Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

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Crank Lucas
Crank Lucas:
So honored to produce this 💪 monumental
“Thousands kisses, nothin changed since 02” hits different now. Ha.
Movie Comic Clips
Movie Comic Clips:
Like if Joyner Should drop a diss on August and Rick Ross for dissing Will
Pulkit mani
Pulkit mani:
Joynar lucas and Will Smith is the best entanglement.
This song just hits different now after the confessions from Jada...
Nimai Sanghani
Nimai Sanghani:
Yo imagine writing a song about your celebrity and then getting a remix with your celebrity.
“I give Jada one thousand kisses, ain't nothin' change since '02” dang 2020 bringing out a lot of changes
Hazmat Ice age baby
Hazmat Ice age baby:
“Found myself a queen”

Let’s treat her like a 1700s French Queen then
Can someone check on Joyner Lucas? The man said he's feeling like Will, his girl cheated bare😭
Huzaifa Hassan
Huzaifa Hassan:
Jada ain't no queen she belongs to the streets smh 😤
Gal Kagan
Gal Kagan:
People forget Will Smith was a rapper before he was an actor. Such a solid verse from Will
Nathan Fanai
Nathan Fanai:
"Found himself a queen" huh well...Things have changed

Edit: Thats it ladies and gentlemen....The comment is a war between male vs female....Thus gender war will always be the biggest and longest war fought
Some of this verse didn't age so well.
Victor Ma
Victor Ma:
“Did it all with no cuss words I ain’t had to curse just to keep it real” that right there
Can you see that👆🏻 that’s why he’s a legend
"Found me a queen" hits different rn

she did not deserve him
Psy Jack Beats
Psy Jack Beats:
Who else had a smile on their face as soon as will started rapping and kept smiling until the song ended. Will Smith got gold bars🔥🔥
I’m here after Jada revealed that she cheated on Will. Lol
F.K. Tahj
F.K. Tahj:
“I got me a queen” gonna have to change the lyrics
Alex Harris
Alex Harris:
When is the reremix coming out featuring August Alsina?
lI M1sFortun3 Il
lI M1sFortun3 Il:
Joyner: spits some bars

Will: Spits Some FIRE
This song reeks of positivity, something we desperately need in the world right now, Mad love for Joyner and Will for putting this together.
Uncle phil was such a great character.
James avery(1945-2013)
He inspred us all
Damn so he wrote that part about Jada for nothing 💔
Song still means the same,
no matter what has come to light. This is how they feel and they slayed it...
He found himself a queen but she wasn't loyal
Jesse F
Jesse F:
I love how he gave a shout out to his friend, Martin Lawrence.
The loyalty is real.
Dats me
Dats me:
August Alsina crying to this song right now
Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson:
RIP James Avery , WILL Smith has and will remain one of my idols. Legendary guys! Killed it!!! Let’s go 2020
AAA Logic
AAA Logic:
im feelin like will, i feel like a cuck my wifes feelin herself, im loaded with bills because i wasnt blessed with no Dr phil to tell how it feels, wanted to cuck they told me to chill
That line about Jada tho...
ᴘ ɪ ᴄ ᴀ ᴄ ʜ ᴜ
ᴘ ɪ ᴄ ᴀ ᴄ ʜ ᴜ:
Joyner after hearing Will’s verse: aha, that’s hot... that’s hot
Ali Taquie
Ali Taquie:
“Found me a queen” well that didn’t age well
Chris Brathwait4
Chris Brathwait4:
Just came to see the comments about jada💀
You might want to change your mind about being like him Joyner 😆
King Gpvinc
King Gpvinc:
The legends are gone but it ain't too late
To give 'em a rose and carry the grace
'Cause not every hero is wearin' a cape , love this line
Subscribe to an Egg
Subscribe to an Egg:
The fact Joyner left all his verses off and gave the remix to will is pure class
Johnny Summers
Johnny Summers:
She's foul for doing my dude will like that having him out here looking stupid... Better call DNA
Malik Jones
Malik Jones:
Those verses about Jada hit differently now...
who is here after the red table talk?
Moose paite
Moose paite:
Am sure joyner Lucas is not feeling like WILL anymore and stopped trying to find his jada
Sneh Patel
Sneh Patel:
The prince came in and dropped the most humble verse in the game
The Bootyhole Bandit
The Bootyhole Bandit:

[Chorus: Joyner Lucas]
I'm feelin’ like Will (Hey), I feel like a prince, I'm feelin' myself
(Buck, buck)
I’m loaded with bills 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah)
Don't know how it feels, I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill)
I'm makin' a flip (Flip), my life is a flick, now load up the film (Hey)

