Juan Manuel Cerundolo vs Albert Ramos-Vinolas | Cordoba 2021 Final Highlights

19 year-old Juan Manuel Cerundolo was seeking to win a first tour-level title in his first main draw event. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: https://www.youtube.com/tennistv?sub_confirmation=1

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100+ comentarios:

Damian Medinas
Damian Medinas:
That's changing this kid's life. Maybe history being made!
19 year old qualifier wins a first title before FAA
Robert Ofenloch
Robert Ofenloch:
Fun fact...he was the youngest player from Argentina to make a final since Jose Acasuso 20 years ago...and who coached him? Cerundolo's father!
man this kid has a bright future at 19 years old against a veteran like Ramos vinola.......he was calmer than vinola......i thought after the break down in the 3 set he would be completely destroyed mentaly but he remained calm and overcame adversity like a veteran
Dmitri Solzhenitsyn
Dmitri Solzhenitsyn:
Cerundolo literally won an ATP title before making the final of a challenger ...
This would serve as the standard for tennis highlights.
This kid has some SERIOUS talent. If he can improve his serve, he can easily become a top 5 clay court player....Will also be interesting to see how he can adapt his game to hard/grass courts.
Federico Cereda
Federico Cereda:
His best weapon is his mind , thats why his nickname is "the computer"
1:27 Ramos-Vinolas: "Who the hell is this guy?"
Guillermo Meana
Guillermo Meana:
Que le dé algún consejo a Auger Aliassime XD
Jude Morales
Jude Morales:
Big loopy shots, deep in the court with tons of topspin...you keep that up every time, and you’ll beat anyone in the world. What a player. Congrats to the Argentine!
Giøne Rap
Giøne Rap:
Vamos Cerúndolo promesa Argentina !
Imalay Lopez
Imalay Lopez:
Vamos cerundolo carajoooo 💪🇦🇷
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Maybe Cerundolo can do something big at the French Open this year!
Edo Navia O
Edo Navia O:
Ojalá siga por el mismo camino, que gran promesa, saludos desde Arica/Chile
Sam Wit
Sam Wit:
It’s crazy how this kid managed to win a tournament while consistently serving below 100 mph
benjamin lim
benjamin lim:
I always get confused between this Cerundolo and another higher ranked Cerundolo, then i finally realised they are brothers.
Pokken Trainer
Pokken Trainer:
Cerundolo gained a new fan this week (and I'm sure many others.) A perfect example of how far determination and mental strength can take you. He didn't have the biggest forehand and certainly not the best serve, however he grinds and never gives up. If he can improve that serve I'm sure we will see more of him at the clay court tournaments. Who knows maybe if he keeps it up he could have some good showings at the French Open.
Active players record in ATP level (W/L):
100% (5-0) Juan Manuel Cerúndolo
83.0998% (1008-205) Rafael Nadal
83.084% (943-192) Novak Djokovic
82.089% (1242-271) Roger Federer
Potage Potage
Potage Potage:
Respect to Tennis TV, changing the titles and thumbnails after reading the comments. Thanks yall the best👌
Me alegro por Cerundolo, es bien parejo para jugar y como zurdo bien talentoso, tiene todo para seguir subiendo en el ranking 👏
Senuka Abeysinghe
Senuka Abeysinghe:
Congrats to Cerundolo for his first-ever ATP title. I wish him the best in the future. And congrats to Ramos-Vinolas for making it this far. I feel really bad that after all his work on the tour he wasn't able to seal it off today. Hopefully, he can win a tournament soon.
TuCara MeSuena
TuCara MeSuena:
Tuvo grandes triunfos sobre todo contra kecmanovic nadie se esperaba esa victoria
this kid took last 6 games, Amazing and he deserves to win the ATP title
That thumbnail got me wrong 😂
Alberto Ramos Gutierrez
Alberto Ramos Gutierrez:
Remember when Ramos Vinolas beat prime Andy Murray on clay ? Lol
looks very humid, they were both fighting against their own fatigue
Djoker 21
Djoker 21:
Maybe this guy will beat Nadal at Roland Garros, who knows 😂
amsterjandro valdebenito
amsterjandro valdebenito:
Excelente por el joven tenista, un gran impulso a su carrera. Le espera un gran camino en el tour.
