Julia Garner Delivers Ruth from Ozark’s Iconic Lines as Anna Delvey & Anna’s Lines as Ruth!

Julia talks to guest host Dana Carvey about playing Ruth in “Ozark,” using an accent in her audition, working on “Inventing Anna,” her two Emmy nominations, the struggle of playing two very different characters at the same time, and she delivers some of Anna’s most memorable lines as Ruth and Ruth’s lines as Anna.

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100+ comentarios:

Lindsay Walela
Lindsay Walela:
I love her! She is a phenomenal actress. When Im watching her I forget Im watching an actress & Im taken into the scene with her. Not a lot of actors do that these days. She deserves both Emmys
Hattori Hanzõ
Hattori Hanzõ:
She was definately the star of the Ozarks. Just brilliant performance every episode!
I could watch Julia Garner do accents all day! She's hilarious and fun!
Jordan Hora
Jordan Hora:
What she did in Ozark was simply spectacular. Ozark owes us all an apology for how they handled her character. Truly a talented actress.
Holy cow. This is such a cool interview! Actors talking about their craft and showcasing their characters. I'd love to see more of this on these late night talk shows.
Emmy-worthy acting from this talented young lady.
Corys Channel
Corys Channel:
Both the characters she played were brilliant acting! I hope she wins an Emmy for both! 🙏💕
Julia is really impressive. I loved both characters she played. She is so convincing!
João Solimeo
João Solimeo:
I´ve managed to watch "Inventing Anna" just because of her (I think the show was waaaay overlong). She is really good. If she really plays Madonna it´s possible that she gets an Oscar (the Academy loves a cosplay).
Don't think I have ever loved an actress more. Amazing talent, engaging authentic young women. Hope Julia takes home 2 Emmys and bet there's an Oscar or 2 in her future.
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders:
She’s so talented and it’s gonna be so cool to see her evolve in her future work! Can’t wait. ✊🏽☮️
Julia's so talented. She should definitely win for Ozark!
the cHroNic nOize co.
the cHroNic nOize co.:
She deserves all the Emmys.
I felt like she was a bit shy and kinda awkward at the beginning, but then when she started acting, she became so confident (and rightly so) and really charismatic, it was incredible
Shahad Muhammad
Shahad Muhammad:
She is so talented and it's so fascinating the way she switched between characters so easily! Loved her in inventing anna so much
Amanda B
Amanda B:
She’s one hell of a performer. I adore her
Adrian C
Adrian C:
She will win an Oscar as Madonna.
SJ Percy
SJ Percy:
Don’t forget her in Dirty John. That’s when I first noticed her and thought she’s going places 😍 She has exceeded my expectation by far. Amazingly talented while beautiful inside and out. Such a fun interview with her, as always 👏🏼💛
Awais Zaman
Awais Zaman:
She is just unbelieveable… Its hard to find characters whom with you connect. She is a star ❤️
Mr. Pop Culture
Mr. Pop Culture:
She's simply brilliant!!!!!!!
I was hoping for a Ozark spin-off with Ruth.
Tanny M.
Tanny M.:
She's brilliant! And her little giggle 🥰

