josh o'connor being adorable for 3 minutes straight

josh: *breaths*

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Charley Griffiths
Charley Griffiths:
I think we can all agree he is far too good looking to be Charles
The fact Netflix chose him to pretend to be that toad looking prince, makes me think the queen is paying for the show.
Saigon Videos
Saigon Videos:
He is so cute and hot!!!
Rome Blanchard
Rome Blanchard:
It’s so hard to hate Charles when he’s played by Josh
helmut erik rønnow rosendal
helmut erik rønnow rosendal:
prince charles wishes he ever looked that good
he went to the school where my mum teaches and they have this fan board of him in the staff room it’s so weird
Josh O'Connor my new obsession!!! 🥰
Anna Julia Reis
Anna Julia Reis:
stop i am going to be obsessed with him
Ivanna Gamez
Ivanna Gamez:
added to my "British Actor Crushes". He's such a cutie!
Dreams & Teddy Bears
Dreams & Teddy Bears:
I feel like if the Scamander's had another brother, it would be him
Juan Márquez Narváez
Juan Márquez Narváez:
Josh O'Connor has a lot of personality and a lot of class, he is charming and very polite in every interview he appears in, he is tremendously attractive and sexy ... and he is also a great actor. He is fucking perfect !!
"i'm a fan of bts, do you know them?"

josh: **sweats nervously**
Tonia N.
Tonia N.:
His ears are the best thing on him
Rosie Films
Rosie Films:
They really gave Charles a MASSIVE compliment by casting him
The Non-media channel
The Non-media channel:
I want a boyfriend like him
Issa Rae's Body Double
Issa Rae's Body Double:
“Are you a super fan of anything?” That’s the interviewers award winning question?
Joy Haswell
Joy Haswell:
Where does one go to find a Josh O' Connor?
Desto Relente, Jr.
Desto Relente, Jr.:
His ears are so cute.
David Sheng
David Sheng:
Josh is the most charming and adorable actor of this generation!!!
Killer Queen Stardust
Killer Queen Stardust:
Here after The Crown season 4. I'm just absolutely happy I get to live in an era where I can watch Josh O'Connor, Rami Malek, Eddie Redmayne, and Adam Driver. Bloody amazing actors.
Devlin Germano
Devlin Germano:
Her: Are you a fan of BTS?
Him: I like hot air balloons but I’m afraid of them at the same time.
Her: 👁👄👁
Nathalie Lei Gamorot
Nathalie Lei Gamorot:
He's the youngest one in my British Actor Crushes list.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Henry Cavill
Josh O'Connor