[Verse: Will Smith]
You feelin' like me? (Whoa)
I feel like a prince that turned to a king (Ayy)
Found me a queen, started a family and got me a team
On top of my dreams, Joyner, I know you inspired by me
Like I was inspired by Nelson Mandela, I give him a rose for every endeavor
And shoutout to Julius Erving, one of the legends I worship (Worship)
Muhammad Ali put the work in, he was the champ, the greatest, he earned it
I love that you think that I'm perfect but I had plenty mistakes and burdens
My grandmama thought I was worth it
She always guided me when I was searchin’ (Searchin’)
I wouldn't be me if it wasn’t for her (I wouldn't be Will)
I wouldn't be Willie, I couldn't be me if there wasn’t no Eddie
I wouldn't be Will if I wasn't from Philly
Ain't nothin' much that you really can tell me
Willie been cold since Benny and Jerry
Must've forgot that I really get busy
They done forgot who invented "Get Jiggy," ayy (They must have forgotten)
Back before there was streaming sales
Way before all the iTunes and the fans had to get CDs still (Hey)
Sixty million records sold, I was on fire, I ain't even need a grill
Did it all with no cuss words, I ain't have to curse just to keep it real (Woo)
Me and Jazz in the late eighties, writin' rhymes, makin' tapes daily
Fresh Prince make the babes crazy, rest in peace to James Avery
Even when the streets call me corny I still ain't never let the hate break me
I just wanted the respect first, I still ain't never lettin' fame change me (Yeah)
New me, but I'm old school (Old school)
Big Willie on the Pro Tools (Pro Tools)
Still fresh and I'm so smooth (So smooth)
I still got on my old shoes
I give Jada one thousand kisses, ain't nothin' change since '02 (Ayy)
Martin Lawrence get a rose too
He a legend and a G.O.A.T. too (G.O.A.T.)
Man, I love how you break the rules
Pushin' limits and you make it cool
Joyner Lucas wasn't made to lose
You a legend in the makin' too
What a beauty, my life's a movie
I swear I'm only on take two
All my kids turned out great and I know your son gon' be great too (Great too)
Brick by brick, buildin' a wall that no one could break
Flip by flip, glad I could help so you could be straight
And life's a trip, but who could relate?
The legends are gone but it ain't too late
To give 'em a rose and carry the grace
'Cause not every hero is wearin' a cape (Will)

[Chorus: Joyner Lucas]
I'm feelin' like Will (Hey), I feel like a prince, I'm feelin' myself
(Buck, buck)
I'm loaded with bills (Ooh) 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah)
Don't know how it feels (Feels), I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill)
I'm makin' a flip (Flip), my life is a flick, mm
Markenson Valcin
Markenson Valcin:
Will Smith: Brick by brick , buildin' a wall that no one could break

August: Hold my beer 🍺
Hugo Aguilar
Hugo Aguilar:
Who’s here after entanglement by August and is ready for a comeback with Will Smith and Joyner?
HomeAgent 554
HomeAgent 554:
1:40 how u give jada 100 kisses if she in an entanglement
Josephi Krakowski
Josephi Krakowski:
"Rest in peace to James Avery" That hit hard.. rip Uncle Phil
The title should’ve been “Will Smith ft. Joyner Lucas - Will” 🤷🏻
Will Smith just went ahead to prove and remind me everyone why he is a legend✨. No cuss words, straight fire, everything fire
Samir Brrada
Samir Brrada:
He didn't marry a queen he married a snake 🐍
Lil King
Lil King:
That queen line about Jada hit different now.
ZZ Gamerzz
ZZ Gamerzz:
Who else wants Will to start making music again
Chammy 93
Chammy 93:
"Found me a queen, built me a team" 😬 Will prolly aint thinking that rn
3than A
3than A:
I feel so angry like will nearly a perfect dude and his wife just damn
Yung FiFi
Yung FiFi:
"found me a queen"
big ouch
keep your head up king, so your crown dont fall
Jacob Humphrey
Jacob Humphrey:
So who would've thought that Will Smith would've gotten better at rapping as he got older.
Will Smith just showed everyone he's still got it and still does it with no cuss words. Great remix.
AJ Campbell
AJ Campbell:
I’m still with you will, you’re gonna be Gucci without Jada. You’re still an inspiration and motivation to a lot of people, keep your head up. Philly is always with/behind you bro.
d6nte !
d6nte !:
The streets she goes
Greg Reddest
Greg Reddest:
Jada ain't deserve this man. Kings unite. Will deserve all that. This man need to keep going. Jada ignorant. For the boys 🤙
Well this aged
Joyner: I am feeling like will!
Will: I am feeling like honored!!!!