I have a deep love for her Ruth character ❤️
Izzy May IS ready 👌🥂
Izzy May IS ready 👌🥂:
Both the characters she played were brilliant acting! I hope she wins an Emmy for both!
Samantha Assaf
Samantha Assaf:
I loved her as Ruth Langmore she definitely made the show! Miss Ozark!!!
Peter DDB
Peter DDB:
Julia is so talented that in front of one of the best character comedians she can easily shift into different accents and get laughs. Amazing!
She's so pretty and relatable. You rarely see anybody famous who hasn't had a nose job and without veneers. She's just a natural beauty and I hope she keeps her natural features. They really suit her.
Lara Neville
Lara Neville:
Ruth saying Anna's lines is just brilliant and I want that show 😂
Julia Garner’s so great - I’m not sure who she’s up against in the two categories, but she nailed both performances.
Cat's Got My Tongue
Cat's Got My Tongue:
she deserves all the success coming to her. so talented and down to earth.
Susen Join now
Susen Join now:
Holy cow. This is such a cool interview! Actors talking about their craft and showcasing their characters. I'd love to see more of this on these late night talk shows.
New Message
New Message:
I think he was honestly flustered when she spoke to him in Anna's voice.
Stephanie Polakoff
Stephanie Polakoff:
she is one of the most talented people ever
She’s so talented. Can’t wait to see what she does as Madonna in the biopic
she's free to wear any look she wants but nothing beats her gorgeous curls. she's such a great actress
Rocío Jimena Palacio Salazar
Rocío Jimena Palacio Salazar:
I love Julia so much, she deserves everything coming her way♥️♥️♥️
Junko Greene
Junko Greene:
Dana has done such an excellent job setting up and revving up so that Julia Garner can shine. What a fantastic actor she is. Hope she wins both!
Elizabeth Page
Elizabeth Page:
Julia was fantastic in both series. Amazing!
stephen geraci
stephen geraci:
She is adorable, and such an amazing actress. I think she will be her generation's level of Meryl Streep
Oluwakemi Braimah
Oluwakemi Braimah:
She’s so talented!!!! She’s such a joy to watch!!!!!
She's such an incredible actress! Can't wait to see her as Madonna in the biopic
Hope she wins the Emmy - Both roles are masterfully accomplished.
Philippe Irizar Ormazabal
Philippe Irizar Ormazabal:
Epic stuff! Been looking forward to seeing more from her since The Americans and she hasn't disappointed. Wishing her all the best!
Kate Gleason
Kate Gleason:
Julia is amazing. She first blew me away as the young girl in The Americans. Always so real.
Red Misfit
Red Misfit:
She does fantastic job as Ruth. Fantastic!
Lázaro Murad
Lázaro Murad:
she has to win an Emmy for Inventing Anna!
HNT Takata
HNT Takata:
Love this actress, she is amazing in that well written, complicated role in Ozark
・your non favorite person 👍・
・your non favorite person 👍・:
Both the characters she played were brilliant acting! I hope she wins an Emmy for both!
K-Cee Williams
K-Cee Williams:
She is amazing and deserves every accolade she gets.
Robert Bohner
Robert Bohner:
A fantastic talent. Can’t get enough of her. Keep acting lady
Chris Cairns
Chris Cairns:
Incredible actor. Outshone a stellar cast in every scene.
Bronco Billy
Bronco Billy:
She is so talented. She could do stand-up comedy too.
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson:
I knew it was inevitable in the ozark’s, but she was such an incredible lead actress. Really hope she wins for both of these works! 🤞🏻👏🏻❤️😎
Just A Flower
Just A Flower:
I hope she wins both Emmys. Would love to see her in a comedy next. She was also great in The Americans
James Gulley
James Gulley:
I'm so obsessed with this brilliant woman!!!
robert gentry
robert gentry:
She was the reason I watched Ozarks ♥️ I’m going to enjoy watching her career…she’s special ♥️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Ikaika Arnado
Ikaika Arnado:
She amazes me. She should definitely win both.
She’s just a fantastic actress! Hopefully we will see her in more shows
Azaria Rosalyn
Azaria Rosalyn:
Holy cow. This is such a cool interview! Actors talking about their craft and showcasing their characters. I'd love to see more of this on these late night talk shows.
I’d love to see Julia and Dana do sketch comedy together!
The breakout star of Ozark. I knew the Laura Linney and Jason Bateman would be phenomenal. But Julia Garner is incredible.
Charlyne Gezze
Charlyne Gezze:
I watched Anna because she was so fantastic in Ozark and wasn't disappointed. Wish her endless success and happiness.
J B:
it’s crazy how good of a performance someone can put on that makes people fall in love with them.
Karma Outlaw
Karma Outlaw:
She’s SO talented, a true pro.
Sparky Thancztwise
Sparky Thancztwise:
Love her work/art.
she's so Smart, Super Talented, FUN, down to earth, humble and charming & still have to emphasize what a vision she is