Julian Goor
Julian Goor:
He's a great player, but he needs to work on the power of his serve. He's averaging around 85-90mph.
Mauricio Prados
Mauricio Prados:
que bien juega Cerundolo la joya ARGENTINA 🇦🇷
satyagraha a
satyagraha a:
That's got to feel awesome....19 years old and wins his first ATP event in his home country.....and great composure and maturity for his age.....good luck in the future !
Esta Subtitulado
Esta Subtitulado:
Dale campeon! Que grande Cerundolo. Jugó como un veterano y solo tiene 19 años. Promesa de crack sin duda. Siendo honesto pensé que perdía
Juan Manuel vs Alcaraz should be a must watch clay battle in future.
Jimmy He
Jimmy He:
This kid has a scary calm mindset! I thought Ramos should have the advantage of more experiences!
Cerundolo got a really old school clay game plan.
High ball, great footwork, his game looks more spanish than ramos !
Man, Cerundolo's strokes need improvement, but his focus, movement, and shot selection are all already fantastic.
Nicolás Last Name
Nicolás Last Name:
Awesome player and great tennis 🎾 congratulations to Juan Manuel and of course the team particularly his coach Andres Delatorre for an amazing job!! Let’s keep working hard. 💪💪💪😉😉
Unreal run from Cerundola to win a title in his first ATP event some achievement,
His brother Francisco is a good player aswell.
What a talent!!!
Gissella Davis
Gissella Davis:
What a Cinderalla story!!!! Bravo Juanma!!!
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar:
I think Cerundolo is gonna do something special in the future. And I’m here for it
Goncalo Marques
Goncalo Marques:
What a game... Very well played Cerundolo
Jawher Méjbri
Jawher Méjbri:
thank you tennis TV for not spoiling the final score / the winner , like usuals. Great work^
Eze 88
Eze 88:
Vamoooo pibe!
eric huang
eric huang:
Great highlights. Even better if the thumbnail showed both the finalists so we don't know or guess who wins or loses.
Ckaioo Noriega
Ckaioo Noriega:
no esperaba esta victoria, si mejora su servicio puede llegar muy lejos
prashanth m
prashanth m:
Cerundolo is looking good.. is adding good variety to his shots.. top spin.. flat, drops.. he has got good touch... not yet champion looking but i believe this win is going to give me tremendous motivation to move forward..
Knew he could do it so proud!!
andres walker
andres walker:
Los dos juegan increíblemente parecido
Kevin Le
Kevin Le:
Amazing story!
Purple Coffin Man
Purple Coffin Man:
Wow. This kid will be solid on clay. He could crack top 100, but he still needs a better serve to go even higher. Those first serves are slower than most players' second.
Did this kid have to qualify for this tournament? If so what an achievement! It was obvious who the crowd was going for. It gave him that extra strength, Congrats! 🏆
tarun rohit
tarun rohit:
The cerundolo brothers I thought only Fransisco is good lol
Truong Hanh Vi
Truong Hanh Vi:
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Franco Bevacqua
Franco Bevacqua:
Welcome to the pros, young man.
Diego Monaco
Diego Monaco:
GOOOOOOOO! Juan Manuel!!!!!!!! AKA COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bayden Thomas
Bayden Thomas:
Would be better no spoiler on the cover page on who won, like a vs split screen, you'll get more clicks and no result spoiler
Ale Ostello
Ale Ostello:
Interesting how ramos play, he adapted to the opposite game in 1 and 3 set and he lose while in the 2 set he play aggressive and he win .with these plaiers like cerundolo yiu have to be aggressive to the net
Fabian Comisetti
Fabian Comisetti:
??? !!!