2 GOTs!
Ascending Vegan
Ascending Vegan:
Y’all do know they were separated and will was dating multiple women at the same time right. People be more bothered than the ones who are living it.
George1908 Konstantinou
George1908 Konstantinou:
Well, he thought he found a queen
yvette sutton
yvette sutton:
We need more of this, more black people uplifting and celebrating each other, and more of our hero's being celebrated before they pass away.
Beezy Unique25
Beezy Unique25:
Came here as soon as I saw the video. This song hit different "found me a queen, started a family and made a whole team" lol🤦🏾‍♂️
Tyler Grob
Tyler Grob:
Will: Brick by brick. Building a wall that no one can break.

Trump: Best line in the whole song

*2 seconds later*

Will: Flip by flip. I'm glad I can help so you can be straight

Pence: Best line in the whole song
"I give Jada 1000 kisses, ain't nothing changed since '02" hits different now 😭😭 She did my boy will dirty
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins:
This song and beat are fire. I miss this kind of rapping. Words have actual meaning!
He better cut out the "found me a queen" part😳
Girish Ph.
Girish Ph.:
when u realise Will has more bars than most rappers in the industry rn.
That Jada bar hits different now
rare man
rare man:
1:40 "I GIVE JADA 1000 KISSES AIN'T NOTHIN CHANGED SINCE '02" Nah man I hoped it for you but she belongs to the streets.
It’s sad that he loved jada so much but she still cheated on a great guy
lit savage
lit savage:
how you got a queen when you know yo lil bro hit
Blayce Woodward
Blayce Woodward:
“Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records” - Eminem
Decabyte Gaming
Decabyte Gaming:
Only 11mil views?? I'd expected this to have over 100mil at the LEAST.
Carlos Carcamo
Carlos Carcamo:
"found me a queen" didn't aged well... 🤣
alex montero
alex montero:
That verse "I love that you think that I'm perfect, but I have plenty of mistakes and burdens" hits so much harder and differently now after all this shit August and jada
Benick Mbaya
Benick Mbaya:
If this isn't the coolest thing about Quarantine, Idk what is
Nihmath Halaldeen
Nihmath Halaldeen:
All this and Jada still got into an "entanglement"
Ziona Blaise
Ziona Blaise:
Whoz here after the ENTANGELMENT and fellin bad
David Crooks
David Crooks:
Will out here hyping her up while she schemin on the low
You feelin' like me?
I feel like a prince that turned to a king.
Found me a queen (who got entangled with Future), started a family and got me a team
J. Veliz
J. Veliz:
Used to be a fan but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole Air conditioner.
Mr. Engineer
Mr. Engineer:
Will, pls don't use jada's name in ur songs anymore. She don't deserve u
I love that James avery bar he's a legend
Karam Najii
Karam Najii:
“I give jada 1000 kisses ain’t nothing changed since 02” yea sure
"found me a queen"...yeah ight
zSNAX lastTAP:
Joyner lucas is very underrated (i know he’s popular but he should be more popular)
Crimz Steve 2.0
Crimz Steve 2.0:
Fresh prince was one of my fave artists... girls just dont understand
Brian McGhee
Brian McGhee:
Bro, that James Avery line hit different. He was the Fresh King of Bel-Air. RIP your highness.
Donatello Leonardo
Donatello Leonardo:
sad to know jada cheated on him after will did the remix that featured jada ... she dont deserve "smith"
Joseph Karib
Joseph Karib:
“Found me a queen” 2 months later: EnTaNgLeMeNt
Chris Sebastian
Chris Sebastian:
Will really is humble for a living legend
Bigbro Heavyweight
Bigbro Heavyweight:
‘I give Jada a thousand kisses?’ Ewww. How does August Alina taste? SIMP.
That 1,000 kisses bar don't even hit the same nomore😥
Shark bait
Shark bait:
This song been different cuz of Jada
Shawn Belanger
Shawn Belanger:
Will cant rap like that joyney wrote his 16 beleive that
Imagine being a small, young artist with inspirations and role models to then make a song about your role model, to then have your role model listen and react to your song as well as becoming a fan of you and your work, to then have that role model hop on the same track about the role model who gave him the fight and "will" to get to this very point.

I know that's complicated but damn, it's incredible.