She looks great in literally everything, and hit another homerun with this look.
Afnan Majid
Afnan Majid:
Well part of me wants her to win for Anna coz she's already won two Emmy's for Ruth but I have a feeling that earth shattering scream she uttered in Ozark is gonna win her that 3rd emmy
P H:
I’m kind of like Dana. The first time I saw her on an interview show I was shocked at not hearing Ruth. Her acting and the makeup and wardrobe on Ozark make her role stand out.
Teresa Kuryn-Kohler
Teresa Kuryn-Kohler:
True brilliance! Nice to see an actress with actual talent!!
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd:
She was fantastic in this interview.
kathy bell
kathy bell:
Such talent!!! A gift to us all!!
Hear me.out I freaking love her and she is always ready to get into character in interviews..not pretentious at all ..hope you win Julia
She is a talented actress and this is only the beginning I can see her having a long career until she needs a break from it for a while
corazon swanberg
corazon swanberg:
She’s so talented!!
Mari Cara
Mari Cara:
I want that last AD line as my ring tone 😂. She’s so awesome 👏
Jordan S
Jordan S:
Such a class act. And a truly versatile actress to boot! A chameleon, if you will. Can’t wait for what the future has in store for her.
Mary Pat levitt
Mary Pat levitt:
She is such a talent!
She's already so iconic.
I've literally been on the brink of suicide for the past 5 months since getting dumped by my greatest love and this has finally made me burst out in laughter instead of tears. Thank you, Mrs Garner, you deserve your accolades for bringing joy to our broken hearts
Please give her 2 Emmys this year.
Ann Rodriguez
Ann Rodriguez:
I started watching Ozark for Jason Bateman...kept watching for her character...so 👍 good
Country Critique
Country Critique:
Michael Lubecke
Michael Lubecke:
Amazing!! Love her…. So talented.
Jack Marks
Jack Marks:
The definition of a brilliant and amazing actress. I absolutely loveeee her!!!
She's great! To go on TV and flex those skills like that is impressive! 💪🏾
Damiantos D
Damiantos D:
She deserves to win both. Incredible
Koen Pinter
Koen Pinter:
lonotiki , Shannon O'
lonotiki , Shannon O':
That last line was so good, omg ! I love her so much
Kayla 🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋
Kayla 🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋:
She was definately the star of the Ozarks. Just brilliant performance every episode!
Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥:
She was definately the star of the Ozarks. Just brilliant performance every episode!
Hunter Deane
Hunter Deane:
I love Ruth and I love her impression so much 😍 Ozark was such a badass show ever!
Zolar Czakl
Zolar Czakl:
Before both of these shows, she had a good (albeit small) role on FX network's The Americans.
This gal is going places.
She is just soo amazing and funny, tough character and clever as Ruth Langmore, couldn't have been better without her
It's fasinating watching an expert on impressions and voices discussing accents with an actress who uses unique accents in her characters.
AI Sofia
AI Sofia:
She is just a really good actor ,love you Julia
Sylvia S
Sylvia S:
Absolutely loooooove her ❤ such an amazing talent!
baritone broker
baritone broker:
Love her. She doesn’t apologize or hold back for letting all out, brava.
Joshua G
Joshua G:
So talented and so likeable at the same time. A rare combo in Hollywood.
She is seriously genius!
Old Groucho
Old Groucho:
she is the cat's meow. classic beauty and talent like a modern Gloria Swanson.
Ernie Lanham
Ernie Lanham:
She's AMAZING!!!! Ozarks is one of my favorite shows!!
Ronald Fields
Ronald Fields:
I want to see her in every thing! Her future is gonna be so big
Green Mile
Green Mile:
every guest that comes on with Dana, feels so comfortable that they tend to forget the setting and just get informal with him....What a natural skill that is you can't teach that..