Guillermo Meana
Guillermo Meana:
Qué lindo descubrir a este jóven coterráneo con actitud, variedad dr golpes y estilo. Si mejora el saque será cosa de acostumbrarse a verlo disputando torneos.
nivlacn sebboh
nivlacn sebboh:
Is he younger than Jannik Sinner compared to what Jannik Sinner was when he won his first singles title in Sofia
tama chang
tama chang:
This kid achieved the 1st set score 6-0 and was frowned by punters.
there is something of Gustavo Kuerten in this guy, though he's not from Brazil :)
Congratulation! Thats a big victory for Gerundola. But unlike others, i dont that big talent in him. He is young, he can develop into a very good player but now i see a typical clay court player, nothing else. Save shots, can make pressure, lots of spin, especially with his forehand, but no "special effects" so to say. Future will show, but people shouldnt expect too much cause he won this tournament. He seems to be strong mentally, that counts a lot if you want to climb the ATP rankings.
Ethan McElhone
Ethan McElhone:
I like how tennis TV is putting the loser in thumbnails recently
Mauricio Carrasco
Mauricio Carrasco:
Que grande!
Me alegra que el torneo lo haya ganado un sudamericano 🇦🇷🇨🇱
Ricardo Barreda
Ricardo Barreda:
El mejor entrenador del mundo.....Andrés dellatorre
david fernando gallardo berrios
david fernando gallardo berrios:
Linda final y poco frecuente entre dos zurdos. Lamentablemente ninguno de los dos con revés a una mano( que ejecutado por un zurdo, debe ser el golpe más plástico y técnico en el tenis).
Creo q actualmente Shapo es el único zurdo con revés a una mano y un español q no recuerdo el nombre.
Quanto forte é albert ramos?
adri vreeke
adri vreeke:
Cerundolo versus Alcaraz in the future
Juan Cristóbal Espinoza
Juan Cristóbal Espinoza:
he is definitely very talented, but i am a little surprised how bad he serves. A lot to improve on that area, but of course, great achivement!
Okay, fun match for both, sad match for both. Abnormal oscillations in play, neither of them was on top of their game, Cerundolo being as young as he is, congrats, but wtf does he think he's gonna do with a ballooner playstyle when it comes to bigger matches? Also, moving like Fognini isn't gonna help much with those low powered balloons and not capitalizing on his height when it comes to serving, plus standing 5m from the baseline against a player like Vinolas...??? What happens when he faces Gasquet, Sock, Monfils, Kyrgios, Brown.. etc? I mean, great, he has talent, but so much of his potential is totally unused.
jhon doe
jhon doe:
1:27 jaja se quedó re caliente el gallego
Alessandro Santangelo
Alessandro Santangelo:
slight grind fest
Der Fanste
Der Fanste:
With this type of game he wont do anything at hard court
Deník NHL
Deník NHL:
Fixed match 100%.
Mateo Olocco
Mateo Olocco:
Un jugador 100% de polvo como los que salen de aca, muy defensivo y que de ves en cuando ataca, no se porque siguen insistiendo en esto, los mejores tenistas argentinos fueron los multisuperfice como Nalbandian o Del Potro.
A los de la legion los sacabas del polvo y no podian ganar porque solo sabian jugar bien ahi
Inan Perez
Inan Perez:
Gran promesa argentina
Adam Goepfert
Adam Goepfert:
We like Cherundy!
Jeed 555
Jeed 555:
The difference of noise of the crowd between Cerundolo and Vinolas... Hard
Is this the first ever father vs son match ever or what??
Cerundolo wins the final
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd:
Like watching paint dry...
Mateo Rivera
Mateo Rivera:
Afif Anuar
Afif Anuar:
Hopefully he will be better than seyboth wild
BIG Drama Highlights
BIG Drama Highlights:
Y esperen al hermano es igualbo mejor que este chico auque es mas grande.
Who is albert ramos?
Unknown player...
M R:
Y porque esa miniatura tenis tv?? Cerundolo la Next gen Argentina💪🇦🇷🔥
Noel da Costa
Noel da Costa:
Dear TennisTV. Please don't post videos that aren't HD as HD. That's just a waste of bandwidth. You should know better.
Kevin Benegas
Kevin Benegas:
L Milne
L Milne:
Ramos slaughtered lol
nadeem khan
nadeem khan:
When was the last time you saw two lefties in a final?
Sebastián Jaramillo
Sebastián Jaramillo:
Parece un medvédev zurdo
Micah Touchet
Micah Touchet:
Spoiler: the lefty wins...
Sibling cat
Sibling cat:
Both are left
Truong Hanh Vi
Truong Hanh Vi:
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