Joy Reid Breaks Down the Verdict of the Derek Chauvin Trial | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Joy Reid talks about the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial and why she is usually cynical about charges against police.

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Joy Reid Breaks Down the Verdict of the Derek Chauvin Trial | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


99 comentarios:

Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
Rest In Peace and Power George Floyd. Derek looked so shook
nathaniel martinez
nathaniel martinez:
Y’all should cover the Epstein case like y’all did this, it’s important too🙏🏽
"The golden eye of justice sees, and requites the unjust man justly." - Sophocles
Adrianna Joleigh
Adrianna Joleigh:
Yes! I’m so glad to hear this.
Levi Franklin
Levi Franklin:
It was very bothersome to see Derrick not have any reaction to being guilty. As if he didn't care or wanted to go to prison
Linda Love Atwater
Linda Love Atwater:
Thanks Joy!
Libras and Lions
Libras and Lions:
Appreciate you, Jimmy!!
Thanks Jimmy for making my day!!
Chris Storms
Chris Storms:
A lady named Joy says that there is no reason for there to be joy from this occasion.
Skyler Momoko
Skyler Momoko:
Thank you so much for putting a light on this topic even though this is normally a comedy channel! I remember the sigh of relief and also wave of excitement I felt when I found out he was found guilty! Hopefully this can be the beginning of police finally being held accountable for their actions!!
Nadine H
Nadine H:
Nooo this is an single correction on systemic injustice.. that isn’t justice.
Leah D
Leah D:
Well done Jimmy! Xo
DC spent his whole career locking people up, now he gets the live with all of them forever
Angel Wings
Angel Wings:
The huge difference between George Floyd's case compared to any other case involving a black person is the FACT that this case was widespread across the globe in the eyes of the world 🌎
nico x
nico x:
First. You are very funny amazing guy Jimmy ❤️
Cameo Harris
Cameo Harris:
Love you Joy reid and you too Jimmy
alexis Flowers
alexis Flowers:
Great open dialog here 👏🏽👌🏿
Erika SantoshaFitness34
Erika SantoshaFitness34:
Drop in a bucket. But at least things could be goin in the right direction
Daniel Duvalle
Daniel Duvalle:
Good start.

“Responsibility is a unique concept... You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you... If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion, or ignorance or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else. Unless you can point your finger at the man who is responsible when something goes wrong, then you have never had anyone really responsible.”
― Admiral H.G. Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy

“... the last century has produced an abundance of ideologies that pretend to be keys to history but are actually nothing but desperate efforts to escape responsibility.”
― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

“Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre
Rest in peace #georgefloyd
Derek looked SHOOKED that he was found #GUILTY.
Fun Travel
Fun Travel:
I wish and pray for everyone to have a happy and blessed life ahead full of love, joy, health and wealth ❤️
Girlfren, 9:29, and this man still persisted in driving another human being down. There's a special place in hell ...
Julia Ward
Julia Ward:
🥺😅i do the same thing!
Holding myself back from overthinking, stressing, anger buildup.. 😤the very thought of expectations😬(if not jinxing by focusing or hoping anyway😅)
🙄cause I’m super sinicle about people, their behavior, tendencies,..
And don’t even bring government and political systems in the mix😤
That’s why the surprise guiltys
Brought soo much hopeful happiness!!! I just really didn’t expect that!😅😁😊
Society is making people more vindictive and awful vicious and disgusting!😬🤯
💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️And I’m only going on everything they ever did, always do, do again, and again, as all of human history is showing us..😬🤯🔥🔥🤬🤬💥...
Sooo over the past four to five years the bar actually has gotten even lower 🙄😬🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Let’s see where this takes us i guess, or for how long...
Tawana Jackson
Tawana Jackson:
I'm still waiting on sentencing.
Sirius Black
Sirius Black:
Opinions and a55holes ya know how it goes
That’s some crazy looking bozo the clown hair thing you got going there girl. Working it like Ronald mcdonald
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts:
Damn I thought Tamba Hali retired. He's losing hair badly though wow
Rj Macready
Rj Macready:
If you have the same politics as Burger King , Walmart, and Nike, you are not the resistance
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee:
Justice is served but there can be no let up.
Brian Melendy
Brian Melendy:
They were only embarrassed because he got caught.
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier:
the video is really good and great
Fallon gets serious and covers important topic, how rare!
Ridwans Kid
Ridwans Kid:
Why am l this early lol
Janae Johnson
Janae Johnson:
Very well educated
David Henschel
David Henschel:
great analysis and commentary. hopefully we can move forward.
The Spirit world has ensured justice. Thank God!
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd:
The cop who murdered Philando Castile was acquitted by a jury despite the lop sided case against him.
Rychy St. Vincent
Rychy St. Vincent:
Interesting how Chauvin’s eyes displayed concern while the verdict was being read, but only showed stark indifference while he snuffed
the life from another human being. @rychybiz
abhimanyu chauhan
abhimanyu chauhan:
love from india😘😘🇮🇳🇮🇳
Dan Shea
Dan Shea:
If that man was arrested in an ally hey would still be alive. Only because that cop had an audience is he not here today. May we all be a witness.
kyle stephens
kyle stephens:
Joy Reid is a beautiful person speaking beautiful words. Truth to Power!
Klara Stern
Klara Stern:
This can just be a start! There is sooooooooooooo much more to do!
Julie Maa
Julie Maa:
Her perspective is so powerful. Keep this dialogue going please.
Michelle’s Spells
Michelle’s Spells:
💖129 Liker💖
Sledge Tammer
Sledge Tammer:
The verdict is historic because history tells us it would go the other way.
Remember when people used to watch late night tv shows like this. I think they used to be comedy shows with celebrities and actors.
Ernesto Morales Roman
Ernesto Morales Roman:
R.I.P. George🙏🏿
Great questions and even better answers. Ty both. ✌️
Eileen A.
Eileen A.:
What about the BLACK man that was killed on live pd by A&E network and they the sheriff dept tampered with evidence " allegedly" and destroyed thebtape... he was killed bc he had his high beams on..and Williamson Co sd needed a chase.. then they killed him. Look up that case
Nodira Usmanova
Nodira Usmanova:
They r gonna make a movie about this
Carey McPherson
Carey McPherson:
So glad from Canada.
Leah D
Leah D:
Smart lady!
Роду Вороновых
Роду Вороновых:
Daniel L
Daniel L:
Very well spoken and summarized. Thank you
Corinne Rogers Constable
Corinne Rogers Constable:
Y D:
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor:
Joy Reid , You are Appreciated 👏🏽👏🏽
Continue Prays for George Floyd Family 🙏🏽❤️
Humble Driver
Humble Driver:
A Tribute in Memory of Mr. George Floyd

Don't close the door please let the light shine in.
Whispering sounds that echo off the walls.
Straps laced too tightly no room for me to move.
A blinding glance confuses me.

Words can't express the pain of false bravado.
Piercing stares from the tormented few.
All sides suffering
Can't take this life no more.
Nothing to chance for a man to break free.

I only need one eye to be open.
One ear to listen to what I'm trying to say.
Just take a moment to come inside and stand with me.
Everyday's a nightmare
I need someone to come save me.

As I lay distressed pleading please help me mama.
I see no beacon my life's growing dim.
Robbed of tomorrow can't help those who were chosen.
It's up to you where we go from here.

If I could rise I'd speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
There will be no tomorrow if we don't unite to be free.

The violence that follows will only fuel their hate.
Take the path that carries your voice of change.
Let's lay to rest and and put an end to this shame.
Be the hope your children need you to be.

If I could rise I'd speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
Everyday's a nightmare I need someone to come stand for me.

There will be no tomorrow if we don't unite to be free.

