appeal to higher court. And will not be further questioned as to why he took it to the high court
, without first appealing to the lower court.
Lexii Loo
Lexii Loo:
To be honest JD is far too good for Fantastic Beasts. Their loss
Stormer the misfits
Stormer the misfits:
I wont give money to that films if they dont put johnny depp back to FB3 and POTC.
This just shows how corrupt Britain is.
Jeanne Cihla
Jeanne Cihla:
Without Mr. Depp there is no POTC!
I do like Mads he is very talented nothing wrong with him but with everything WB has done FB2 I watched mainly for JD so yeah will not be watching FB3 or A2(if AH is in it in any shape or form)
A K:
What kind of weird system makes you appeal a court's decision where the very same judge who made the original objectable ruling against decides if you have grounds for an appeal or not? Does one ever win one of these appeals? lol
Ronald Burrow
Ronald Burrow:
Without Johnny there's no pirates of the Caribbean.
He’s already put his new appeal straight to the court of appeal
Alexsander Ivan
Alexsander Ivan:
Well, let's hope for the best. Happy thanksgiving, Alex =)
No one can portray Grindlewald as well as my darling husband to be Johnny Depp
Joshua .S
Joshua .S:
They should bring Johnny back for Grindelwald and make Madds his right hand man
Sean B
Sean B:
The Virginia court case was pushed back to May 2021 so time ago.
Falcone Moto
Falcone Moto:
Wondering if In the 3rd movie they’ll say something about his changing appearance having to do with a spell maybe.
His beloved wife wants him reinstated as both gellert Grindlewald and captain Jack sparrow savvy
His beloved wife will be boycotting Fantastic beasts 3 and pirates of the Caribbean no pirates & fantastic beasts 3
No one has the same charisma as my angel vampire husband Johnny he should have both his roles back
Mads doesn't have the same star power. Very good actor but not a blockbuster superstar.
Neha Chand
Neha Chand:
Justice for Johnny
Gina Nandi
Gina Nandi:
Are there not two more avenues to relief following the denial of an appeal: A motion for reconsideration with the court of appeals. A petition for review with the state supreme Court? If yes, how much it costs?
Gunnar Freyr Valdimarsson
Gunnar Freyr Valdimarsson:
Mads Mikkelsen acted in probably in the best movie about defamation; how slander, hearsay and rumour can do to a man's life. Called The Hunt or Jagten from 2013.

I  am sure he is a JD supporter on a personal level. Mads has only played in few H.wood movies. He has 20-30 years of great acting behind him in Scandinavia.

Highly respected with amazing films behind him; a very versatile actor. Not a H.wood actor. Just a fraction of his work. Jagten is worth it but scary for men to watch.

Personal view; Mads must be after the film a semi-expert in defamation. Seeing is believing. Tens of awards and nominations.

About his choice of Grindewald; I look it as an honour to JD because of Jagten and the integrity of Mads through the years. Maybe he asked for JD'S blessing, if he was ok with it. We don't know.

If you haven't seen Mads outside villain roles in H.wood see him in his Danish/European movies with subtitles. He is on pair with JD in terns of acting skills. See Jagten and see what can happen if rumour and slander spins out of control. Overlaps JD's experience in the fight for your reputation and pure survival of slander.
Galit Weissman
Galit Weissman:
May 17
matas gaigalas
matas gaigalas:
Honestly, what did he expect? If the original ruling went against him why would a 2nd case in the UK go any different? And if it was the same judge making the decision, then its just a joke smh.
Padmashree Basavaraju
Padmashree Basavaraju:
I am not going to watch any WB movies regardless of who they cast or what they make. Their stupidity is over the roof and I do not support that. As per justice, I really feel bad for Jhonny. All it takes is a word against plenty of evidence to believe women these days. As a women I am deeply disappointed in the justice system. It feels like Jhonny may never get the justice. But I hope he does for humanity sake. Thanks for sharing your views on it. great video btw.
alex 1976
alex 1976:
Mads is the better actor between the two and its not even close at this stage of their career imo, excellent choice.
Dan Welsh
Dan Welsh:
Great day Mads is a fantastic actor and a gentleman to boot Alex..
JD is a bit of a nutcase bud
Potlood Puntje
Potlood Puntje:
The deepfake channels are going to have a fieldday on this one and I will be happily watching them😂😂😂
McRib Prime
McRib Prime:
Sorry but this was bound to happen, as I already said Johnny has demons.
We don’t know what went on behind close doors and while I don’t like Amber heard, both of them have clearly been each other’s poison. Both have been toxic both seem to both have caused abuse to each other and even thou I’m a massive Johnny Depp fan I’m looking at this objectively without bias.
Both are guilty for being crap spouses hopefully they get better from this.