But I am obssessed with him rn! ❤
who knows
who knows:
I'm glad this video exists cause I utterly hate the character he plays in the crown, but Josh is just too cute irl
I need to be alone when I think of him... not for anything sexual! Only to fantasise about him smiling at me as I make him laugh by telling him some funny story. I bet he's a great listener.
Dan The chatterbox man
Dan The chatterbox man:
Love him so much ever since God's own country
Jo Muhamad
Jo Muhamad:
This is a really good video but the music is a bit loud in most parts. But keep going your doing good.
Marah Capalad
Marah Capalad:
I literally have a lowkey crush on him now hahaha he’s brilliant
sarina maloy
sarina maloy:
Jennifer Sosa
Jennifer Sosa:
i'm in love with his smile
How in the holy hell haven't I seen this before
He's literally the cutest, he warms my heart every time I see him
those cheekbones were made in heaven
Adam Ahmad
Adam Ahmad:
Damn! even a geeky looking British guy can sweep me off my feet.Huge crush.
Fraser Pitkethly
Fraser Pitkethly:
If timothée chalamet is the actor of gen z then josh is the actor of millennials
Zach Litzen
Zach Litzen:
“I am a super fan of hot air balloons” (joins a hot air balloon club) “I’m about to let you in on a big secret... I’ve never been in one” 😂😂😂
Blue Stars
Blue Stars:
I’m in love with him, there I said it!
Janormous J
Janormous J:
mine crafter
mine crafter:
Ah yes, a new obsession.
It’s The Fluorescents
It’s The Fluorescents:
Ok but I think his ears are adorable! I love him
Nat Kuhn
Nat Kuhn:
Underrated gem, love him
cant take my eyes off him😭😭😭 i guess i'll watch season 4 of the crown again
Wendy Y.
Wendy Y.:
My heart is bursting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ perfection exists in josh
Reem x
Reem x:
ugh his smile is everything-
Maira Faidz
Maira Faidz:
I'm waiting for him to have a movie about romantic comedy
I feel like there is so much joyous and childish uncontained energy in him. There are times he contains it but mostly it's has found way to shown itself to us and i've never been more greatful 💜💚💜💚endearing
Kate Heffernan
Kate Heffernan:
I am once again coming back to this video to cure my depression
bring it on
bring it on:
What a cutie pie <3333
dude he’s so cute
Spellcute Emerald
Spellcute Emerald:
My baby Josh O'Connor Cuteee <3
Josh.... I watched God's Own Country, and was blown away with you and Alec performing. It's beautiful to see you in real life and out of Johnny's character. That's what acting is about.!! Well done and much success in future movies. You are great and will be great.
Falcon S
Falcon S:
He is so dorky and adorable 🥰🥰🥰 so down to earth
Lucifer's _Impala
Lucifer's _Impala:
I loved him in the Durrell’s
His face when she says “3 course meal” 🤣❤️
Kadija Hamad
Kadija Hamad:
He’s gorgeous. he’s so cute jsbsjsbsj
Quỳnh Anh Đặng
Quỳnh Anh Đặng:
He's so cute. Thank u for this video. Love you 💗
zhang lu
zhang lu:
I am obsessed with him, what a gorgeous guy!
Fariha Sultana
Fariha Sultana:
I just realize he played a Character in emma , eating thy sight ❤️❤️❤️
Elisa Rivera
Elisa Rivera:
He so cute!! Ijust love his smile
Riley Kuks
Riley Kuks:
i love him so muchhh💗💗
Ester Lillo
Ester Lillo:
Excelentes actores,Diana,Carlos muy bien logrados!! Pero por que nadie habla de Ana,cuando es la que mejor logro el personaje!!
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon:
Yes, I’m interviewing you now, but I would really like to interview Quentin Tarantino
M. T. Campos
M. T. Campos:
He has got the most beautiful head of hair! Amongst other attributes.
Olivia McKinney
Olivia McKinney:
I discovered Josh from the Durrells and I’m so happy bc he so ahhh cute
babu dxb
babu dxb:
I'm gonna put him alongside Ben Cumberbatch, my head find them very similar. His shyness is very attractive ❤
gosh, im simping over him the whole week
María Gabriela Morales Albizu
María Gabriela Morales Albizu:
Here from Guatemala!! I love him❤️
Diya Johaila Bt Mohasdjone
Diya Johaila Bt Mohasdjone:
Shari Taylor
Shari Taylor:
He’s adorable 😍
Buttercup Coffee
Buttercup Coffee:
I love how the interview asked him about BTS
User AP
User AP:
I want a man like him 😍
Iraka Corleone
Iraka Corleone:
Ok the fact is I wouldn’t be attracted to Josh if I saw him in other films... I was attracted because of the way he acted as Charles... Now I know why gorgeous Diana was so in love with Charles.. he might look ugly but the way he speaks or behave might be attractive...
Fabiola Loja
Fabiola Loja:
the kind of video I need right now ❤︎
Lana Del Slay
Lana Del Slay:
ugh im so in love with him
idk what agah
idk what agah:
Why do *Josh* and *park chanyeol* of exo look like lost brothers they both have almost same features just modified according to their countries requirements.
Iqra Azeliya
Iqra Azeliya:
You made my day haven't laughed and felt this happy in a while. I love Josh 😍
Kara Frischman
Kara Frischman:
He is so handsome
i’m here. again.
Carolina Murillo
Carolina Murillo:
Lo amoooooo😻🥺
kira sussane
kira sussane:
He is such lovely guy.
Ticking Clocks
Ticking Clocks:
when we get married >>>
daisy c
daisy c:
sweet, sweet smile ☺️
Emily Lidiak
Emily Lidiak:
I just learned today that I have the same birthday as him 😭
maria cecilia vergara gonzalez
maria cecilia vergara gonzalez:
Adorable 😍
Faith Elisha Castor
Faith Elisha Castor:
I just realized we have the same birthday im crying
Condy V
Condy V:
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat:
OMG! I can't watch this, I'll get cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!
Fernando Arrocha
Fernando Arrocha:
josh si so cute!!! Senza parole!!
Marta Montes
Marta Montes:
Una excelente interpretación además q es muy cute un abrazo
Embarrassing Charles for being this adorable and attractive lmao
Louise Guthrie
Louise Guthrie:
Just look at the balloon but don't go in it by the sounds of things. I watched Josh the actor and the others in the Meet the Durrels series because my son had been there, to a Greek island with his friend and a relative of his friend. I partly thought it might be interesting to have a nosy at the scenery as well and the tv impression of the place !!!!
cindy rangel
cindy rangel:
He made it soo hard for me to hate prince Charles in the new season of The Crown
Ingrid Zaldívar
Ingrid Zaldívar:
sve rp
sve rp:
He’s so cutee
Vanessa Hugentobler
Vanessa Hugentobler:
He is so precious
rohini morey
rohini morey:
If only prince Charles was as dreamy and charming as Josh o connor
fla la
fla la:
He seems like a sweet person
Silento Paradise
Silento Paradise:
You’re gonna hate him in the new season of the crown 😂 jk
natalieandfloppy28 xx
natalieandfloppy28 xx:
Love love love it! X