Rest in Peace Mr. George Floyd

"Tribute to Mr. George Floyd" on Humble Driver YouTube Channel
No one is be free from liability even if he served the law and order
Jessica Wilcox
Jessica Wilcox:
Hey Derek that's called #KARMA. Thanks for setting a precedence that will now set the stage for other "bad police" to be charged.
O_Ty_55_ O
O_Ty_55_ O:
Why am I this early lol
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
Chauvin is lucky he got a trial, Floyd didn’t get the chance. Rest In Peace and Power George Floyd
Decent cops all over the United States should be celebrating this verdict.
kay becker
kay becker:
Let's see what happens in the sentencing phase.
Isbah khan
Isbah khan:
Plz more bts vdos
1c3 sLy1
1c3 sLy1:
I was part of a 4 hour jury and we found not guilty because the prosecution poked holes in their own case. This was in no way convincing just because it was a quick decision. And I'm not impressed because he hasn't been sentenced and they were basically told to appeal because of Auntie Maxine's comment.
John Madsen
John Madsen:
We still have to be concerned about special treatment in prison, the verdict being overturned on appeal and Chauvin getting early parole. The cop who murdered Walter Scott is already applying for early release after only a few years in prison. Even when we do see rare instances of legal accountability for police officers it is not the same as for ordinary citizens. The message our legal system sends cops is that even if you don't get away with it (you probably will) we'll go easy on you after conviction.
marlin thrower
marlin thrower:
Good video
Aubrianna Johnson
Aubrianna Johnson:
I love you Jimmy
Chauvin is lucky he got a trial and jury, Floyd didn't get the chance! RIP FLOYD!💚🌷
E. Simon
E. Simon:
He’ll be out in 6 years
Joe Fleming
Joe Fleming:
What is it?
Sparklein Youreyes
Sparklein Youreyes:
It’s a relief to see leadership give ethical concerns and comments to show equality and Justice for all !! Joy is always a joy and always on point !!
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's:
Jimmy Fallon joy Reid breaks down verdict Derek CHAUVINISM is lucky Floyd
игорь ק
игорь ק:
Freedom Angela Dewis
Bronwyn Burns
Bronwyn Burns:
So glad from Australia.
Jeff Dunstan
Jeff Dunstan:
Breakdown max Waters WIN'S!!!!
Kamala Harassment
Kamala Harassment:
I'll be so happy when one you need the police to help you, and karma creeps its way right up into your face 🤗
I can't believe people think Chauvin isn't guilty. Dude knelt on the neck of an unarmed man who was restrained and kept pleading with Chauvin that he couldn't breathe as Chauvin was "showing off", to the rookies.
Hanna Cook
Hanna Cook:
It is sad that this conviction is so shocking and unusual for people, yet fact that a man was murdered by the person that was paid to protect him is not...
A murderer being convicted of murder when there is video and personal evidence should not be a shock.
The murder should.
Also, for God sake, it is not a police man killing a black man, it is a police man murdering a man.

The fact that he murdered him because of his skin colour should add a hate crime charge to his sentence, but the man who he murdered, was a man.
Cristian Joel
Cristian Joel:
Hola the tonight show starring jimmy fallon cam kiss me justa si🙏😇👋🙂💋💘
Billy Lewis
Billy Lewis:
The way he put pressure on his neck you could see him still applying it firmer at times all while the man wasn’t resisting and even harder at times when he’d stopped moving all together is what stuck in my mind. He thought he’d get away with it. Isn’t about race it’s about police thinking they’re untouchable period.
Will Dragon
Will Dragon:
George Floyd died of a drug overdose.
Adox Artist
Adox Artist:
Bottom line: cops are not judges or juries or executioners. They detain and investigate, within laws and guidelines. Anything else is a crime. The End.
RIP FLOYD&Derek both lives are lost
Bob Down
Bob Down:
FLOYD shouldn't be dead. But he shouldn't have been trying to rip off that store either.
Jerry Rodriquez
Jerry Rodriquez:
Cross eyes
mark gutierritos
mark gutierritos:
I’m a trash
Aubrianna Johnson
Aubrianna Johnson:
Victoria Jordan
Victoria Jordan:
Lovey Dovey
Lovey Dovey:
The sad thing is Chauvin will be a Martyr of White's Supremacy when he's released - Our fight has just begun
Rychy St. Vincent
Rychy St. Vincent:
RUN THIS UP THE CHAIN: Form a website to collect a running list of all the people affected by acts of racial violence. Call it CIL (Civilians Impacted League).  A web-based depository of every incident of racial violence over the last 50 years. A list of the victims and everyone directly affected, the assailants, the outcomes (payouts, convictions, legislation). Use CIL to inform the general public of important political issues facing the wellbeing of the United States. CIL, the inclusive and quintessential list of crimes against all ethnicities. @rychybiz
Roselyn Vanlalmalsawmi
Roselyn Vanlalmalsawmi:
Jimmy can you do chhalenge with BTS please
Name Surname
Name Surname:
I feel relieved that people may now stop repeating the phrase: "nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds" 100 times per day.
anil gopi
anil gopi:
Aubrianna Johnson
Aubrianna Johnson:
Fatimetou Abaad
Fatimetou Abaad:
Катерина Таро
Катерина Таро: